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SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet

SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet! Developed by the innovative team at Emotion Studio, Inc, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 29th May 2022, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 6th March 2024.

Are you a fan of Casual, Family, or Social Networking games? Then SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet

Over 35,841 players have rated SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet Cost?

Good news! You can download SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet on your iOS device absolutely free!

SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet Release Date

Eager to know when SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet first graced the App Store? It was launched on 29th May 2022.

When Was SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet Last Updated?

The latest version of SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet was updated on 6th March 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet?

To get started with SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet

Welcome to SUSH – The Ultimate Virtual Pet Experience! (◕‿◕)

Embark on a delightful journey with SUSH, where friendship and care breathe life into the digital sushi. Experience the magic of raising virtual pets and create lasting memories in a vibrant, interactive world. Whether you’re a fan of Tamagotchi, digital pets, pet simulators, or just looking for a fun way to connect with friends, SUSH offers a unique blend of love, care, and entertainment.

(◔‿◔) Features at a Glance

  • Real-time pet evolution based on care and interaction.
  • A vast collection of customization options for pets and their environments.
  • Social features that allow for a shared pet-raising experience with friends.
  • Engaging and rewarding mini-games to play with your virtual pet.
  • An easy-to-use widget that brings your pet and friends to your home screen.

(⌐■‿■) For whom SUSH is the most fun?

SUSH is the perfect experience for everyone. SUSH provides a platform to stay connected, challenge each other with fun activities, and share achievements.

  • For Couples: Playing SUSH together is a unique way to deepen their bond through shared responsibility and daily connection rituals, fostering teamwork, empathy, and creating joyful memories
  • For Friends: Transforms every interaction into an opportunity for laughter and discovery, enriching the fabric of friendship through shared experiences and the collective nurturing of a virtual companion.
  • For Families: From kids and teenagers to parents and grandparents, come together and enjoy the shared experience of raising a virtual pet.

(◉‿◉) Why Choose SUSH for Your Virtual Pet Adventure?

  • Invite Friends, Create Bonds: Start your adventure by inviting friends to co-parent a mini pet. Watch as your collective care and love help your pet flourish. This shared responsibility brings a new dimension to pet games, enhancing the joy of watching your virtual companion grow.
  • Nurture and Grow, Evolution Through Love: Shower your pets with love to see them evolve. Each pet has its unique personality and growth path, making every experience special.
  • Maintain the Streak, Witness Evolution: Keep up with daily interactions to see your pet evolve. Just like a real pet, your Sushi pet thrives on attention and care. Engage daily, maintain your streak, and be amazed as your pet evolves, unveiling new traits and surprises.
  • Customize Your World: Dive into a customization paradise where you can personalize your pet’s environment. Whether you fancy a minimalist haven or a dazzling palace, your pet’s home is a reflection of your creativity. Tailor your pet’s environment to reflect your style, the choice is yours.
  • Endless Treasures Await: Collect coins through interactive activities, purchase chic accessories and outfits, and unlock exclusive wallpapers. Each choice adds a unique flair to your pet’s digital world.
  • Stay Connected with Widgets: Keep your friends and pets close with our customizable home screen widget. A glance is all it takes to feel connected.
  • Engaging Mini-Games: Our pet games are designed to entertain and challenge. Challenge yourself with fun and addictive mini-games. Enjoy hours of fun with your SUSH pet, earning rewards and strengthening your bond. The famous Wallpaper Spin, TapTap Tofu, Bebento, Wasabi Race, Miso Rush, Fashion Puzzle and more games!

(ʘ‿ʘ) Join the SUSH Community today!

We believe the joy of raising a pet is magnified when shared. SUSH offers a platform where friendships are forged, and every interaction with your digital pet is a step toward a remarkable journey. We’re constantly evolving and adding new features based on user feedback. Be part of a community that cares, shares, and grows together. Your journey with your virtual pet is just a tap away!

Start Your Virtual Pet Journey with SUSH, the best virtual pet game on the market – Where virtual pets bring real joy.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet updated on 6th March 2024:


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User Reviews on SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of SUSH • Raise a Virtual Pet below:

So this app sush is where you raise virtual sushi pets! And they are soooo adorable and you raise them with friends, so if youre looking for a good app to raise virtual cute pets with friends with we recommend this app! And you can message the group and it will show up in their notifications, and you can ping your friend to fill up the heart gauge for the sushi too! And you can do different wallpapers and accessories on your sushi, and you can even choose your own username and photo from you taking a picture of yourself right now, or choose one from your photo album! Anyways, this app is super fun, and we recommend downloading it! Keep up the good work developers!!

At the start its so easy to grow your sush by doing the tasks cause theyre so easy at first but after a while you have to wait a good like month for your sush to grow again and the tasks force you to add more friends sushes. All the games r just truth or dare questions or take a picture of your shoes! And the only minigame is flappy bird. Its cute and def bonding but just not fun later on.

Us gusta mucho pero el problema es que a mi no us deja tener mas sush solo tengo 4 cuando us gustara tener mas con mas gente :/

For the past two days no matter what we do our sushis hearts keep going away. What we mean by that is Everytime we give him a heart, it cycles back like it lost the heart instead of gained it. Its gotten to the point where we’ve had to buy him back TWICE in less than two days. Not to mention they just die too fast and some of the tasks are too hard. This app was fun when it first came out, but now its just a waste of our time.

Our sushis are our BABIES. We got one to max level and the other is halfway there. So why is it that they keep just about dying???! Our friend put in hearts right after we did (both sushis had one heart out of four) and their heart color replaced ours. It didnt add more hearts, just replaced what was there. The sushis might DIE because of this glitch and we dont have the coins to save them. If they die we will be very unhappy.

Debo decir a que esta app es muy buena y la amaba y us encanta la idea de tener una mascota con tus amigos pero yo tena 2 sush uno con mi mejor amiga y otro con mi hermano paso una semana y un da us despert normal pero cuando prend mi telfono los colores estaban al revs osea el blanco se vea negro, el rojo se volva azul y as le mostr a mi mam y lo estbamos intentando resolver as que us desinstale la app porque el da anterior haba puesto un widget de mi sush con mi mejor amiga y us desinstale la app y se Quito le dije a mi hermano que tambin le haba pasado pero se le Quito automticamente y despus a mi mejor amiga y ella es la que tena ms sush de los 3 as que se desinstalo la app. Espero que lo resuelvan.

Us and some of our friends got this app and if you are not on the app once an hour every single day your sush dies. If you go to sleep or if the other person is busy the sush dies. You can never save up enough coins to buy anything if you have to revive your sush daily.

We know there is miso rush but all you do to take care of the SUSH is give it a heart it would be nice to bathe it, make it potty and put it to bed and play with it with sushi related toys its just boring.

Full of bugs and issues. Dont waste your time. Id give zero stars if possible. Recent updates have made it worse, after keeping them alive for nearly 400 days they die near daily now. Just a further attempt to get money out of you. Super disappointing.

Mi SUSH se quedo en el nivel 8:( ya hicimos todas las misiones y no avanza, QUE HAGOOOOO!!!!

This is so cute for us and our long distance boyfriend. We didnt think hed be that into it but honestly he probably cares more about our sush than we do sometimes xD only issue is that we both have adhd and one time it died x_x he didnt tell us until later bc he didnt want us to feel bad haha but its a cute little thing to get the notif seeing him giving love to the sush thru out the day. And then theres the cute questions ahah. And you can send stuff in the msgs even pics but luckily you can also delete xD love it so much. They should add a timeline feature maybe? Oh! And theres absolutely no paid features you cant cheat haha only grow by trying to put effort in. Honestly it exceeded our expectations <3 pls make more great apps devs <3.

Its pretty good we actually give 5 stars but they take so long to check the TikTok videos or tweets so we can unlock some clothes we’ve Been waiting for our Barbie car and they dont wanna check the link even tho we sent it like 4 days ago in our opinion they should check links faster than they do now. They better give us that Barbie car we need it . And theres some other stuffs that Im waiting too.

We love this game. The only issue Im having is that we have the mini game miso rush and our partner doesnt. Im not sure if theres differences between iOS and Android. But over all the game is adorable and fun.

When our sush dies do u really have to pay 100 coins its too expensive if we want our sush back just let us do it for free but overall we enjoy giving our sushs love and peace and emotional support for when our friends not awake and its about to die.

We love this game and keep a sush with our friend but the heart gauge constantly glitches and empties when it was just full a half hour ago.

This game is adorable! We raise 2 with our sister and best friend. The accessories are trendy, (although theyre not our style [thats ok]) plenty of options for wallpaper, and theres (currently at the time of this review) 3 types of sushes. HOWEVER. This game is incredibly buggy! While raising our teen sush, she has 3 1/2 hearts, we feed her a full heart that we got from tickling, it went all the way down to 1 heart! Oh, and dont even get us started on when we wake up and one (or sometimes even BOTH) sushes die! The thing about our sister and our best friend is that they kinda gave up on the game, so now Im all alone. The glitch happens even the other way around. Sometimes, the sush has one heart, and when we feed it, it gains 2 hearts instead of 1. So the bar shows us 3/4 hearts. Something else Id like to point out is to make the bar not drop so fast. Your sush dies when you wake up when you forget to feed it before you go to sleep. And here are some more suggestions: – When your sush has 3 1/2 hearts, give half of the heart to the sush and return the other half back. So your heart is half full. – Give a notification when your heart is full so we can feed it right away. Itll be easier to keep the sush alive. – Have it so you can use the apple/ android default emojis. We NEED THE SKULL EMOJI!!!! – Include more fun games, like a drawing prompt. For example its a wheel, and you have to draw your sush with whatever the wheel lands on. Like your sush in outer space, or your sush as an alien! So our overall opinion? We love this game, but the glitch makes it unplayable. Definitely try to fix this. The game has a lot of potential! (Also we apologize for the long review QwQ)

We absolutely love the idea and we love having our sush with our friends but the sush dies SO fast that its almost unmanageable. You have to be checking the game at least 4-5 times a day to keep it from dying which just isnt realistic for most people. If they died at like 1/3 the speed everything would be fine, but right now its just too much.

Porque se est trabando tanto el juego.

The app is incredible! Sush is adorable! We cant wait for us to reach the 150,000 downloads that unlock The Nerd Sush, haha. The only thing we would do if there should do a change is capitalize the first letter of its name; for us, it would look nicer that way. Everything else is perfect.

We talk to the tiny little dust bunnies and our so dementia and schizophrenia are all gone when we talk to them and our life has been improved our life has been improving our life has improved our living situation has improved everything and we love them please dont worry guys we will feed you our love.

Us and our friends love to play it.

Its so cute but we somehow forget to feed it with love most of the time.

We LOVE this game, it is very fun and educational because you learn how to have responsibilities! The only thing we would add to be 5 stars is tokio hotel wallpapers and accessories.

It was really fun but if you didnt take care of it for one day it was gone most likely and theres not many things you can do.

This app used to be really fun to play, but recently there has been a glitch that takes away hearts. Our friend and we could have 3 hearts on our SUSH but as soon as we click the heart button to get it to 4, it will shoot down to one. This happens a lot as we are headed to bed so our SUSH leaves and we have to pay 100 coins to get them to come back even though we were being a good parent. We have found other minor glitches in the game, but none of them have affected our app experience like this one. Please fix this!!!

They will think we’re weird lol. We also think that your Sush being able to DIE is pretty stressful for a virtual pet game. It looked cute but…. Eh. Not for me.

Great but immense lag, making it horrible. Thats all, its so frustrating.

One day, our sister was like hey do you want to raise a virtual pet? We said yes, and we think we know the SUSH we have we think its the Shrimper His name is peachyberry because our sister likes peaches and we like strawberries we dont really like the new coin design but thats our only complaint about this Sometimes itll put up the screen that you get when you first install the app but its only when we dont have Wi-Fi so its not a bad thing The app is an amazing concept and we love it.

We have 4 we love them all our fav one is the one with our bf and we love the outfits, hats and more we really hope they come out with more sushi we would recommend this is really goooddd we love 5 start for sure.

Es la mejor aplicacin del mundo yo y mi novia lo jugamos juntas y nos incanta.

We luv this game super fun and u get to play with friends it helps us keep in contact with them over the summer.

Love yelling at friends when they dont feed our child.

Is good for your relationship.

We love this game because it’s perfect. It is now our favorite game.

We love this game. Its cute and fun and its a nice simulator. But it would be so much better if there was a way to preview the outfits in some way, because spending a lot of coins on an outfit you thought looked cute just for it to be completely ugly is agonizing. Especially with outfits that add extra stuff that werent on the images. Like with the sunflower hat with the sunglasses. We thought it would be just that but then they added the ugliest tan and mask known to man and we feel scammed. Please add some preview feature.

We love playing this game with friends love is game.

We really like this app but there are a 2 problems. First one of coins, you can only get coins if you tickle your SUSH then have to wait 4 hours to get more. You get around 20 coins every time you finish tickling it if your lucky. The second problem is that you need someone else to raise a SUSH. Some people like to work a little more independently and want to do some things alone. We think there should be at least one SUSH that you can raise on your own. Over all its a really fun game that we would definitely recommend to friends. Well, peace out.

We love SUSH and have been evolving them, but every once in a while Ill give our SUSH love, and all its hearts go back down to one or below. We have lost two Sushes because of this.

This game is actually pretty fun to do with friends. You have 1 partner and you both get to take care of your sush. There are 4 sushs in total, so you and your 4 friends can each take care of one. We do have one small problem though, we gave this one sush a full heart but something happened and it actually never gave it to her. So we gave her a heart that never showed up. She was then left on one heart and died. Luckily we had enough money to bring her back though. Can you please fix this? Also we have a suggestion. If at all possible, you should make a Family sush. Like 1 or 2 sushs that you can take care of with your group of friends. That would be really fun! Anyway thank you for reading this, hope you take it into consideration!

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