State of Survival: Zombie War

Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 09:10 pm

State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival: Zombie War is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FunPlus International AG, State of Survival: Zombie War is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2019 with the latest update 16th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of State of Survival: Zombie War ?

352,686 people have rated 1.17.50

What is the price of the State of Survival: Zombie War ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the State of Survival: Zombie War released ?

State of Survival: Zombie War was released on 30th August 2019.

When was the State of Survival: Zombie War updated ?

The latest updated date of State of Survival: Zombie War on 16th November 2022.

Where can State of Survival: Zombie War be downloaded ?

You can download the game State of Survival: Zombie War from Apple Official App Store.



Make friends or fight with other survivors. Do whatever you must to survive. It won’t be easy. The infected are everywhere. Resources are scarce and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society.

It’s a new world out there. Dangerous, yes, but filled with opportunity. Immense power awaits those bold enough to grasp it. But remember to watch your back. It’s fair to say people aren’t quite as friendly as they used they be…


Build up your Settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and a foundation for your post-apocalyptic empire.


Save survivors to swell your numbers and increase your strength. Locate those with special abilities, they will be the heroes of the plague war!


The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it. Whoever can control the infection controls the state!


There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected Wilderness. Join forces to pulverize any who try to take advantage of you.

Rip up the Rulebook

It’s humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to progress.It’s humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to progress.

Updated on 16th November 2022

▼ Shoots
The ever-changing world that’s come in the wake of the apocalypse makes survival a challenge. Sarge developed a board game called "Shoots & Splatters," which provides basic survival training and has quickly become a Settlement favorite. To the victor belong the spoils!

▼ Settlement Renovation
A brand new graphics mode is now available, along with a dedicated event. Complete daily tasks for even more Rewards!

State of Survival: Zombie War Review

We love state of survival so much that Im giving it five stars.

Up to this point, its been refreshing to play a game that isnt non stop adds.

We Recommend for smooth play and lots of interaction.

This is a great game just need the steel food and lumber yards to ours faster.

I. Just started And we love it make some more collabs and can we have the 777 pulls.

We started playing yesterday and its starting out great. The tutorial was awesome!

Its a good game. Would recommend.

Its fun because you have to tend to your land and protect it from zombies.

Great game definitely worth downloading.

This game is really amazing for when u are bored.

Addictive and fun. Lots of game dynamics to challenge the player.

We DONT like games like this at ALL! We LOVE THIS GAME! Its simple but we play with other folks that we dont know from ALL walks of life. Its AWESOME.

Its nice we get to play in our free time and its not too bad.

Love this game but they messed up on the ads it is nothing like the ads.

Great game very entertaining when we play we cant stop.

Great game, made well, no forced ads :)

Be prepared for players 50 levels above you to keep stealing your resources. Best bet is to not collect your resource rewards in mailbox until you actually need them. There is a lot of PVP.

Addicting and very fun game to play.

If you read this honestly this a great game we love the way you set up the way you level up things our only promblem is that the way you navagate stuff expect for that its perfect.

This is a real zombie survival game. Thanks.

Easy to use – lots of freebies and no money necessary to enjoy the game. We love it!

A great game so far, havent gotten much progress so it could change, right now its pretty good.

Plays a lot like other games but isnt bad.

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