Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters

Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters

Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters

Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MULTICAST GAMES LIMITED, Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th April 2022 with the latest update 30th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters ?

4,366 people have rated 4.5.2

What is the price of the Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters released ?

Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters was released on 26th April 2022.

When was the Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters updated ?

The latest updated date of Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters on 30th April 2023.

Where can Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters from Apple Official App Store.



Peacekeepers At War is an RPG shooter game that takes mobile war games to the next level. Join the battle full of unparalleled action to claim your ground and defeat the enemy!
Of all war online games out there, Peacekeepers At War is the game that doesn’t cease to surprise players with its military game stylistics and plenty of shooting. Never before have army games on mobile platforms been so entertaining and full of battle fun. Join the battle as a one-man army to shoot the enemies, upgrade your base and soldier, collect resources, and do everything else you want to do in a casual online shooter.
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· Become stronger as you take on more and more powerful idle army enemies.
All action RPG games are known to feature a wide range of resources, and Peacekeepers At War is no different even though it’s an online shooter:
· Chop the wood to build the base and upgrade your skills;
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· Get ammunition to upgrade your weapons and equipment to shoot more effectively and absorb less damage;
· Defeat enemies to collect golden coins that you can use to upgrade your RPG online game base elements.

Subscription options
In Peacekeepers At War game we offer you the following subscription option:
Weekly VIP Membership offers a weekly subscription for $4.99. Gives 5 Free Spin, 50 Green Cartridges and 100 Crystals everyday.
Monthly VIP Membership offers a monthly subscription for $14.99. Gives 5 Free Spin, 50 Green Cartridges and 100 Crystals everyday.
Annual VIP Membership offers a annual subscription for $99.99. Gives 5 Free Spin, 50 Green Cartridges and 100 Crystals everyday.

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Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
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Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
Canceling trial period or subscription
You can turn off the auto-renew for the subscription whenever you want in the settings if your iTunes account. Check
When your current trial/subscription period expires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscription period cannot be canceled. After your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use elements offered in your chosen Subscription Option.
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Updated on 30th April 2023

Bug fixes

Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters Review

Its like real war but we wish it had 4 spy groups that stalks you and wish there was a night and day and the 4 spy groups stalk you in the night.

This is an awesome game if you dont have this game then what are you doing get it now.

Absolutely love the way the way they have this game set up where you are able to watch ads for a nice reward great great idea we hope they use that a lot.

Ok. Phenomenal game that doesnt over play the need for ads. Use ads to get more in game currency but not to keep playing. It is Challenging but not impossible to move forward without paying. Our one issue is this: the heat the house challenge is not working. We found the axe but cannot pick it up. Other than that it is well thought out a real blast to play and upgrade your equipment without any real money.

The app is fun and entertaining!! We put 4 stars because its still a little glitchy! One of the quests will not allow us to complete it, the quest when we try to retrieve the axe! Im unable to grab/acquire it even when we’ve destroyed all the enemys and collected everything around it. Other than that the app is pretty fun!!

Simple gameplay and easy accomplishments. Would be nice to have some info on what certain items do and how/where to get items necessary for upgrades.

Overall solid game without unprompted ads. Has good mechanics and is easily playable and enjoyable for hours. Im level 50 and finally upgraded from the uncommon uzi to the rare uzi. Spent good deal of time on it but sad to say the upgrade was not worth it at all because the gun improved so marginally as to render the time spent wasted. This is similar to other upgrades. Once you hit 40+ the game isnt very incentivizing anymore and the upgrades make it even less fun.

So Im level 59 or 60 which is like awhile playing this game for hours on end and we have to say game overall has its annoyances but as of right now Im at the stage where Im in this Greenland area where theres like guys in black suits area and Im at the third area of that map and we have to say why is it That those units that have like 20k health each and Im running a tank build with as of right now 140+Defense with a gold uzi, spawn so fast after us killing them its ridiculous, we spend maybe like 10-15 seconds on killing one and another shows up and another and so on and we go how many of these guys are here like sure if they had lower health sure ok throw many as you like but when you have 10+ machete guys coming at you with a total health pool of 200k+ spawning after 5-10 seconds of killing it kinda now stuck permanently on that area and idk if this is the devs way on locking up players from expanding any further and considering we think the leaderboards are bots not real folks is personally focused, still a longs way of maxing out our guys but when you have this many guys we literally gotten 6M gold in like one hour of just sitting there tanking all guys up until we died but not after like over 300+ killed with a constant 4 dudes with AKs on top of that needs to change, there area of trigger also too large just hit one and all thats in a football field range just attacks you kinda pathetic when your trying to farm the area and cant due too these conditions change it plz.

We paid money on this game and it deleted things we’ve made progress on. We uninstalled it and reinstalled it to try to fix the bug and it started us completely over!!! We want our money back!!!

We are stuck in the desert when you can select your vehicle and we’ve tried exiting out and back in and nothing Im still in the desert walking around nothing to interact with nothing to warp out we need help.

When you are bound by time limits and the gear you can use then why play. If we have enough resources and money to buy something or upgrade something, then why cant I? We want to free roam and decide what paths to take. If you go in the dungeon and fail which you will the first time because the characters in there are many levels above you then you are locked out of the dungeon for 12 hours instead of upgrading a couple of things and trying again. This is the point we deleted this game. We were having a decent time until then. If we have time to go into the dungeon, then why cant I? Now you have zero chance of us buying anything.

Played for an hour or so, got bugged in the garage race thing. Open desert with nothing to do, no escape.

So this game is really good honestly and if you are reading this review you should give it a try but our only problem with is that we think the wave system thing to the left of your base was removed and also we don’t understand the use for some items and how to use them like the gold bars and the hour checks cause we have some of them but we don’t know how to use them.

Awesome game its super fun and not spamming like other games.

Its not the same as it is in the adds IT EVEN Better!! On our opinion You have to fight gather resources and get stronger. We definitely recommend this game.

The game is fun but we cant figure out how to get the bolts that you need for building.

The game is fun, but quickly becomes very grindy. We even purchased no ads for a year, which allowed us to get farther but have still run into a wall where the difficulty curve is just to steep compared to how fast you advance. Our biggest complaint is with the recent major update- our game updated a few aspects, but took away some of old game features without giving us the new features. Our sons have the game too, and it be got the full update so we can see the difference. App support is completely unresponsive, even though we’ve spent money with them. The game also has numerous spelling and wording errors, giving it a feel of being developed by a young non-English speaking kid who doesnt know or care about the details. Feels like something developed for a kids school project maybe.

Loved the game. Gets tough in the end game, but was a good grind. Spent money but the developers gave up. No updates for a long time, couldve been great.

Its an ok game but we dont understand how something so basic overheats our phone. We only have like 3 areas unlocked but we cant even do a full run around to farm without the back of our phone burning up and the game crashing. Its almost like they gave a 10 minute limit so you HAVE to watch ads in order to actually progress. Is this a problem for everyone or just us?

The players in the tournament thing are all fake. The game is busted. We climbed 50 levels ahead and then magically stopped being able to advance for weeks. We then noticed we were passed by everyone. We are now on the bottom and still havent be able to advance for weeks. Game isnt updating but they are collecting our money. Dont waste your time. Was fun for a few days tho.

The game is alright, but for no ads. Complete scam. They charge you for no ads for either 7 days no ads. Or 1 year. We have never seen a app do this. This is no AAA not worth the money. Yes its free but be warned if you want no ads its like $30+ for a year with no ads. Ridiculous. Change it and Ill review again because that is thirsty.

This game full of ADs and makes the phone heat fast after play one min it opens a lot of hosts in the phone for ads in short time , plz fix this isuee and dont be greed.

In one of their ads that used The only thing they fear is us by Mick Gordon without giving any credit to him. Next time make your own music you lazy pigs.

We dont know why our iPhone 11 Pro is getting extremely hot while playing this game. And ultra fast battery draining too. Do not recommend!!

They removed $30 1 year no-ads in-app purchase with recent update. So the only option you have if you wanna remove ads is buying $10 1 week no-ads in-app purchase, that makes $520 a year. It’s such a ridiculous price consider how cheap this game looks. Literally no content update since game has released. Stay away for your good :)

No buildings or angry just empty space.

Battery on iPhone 13 Pro Max gets hot 2-3 min after playing and battery drains like no other game.

We’ve been playing this game for about 5 months now and we’ve reached nearly the end of the game. Progress is much less slower than before but the end game content with items shows the balance with enemies and personal strength. We’ve gotten all immortal equipment through playing everyday for a few minutes and its been a worthwhile achievement as not much time on the app is needed to reach end game. Patience and resilience is required in order to incrementally get stronger and the rewards are worth the wait.

To be honest Im surprised if thats good we thought it might be a little bad but we think just as long as you um what is it we were gonna say oh we were long as you find the arm gem crate youre good you just gotta find that watch and add or two and then you and then you can go ahead and go with your day.

Fun game but requires hella ad grinding if you wanna progress at a decent pace or else youll be stuck on the first like 3-4 levels for daysliterally.

Im at level 64 and the difficulty curve is far too high. There is really no more advancing in the game, have been mining for months now and still very little progress is possible due to overpowered enemies. And our mines are level maxed. Good game until you get to the jungle and then progress is quite slow. Id suggest playing until then and then move on to another game and save your time.

Game is fun to play and you choose to watch ads unlike most other games that force you but game has been crashing every few minutes. And then when it restarts, you dont get the perks of the skin youve chosen until you go back and un equip them re equip. Also we lost about 1500 red shells and had our equipment reset back to level 1. Fix bugs and Ill think about changing stars.

So the game was fun to start with we really injoyed it but after alittle bit it locks you out of your account asks you to sign in and gives you error messages. We dont know whats wrong and its very hard to contact support to fix this as of now we still havent gotten back in. If they fix it we might come and fix our review.

Just says init social services never gets past the opening screen.

We love the game but it crashes about every two minutes. It gets very annoying. If they could get that fixed we would actually subscribe.

The game doesnt work its still on loading screen we know that the problem isnt with us its from your game.

Crashes are ok. But we’ve bought something for the diamonds, game crashed, we’ve lost diamonds and did not get the item we’ve bought. Lame.

Finally another good company makes this style of a game, Its like forager mixed with all those incremental games. And if you think its too simple of a game just keep playing and there are skill trees, dungeons, and more that we havent gotten to after playing nonstop for 3 days and buying VIP. (After reading this it totally sounds like a sponsored comment but If you like these style of games youll feel the same way) Edit: after playing for another week the only bug we have found is that when you load into the game after closing the app for any period of time, you have to reapply your skin to receive the bonuses since the game defaults you to the default skin even though it shows the previous skin you had selected on our character. Still an amazing game, and all the late game adaptations you have to make to keep progressing are perfectly designed.

Cute idea, but game crashes every 5 minutes. Cant take it anymore. Just crashed as we were entering a dungeon. On restart it forgot we had entered the dungeon, but remembered that someone had, so the dungeon was on lockdown for 12 hours. Just not worth it. Deleting.

This is a fun game to play. We’ve found an exploit that makes the enemy unable to attack due to how laggy it is. Thats how we were able to kill the boss while very underpowered. We think one of the reasons its laggy is because all the enemys are rendered in regardless of distance from the player. If you could adjust the graphics in game then itd be a lot more fun to play.

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