Stretch Guy

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 06:20 pm

Stretch Guy

Stretch Guy

Stretch Guy is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Yso Corp, Stretch Guy is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th October 2020 with the latest update 21st November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stretch Guy ?

7,829 people have rated 0.7.2

What is the price of the Stretch Guy ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stretch Guy released ?

Stretch Guy was released on 19th October 2020.

When was the Stretch Guy updated ?

The latest updated date of Stretch Guy on 21st November 2022.

Where can Stretch Guy be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stretch Guy from Apple Official App Store.



Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.
Do not stretch him too much, or he will tear apart!

Updated on 21st November 2022

Bug fixes

Stretch Guy Review

This game is really fun, but it has a lot of ads. We Play mostly every day, but we just do it like one round because it has way too many ads. So we normally just play our other games. But other than that its a super fun game. You never know maybe one day there will be an update that does not have many ads but right now and it has just way too many ads. There is pros and cons to every game. The bright side is that it is super fun we are like we said we play every day ,well mostly every day. Its a super fun game, we love playing it. We love getting the skin that does not cause you can just stretch all over the course, Its super fun. If you think it Looks fun, You should definitely get it. Super Duper fun. Here is a few suggestions. Maybe bring an update that does not have as many ads that it does right now. Way too many ads is our only complaint. Other than that its a super fun game just take away some of the ads because its way too many.

In our upinin its pretty boring to us because all it is stretching a person and we think thare are to many adds.

The game is pretty good but THE ADS you randomly get them in the MIDDLE OF A LEVEL and that is so annoying when you just wanna play and you get interrupted by an ad you really dont need that many.

We were playing with our little brother and ads popped up every time we moved stretch guy and our bro started crying, Also the quality is really bad, So many glitches. Also when stretch guy dies/pops it scares our bro and other kids we know who have this bad game. Also not much fun. Its like a stress ball, You think its fun until it pops. This doesnt deserve to have 3.9 stars. Thats not all though. Much more,But Im not going to bore you.

Hands down this is one of the worst games in App Store, ads everywhere making you wait 15 or more seconds after every single level, just disgusting. The level making is lazy to the point where it gets boring at level 6. Every upgrade is pay to win when theyre not even worth paying. This and many more examples make the game not worth playing. Definitely a 1 star game.

We love this game so much that we never wanna stop playing it is like wow the way how do you make this game is like unbelievable its so cool like Im not even gonna lie Toya we die we were like wow we just never want to stop playing it you should make a chapter 2.

Hiii we love the game but rate it 4 star. Why. Because too many adds . Adds when we start adds when we play adds when we we are done PLAYING TO MANY ADDS PLEASE FIX IT PLEASE FIX THIS.

Its good but 1. It has WAYYYYY to many adds like all the time FIX THIS OR we WILL RATE IT ONE!!!!! And 2 well its boring we got bored on the 2nd level!!! So please fix these two.

Every time we get to a point where we are almost to getting the guy where he needs to be, it goes to an add for a different game, and it does it every single one too! Which is so aggravating that we just deleted the app all together! When you can fix it to where you dont get an add every single time you try and get the guy to the end, then let us know, we may come back! Thanks, disappointed!

Its fine if you get an ad after the level ends but im getting ads in between our levels and it is becoming unplayable at this rate.

We played this game for a total of 1 minute and 4 ads popped up. We couldnt even finish a level.

This game is packed with ads left and right. You cant go a MINUTE without an ad, we COUNTED. Id actually play this game if it wasnt as infested with ads as it is now. Do better.

There are way too many ads we even get ads in the middle of the game and im not gonna spend $3 on some crappy mobile game.

It gives you 5-10 commercials every time you even move so you have to pay the 2.99! Deleting!!

Hi thanks for the game the best game ever.

This app is AMAZING! Download if you want but this app will have you on your phone for as long as it is alive we swear its a total download there is lot of ripoffs but this one is the real one btw but download its amazing.

It is a great game in all, but there is many ads. Example: after every time you win there is a ad. Shortly after you get the game and play one round there is a game. You can buy the game and a thing will pop up for taking ads away, but we dont really wanna spend the money. So after all its a great game, but there are many ads!!!!!!

We love this game it is so fun. There are great and funny skins. We have wanted this game for so long and we finally got it we are so happy. But the problem is there are so many adds there are adds after almost every level and there are some adds in the middle of a level. Now we just started this game but so far they are so easy but they might get harder, we mean we smart so there easy to us but might not be easy to you. We would get this game just to try it out and if you dont like it you dont like it and thats fine but if you do keep it.

This game is so fun we even got a character from one of our first animes but there will be a random ad out of nowhere and its really annoying so thats why we give it a 4-star review.

The game is good and all but the weapon hands dont work please fix this.

To start off, we just wanna say this game is life saving! Its really good but dude, its FILLED with ADS.. We hate it. Please, put less ADS.

We discovered this game from an ad (like most of the games on our phone), and we were like, why not, because we were bored. The game is actually really fun and good to play when youre bored or just want to pass time. We this concept we unique and funny and we dont think we’ve ever seen a game like this before, so it was cool to see a new type of game we’ve never seen before. This game would definitely get 5 stars from us if it werent for the excessive amount of ads. We know youve probably heard hundreds of other reviews talking about this issue, but it isnt an overreaction. Every few SECONDS there is an ad! An ad before you play a level, an ad WHILE youre playing a level, an ad after you finish the level. Even when you watch a bad to earn something, after the ad is finally done, the game will literally throw A SECOND ad in RIGHT after we just finished the ad for earning a prize!!! We get that this is how you make most of your money, but we dont think you need to put this many ads in your game. Its insane! Honestly youll still be fine if you just out and ad after you play a level or just to earn something. But this issue is taking away from the fun of the game. PLEASE we BEG THE DEVELOPERS, PLEASE get this fixed! It is so unnecessary!!! But beside from that, this game is good.

This is a good app. We love playing it. But when your in the middle of 1 round, there is like 4-5 ads. We would like this fixed please. We cant play and have ads at the same time. In the middle of one round.

Its a great game but one thing. THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADS!!! Its so annoying and we hope this gets fixed. We would have gave this 5 star but because there are so many ads, No. It just makes us so mad for no reason.

This game would be so much more fun if there were less ads please remove them.

This game is good in all but it has way to much adds. Each move we do there is an add. It just popes up in the middle of the game! So we have a cool idea: turn off your internet and then you cant get adds! (BIG BRAIN)

So Im playing stretch guy on a normal basis and while Im in the middle of the game almost finished, we get an ad. Like, every single 10 seconds an ad plays. Can you not place that much ads? Place them at the end of the finish please? That would be great!

The game is fun to play, but theres too many ads. Like every level u finish it gives u an ad and its very annoying.. Even when ur in the middle of a level it gives u an ad… And when u dont have WiFi it says U need internet connection to play or something like that as if u need wifi to play it. Like its not an online game.. And we know mobile games do that so they can get money from the ads but its just so irritating.

It is a great and enjoyable game but it has to many ads like we had an ad then after like 30 seconds we had another than it kept going so can you make it have less ads.

Okay game but way to many ads theres an ad every second and you cant play without internet connection so you cant turn that off for no ads.

Its okay. Its definitely not our favorite game and there are way to many ads. The app doesnt offer enough features to keep us entertained.

Ads. Everywhere. Even in the middle of the game. BUT dont just think, Oh, turn off Wi-Fi. Well, no. The creators made it so you have to have Wi-Fi while you play. We feel like every minute, a big 30 second ad pops up on our screen. It does not matter if Im in a level or not. And it costs real MONEY to get rid of ads. All though we like the game concept, its not worth the money to get rid of the millions of long ads that pop up constantly. So, we just stopped playing. Id be happy if you at least just showed them before and after levels. Its kind of selfish what the creators are doing. So PLEASE consider at LEAST making sure ads dont pop up DURING the levels. This would make more people like this game, and more people would play. You would have happy players, which would probably give you more money in the end. (Because more players are playing and watching your DECREASED amount of ads!) Am we speaking your language now? Anyways, thank you for reading!

Fun game but way to many adds we probably would have given it a better rating but again way too many ads we mean you dont even get 1 single round without an ad in the middle of it then there is one before you start the next one so please fix this because an ad in the middle of a game is soooo annoying this game stinks with so many ads so please fix it.

Didnt even let us play the game.

If we wanted to watch adds we would have went to the Shark vacuum 24 hours section on tv.

This game has an add like every 5-10 seconds! Its ridiculous and the no adds purchase does not remove all adds!

It’s not letting us click any buttons fix it please we’ve played it before on our other phone and we just got th game and we won’t let our click anything and sometimes when we try and play again it have a white screen.

Ok but to be honest we love this game and its really nice but sick of these adds . No we understand to put an add right after you win or lose the level but no while youre playing theres an add . Its a 30 second long add and the same add every time maybe we wouldnt mind if it was 15 seconds or if it was 30 seconds and gave you an x in the middle of the add but no never so lets see if we delete this game.

After down loading the app, the game does absolutely nothing. It seems it cant be played.

Ok this game was great for the first few levels, but now we cant even finish a level without getting a butt load of adds! After every time we move his arm or leg and its so annoying we wish we never downloaded it in the first place! Even having an add after every level is incredibly annoying. Plus the game wont even work without Wi-Fi so if the only way we can play it is just watching adds the whole time there is no point in keeping it.

Add after every move! Will delete.

There is an add every 20 seconds no joke.

1 star because it wasnt even letting us play it was just a waste of space.

We think this game would be really fun that why we downloaded it. But it ended up being a ad fest. After you finish a level, Ad! Even if your in the middle of the level, Ad! These ads can last 30 seconds, to 2 minutes! Maybe ads every 3 or 4 levels.

Ok so we have to pay 3 bucks for no adds but you get adds every time in the middle of doing a challenge or after every single one WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY.

Yeah $2.99 for no ads but they shouldnt have so many ads we understand an ad after every round.

Jesus Christ we’ve never seen a game that has so many ads! Every time we move the little guy there has to be an ad. Its every second there is an ad. Do better .

Ok so we had the game before and we it was just it was ok but we DELETED it and DOWNLOADED BACK and it just was so sad we were really upset SO we DELETED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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