Sunday Lawn Seasons

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Sunday Lawn Seasons


Sunday Lawn Seasons is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Donut Games, Sunday Lawn Seasons is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th November 2013 with the latest update 3rd August 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


372 people have rated 1.05

You can download the game Sunday Lawn Seasons from APP STORE.


Fans spoke! We listened.

"Sunday Lawn Seasons" is the highly anticipated sequel to fan favorite "Sunday Lawn", but with THREE new seasons!
After a flourishing summer with his lawn mower, Charlie expands his summer job into a YEAR ROUND BUSINESS.


  • AUTUMN: With the ridiculously powerful, plutonium driven LEAF DEVOURER 5000, prepare to take on a neighborhood full of fallen leaves.

  • WINTER: Grab the snow shovel and put an end to slippery pathways and snowy gardens!

  • SPRING: The soils are in desperate need of love. Bring out the fertilizer stroller and watch the grass regain its health!

Faithful to the game play of the original Sunday Lawn, this all-new sequel packs on new gardens, graphics, features and animals.


  • Game Center support
  • MFi controller support
  • ION Arcade controller support
  • Universal App (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

Enjoy another Donut Games release!

Updated on 3rd August 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.


  • 30 new levels added (10 per season), hooray!
  • Support for iPhone X’s super wide screen
  • Added 3 achievements

Thanks to all fans for your feedback and for standing by Donut Games since 2009.

Sunday Lawn Seasons Reviews

This game is the best our little girl loves play in the snow one a lot we like to see five star its really cool.

We love Sunday lawn. We havent played it for 5 YEARS! And now Im a fan again! You should definitely download this if your looking for a Classic game. We hope Sunday lawns company/maker makes more games in the future. Five star Review.

If you like the original, then youll love over a hundred more levels. They are themed differently, but mechanically, its the same lawn-up-keeping design with new challenges.

We love this game!!!! Need more updates, please?????!

This game is so addicting. We’ve beaten all of the levels a couple times now (not because the game is too easy, because we’ve played it that much.) Would really enjoy having even more new levels released or even another game like this!

We love this game! Thank you so much for the update. Wow!

So happy we discovered this sequel game to Sunday Lawn!!

Favorite game as a child. Would always play this game.

This game has good graphics and stuff.

We love playing Sunday Lawn Seasons. We guess this game doesnt have summer because nobody loves mowing their lawn in the hot summer weather.

We love this game. It gets updated frequently and its graphics are cool and retro. We always love to Play donuts games because theyre one of the best mobile games out there. We hope one day they can release their games on pc and console too. Thanks for the games donut games.

This game is great. Its fantastic. Its fun. Its addicting. It can make you rage. Its a true classic. As of the time Im writing this, it has 180 levels (the original Sunday Lawn only has 80). There are 60 in the spring pack, 60 in autumn, 60 in winter. The levels are smaller than those in the original, but still challenging, fun, and satisfying to complete. The gameplay is simple, and if you dont like it, just go into options and change it. There are fun achievements to work towards, and power ups called lifesavers are there to help if youre struggling. The cosmetic variety makes the levels feel more fresh. In the spring pack youre seeding the ground, in autumn youre vacuuming leaves, and in winter youre plowing snow. The cats (who take the place of hedgehogs) are different colors in each pack, and the dogs are completely different breeds. -PowBasilisk, player since 2016 TL;DR: This game is a worthy successor to Sunday Lawn, fun, aesthetically pleasing, simple yet addictive and challenging, and a great way to spend your time.

The winter levels have an annoying bird sound effect that gets old really quickly. Please consider changing that sound effect completely or adding music instead. Thanks!

This game gets installed on every new phone we get, and it gets played. Both seasons and Sunday. Great games. Seasons a top 10 game of all time for us.

Deer Donut Games You guys should put donut Game #9 ICY ESCORT for free. We have been trying to get that game but it costs 99 cents. Please put this game free for at least a week and it will probably have a lot more downloads than it already has thank u.

We love this game our kiddos love this game. We’re sad there hasn’t been an update in forever. Wish they would add more levels. We would even purchase more levels. Just a thought donut games.

It’s a very fun and entertaining game to pass time and every other time.

This game is so fun if you have nothing to do on your phone download this game with parents permition and play once you start you cant stop just ask us Ill say never stop play Sunday lawn seasons and the original we like ve both cause we have bothI love this game:)

This is the BEST GAME EVER!!! There should be way much more games like this one. We this one (seasons)and the original Sunday lawn. If there was a choice we had to make between this game and any other game it would be this one . We wont even choose musically,snapchat,instagram, Facebook, or twitter. If we wasn’t allowed to have this game we wouldn’t even want to have a phone any more. Thats how much we this game.

We love this game and we’re so glad you added levels because this and the original have been collecting dust on our phone and we were ready to delete them but you came out with moreSo please add more levels so we don’t fret bored because this is a really awesome app that was our first app download on all of our phones and laptops.

We don’t think the newest update adding 30 new levels is working. We don’t see any new levels added after we updated???

Needs more levels but a great game.

Has been our favorite game for years.

This game is so fun we’ve been playing this game for yearsss so glad they made new levels if ya thinking of getting it get it its lit af.

Who knew cleaning your yard would be so much fun!! This is an addictive little time waster. We’re really enjoying going back and trying to find the path to 3 stars. Good job Donut games!!

Hello fellow lawnees! We can assure you this is no waste of money. There are tons of magnificent levels of great gameplay. We highly recommend getting it. We also highly recommend following our Instagram @sunday. Lawn . @sunday. Lawn offers amazing pictures, reviews, commentaries, and funny captions.

Fun game! Good way to wile away a few minutes while you wait.

This game is amazing to play and we love it. There is one thing that we don’t like. You should add trainer mode for each season!! We are not a beginner tho.

We were happy to find more mazes with this new update! Fun game!

This game is so cool we love it. It is soooo addicting and we love it.

This game is very good and addicting but level 27 in the snow pack is very rigged.

We love this app but there was an update a couple of weeks ago that said there were 30 new levels and we dont see them. Super bummed because we would love new levels.

We absolutely love this game and we think you could keep thinking about more modes to add in future updates or new games. We tell all our friends about your original, Sunday Lawn, and now they were super excited to hear about Sunday Lawn Seasons. Whenever we get a new device, we make sure to download these games no matter the cost because we love them and we love replaying the levels. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! Also we enjoyed the mini game in Sunday Lawn. Please add one in Sunday Lawn Seasons as well!

This is the best game ever!! Just like the original Sunday Lawn, this Sunday Lawn Seasons is fun and addictive. When our friend recommended this game, we decided to get it. We’re glad we did. Five star rating!!

We hope you continue to create games like this!! Absolutely fun to play!!!

We pretty muck love all the seasons but mostly winter. This game is so adicting.

So fun. So addicting. Loved the original… The seasons version is so much better! :-)

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