Stretch Guy

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:02 pm

Stretch Guy


Stretch Guy is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Yso Corp, Stretch Guy is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th October 2020 with the latest update 13th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7,081 people have rated 0.5.11

You can download the game Stretch Guy from APP STORE.


Avoid the obstacles and complete the levels by extending the character arms and legs.
Do not stretch him too much, or he will tear appart!

Updated on 13th April 2022

Bug fixes

Stretch Guy Review

This game is so good even though when we try to play it it just has too much ads we try a lot to play it but it just has too much ads we just download it and it just has too much ads and its just not a great review but we really love the game Ill give you like a 10 out of 10 its just the ads we really dont like the ads.

Hello right now we want to download stretch guy so can you write a review for us please and we want is to have a good reason and a bad reason.

This game has to much ads but we saw one of the reviews and it helps also great game.

The game is really fun dont get us wrong but we have a con about this game. Usually when you are playing a level you get a ad in the middle of the game. Usually there is 2-3 ads in one level. Who ever created this, please make less ads.

There is an UNBELIEVABLE Amount of Ads Please fix This.

Every time we are trying to play the game there are adds but the rest of the game is good its just to many adds though.

So one day we were on our phone, and we were playing a different game but till we got an add and it was a game call stretch guy. We downloaded the game and it seemed pretty fun ;). But there was one problem there were so many adds. We actually got on this game today and there was sooo many adds. We clicked on the game and we played it a bit till u got this one add. But its just one add until we just clicked that little X and then we were like 10 seconds into the game when we got another add. The same thing happened to us with that add after 10 seconds. This is just one problem so Im not tripping over it to much. Expect for that this game is really fun! :D.

It sooo buggy not joking :( we were just about to place his foot and exited out of the game and lots of adds please fix.

The game is really great so far. It gets our brain thinking. But it seems that every 5 seconds there is an ad. It makes us not wanna play the game because of the extreme amount of ads you get. Other than that its a good game.

Very nice concept, very fun and all, but there is LITERALLY ads every 10 seconds and our iphone actually started heating up and glitching, not fun. We know there is a no ads feature, but still. Please fix this!!

The game is pretty good but the game is more ads than it is game.

We would rate this a 5, but there are so many ads. As we even move our finger up the screen a 40 second ad pops up or what not! We cant take it! We love this game but there is no way we can even play at all. IT IS UNPLAYABLE!! So many people have been complaining about this issue and we can see why, so fix this and then we will give a 5 star review.

We love this game but there is an add every two seconds. It gets really annoying and thats why we put three stars for it. Pls if anyone else has to many adds or any other problem then submit it in the review section. Oh and thank you for reading this terrible text.

This game is fun but the adds are super frustrating like u dont need an add every 5 seconds so we would like if you have least adds on this game overall its Id give it a 4/10 in conclusion add less adds then itll be a lot better great game though.

There are way too many ads in this game. During the level Im playing, an ad pops up. But we still like the game.

There are so many ads it makes it hard to play.

We put 2 stars because there is too much adds but we know u r going to say buy not to get adds but we are okay with adds but too much is annoying but in all it is a good game.

So we were playing the game and then we got to the next level and then ADD so we skip and didnt even get to finish the level when ADD so we got frustrated but still gave a 5 star rating but then we were almost done with the level then ADD so Im lowering the review by 3. Please try fixing the amount of adds please.

We really like the game and we think its a good concept however, there are too many adds. You can go 2 seconds without one popping up and we think that it ruins the gameplay.

The game itself is such a cool concept and we would enjoy it so much more if it werent for the ads! There is an add in between every single level, and sometimes even in the middle of one. For example, we wasnt even halfway done completing a certain level and two ads had popped up which disrupted our game and made us have to wait for the ad to end to complete the level. We had to delete the game because there was no point in playing since we were spending more time waiting for all the ads to be finished than we were actually being able to play. We even turned on airplane mode in hopes to stop the ads, but it just wouldnt let us play because you have to be connected to wifi. We understand the need for ads because they make you more money, but at least limit them to make the game more enjoyable instead of packing it with them.


There are soo many adds they play in the start of at the start of a new level in the middle of a level and at the end of the level.

The game wont even let us play is anyone else having this problem.

Theres about two ads in the middle of each level. Thats insane.

We are giving this game 1 star because it need wifi and whenever we on wifi there are so much adds.

We love the idea of the game even playing but we move one arm and then the next thing you know a ad plays we are just trying to play the game maybe play ads after you finish the level but no a ad plays in the middle of it. We are very upset when we saw this game we thought it would be fun but no we are just frustrated that we cant just now because of this game 3/4 of the time we are playing this game we are watching ads ugh if you dont change we will delete this app we hope you change this so we can play a fun game not watch ads.

This game is very fun. But, we would enjoy it so much more if it wasnt packed with ads. And we mean PACKED. We literally get ads while im in the middle of playing. Its ridiculous and unbearable. You basically have to pay the $3 to play. Dont download this game and give the creators money. They dont deserve it.

It is very hard to get into a game and play levels when it breaks for advertisements during a level and at the end of every level. We got about 10 levels in and couldnt sit through any more ads. Essentially, each level has two ads you have to watch.

When we went in it it didnt work.

Very creative game. At first we didnt mind the ads after every level. But when they started playing every thirty seconds in game,i deleted the app completely.

Basically every 10 seconds there is A FREAKING ADDDDD we would actually like this game if there werent SO MANY ADS!!! Please fix this terrible error so we can play this game in at least a lot more peace justGGGGAAAUUURRRGGHHHKMKKKJHGGG7! The whole point is basically to watch a bunch of ads. For god sake, FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We feel like playing the rip off stretch guys other than this piece of crap!

This game is very stupid because some rounds are impossible and there are way too many adds we would be in the middle of the game and it would randomly go on a add so dont bye this game.

In one stage alone we were interrupted 3 times by ads. Not worth it!

We cant even play one level without getting about three ads they pop up while im moving which causes us to die a lot more and get stuck on levels just due to ads.

We love it but we beat all of the levels but it keeps go on over and over but its kinda good its not bad but it needs new levels and not repeating itself.

Great game but theres a whole bunch of ads, the same one.

So we were playing your game then an ad appeared we didnt click it but then it gave us a ad so then we got out of that we had 15 seconds later Im back in another ad please give this Game and update and remove some of the ads because Ill be playing your game then in mid game itll throw us in an ad so please lower the ads.

Great game just to much ads like in the middle of a level we get a ad but great game.

This app is okay but 8 ads in 1 round is crazy . There are to many ads and to pay for ads is like weird! Okay app but millions of problems to fix!

We found this game a few years ago and we liked it! But it needs a little more harder levels because usually they are really easy, and we are not a big fan of easy games. We would like the creator to turn up the heat on these levels. Also the ads are annoying too, every 5 minutes an ad pops up out of nowhere when we are about to win. But overall the app is fun:)

We mean its a good game don’t get us wrong but it just makes us suffer a lot. We cant get past level 4, and it is easy but we cant due to random ads popping up in the middle of gameplay. If the advertisements were calmed down we would have given it 5 stars. Also not to mention that you cant unless you have internet so you are forced to suffer through that.

It is ok it just makes sooo mad . About the adds like seriously bro we just wanna enjoy in PEACE so can you pls try to make it a little less adds pls thx so we were in the middle of a game and a add popped out it was so annoying kinda waste of our time deleted thank you for reading.

Ok so great game really fun. But we have an issue, there are way too many ads. We hate ads and this game just makes it even worse. Like at least let us play two games then give us an ad. Because we were playing a level and we literally moved the arm and an ad popped up. Then we got up a little higher, and another ad. We got pretty annoyed. Other than that its a really fun addicting game. Please fix this issues though! Thank you for taking your time to read this!

When we got the game we were satisfied but then after a while we got bombarded with ads we know you can buy no adds at all but why make you purchase it when you can just make the gameplay a little bit easier for example Ill be in a middle of a level and an add pops up its very annoying.

So, the game is all good except for a few bugs and glitches that make it very tedious and annoying to complete. Also, there are far too many ads in the game right now. Theres like and ad every minute.

Every time we open it 3 seconds later crash fix this game.

First of all, the game is packed with ads and you have to buy a 3 dollar pass to even play at all. This game could have been so fun. But no, you get about 7 ads doing one singular level. Only way to get rid of it is to spend your money. Terrible game. But a cool concept we guess.

This game looks ok on he outside, but when you actually PLAY the game, you get so many adds! In the middle of playing, every time you die, and every time you go to the next level, you get an add!!! We just wanted to play the frickin game, but we got an add every five seconds! Ending note, THIS GAME HAS WAY TOO MANY ADDS!!!!