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Super Stickman Golf 3+

Super Stickman Golf 3+

Experience one of the top-rated 0 games on the App Store, Super Stickman Golf 3+! Developed by the innovative team at Noodlecake Studios Inc, this Sports game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 6th August 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 20th April 2023.

Are you a fan of Sports, games? Then Super Stickman Golf 3+ is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Super Stickman Golf 3+

Over 4,657 players have rated Super Stickman Golf 3+. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Super Stickman Golf 3+ Cost?

Good news! You can download Super Stickman Golf 3+ on your iOS device absolutely free!

Super Stickman Golf 3+ Release Date

Eager to know when Super Stickman Golf 3+ first graced the App Store? It was launched on 6th August 2021.

When Was Super Stickman Golf 3+ Last Updated?

The latest version of Super Stickman Golf 3+ was updated on 20th April 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Super Stickman Golf 3+?

To get started with Super Stickman Golf 3+, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Super Stickman Golf 3+

Super Stickman Golf 3 is back and better than ever for Apple Arcade subscribers! WIth your Apple Arcade subscription, players are automatically granted access to all premium features and content previously locked behind paywalls. With no ads or in app purchases it’s the best way to play!

Super Stickman Golf 3 is a 2D golf game packed full of amazing courses, crazy power ups, fun collectable cards, wild game modes and of course, tons of multiplayer madness. Master dozens of courses and square off against friends in turn-based head to head matches or up to 8 players in real-time races to the cup!

Super Stickman Golf 3 on Arcade includes:

  • Unlocked Premium Upgrade
  • XP Doubler and Last Shot Indicator
  • No ads or in app purchases
  • Rebalanced Bux System
  • Unlimited Turn Based Matches
  • Daily Races and Rewards
  • Turn-based and real-time multiplayer modes
  • Ball Spin!
  • 35 Unique Characters
  • Over 65 Hats that Change Gameplay
  • 40 Stylish Ball Trails to look your best
  • Loads of Achievements to earn Bux

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Super Stickman Golf 3+ updated on 20th April 2023:

5 New Courses Added and more Golf Bux added to the downloadable courses.

User Reviews on Super Stickman Golf 3+

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Super Stickman Golf 3+ below:

We LOVE THIS GAME our dad and we always play it thank you :)

This game is so good we never play golf we been waiting for our we intier life to play golf.

Us and our cousin are cracked we have amazing experience.

This is an awesome game! If you like the original games youll love this one!

We are requesting controller support it would make the game a lot better.

Either this game has nobody playing because its behind apples pay wall called arcade or the match making is broken. Cant get any players to match with after several minutes.

We’ve enjoyed playing this game as we often find myself opening the app whenever we’re bored. However theres one major bug with the turn-based multiplayer mode. We would make a couple games to play with friends and noticed that after a few rounds or so, all the on-going and previous games will get erased along with all the stats. Its understandably frustrating when youre halfway through a game and now they cant be finished.

Add mode to play against the bots on all the levels on demand. Would make this significantly more complete.

We enjoy Stickman Golf. We’ve played since the very first game in the series. Stickman Golf 3 is a fun experience, but after the first two cups, the game starts to throw sticky courses and anti gravity at you. Its just feels very gimmicky. Also a lot of these courses makes us feel like its either extremely difficult or relies heavily on power ups to get a hole in one. We thought part of what makes mini golf fun is the thrill of getting a hole in one. Where in this game, the opportunity of getting that potential hole in one just seems either impossible or very unlikely. It seems to us that Stickman Golf 3 tries to go by its own rules when it comes to mini golf. While that isnt a bad thing, it should definitely be more apparent either through some form of communication or even the tutorial that the real strategy of this game isnt necessarily getting hole in ones but instead adapting multiple strategies like power ups, costumes, and (in some situations the in-app purchases for non arcade versions) to do better. Again its not necessarily a bad thing, but for those looking for a more honest mini golf experience, that may not be the case here. Im glad that the arcade version doesnt have in-app purchases because we probably wouldve uninstalled the regular, in-app purchases version immediately. Overall a great experience. Its nice seeing what the Stickman Golf games have done over the years, but we do have concerns over the identity of this series. We think the developers are losing sight of their original idea of the game and are instead moving towards gimmicks and excuses for the in-app purchases. Again, great game but be aware of the gimmicks.

SSG3 was the best of the series, but we need a SSG4! Golf Blitz is an entirely different game, from course design to controls. This crossover just doesnt work for us and isnt enough to subscribe to Apple Arcade. Create some new courses with the same SSG3 mechanics and well be happy!

It’s an enjoyable semi-take on golf but (to us, at least more fun than the frustrating What the Golf). That said, it’s 10% harder than it needs to be. It’s easy to get stuck for a very long time at a particular level. And not all the power-up features/benefits are crystal clear.

No turn notifications, and game syncing often breaks.

All of these stop working when the Apple Arcade screen pops up. Sometimes you can start it back up, other times it takes a full restart to get our music an podcasts back to playing. If you dont listen to anything while you play, its fine.

It fails to find real online players and we ended up waiting 1 and a half hours to find a single player. Very dissapointing. Great game though.

The game play is great, but after playing about 15 courses and making it well into Tour 4, we opened it on our second iOS device – and most of our Tour progress was lost. That is, we still have the first course of four Tours unlocked, but courses Id previously played are locked. We still have the bux, and all the hats, golfers, etc that Id earnedand the stats even accurately reflect the stars Id earned – but we have to start from scratch with playing the courses. Kind of frustrating, and a weird bug.

Game is alright but for one we paid for this game before it became arcade only and the developer just left guys like us out to dry. So now Im on arcade we downloaded this game. We had to start all over i. Our points and scores and everything else.. Another thing is NONE of our gamecenter friends appears. Its blank. So we email the developer and NOTHING. NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. Screw this noodle cakes. We wish we could give zero stars. You should never ever ignore your customers.

This game is so much fun from the start! Game play and game physics are really tight which makes the challenges a blast. Im two courses in and loving it so far.

Adding the spin feature was a major improvement, particularly on narrow landings and the need to stop ball. Would be nice to be able to skip locked levels without having to complete a lower level.

This game changes the rules of their physics. No matter how much we get the hang for it, the game is designed to keep moving the goal posts to prevent winning. Why would a rational person play a rigged game?

One of the levels is to hard and took 15 in stead of 5.

This is one of the better mobile games we’ve played. Super clean graphics, tons of unique levels to play and game/player changing unlockables. Im really enjoying it. Highly recommend.

Enjoy it so much very entertaining and fun rewards.

This game is AWESOME! We play it every day and it always makes us so happy! It is very calming, while it is also challenging. This game also has 2 different characters you can choose from. We would highly recommend this video game for anyone who is interested!

We like it because it is a remaster of our favorite and it fixes all the weird crashes and sounds from the original Overall great game ever Plus make a monopoly super stickman golf 3 edition and maybe a ssg4.

This game is super hard. It literally took us 102 tries to beat one course! But at the same time, it’s one of only things we use our phone for! Would recommend to players that like a challenge!

We like it but it is hard we had the non-Apple Arcade version.

We’ve been playing nonstop since we downloaded it, its also really addicting. Its really fun and we play with our friends. 5 stars recommend to people who dont play games that much.

We got several power-ups and lots of money on our iPadand once we tried this game on our Mac, we kept our course progress but lost all our power-ups and money on both devices.

Would be nice if there was an options to reverse controls to make the game more left handed friendly.

The game is fun but we are unable to play against our Game Center friends (also have Apple Arcade and this game). We can also see their scores on the holes, but they do not show up when we start a game against someone. Please fix this.

This is the exact same game with music, all the courses are the same. Disappointing.

We found the first 2 levels fun with moderate difficulty. The 3rd level, however, is impossible and makes it no fun at all to play. This is the sawblade one. We played once a dayeverydayon the first 2 levels. We played level 3 for a few dayslong enough to find out its impossible to get under par (let alone -10). Everyone enjoy the first 2 levels but expect to quit the game shortly after that.

This games iCloud data sync functionality is complete garbage. Literally only the first time that we opened the app did it show our leveled character from the original SSG3 with all of the hats/outfits/etc that we had unlocked. We then proceeded to spend TWENTY DOLLARS to open up some new card packs and got ready to dive back into stick golf for a while. That was two weeks ago. Every day since then we open the app and we see a level 4 beginner account with none of the unlocks we earned and none of the stuff that we just paid $20 for. For some reason this game struggles to sync data and we sincerely hope that you devs do something about it because as of right now it pretty much feels like you stole $20 from us.

Just says loading when trying to play friend in race mode online. Never get to play together. Any fix recommend?

Needs Golf Blitzes shooting mechanics but that still wouldnt save it from mediocrity. We signed up for Apple Arcade for this game and we immediately canceled our subscription because of this game.

Its totes golf! Are you looking for the golfiest golf!? Thats this! Its so golf!

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