State of Survival Patch 1.9.100

State of Survival Patch 1.9.100

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.9.100.

New Events:

The Capricorn events have arrived!

  • Daily Tasks: Medical Crisis: Trish’s Mission.
  • Complete Daily Tasks during the event to get points.
  • Daily Tasks will be refreshed every day.
  • Get Top-up points through Top-up Event.
  • Hit points targets to get Reward Crates.
  • Unclaimed rewards will be sent to the Rewards Stash.

Version 1.9.100 Patch Notes


  • Influencer Trap will increase from 30 to 48.

SvS Schedule:

  • SvS will resume on the next SvS schedule. State age qualification requirement is back to 14 weeks.

Plasma Tech/T11

  • State age to have Plasma Tech/T11 is still at 34 weeks old.


  • Online Allies will be put in the front of the list when launching a rally. Invitation becomes more convenient!
  • Add marks on march targets to avoid repeating marches.
  • Alliance announcements can be translated into all languages.
  • Alliance Boss Max has been updated to Lv.48.

Optimizations of Hero

  • Upgrading: One tap upgrade: The Combat Manuals required for Max level will be calculated automatically.
  • Upgrading now only needs one tap!
  • Use Combat Manuals continuously through long press.

Service Center:

  • An upgraded Service Center will replace Help & Support soon.