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Stick War

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Stick War! Developed by the innovative team at 1004319 Alberta Ltd, this Action game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 1st March 2024, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 10th March 2024.

Are you a fan of Action, Strategy, games? Then Stick War is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Stick War

Over 70 players have rated Stick War. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Stick War Cost?

Good news! You can download Stick War on your iOS device absolutely free!

Stick War Release Date

Eager to know when Stick War first graced the App Store? It was launched on 1st March 2024.

When Was Stick War Last Updated?

The latest version of Stick War was updated on 10th March 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Stick War?

To get started with Stick War, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Stick War

Real-Time Multiplayer Strategy
PVP Matches.

  • Take control of any unit at any time!
  • No “Pay for Power”!

Team up with friends!

  • 2v2 Matches
  • Add your friends and battle it out!

Single Player Modes:

  • Huge ever expanding campaign!
  • Practice your strategies vs AI’s

Custom Armies
Build your own Battle Decks

  • Collect and unlock from a growing selection of Army types.
  • Add Upgrades to your deck and research powerful army bonuses.
  • Enhancements such as the “Rune of Reanimation”: will cause any poisoned enemy units to respawn as Zombies! Or as you will know them “Deads!”.
  • Choose from spells such as a giant bubble that blocks incoming projectiles, or “Snow Squall” to freeze entire legions!
  • Generals of each of the major nations are now available to add. Play as “Prince Atreyos” leader of the Speartons or “Princess Kytchu” bowmaster of the Archidons.

Customize your Battlefield

  • Custom your troops with unique Skins!
  • Custom Statues! Shiny Gold!
  • Custom voice-lines and Emotes.

Live Replays

  • Watch and share games.
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward replays.
  • Watch games from any of the players’ views.

Massive Growing Campaign In Development for release early 2022

  • An expansive campaign with multiple chapters being developed
  • Fully animated comic book, music video style cut scenes.

Huge Storylines and in-depth world:

  • The Order Empire led by King Zarek and brother, Zilaros the Royal Hand, have finally defeated the Chaos Empire. Together you discover Medusa has been slain. What lay hidden in the depths of her keep will set you on the adventure of a lifetime. Your reward: strategy, and war!

In a world called Inamorta where weapons are religion the struggle for dominance continues. The classic cast of nations still thrive. The Swordwrath, Speartons, Archidons, Magikill, and the Giants are joined by many other nations, each with their own unique fighting style such as the “Sicklewrath", from simple farmers to deadly splash damage warriors. The Chaos Empires, ranged unit “Eclipsors” are flying bat-like creatures raining arrows from above. “Shadowrath” are ninja assassins and these are only a small taste.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Stick War updated on 10th March 2024:

Campaign is released. Zarek and Zilaros, of the Order Empire, have conquered
Gargos, the leader of the Chaos. What they discover next will change

User Reviews on Stick War

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Stick War below:

So once this game released we instantly got on it and beat the campaign but we realized that we didnt unlock every single unit and couldnt even get all the upgrades we believe they should made it where we you replay a level after beating the campaign you can just farm points like how you can in stick war legacy and also they should made it where you can unlock every unit like being able to use giants in campaign mode.

Very good just a short campaign.

Loading sometimes takes way longer than expected we just reload the game when that happens and during the garrison tutorial when you hit garrison early the game will lock on to Garrison and enemy troops wont spawn.

Lo estoy descargando ojala se paresca mucho a la primera us encanta este juego.

You can not describe how fun it is.

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We hope someday stick war 2 will coming in mobile:)

Honestly ever since it released for years flight we’ve been excited we never got to experience it until this release and its the best, two is good but this is truly PEAK.

We dont know if we said something about this before as the App Store is not showing it, but after completing the campaign we wanted to complete the tech tree, but every time we unlock something from the tech tree we did not have before it does not show up in our campaign for example: enslaved miner, we unlocked this but It is still not showing up in our campaign deck. If this is a bug can you please fix it? Thank you for your time.

Its finally on mobile we love you.

The physics are very good unlike stick war legacy, and stick war 3 is kinda better then stick war 2.

That we wish that we have stick war 2 on android and apple.

It’s good, but we’re a novice, and we don’t know how to get diamonds.

The new campaign is very good but some levels need some reworking because they are much harder that the other levels. One example of this is level 22 where unless you watch a tutorial its almost impossible to win.

When we claim an achievement we don’t get the diamonds, instead of getting for example +5 we get -5 and the diamonds don’t increase it just still the same Pliz fix it as fast as possible.

Bugs: When collecting gems, mostly turn backward or toward a negative set amount. For example, if we have 20 gems and we manage ten more, it either turns negative or a lesser numberand Vice versa. Graphic: For a 2024 game, we expect the graphics to be more polished than blurred pictures. Polish up the graphics on the units and spells to make them more appealing. Make it more attractive than art from Microsoft Paint. For example, the spells for the art look awful. Music: we need more music from Waterflame than the original music from the first game. Legacy/Original. Need Better Voice Actor and Speech Bubbles as well as mission papers.


Way to hard even on normal and it doesnt tell us how to equip units.

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