Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game

Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game

Idle Theme Park - Tycoon Game

Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Digital Things Sociedad Limitada, Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 29th May 2019 with the latest update 11th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Simulation, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game ?

130,332 people have rated 2.9.0

What is the price of the Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game released ?

Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game was released on 29th May 2019.

When was the Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game on 11th April 2023.

Where can Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game from Apple Official App Store.



Are you prepared to run the funniest theme park ever?

Rule your theme park and become the richest manager!

Start with a small theme park, and work on it to make it grow. Open new attractions to create an amazing fun area where visitors will ride the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, the log ride and visit the horror house.

Manage wisely the food area, and the ticket booth to earn money. Expand the theme park to get the most amazing rides and facilities.

Improve your park with new rides. Prepare marketing campaigns to bring more visitors to your theme park, and offer them the most enjoyable experience. Extend the parking facilities to increase the number of clients.

Hire security guards to maintain public order and security in your theme park. Make visitors feel welcome, comfortable, and happy. Take the visitor’s feedback into account in order to improve the theme park.

Become a theme park tycoon and hire new employees, improve the rides and control every aspect of the business. Will you invest your money in improving the facilities of the park? Or will you increase the salary to keep your employees motivated? Take important decisions to create the best theme park.

Build the most enjoyable rides, a big ferris wheel, an amazing fun house, a spooky horror house and a huge roller coaster. Run the most famous theme park in the world!

If you like management and idle games, you’ll enjoy Idle Theme Park Tycoon. An easy-to-play game, but challenging game. Start with an small theme park and take important business decisions in order to grow your tycoon. Transform your small business into the best theme park in the world!


  • Easy-to-play game for every player
  • Different challenges to complete
  • Amazing animations and great 3D graphics
  • Several rides available.
  • Take important business decisions.
  • Save your progress to the Cloud and recover it if you change your device

Updated on 11th April 2023

Get ready to set sail on an adventure aboard our brand-new Viking Boat at our Theme Park!

We’ve raised the bar by adding this ride to our impressive lineup. But that’s not all – when you upgrade your Viking Boat, you’ll enjoy permanent improvements throughout the entire Main Park. Your visitors will move at lightning speed, ride tickets will increase in value, and upgrading will cost you less than ever before!

Our Viking Boat adventure awaits, don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience this ride – come visit us today!

Idle Theme Park – Tycoon Game Review

Free, barely any adds, teaching you how to deal with money, awesome! Also, the graphics are awesome and the rides are cool! Legit like one of the best games in the WORLD!

Beat the game already, its a fun game but needs more now! Got 2 empty spaces. Add new parks!!!!

Bro Johnson is literally John from Jurassic Park like the look the name and everything but its a very good game.

This game is so amazing and we are so addicted. You should definitely download this app. Although maybe the creator could add holiday updates. Just something little though.

This game is not like the other ideal games were you make money. THIS is FUN we have been playing about 2 years and leveling up Aron the adds are not bad, you only have too watch them if you want to get extra money. Its a good game and if you dont believe us just take a try you will be addicted and have fun!.

Maybe have a max button. Or maybe hold it down button. Instead of tapping 9 million times.

This is the best mobile game we’ve ever played by far, period.

We think that this game is so fun and we really love it this is our favorite game so far.

Every day we just play it every day wake up play it every weekend just play it get off the school play it play it every day best game ever of our life.

We downloaded this game about 2 years ago but deleted it for some reason. We redownload it yesterday to find that it wouldnt let us play the game- like we literally cant even open the app because it takes too long to load, like the little progress bar at the bottom of our screen isnt even moving. But when we were able to play the game we really enjoyed it, we just want to be able to play it again.

The game is amazing and we haven’t encountered any problems until we advanced to the 2nd island and the manager stopped working. The game stopped idling and we couldn’t collect any more offline income which made our progress much slower. Could you please take a look at this bug or problem and fix it?

This game was really fun for a long time when the devs put more care into it, now its obviously just a cash grab with the screen bombarded with deals and offers for exorbitant prices. Just added the Viking ship, the first bit of new content in years, and its $20. Ridiculous.

Hi we love the game, but the game looks like not connect to the game center or any account creation function in the game, so we can not sync our save data between our phone and pad.

It was fun for a wile but when you get to the end its pretty boring.

We think a big oversight was not having a quantity upgrade feature. We dont like starting a new island and clicking 500 times on one button, we look like Im having a seizure on our phone. Would be a good idea and save people time so we dont have to continuously click for one upgrade. We can click once and get 10, 50, 100 or max out completely and upgrade as much as we can! Would just make the game easier. Hope the devs see this.

We love this game but a few days ago we bought the golden gates pass and we didnt have to watch ads but now we do have to watch ads.

Hello, The game is pretty good but everytime we open it, an ad comes up and makes it so we cant cellect the money we got while we were idle.

Hello our progress getting deleted Is probably our fault for deleting it but we hope the game can give us our progress back somehow.

We just started this game we played this game for 4 hours and made it on the second island and had 50 million we liked this game so we supported it by buying the no ads after we bought it our game closed and when we opened it back up and it started us over is there any way we could get our stuff back or will we lose 12 dollars.

We dont necessarily have any suggestions on what to add to make the game a lot more enjoyable, but we have encountered a terrible bug. Dont know if this is happening to everyone, but basically whenever we log on we never get the profits from when we were away. We have both the water and the regular theme park, and as soon as we travel to the other island, we get the profits from there. This has basically been the only way of getting money while we are away, and it stinks how we cant receive the profits from both islands in one sitting. It used to work fine, but we believe after an update it caused it to stop working properly for some people.

Very fun game but there is a lot of bugs and glitches.

We basically beat the game because we cant level up in the Theme Park anymore and the Water Park is taking literally months to generate enough money to make even the simplest upgrades. New ride thats being advertised for the theme park is a $20 upgrade. No thanks.

U hate how it restarts you on the game every time you buy a new island cab u guys plz cgabfe that.

Amazing game and all but all our save data was deleted and we didnt delete the app please fix this.

So the general manager doesnt operate offline like he is supposed to nor do you get all your funds from the helicopter. We were awarded 18 bil but when clicked it only gave us 12. Huge problem. This issues must be fixed or there will be alot of refunds issued for the general manager.

We really enjoyed this game until we maxed everything out for the full time parks. Now theres only the occasional event parks to do, but we want a new regular park, or some new islands or something. Its been like a year. Update: its now been well over two years since any new permanent levels have been released. Just the monthly limited time events.

We just started on the first island and we were doing good. They said we had enough for another one so we thought Id be running two but it sold our previous one before we could even finish all the upgrades & rides. No warning no nothing. It doesnt tell you. It upset us a bit so we deleted it so we can re start. Id give it five stars but the lack of communication sucked. We wasnt told we wouldnt get the other back.

Hi we love this game we wish there were more things than just waiting to get money and buying to upgrade. There is to many interruptions in the game and adds we HATE adds and there are just to many of them.

So. The one thing we want is offline earnings! We waited three days without any activity and it gave us zero dollars for offline stuff. Fix that please and we will play it again.

The game itself is fun, we like that they have multiple types of parks later in the game. The only thing that irks us is you have to pay $10 a park in order to make any idle money? Isnt the point of an idle game to build up money and such when youre not playing it? Really defeats the purpose of the game, shouldnt really have idle even in the name.

Loved this game for a while even paid the $5 or whatever for skipping ads. Then ran out of islands and stuff to complete then they started the weekly events and ok cool awesome even.. Now $20 for a new ride!?!? Absolutely uninstalling and never coming back only giving 2 stars because of the rollercoaster ride we enjoyed up until this point.

Then it becomes a total grind and constantly trying to cashgrab. Not much has been added to the game thats worthwhile in ages. Was excited about the Viking boat until we see its a $20 addon. This game isnt worth that much.

Fix the offline person to make money. He dont work.

It will never give us our money when we exit or when we watch the ads overall it’s a ish game but when it won’t give us money we just sit theer stuck.

It is insane that in order for the game to be an actual idle game and go on in the background, you have to pay $10.00. If that wasnt how it was itd be a much better game over all.

We started playing this game a while ago and we were having lots of fun with it. We got all the rides and was having a blast seeing all the upgrades to them. Shortly after we unlocked all the rides, progression to the next island became slow. We didnt mind as we were mostly in it to upgrade the rides anyway, but the next update that came out after that somehow stopped us from gaining any money when we came back to the game. We’ve been sitting at the same amount of money for months now and the updates havent fixed it. We kept checking periodically but there was nothing. A couple weeks ago though, they updated the game again and added a new ride. We were excited as we thought that maybe this would renew our interest in the game and maybe whatever is preventing us from collecting money was gone. We logged on and saw no change in our money, but was excited to check the new ride out nonetheless so we went to buy it and its locked behind a paywall, and whats even worse is that it is TWENTY DOLLARS. Twenty dollars is absolutely absurd for one ride that wont function any differently than the others you have. We wish we could say we were surprised but honestly we wasnt. We liked this game not only for the rides or the progression, but because it didnt shove in app purchases or ads down our throat while we played it. Now it does exactly that. This probably wont be the only ride they add thats locked behind a paywall, and frankly we wouldnt be surprised if all the new rides going forward are also obtained through in app purchases. Between the technical problems, increase in ads, and now the inclusion of rides that you have to pay real money for, its just not worth it anymore. The only reason this is two stars instead of one is because of the fun we had when the game was good.

We Like the game and we got pretty far but we guess they force you to purchase Viking ship which is $19.99!! We guess thats the end of our journey with this game as we’ve waited to see if itll go away or give another option which it never did and its been days so yea Im done.

We love this game. We really do. It helps us sleep at night since we have pretty bad insomnia and somehow codigames idle games are the best thing for it. Except they have added so. Many. Ads. So many. Every three minutes its PAY 11.99 FOR NO MORE ADS. PAY $20 FOR AN EXTRA RIDE IN THIS LEVEL. Why?!?? We watch ads! We like that we have the option to benefit from them! Stop forcing this down our throat!!!! Seriously you broke your own game! The old man pop up literally pops up so often we cant even open the baubles and have to force restart because he opens over them and it locks the whole screen! Did yall even play test this?? Whatever yes man is approving this nonsense should stop. You guys had a great thing going with this and the supermarket game, and youve ruined them both.

We saw an add for this game, we downloaded it thinking it was legit. When we opened it, it wouldnt even go past the loading screen! This makes us think the 5 star reviews are fake?!?!?

Literally wont go past the loading screen, even after deleting and redownloading the app.

We don’t understand this game, it has an annoying totorial with camera controls that we don’t like, it also is hard for us and is boring. In conclusion, WORST GAME EVER we’re uninstalling this RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A waste of storage!

We were really excited to play this game until we opened it and it wouldnt load at all. We left the screen for five minutes it never loaded anything so we closed the game. Restarted our phone and it still will not load anything so we cant even try to play the game.

We have been playing the same 2 Theme Park for about five years. We are one away from purchasing and winning the oldest Theme Park game. The prices for the last part of the game is ridiculously high. We understand why. But this is what we dont understand. Is your new theme park. You are now making it to cost money. For us to buy the pirate ship, it will cost us $19.99. That is absolutely ludicrous that we would have to pay cash in order to get the pirate ship. Tell us which kid has $20 and why would they spend $20 just for the ship that does not include anything. The kid along with us will still have to develop the rest of the island. On another note. When we reach the point of getting a little ball add-ons. Theres usually three maybe four of those balls that pop open and turn into a character that usually represents one of the rides in the park. With us the first two are ones that we’ve already mastered. So actually, we are only getting one that we can advance slowly, so why am we being denied the characters that we have not reached yet? This game has so many holes in it and is very disturbing because we realize you dont want us to stop playing. So add new theme parks. We still play bc we are home bound and dont have much to do. We like to master games. Idle could have had several other islands by now. We only ask that Idle to stop sending the balls we have already won and send us the ones we have not. Five years ago we asked if there was going to be any new theme parks and you said you were developing them. We realize it take a very long time to develop a game. Does it usually take 5 years to do it? So where are they?

The app doesn’t load, tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

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