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Swoopy Play Real Claw Machine


Swoopy Play Real Claw Machine is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by I.T.E PROGRAM PLATFORM LIMITED, Swoopy Play Real Claw Machine is a game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 19th May 2021 with the latest update 16th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,288 people have rated 3.0.3

You can download the game Swoopy Play Real Claw Machine from APP STORE.


Swoopy LIVE
Play Claw Machines from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Feel the rush of adrenaline! Win real prizes! Bathe in our adorable aesthetic, with plenty of precious stuffed animals and kawaii machines! Take a nostalgic trip to the arcade games of your youth!

Swoopy is more than just a game, though; it’s an interactive controller connected to the real world. Watch as you take the reins at real claw machines in real time!

You can play and win from anywhere you can bring your phone. Whether you’re sitting on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s, or standing in line at the post office, why not kill the boredom and have some fun? We have thousands of prizes to play for, and before you know it they’ll be delivered right to your front door.

Our controls are easier than you could imagine! They’re multidirectional, with four different ways to move. Unlike what you remember from your bowling alley arcade, you don’t just get one shot in each direction – you can keep on pushing those arrows until the timer runs out! We give you a generous 30 seconds to make all the adjustments you need.

Multiple camera views from the front and from the top make winning simpler than ever before. With normal claw machines, you could never look directly down onto the prizes and ensure flawless aim – but with us, you can! That’s not all – a laser coming right from the middle of the claw helps you line up your target so it fits perfectly in your grasp.

What’s more, we’ve got prizes for all ages – men and women, boys and girls. You can browse through our catalog and find everything from small electronics, kitchenware, jewelry, toys, ashtrays, headphones, air filters, puzzles, pet beds, and more! This is no match for the prize counter you remember from when you were a kid.

No monthly fees – it’s free to download and start playing today!

Swoopy features:

So what’s the hold up? Let’s get to swoopin’!

Updated on 16th February 2022

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