Super City: Special Edition

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Super City: Special Edition


Super City: Special Edition is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MDickie Limited, Super City: Special Edition is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 1st June 2016 with the latest update 29th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


242 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Super City: Special Edition from APP STORE.


Take your heroics to a new level once you have the keys to the city! The editor allows you to save your changes to all 150 characters and make the world your own. This includes starting with a character of your choice and never ending until you choose to. You can also enjoy setting up your own "Fight Scenes" to blow off steam with no pressure!

Create your own superhero and cross paths with up to 150 other heroes & villains in the ultimate shared universe. Decide where your loyalties lie and fight for control of every corner of the city as your own unique story plays out. Inheriting an above-average combat system from the Wrestling Revolution series, this game supercharges the action with new powers, technology, costumes and locations!

Look out for in-game hints, but the basic controls are as follows:
A = Attack (on its own to aim low, with a direction to aim high)
B = Block
A+B = Grapple
R = Run (double tap to jump or fly)
A+R = Big Attack
P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)
R+P = Set fire
T = Taunt, use prop, release hold
S = Special power

  • Tap the portrait to transform (once activated).
  • Touch the clock (or bottom of the screen) to pause the game.
  • Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.
  • Pinch the middle of the display to zoom in or out.

Super City depicts a fictitious universe. Any similarities to real characters past or present is purely coincidental.

Updated on 29th May 2020

Higher resolution display, making full use of notched screens in either landscape orientation.

Super City: Special Edition Reviews

All you need to do is add a mute button for sound because some sounds like fire are super loud.

Its a great game love it needs new upgrades please upgrade soon.

This game makes our childhood perfect cause it has super villain and superheroes and neutral and we like that but it would be cool if they made it 3D.

Can you add more powers? Maybe clothes, weapons, and maps too.

Dear, mat dickie. Can you make it to where the superheroes can have two superpowers. Like miles morelas he have ability to turn invisible and shoot webs. And Thor he attract and have lighting ! So please just think about it.

Could you guys add the same effect of the wrecked and extra lives where you can lose body parts and can you also make a new ability that regenerates those body parts?

However there was a very rare glitch where a female character( Wonder Woman) let out a male scream when we did a move on her.

We love You Guys and Every Single game you make n idek if you ppl still exist SOOO Much in Fact we would Love If we could Cloud Save our characters and Upload/Download our Custom Characters and play with Any Cloud Saved Characters Across any MDickie Rpg Platform without having to Completely replicate previously Designed Presets P.S: we’ve been playing for years and More story lines and RP situations/Events woud b Amazing.

You should really make our superhero have more than one superpower like for example Thor only has the ability to attract his hammer but cant use lightning power at the same time and Iron man can only use repulsor but not shoot rockets that would be cool too and also use his chest repulsor but to make it more realistic to waste more energy, also give iron man more energy.

Could you please add a system so we can see who are our friends in the game and also add something so we can manually friend someone with a click of a button.

This is our favorite game ever but we have a few suggestions that we think you guys should add like: -More hairstyles for men/woman -More heads for men/woman -More outfits -Let us have more than 1 ability like maybe up to 3-4 abilities -Add more powers -Add more transforms for superheroes -Add more places -Instead of having a duo we think we should be able to have more than 1 person on our team in the story mode like we should be able to have a group of 4-5 people.

We wonder if theyll make another game with more super abilities.

10/10 would kill everyone again.

This game is great,Ill give a 11/10. Great gameplay and amazing graphics!! And it will be great if yall add the Pinocchio nose.

Would it be possible to make a freeze time power? We just think that would be amazing.

We’ve played this game since we were 8 and it was the best experience because we could use our imagination and create new superheros from our mind and play with them. And ever since we bought the special edition we’ve made a whole new world of heros and villains this game is great and we recommend it if your Creative and bored. The few bugs is actually just one bug that we know of and its slow motion. Slow motion speeds everything up instead of slowing them down and the slow motion only works on androids and IPhones speed the time up rather the slowing time. If you guys cant find a way to fix it, its fine. The game is fantastic either way.

Hello. We’ve played this game years ago and oh boy was it fun. We’ve come to revisit because of nostalgia and since Im old enough to write a review we will. If you havent played this game PLAY IT. We’ve payed for this edition and have no regrets. It is fun and we had good times playing it. If you think this is some low life mobile game, give it a try. Please. For me.

Its been years, we have been playing this game since 2019. But some new key features we would like to see if an update is still possible Is new superpowers. Superpowers like -Forcefield -Telekinesis -Teleportation -Sonic shout -pink laser -water blast -etc That would be cool to see. As well as new costume pieces which would be cool. But like always this game is pretty good. Id say 5 stars.

You should add battle damage and different versions of emblems for the same hero/ villain.

This game is perfect. But a recommendation for a game that would be great is a Wild West game. We believe that would be very fun and would attract many other players.

We’ve created probably over 120 custom characters but we’ve always had the same problem. Most of the time whatever prop we give them wont show up in a real game. For our Star Wars characters this is a problem especially.

The game is fun and all but it broken theres nothing to keep it interesting can we get a refund we prefer the regular edition.

So we like this game very much but theres glitches and bugs we keep getting hit because the bug we love this game (love you mat)

Really fun game, we play it every day theres a lot of characters to choose and if you want you can make your own. But theres needs to be one update its were you can hold two items at the same time.

Imagine adding a time stop ability it stops any time of motion ingame and only you can move and it does not have a cool down if you have the permanent set. It would be really cool and you can throw items and they freeze midair etc and they wont feel the dmg being done till time is resumed.

We want to play this but we wish we could lol.

The game Itself is really good but its missing some stuff for example more Superheros and Villains. Also so ACCURATE Super Powers.

Too many pop ups, every time your in a fight, dialog pops up and gives the Ai the upper hand.

Everyone gangs up on you nobody helps you you cant even get up without someone else hitting you again our stats are maxed and im still getting knocked down like im at 0 for everything fix this broken game.

We dont we wish we never bought this game bruh.

This super city game with sims is awesome we love playing it and watch other people play it like Rico the giant thank you so much.

Love the game all we want is choke were he picks them up in the air that will be cool please add it.

We love this game and we love your series and have been for years. It will remain a part of our childhood forever. We had some suggestion for this game, however. We think there should be a create a character option and for a transformation there should be a PICK option which is like permanent but you can pick civilian or hero/villain. Basically like permanent but you can still choose which side. Thanks a lot if you took time to read this! We will still support, rate, and recommend your games. Again, Thanks.

We been playing this game for a while. And we love it like this is our favorite game. But we think that you need to add new anime hair and new powers and make it to where you can put a pattern on your thigh and waist instead of just waist. But other that we love this game thank you for making it:::: and can yall also do like a multi transformation but every time you transform your power goes down faster and make the max power to 500% please and make a explosion power and a blue laser and make some sort of close range power please.

We truly love this game and we play it so much it is actually unhealthy. We I really love this game but we feel like there should be something new added to it like a new power like a sonic scream or telekinesis or something of the sort. But no matter if u dont read this comment or take the advice we will still play and love this game thank u!!

We are all begging you just for one simple fix do it.

Hey MDickie! We’ve been reviewing a few of your limited edition games and for this specific one we’ve been thinking why theres no wings for a Superhuman? Add Crimes, Money system and a outfit store for super humans by the bar.

Hey Mdickie and others we were thinking there should be a story mode and you have to finish it to unlock special and the characters and please make like your able to rob stores and there is secrets and references from the past games please do this also add maybe another island and make new dimensions also please fix slow motion it just goes fast for some reason, last is Please let us talk to others because if you do a favor they say they hope that they can return the favor so then you can tell him to do a mission or take a certain place. Or Can you make another game but put more places like from extra lives and add a world or another island Please Make a storyline with chapters because it will probably make others play Thank you for giving us these games and for working hard we hop we can return the favor…

The game gets boring cause theres no story like the other games your guys have, add more powers and movements it will make the game 20X better.

Great game, but for some reason the game isn’t rerolling our dead characters anymore. We have multiple pages of deceased characters that just won’t go away so that new characters can be generated. A lot of them have been sitting there for a while.

Love the new update, but could you add multiple superhero forms for characters?

Best and most obsessed game in the App Store.

Power ideas Clone Water Grabbing the ground Tornado flight Costume ideas A shoulder stuff to attach like war machine gun, wings, etc More items on the back like a shelf shield etc More stuff in general Mis idea When you kill someone in game with the telekinesis power the name is gray we love this game it’s great.

Can you make the heroes and villains have kids born with super powers by hurting people or saving them by becoming a hero or a villain by breaking heroes or villains bones by becoming powerful stronger full love rage by having kids with super powers abilities and can you make all the heroes and villains powers not normal and not human because they are immortal gods supernatural inhuman monsters by making thier powers and abilities not normal and not human and making thier monster super strength powerful not human and their supernatural super speed powers not human and their defense supernatural self Healing factor not human and their blood not normal and not human and their injuries and wounds and flesh wounds injuries not normal and not human and their skin pale white ice cold skin and their fangs and claws not normal and not human and their red or blue or yellow or green or purple glowing eyes not normal or human and their transformation not normal and not human and their sexual kissing not normal or human by making their wifes get pregnant faster and faster and their pregnant not normal or human and their thirst for blood by infected every one Else.

Really Fun game tbh,but it needs more. Add more quirks like random where u never know what quirk u will have. Add more maps and more interactions be able to have kids and generate more characters as others die off. NEW POWERS.

This game is really good dont get us wrong, but the story mode never ends. We have all green areas, but everywhere we go its just a red outline and like 10 villians attacking us with like 1 or 2 superheroes! When we defeat all the villians, the outline is still red! We come back to the area and it is 10 villians again!! It keeps on happening, and im starting to lose interest in the game. No one will ever see this, but we just wanted to say this.

We accidentally got the game but we really dont want it didnt know it was money can you help me.

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