State of Survival Patch 1.13.10

State of Survival Patch 1.13.10

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.13.10.

Anniversary Celebration – Day of Hope:

  • Almost without realizing it, the second year of our desperate struggle dawns. Dr. Yamazaki has invented a substance called Infecticide that can exterminate the Infected. In order to use it to maximum effect, Becca suggested that a huge airship could be built.
  • When the airship lifts off, it will spray Infecticide from the sky and kill the abominable Infected on a large scale. The Final Hope has named the campaign the "Comeback" and the airship launch day the "Day of Hope."
  • The Day of Hope celebration will be divided into four stages. During this nearly month-long celebration, you will experience 20 immersive and rewarding events such as Airship Designs, Day of Hope: Celebration Redecoration, Yearbook, Day of Hope Giveaway, and more. Get involved in this new chapter of the resistance against the Infected!

Anniversary celebration exclusive events:

  • Ultimate Survival Kit: Our first mega celebration event! Earn Support points by sharing the game with your friends. Accumulate Support for fantastic in-game rewards, as well as a chance to win tons of luxurious gifts including Amazon prizes. There’s even a Lamborghini waiting for you to take home!
  • Gol-goroth’s Maw: To get the airship into the air, we must first take out the Proliferating Infected occupying Underwood Forest. Players need to enter the forest in groups of five and eliminate the new monsters lurking inside.
  • Airship Guardian: The soon-to-be-completed airship was attacked by the Infected and the fuel we had set aside was lost due to the fire. In order to collect more fuel, players will need to locate and attack special types of Infected.

Other optimizations:

  • Rewards Crates added to the Hunting the Hunter event, from which you can get up to 10 Hero Fragments.