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Streaq is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Backyard Mobile LLC, Streaq is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th September 2013 with the latest update 16th March 2017

Whether you are a fan of Card, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


84 people have rated 1.3.3

You can download the game Streaq from APP STORE.


Compete against your friends or the computer in this classic card & tile board game that’s so addicting you’ll never want to put it down! Try to form one or two Streaqs (a Streaq is a sequence of five tiles in a row), in any direction, to win the game. Streaq is easy to learn and play, fun for beginners and challenging for experts.

Features include:

  • Multiplayer: Play online against your friends, random players from around the world, or both, using Game Center!
  • Single player: Play against 1 or 2 computer players
  • Single player: 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)
  • 2 gameplay speeds (normal, fast)
  • Choose the number of Streaqs (sequence of five tiles in a row) needed to win
  • Choose the number of cards dealt to each player
  • 6 player/opponent colors to choose from
  • Set custom names for each player
  • 16 challenging achievements to complete
  • Keep track of wins, losses, winning percentage, and more
  • Continue your game at ANY time, no matter what the interruption
  • Optimized for one-handed vertical play on any device
  • And more!

A note regarding computer players: All player card draws from the draw deck are 100% random. Computer players use an advanced custom AI engine and can only see their own cards (the same as a human player). Computer players are not given any artificial advantage whatsoever.

Updated on 16th March 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

  • We have eliminated turn expiration. All players will now be able to make their next move completely at their leisure.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiplayer games to tell players that it was their turn even though that was not reflected on the game board. Thank you for your patience!

If you enjoy playing Streaq, please take a moment to leave a nice review or update the review you left for a previous version. It really helps a lot, and is much appreciated! Thanks for playing!

Streaq Reviews

We love playing this game. Its our favorite. We gets hard to win which makes it very challenging.

We enjoy this game. It seems well created. We like the options it offers, and we always enjoy playing.

Most fun game we have. We love having games going with several people who play their turn randomly over several days. Its also fun to try to beat our own winning streak score.

We just learned to play Sequence at a recent birthday party and was intrigued so we thought Id find it online. Bravo! This plays like the real game, and Im so happy we can 1) play against a computer; and 2) pay so we can play without adds. Its a great value and so much fun.

This game is addicting and so fun. We love the medium setting for this game on the fast speed. Its relaxing and great to try to beat our record of wins. We also enjoy playing other people.

We love it. The only thing we wish they did was highlight the last plated piece. When the. Pard gets full we cant always figure out where the computer went.

Game is great however there are a couple interface issues. When we click the back arrow in the game it takes us back to the main menu. It should take us back to the multiple game selection screen. It should be updated to use all of our screen, iPhone 8 here. Otherwise we love the game and the icons and size. The menus should be redesigned but are functional. Would be nice if it didnt rely on Game Center. We play multi-player with our friends all the time now.

When opponent wins the screen is too dark to see what move he did to win. Please fix.

UPDATE: we no longer play this game as it has recently become impossible to win against the computer. This isn’t sour grapes and exaggeration – the computer simply always has an unfair amount of reverse and wild cards, and frequently seems to know what cards the player is holding and needs to win. Does that seem fair? The player can’t see the cards the computer opponent holds, but it seems to know and block the moves the player needs to win at just the right time. It used to happen every few games – it now has happened almost 20 games in a row. Don’t buy it – you Will end up frustrated. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Other reviewers of this app aren’t exaggerating when they claim the AI is heavily favored in player vs. Computer games. I’d estimate that at least 75% of the time or better, the computer has a decided advantage on the hard level. It seems to always be able to reverse the player’s cards and block most moves necessary for the player to win by utilizing an unfair amount of both reverse and wild cards. (In at least ten to fifteen of our matches, it has reversed 3-4 of our moves; comparatively, we have gotten 3 reverse cards on only One occasion.) More often than not, it also manages to replace its previously removed cards and seemingly always has the cards it needs to win, while the player is dealt mostly irrelevant cards. While we may not be an expert player, we enjoy a challenge and don’t mind losing a hard fought game every now and then. But it simply doesn’t seem to play fair sometimes. Yes – it is possible to win. But too often those wins are as much a result of luck as strategy. And, as if delivering on the promise of the app’s name, wins and losses tend to occur in streaks – for instance, you may win three in a row, then lose five in a row. It doesn’t seem likely for such results to be simply random, so it must be by design. To the developer’s credit, it seems to be far easier to win at the easy and medium skill levels. So if you enjoy Sequence, you’ll enjoy this app. If this app were free, perhaps we wouldn’t grumble. But when choosing to actually pay for an app when there are free (although ad-driven) options, I’d prefer fair, yet still challenging play.

Multiplayer does not work, we WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

The app is a nightmare at this point, games dont load, you cant forfeit or remove a game that has stopped responding, when you run out of cards and the deck reshuffles all bets are off. Shame on the developers that took money for this worthless piece of garbage.

Great updates… **** Finally, multiplier lands. Allows random multiplayer or play against friends. Multiple games can be ongoing at once and allows you to either burn through a game very quickly or play a game at your leisure over a week. So addicting!! Thanks for the HUGE update Streaq!! **** Great updates. Better stats and finally added achievements. Can’t wait to beat them all. *** Many classic board games have been adapted for a e-platform. Except for our favorite board game-Sequence. Now finally it’s available for our IPhone. This game has been made really well and on the harder modes the computer players are really intelligent and difficult to beat which is great. Also love the win/lose record tracking.

We play this nonstop against the computer. We’re embarrassed how much we play this (2500+ games so far). We feel like it helps with brain health as we win half the time!

Streaq was great until we installed IOS 10.2.1 on our iPhone, which removed Game Center. GC was our conduit to starting multiplayer games- now we can’t invite our friends so can’t play. What a big disappointment. Developers need to devise an interface that works with the internal code that replaces the Game Center functions.

Just like the board game. Super fun.

This works great single and multiple player game. We can play it for hours.

We love to play this game to pass the time.

We love it. We’re in Florida, and we play most nights with our sister in California.

This game is so fun! Have never had a problem with it!

We love this game so much fun to play!

Always liked playing the board game, but hated our husband saying "hurry up"! The computer player lets us take as long as we want and it hasn’t beaten us yet. Haha.

We love the board game sequence and this is very close. The one one thing we would like to change is you have to repurchase it when you upgrade your phone.

Its like play on the board game! Love, love it.

Great game!! Just like Sequence board game!.. It does seem a little hard at medium level though.. We’re a pretty good player and we’re only winnning about 1 in 4 games. We might try easy and see how often we win. We like a challenge; but the computer seems a little too lucky even on medium!

Sequence finally. We’re loving this.

After an update, multiplayer worked for about 1 week. Now it’s back to not recognizing turns. Our opponent has to exit the game and re-enter to see our move. What a tease! We really hoped the update would have permanently fixed the issue. :-(

A friend referred us to buy the game so we could play together. We played for about an hour with a few glitches. If we both initiate a game with one another the app only recognized one of the games. Now we a few hours later we are trying to play together through the Game Center and when we click to Play Your Turn we are taken to the home page of the game. Like it wants us to start another game from scratch. We have a game in progress that we can see in the Game Center but not in the app.

9/29/16 With the recent iOS update on iPhone, and the removal of the "Game Center" app, multiplayer no longer works. So very sad. We sent the makers an email, but haven’t heard back. We hope the can fix it, because our friends and we REALLY miss playing. Please fix . Until then we will have to update our starts from to . Once fixed we will put stars back we’ve been looking for a game similar to "Sequence" that we can play with friends while we’re out of town. We tried another app, that was not so good, and was weary of this one with some of the reviews. We for sure am no genius when it comes to our iPhone, but our friend and we were able to download it and play together with ease. 1) Love how you can touch a card in your deck, and see where you can play it! 2) Love how you can see what your opponents last play was on the board, and above at top of game. 3) Easy to see the card number and suite. 4) Love that we can pick our color chips 5) Great idea to be able to play one Streaq or two Streaq games (nice when you may not have a lot of time, but want to play)! In all a total $1.99 worth of our husbands hard earned money! LOL.

Love this game but multiplayer is not working again. We start a game, our wife can see our move, when she makes a move doesn’t come across. We have to leave game and come back in to see her move. So annoying. When it’s working great game, when it’s not we hate it.

Very strategic, entertaining and addicting. We love the original board game, Sequence and was happy to see an app we could carry with us.

This is a wonderful game just need a refresh button. Thanks for your game and your help!!!

We’ve been looking for a long time for an iPad or iPhone game that closely matches the sequence board game. We’re sure that our family and friends will spend a lot of time on this one.

We would like to talk to the other player.

Please please fix multiplayer it does not work like it should. The work around is a pain and for that reason we will not play anymore. So at this point we feel we wasted $4.00 because multiplayer was the reason we got it.

Please update game to be iOS 9.1 friendly. It’s so darn slow with no refresh button for multiplayer!!! PLEASE!!!!

The notification bubble is up and there is no way to determine why our how to get it off. Please fix this problem. And yes, it is a big deal for us.

Just like the sequence game we remember playing growing up.

Yes we are pleased with single game option. The computer puts up a good fight.

This Sequence-like game is fast and challenging played against the computer, but full of glitches in multi-player mode.

Hard to multi… Play against another iPad or computer. Hopefully they will figure it out.

We have to exit app to see if it is our turn in multiplayer. Would be nice if this feature worked!

Excellent game. Totally recommend this.

It definitely takes a while to get good enough to win. But it is possible. Have fun!!

We love this game and we love being able to play against our friends and family, downside the new update has a lot of bugs to work out ! We never know if it is our turn or not we have to constantly close the app to know !

Very disappointed that we paid for this game, something we rarely do. Conned our husband into buying it so we could play online as well. The only game that has major bugs in it and of course we bought it! We have to go out of the app and come back in to hopefully play again! Ugh!

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