State of Survival Patch 1.14.30

State of Survival Patch 1.14.30

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.14.30.

The patch notes of version 1.14.30 are as follows:

Lunar New Year Events

Happy Lunar New Year: Participate in the events for a chance to get HQ Skins, March Skins, Frame Skins, Decorations, etc. Lunar New Year events are scheduled to release in State 1-900 on Jan.27

  • Lion Dance Spectacle: Obtain Drumsticks by participating in the event or purchasing the Happy New Year Bundle, and earn fantastic rewards!
  • New Year’s Pizzazz: Complete tasks during each stage to earn points. Hit point targets to get Drumsticks and Firecrackers. Drumsticks and Firecrackers can be used in the New Year’s Eve Party and Lion Dance Spectacle event.
  • Red Packets: Those little pranksters have hidden loads of red packets throughout the Settlement containing Firecrackers and other items needed for Lunar New Year. Collect Firecrackers and Drumsticks to replenish the New Year items before the party!
  • New Year’s Eve Party: Obtain Firecrackers from the Lion Dance Spectacle, New Year’s Pizzazz, and Red Packets events. Use Firecrackers to attack the Infected. You will get random rewards for each attack, with a chance to contribute rewards to the Coalition prize pool. The higher the level of the Infected, the better the rewards. Killing the Pyromaniac will get you all the rewards in the Coalition prize pool, and killing the Nian Beast will get you a permanent HQ Skin. Daily ranking and total ranking will be conducted during the event, and the top players will get a chance to win generous rewards, including the Dragon City (Happiness) HQ Skin, Dragon City (Luck) HQ Skin, and more.
  • This event has been closed in S19-108 due to an online issue with the reward for defeating Nian Beast. Game team will reopen New Year’s Eve Party in these states as soon as they fix the problem. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.