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Supermarket Simulator Game 3D

Supermarket Simulator Game 3D

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Supermarket Simulator Game 3D! Developed by the innovative team at Emir Tarek, this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 7th March 2022, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 7th April 2024.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Family, or Entertainment games? Then Supermarket Simulator Game 3D is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Supermarket Simulator Game 3D

Over 2,130 players have rated Supermarket Simulator Game 3D. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Supermarket Simulator Game 3D Cost?

Good news! You can download Supermarket Simulator Game 3D on your iOS device absolutely free!

Supermarket Simulator Game 3D Release Date

Eager to know when Supermarket Simulator Game 3D first graced the App Store? It was launched on 7th March 2022.

When Was Supermarket Simulator Game 3D Last Updated?

The latest version of Supermarket Simulator Game 3D was updated on 7th April 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Supermarket Simulator Game 3D?

To get started with Supermarket Simulator Game 3D, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Supermarket Simulator Game 3D

All of us are shopping lovers but do you ever think about what’s happening on the other side like on the cashier side, so we are going to explore this game. Are you excited or ready for your first job? After waiting very long, we finally got your desired job as a supermarket shopping mall cashier. As this is your first day at your desired job, learn properly how to perform the duties. there is a queue of customers, they are waiting for their turn, Don’t let them angry Calculate the bill correctly and quickly otherwise you will fail. There is a durability bar is mention which will inform you about working load this game is very useful it will enhance your working speed and calculation skills
You can upgrade the cashier speed or durability

Key features::

Its an offline game and free to download
It will enhance the time management skill
Smooth controls easy to play
Detailed supermarket environment
It is a practical supermarket cashier simulator

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Supermarket Simulator Game 3D updated on 7th April 2024:

-Added 2 new Licenses
-5 New Products Added
-New Furniture added
-minor bugs fix

User Reviews on Supermarket Simulator Game 3D

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Supermarket Simulator Game 3D below:

Not properly fitting in table please help us scroll button not showing us..

Update please ! , like now asap !

This s a great game but it could be better if there wasent so much movements glitchs for example we would get boxes we went T walkmover to them we pressed grab and it jut had so much joystick drift (wrote 5 stars so people could see)

Es muy divertido pero los anuncios hacen que le quite lo divertido.

The updates recently made on the game are not showing up.

Every time you walk the button automatically gets stuck so you’re just moving without controlling it yourself.. And also to rotate furniture there’s no scroll button to press.. Please fix those problems so that the game can actually be decent.

We connected our ps5 controller to play and all we can do is walk, we cannot turn, grab, nor anything else with the controller, please! Put in real controller support because this came is actually good, just hard on a bigger screen.

So far this game is a lot of fun and has lots of potentialbut we are playing on an iPad and unable to rotate items such as shelves. Im not sure what it means by press scroll. Any help would be appreciated.

Too much ads. We like the game but every time you click or want to play the game theres going to be ads.

First ads come all the time said it second a book like it doesnt look like the ad insert a law its really not that fun Im bored right now and then theres like its so boring we just download it and then its so so so so so so so so boring.

There are so many ads its unplayable. As soon as we start playing Im bombarded with ads and we loose interest in even playing the game. Its not even worth our time downloading this joke of an app.

Is it just us or does the game have you play the tutorial level over and over again..

We were joking Im sorry but we were kidding. Your game is really good keep up the awesome work your doing fantastic! Please ignore all the negative comments on your game. Everyone please continue being awesome!

We love it because you get to be a cashier.

Ok yeah the game is fun but there are to many ads. We dont understand how a game could have so many ads. Also we can only be the cashier since the family are coming soon . Is a fun game but we think there are better games .

So, the app is good exactly what we want in a cashier game. Note for unity, needs bug fixes like every time there is an add it crashes, the bar for a thing was working but the ppl froze we paused the game, and it got a add that crashed it did not put us back to the beginning which is good at least. If your SUPER patient like we are it might work good day/night.

This game is very fun over all but there is way to many adds. Every time we click on something there is and add also we get half way through checking out or sometimes all the way through checking out then it kicks us out of the game and we half to restart the hole enter level and only sometimes we get to go to another level. This game would be so fun without as many adds. So developers if you are reading this, plz make the game have less adds and maybe we need to update or restart our phone or its just the game so someone needs to fix this game. So Im deleting this game and we will download it back again often so we can check if it got updated. So over all this is a great game and we do suggest that you do download this game is a great one.

There are way too many ads, its like after every button we pressed an ad shows up. Besides that its a really fun game.

  1. Why are there adds after each button, its annoying. 2. Why is it so slow? 3. And make there be more options!

This game it is not really fun like you just scan items and add.

So fun! But so much ads, yall need to update this cuz sorry but there is too much ads. Every minute we will get an add.

Absolutely trash, it gives you an add every 1 min tooooo many adds its garbage DO NOT GET THIS GAME.

There are entirely too many ads in this game. It makes a person not want to download it whatsoever!

This game is way to saturated with ads. Opening it for the first time, Im hit with an ad. We hit the play button, Im hit with an ad. We pick our play style, ad. We pick our cashier character, ad. We only got to check out 3 people before another ad popped up. Within the first minute of playing, we were forced to watch 5 ads. Its ridiculous. There are plenty of other better games to choose from that are actually playable.

There was an ad before the game even started! Then about every 30 seconds afterward. It was ridiculous. We might have enjoyed the game if there werent so many ad s.

Game crashes every ten seconds and throw in four ads at least within those ten seconds. Really bad. Could be a good game but cant play further then ten seconds to find out.

Seriously, we just tried this game, and already deleted it because, its animation could use some work, its super boring, every time you press a button it pops up an ad for a different game! Its so annoying! And we just tried this game! Its boring, its annoying, and! THEY DONT EVEN GIVE YOU AN OPTION FOR A FEMALE CHARACTER OR MALE CHARACTER!!! And its legit so boring. Do not get this you will not like it, unless you love all the stuff we type-screamed up there. Anyways, Goodbye Have A Lovely Day and/or Night! (DATE:Wednesday, April, 26th, 2023)

Toooo many adds and it keeps shutting down.

This game is absolute trash, theres an ad every 1 min. We tried to be patient as we can handle a few ads but it was becoming annoying. Our fingers arent even that big and the buttons on the cash register is too small to tap on. It doesnt even tell you how many customers you have left so it feels like the match is going on forever. We deleted it before even finishing the first match. TRASH, Unity just makes these games so people can pay for no ads and they can stock up on the hundreds of players that download the game.

To many adds you cant even buy no adds.

It’s horrible, don’t download it we couldn’t even play because every button we pressed appeared an ad.

We just started playing our first round, it showed at least 4 ads before we could even play. Then to top it off, we could never finish a full round because it kept crashing and closing the screen.

To many ads in the middle of the game. And this app glitches!

It is super slow so boring we totally do not recommend it.

Absolute crap. Cant serve more than one customer without an ad popping up. And whats the point of scanning the item if you still have to manually enter the price? Stupid.

It is fun somewhat but it definitely has way TOO many ads. As soon as we opened the game we got an ad , and there were 2 ads already in the main menu of the game. Afterwards after every click we got an ad. Then we got an ad middle of the game.

We got it and it would put the things the people want to where we cant get them so we would fail it and not get any coins.

Its so fun but you cant do anything without having 10 plus ads.

Ever time you click its a add as soon as you hit play its a add smh.

Too many ads even trying to start the game. Kept on getting kicked out and had to start over.

To many ads. Sorry people who like this game,but with us on our iPad it is to many ads MORE ADS!!!!!!! Please.

Its kicking us off of the game.

Could be a ok game but a add comes up after each and every thing you do and if your cashing someone out a add can pop up in the middle and the time will run out and make you fail the level wasnt even able to make it through the first level because of that.

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