Stupidness 3 Walkthrough

Stupidness 3 Walkthrough

Stupidness 3 Stage 1 - Who is shorter?

Stupidness 3 Stage 1 – Who is shorter?

Stupidness 3 Stage 1 – Question: Who is shorter?
Walkthrough & Hints:

Who is shorter?

  • Tortise crawl and don’t stand upright so it is the shortest among the four.

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    4 comments on “Stupidness 3 Walkthrough
    1. 786 What the devil are you people talking about?
      This is clearly about an elephant, and has nothing to do with the numbers you all seem to be hallucinating. Neither the number 234, nor 321, appears anywhere on the entire page except in your collective imaginations and completely off-topic comments.

    2. dawn says:

      you get the (.) period and put to in between no. 2 & 3 to make it smaller amount 2.34

    3. taiasha says:

      Need help in the make the number smallest form the cheat is for 234 but my game is 321 do anyone know the answer

    4. taiasha says:

      Ok now im playing on my phone an my numbers are 321how do i get off this stage