Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 10:20 am

Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Supermarket Cashier Simulator

Supermarket Cashier Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lucky Hamster Games LLC, Supermarket Cashier Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th November 2017 with the latest update 20th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Education, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Supermarket Cashier Simulator ?

1,381 people have rated 2.0.6

What is the price of the Supermarket Cashier Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Supermarket Cashier Simulator released ?

Supermarket Cashier Simulator was released on 16th November 2017.

When was the Supermarket Cashier Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of Supermarket Cashier Simulator on 20th May 2023.

Where can Supermarket Cashier Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game Supermarket Cashier Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



Train to be the best Supermarket Cashier in this job simulator game! Recommended for ages 8+, requires basic math skills.

-Be fast with your calculator skills and money handling skills.
-Enter the prices or scan the barcodes of the groceries into the cash register.
-Count the number of grocery items.
-Add customer payment and give right amount of change.
-Break bills and coins.
-Tap, swipe, or insert credit card.
-Manage time as customers shopping will get impatient if you take too long.
-Earn reward coins and unlock new items and backgrounds.

Use this game for your first job training or just exercise your brain to get fast at math and with time management. Calculate the change and make that grocery money. See if you can finish all the levels of Supermarket Cashier. Both kids and adults will find this cash register game fun and challenging. This is a cozy and relaxing game and cash register simulator.

You can play in Timed Mode where you challenge your brain and time management to complete the levels. Or you can play in Untimed Mode so you can play in a leisurely manner with rhythm and flow. Choose from USD ($), British Pounds(£), or Canadian Dollars (C$) to challenge your brain even more. This is the most realistic cash register game on the market.

Updated on 20th May 2023

-Improved cash tray money visualization
-Minor bug fixes

Supermarket Cashier Simulator Review

This game is super awesome you can do everything a cashier can do coupons scan stuff ring up multiple items pay with cash and credit card but we have a question what level do you start coupons on? We are on level 30 right now please tell us what level the coupons are on.

We didnt used to be a numbers guy but we sure am now! This game helps so much with quickly adding up change and learning how to do it properly.

This game is for all ages this is the perfect app for learning we would recommend it for all ages!

OMG BEST GAME EVERRRRRRR when we were 6 we loved this game and played it for hours and the people the add mean reviews we mean we dont blame them if they dont like they dont like it but we read one review and we were flaming we mean like what they said is not o.k.

This game is awesome! It’s just the perfect game, and is exactly what we wanted when looking for a cashier game! Did we mention it is an awesome game? We didn’t play it for a while and then when we went to go back into the game, it just loaded, and loaded, and loaded. We deleted a bunch of apps to try and get it to work. But it didn’t… But other than that, THIS IS SUPER FUN!!!!

This game was fun at first but then it locked us out we thought maybe the internet was bad then like a week later it still did not work and here we are sitting here for a month waiting. Pls fix this.

When we type the right answer it doesnt work and we hate it it bothers me.

It doesnt work at all it doesnt even let us play the game. The creature Corp screen is there and stays there. Very Disappointing.

We write the right answer and it says it was wrong so we tried using the calculator and type in the answer and it STILL was wrong! We hate this game.

The game is kinda hard for little kids and kids because some kids dont know math.

We’ve been searching for a game like this for a while, and Im so glad we stumbled across this one. Plus the new updates make the game even better!

Its fun and very entertaining! Has very little ads! Good game.

We love love love this game, and we love all the new things you have added. Unfortunately, you did take away our favorite thing about the game. You guys took the button away that u pressed when u needed the scanner. Now the scanner just pops up automatically. We thought that one little thing, made ur game incredibly unique. Please put the button back! Thank u for a great game.

It was really fun and it teaches money management and math so we would play it again. It is also great for kids!

Highly disappointed, this game was fun & very helpful when teaching how to count change, etc. Updated the app, and have to restart from the beginning due to so many updates. Seriously?!

We dont know what makes this game so addicting but all we got to say is that we would give this game more than five stars if we could. This may seem like a little kid game but Im a older teen and it still is addicting. This game helps with a lot of different aspects of math.

Im definitely over 4 years old and in high school and im typing in the right amount and it keeps saying im wrong.

We redone loaded the game because it couldnt even start to the main menu and so we deleted it after waiting 15minutes.

Its a good game. It just needs more items to ring up instead of just 2 or 3.

We really wanted something to quickly go through math. Random numbers and change like in a cashier position. Not 2+3 like other apps. We were hoping this was it. But its literally typing in the cost of bananas and entering the change they give, so the register can tell you the total change to give the customer.

We are an adult and this game is for sure addicting! It gives us something to do if we happen to be bored or need to pass time. It definitely will stimulate your brain and keep it occupied during tithe duration of you playing the game.

Im training to become a cashier and we need to calculate faster this helps thank you for this app.

Great game just needs like 1000+ more levels.

Love this game. Im on level 56 now. But please make the levels have more time. It is nearly impossible to get 3 stars unless you make no mistakes and go lightening fast. Also, make the buttons on the tablet larger! Our fingers are too big to be pressing these small buttons.

Why the game always be loading??? We cant even open it.

We dont like the idea of this game because ,my answers are correct but the game itself isnt correct it just keeps saying thats incorrect and Im not sure that is going to help our kids.

We enjoyed the game up until the card reader required swipe. We dont think energy should be used and there shouldnt be lives like a survival game. This game should be relaxing and should not be more stressful. May change our review if the game is not as stressful as it is right now but there are steps needed to improve gameplay and make this more enjoyable for all the users.


This game is so fun we cant stop playing it its so real and Im addicted to it now.

This app is great for young adults who worry about their ability to count money. This app is incredibly realistic but a feature we believe that can take this app to the next step is having a customer give you extra change after youve punched in the amount theyve previously given you. For example: lets say a customers total comes up to something that’s $2.75, and pays with a $5 bill. Once youve punched in the change the customer has already given the register tells you their change is $2.25. All of a sudden they they go, "ah ha! Found another quarter! Thatll help! Here ya go." this feature might help others and it would be a great addition to the game for new levels! But with that we enjoy this game very much!

We like this game but we wish they gave you more time.

Game was fun, the set up of it is like a grocery store. You count change, you do card transactions (debit, credit, as well as tapped credit cards) they have coupons, a scanner ,and a barcode that you have to type out. Time is decent for the amount of people and items. Good for killing time, hate that when you make a mistake they take a lightning bolt. Probably going to delete this game because on level 96 it wanted us to upgrade to a level 4 card reader. Why? We get the games objective is to be more and more challenging. But how about introducing clothes items, refunds, discounted prices etc. We just feel like if people that may not have enough coins to keep upgrading why should they have to. Overall it’s cool, but as aforementioned we’ll be deleting. Paying for a game that DONT give you money back. Whew Chile the ghetto.

We absolutely enjoy playing this game, all the levels, and how ads arent super annoying. Although it keeps bugging us about not syncing with our iCloud, which causes the game to freeze and making us have to restart the game when it pops up. Kinda annoying but love the game anyways! <3.

Why do we enter the correct payment amount and the game always displays the wrong payment amount? We have entered all the figures we can calculate, but they are always wrong.

No stars because the game doesnt like to load but it works for our friends we deleted it and reinstalled it and it still doesnt work fix it!

We love the game but we have to ask what do you do with the coins in the game? We love that there is almost like no ads at all. We think that it is cool that it gives you a math challenge with the money and stuff. We would recommend this game to everyone!

Stimulated your brain and helps practice money count.

This is perfect for our anxiety.

We came from TikTok and ngl . Game is ight.

This is a great game except for the ADDS! Way to much but other then that its good.

We played it last night and then this morning when we opened the app it doesnt load :( its a really fun game but this must be a bug or something.

Suddenly we cant play this game anymore. Nothing has changed in our settings but now its saying that theres an error with iCloud or something. We can only play one game at a time before we get this error message and have to close it out. Umm, okay. Weird.

It says that the correct total is wrong that app is wrong.

The game doesnt work. It opens to a loading page but never loads. We have uninstalled and redownloaded but nothing has helped.

When we click on the app it dose not load and is there a fix for this or a new update coming out soon for the app. We’ve already tried to reinstall the app and it is still not loading. Please help us fix it.

All we have to say is this is the most fun game we’ve ever played. Not a lot of adds too.

We worked in retail as a jack of all traits. We are very impressed with the games realistic quality. We thought to myself the team that made this game must have retail experience. We havent completed the game but we are very much addicted. Also us and our husband plan to use this game as a way to teach our children money skills. Great work guys you did very good.

We have played and completed every level and have collected every item from each category. We want more categories and more levels. Like school supplies, and since the holidays are coming up, have Halloween decorations to collect, Thanksgiving decorations, and Christmas decorations.

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