Super Kick – Soccer Race

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 01:35 am

Super Kick – Soccer Race

Super Kick - Soccer Race

Super Kick – Soccer Race is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by 晓东 黄, Super Kick – Soccer Race is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 11th May 2022 with the latest update 28th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Super Kick – Soccer Race ?

4,872 people have rated 1.0.2

What is the price of the Super Kick – Soccer Race ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Super Kick – Soccer Race released ?

Super Kick – Soccer Race was released on 11th May 2022.

When was the Super Kick – Soccer Race updated ?

The latest updated date of Super Kick – Soccer Race on 28th May 2022.

Where can Super Kick – Soccer Race be downloaded ?

You can download the game Super Kick – Soccer Race from Apple Official App Store.



Move your finger to dodge the gatekeeper and make a nice kick!Show off your excellent kicking skills in various beautiful pitches and gatekeepers.And, as you go further, the challenges you meet will get harder and harder. Are you ready to face them?Come on! Show us your kicking skills!

Updated on 28th May 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Super Kick – Soccer Race Review

Rating this 5 stars so the dev cant scam people of their time. Its hilarious how some of you believe this. The only real way that they can give you robux, is if you join their roblox group and they fund it to you directly. This app doesnt ask you to do any of that. You guys are just giving them money every ad. Just stop. Free robux is not a thing.

So we downloaded this and earned 20,000 Robux, but we’ve had to watch 70 adds to redeem them. It hasnt worked yet (hopefully it will) and if it does work, we give this app 5 stars!

Dude guys whats wrong with you ? We just watch em all and its not fake we just got 1000000 AND we BUYED THE DOMUINS.

Its fun calming but we dont think we get real robux and how does it go to our Roblox.

We love this game and its all fit. Awesome. We got so much roebucks for us and we really hope it works. Its our first day playing it and we already love it.

Before downloading we read all the reviews, we advice you all not to use this game for robux and make sure to read reviews before downloading games!

We played this game and we got up to 9000 robux then they deleted our feature to even get more robux. We were mad because we watched so many adds and work a lot just to get that much robux. They even changed it but did not care to give us 9000 coins we had 0. We are mad because this is not fair cause we worked so hard to get that.

It fun and real but the ads are in the way.

The best fun game we ever played.

We read most of these reviews and we personally think you guys are kind of ungrateful you guys keep saying theres too many ads and you keep getting one roebucks each round. But you guys should be lucky that you even get a chance to get Robux do you know Robux actually cost real money? You should be grateful that you can just play a game to get Roblox. Most kids moms probably wouldnt even let kids get roebucks. You guys should be grateful you even can play to get Robux because roblox cause real money. You just have to play a simple game and even if you get 10 or less roebucks, you should be lucky to even get Robux. And the videos are like 20 seconds long its really not that big of a deal.

It is really fun but can you pls take out the adds.

We are getting some Robux and Im happy this is good like the best lol!

Best game in the world we hope it gives you real robux.

Hello if you are reading this we recommend NOT to play this game if you are driven for [free robux] these adds are not real about real robux they are fake made up adds attracting players to play this game. Why did we put a 5 star you ask then? Because we want it to be seen in the top we will give this app a 1 star in our opinion. If you are a roblox player , free robux is not real bro so get back to reality. If your raging that you got no robux from these apps or sights then bro think better and go touch some grass.

It may have taken a while to download, but we love this game! It is so fun we have a great cool ROBLOX avatar so be thankful you downloaded this game! :) =)

Best soccer game in our iPhone because free robax.

So we played ball maze SO MANY ADS so we decided to play this game so good not many ads.

This is the best app we ever downloaded.

Ok let us tell you what is this game its basically you have to goal to get more money and skin and ball skin and its a good game but there is so many ads and this game is a scam we took long 5 hours doing this and we have 2000 cash to get robux right? But no it didnt gave us and it says not enough balance to redeem robux and we got shocked so basically dont download this bc its wasted of time btw if u wonder why did we gave it 4 stars its bc people can read it and the game has a good graphics we are not saying the game is good but the game is a completely scam pls if u read this thank you and beware of these scams -anasdendir-

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