Stickman Battle Fight Hero War

Last updated on January 7th, 2023 at 12:00 am

Stickman Battle Fight Hero War

Stickman Battle Fight Hero War

Stickman Battle Fight Hero War is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mobione Technology Pte Ltd, Stickman Battle Fight Hero War is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th August 2020 with the latest update 18th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stickman Battle Fight Hero War ?

14,977 people have rated 3.0

What is the price of the Stickman Battle Fight Hero War ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stickman Battle Fight Hero War released ?

Stickman Battle Fight Hero War was released on 20th August 2020.

When was the Stickman Battle Fight Hero War updated ?

The latest updated date of Stickman Battle Fight Hero War on 18th October 2022.

Where can Stickman Battle Fight Hero War be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stickman Battle Fight Hero War from Apple Official App Store.



Stickman Battle Fight best fighting action role-playing game

  • A lot of superheroes for you to choose
  • Upgrade the power of characters ( Rank E to BE ) to participate in the universal power tournament.
  • Diverse combat skills.

Download Stickman Battle Fight now – to experience the world’s best fighting action game.

Updated on 18th October 2022

  • Fix some bugs

Stickman Battle Fight Hero War Review

We played the game and when we did its all changed we liked this game a lot pls put it back.

Please bring back the dbz characters we miss them.

We hate the new update please please bring back the Dragon ball z stuff and story mode we hope you do because if no we will give 1 star so please please bring the DBZ stuff.

It was the coolest game we have ever played by this is the worst ever update.

Can you pls take of the Halloween update? It is very annoying. We want all our original characters back!

We liked the old versione better.

The new update took away all our characters including Zeno and the pack for jiran.

We miss the old game it deleted everything.

What did you guys do? The old update was better. What is this? Why are there only such few characters? We were on our way to buying whisku but now it makes us want to delete the game this update is not good :/

Bro we log in and all our characters are gone now they have a light hero a dark hero like bro where did our stuff go.

On the normal game we had a ton of the characters, but now on this event thing we have every one of them other than the flash sale ones. This is getting really boring and a waste of time.

We were looking for a dragon ball Stickman game like this and we thought we found it but turns out this is bad. Theres no storyline whatsoever. The characters arent that great, and theres a repetitive power challenge that makes the game so boring you want to delete it. Overall, this game wouldve been so much better if it was back to how it was before because now the game is just boring!!

Once they changed all of the characters and gameplay it ruined the game we dont want to play it anymore.

We havent played this in a few days and we came back to all our progress deleted and no dragon ball z characters we spent months on this.. You probably made people mad and now there deleting the game .

Whatever you pay for or earn will be deleted no reimbursements in new updates.

The game was way more fun before, now its just another boring Stickman game. We dont understand why you would need to change the whole game. Because of this all our progress is gone and we’ve been playing a year.

It took us two years to get a lot of Lego characters we had almost every single character now we have nothing we do not like this update at all.

We were looking for a dragon ball Stickman game like this and we thought we found it but turns out this is bad. Theres no storyline whatsoever. The characters arent that great, and theres a repetitive power challenge that makes the game so boring you want to delete it. Overall, this game wouldve been so much better if the characters were based on Dragon Ball and there was an actual story mode to follow. If the developers can change this game back to how it was the game would be more fun and interesting.

Im giving 1 stars just so that everyone could see this, When we had this game all the characters were there, we dont know if this is a glitch or a rework or maybe the game got copyright strike, but the only thing available to play is power challenge, and there is no limit on how much we can play, please fix this as soon as possible. Last time we played it, it was good, Im talking about the version where it had online, story mode, vs AI, story mode, power challenge, the one linked with dragon ball was good, this one is very bad please look forward to improving the game.

You buff the first enemy to much Im deleting the game.

The person who made this a 5 year.

We all know the previous version was Dragon Ball Z and they finally got it shut down obviously. The thing is that people including myself have spent money on the game for many reasons and our biggest reason was to stop mandatory ads. Reimbursing those faithful customers should be warranted. You all reset the system and all the characters that weve unlocked and earned are now history and forces us to have to start from scratch in ways. At least give us the characters of equal value and the same attributes back.

This games animation is no where near as smooth as it shows in the ads.

Why did they switch all the characters?? N Chang the game it succ now!!!

Im a huge dragon ball Z fan and we think this is a good game.

We like your game and because of that you get a five star rating By:Aiden.

Alright so we were playing the ape game mode and he kept using the same thing witch can defeat you in like a minute and he didnt have enough Ki!

We like the graphics and the heroes 5 stars.

In this game people think this is pay to win but its not bc you have to win in rank battle to use the pay to get Stickman its some what pay to win but still its so good that it doesnt even matter if you pay to win like goku said you can beat any with enough train and hard work.

The freaking best game and we Love anime and this is the right game for it.

Its a really great game well balanced and really fun to play and the fighting is great all though there is one issue with the power challenge we could be halfway through and go to respond to a text real quick and when we go back the app resets and either have to pay .99 cents to try agin or wait untell the next game other then that its a amzing game and we cant wait to see what it will become keep doing great!

When we first saw the ad we thought it was pretty cool so we tried it and we got MUI NO PROBLEM.

We’ve had this game for about 2 years when it came out and we remember when we were on the toilet and A piece of our skin came off and we were bleeding a lot and kept playing this game so you know this game is good when you keep playing it when you are bleeding 10/10.

The game is ok just add beam clashing.

We just download this game today and we love it it is the best game we ever played.

Please give us a no ads so we can buy it then no ads and then Ill give it 5 stars next time.

We have been playing this game religiously day and night for almost 3 weeks now and grinded to get to level 200 with jiren then we log in today and half our data is gone half our players and our jiren so for that reason we are deleting this game.

So it is a very very good game but the problem is every single fight you lose you look at a add that is 30 seconds long and if you win you get a 5 or 20 seconds add and also you need to keep grinding because Im supposed to be super San blue but Im super San god the red one.

We spend more time watching adds than we do playing the game. Its a fun game but its not worth playing because the only think we do is watch adds.

This game is impossible who likes of this game is so trash trash trash trash trash delete it delete it so trash you guys shouldnt even exist die die die die die!

The game is very good no complaints everyone should like it The animation and eveything is good.

We downloaded it for a new game to play and we wanted a fun game if youre someone that likes playing games and outsmarting people and fighting and a whole lot of other stuff the games for you.

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