Take It Easy

Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 02:05 am

Take It Easy


Take It Easy is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ravensburger Verlag GmbH, Take It Easy is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th October 2012 with the latest update 17th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,303 people have rated 3.9

You can download the game Take It Easy from APP STORE.


It’s a puzzle, it’s a brain teaser and it’s a game! It’s all three and much more! It is bingo with strategy! Place your pieces one at a time on the board. To score points, try to form continuous rows of the same color from edge to edge. But one wrong tile and the whole row is worthless. It gets harder as the number of empty spaces on your board, and your possible choices, diminish. Because once a tile is placed, it can’t be moved!

Take It Easy is a simple, yet surprisingly addictive and thought-provoking game that will give you endless hours of fun.


  • Three entertaining and visually beautiful game modes:

  • Classic Mode: introduces you to the game that started it all.

  • Puzzle Mode: test your puzzle solving skills with 140 fun and well-designed puzzles. This exciting new twist to the game will have you swapping pieces in your sleep.

  • Progressive Mode: Offers 30 stages of different challenges. Conquer all stages before time runs out!

  • Local multiplayer: Play head-to-head against a friend. Or up to four players on a single device!

  • Game Center integration lets you compare high scores with your friends and players around the world. Will you be Number 1 on the leaderboard?

  • Over 40 different achievements: Earn points to get that #1 rank!

  • Stunning high-resolution graphics!

  • Already over two million fans are enjoying the award winning board game!

4/5 – „Addictive puzzle mechanics and infectiously fun challenges make Take It Easy an unexpected runaway success.”

„If you are looking for a great puzzle game to pick up this week, then I highly recommend giving Take It Easy a try. You won’t be disappointed.”

4/5 – „A fun puzzle game”

4/5 – „Take It Easy is a fun board puzzle game with a lot of content, and great

Updated on 17th August 2022

Small bug fixes and optimizations

Take It Easy Reviews

This app is great for the brain.

This game really makes you think!

The review Im writing is a good review because take it easy is a fun and smart game. The reason we like this game is because it has tricks and in it.

This is a great game to play in multiplayer mode and doesnt get old. Been playing it for years.

Relaxing yet challenging all at the same time.

It’s very fun it helps us pass the time.

Take it easy will not work on new iPhone 11! If we play it we have shut the phone off to do anything else! Time, weather, write a text. Played for years on old phone, Ill miss it.

Its just a really enjoyable game!

What a fun and addictive brain squeezer!!

This is going to be fun for a week or two. Interesting concept for a puzzle. This is what we wrote when we first found the game. Years later we enjoy it just as much and just got a new high score.

We’ve never had any problems with this wonderful puzzle game. We’ve always played alone, and love it. The only improvements we can see would to be able to pause it, and come back to the same puzzle later. We havent really tried the other games to give an opinion. But single player, Im at 111. And its working fine.

Our wife and we play it every time we go out to eat. We play against each other and it passes the time.

We have enjoyed this app ever since we discovered it. Our grandson loves it too. Its one of the things we can do together. Hes five and we have been playing together for over a year.

The game is amazing although we hate it that you have to DRAG the tiles to make a line not like tap and then tap another and then it will switch ya know what Im saying? Anywho we love the game very well made. Keep up the great apps.

Gameplay feels both strategic and relaxed. Just about perfect.

Great and addictive but wished there were more puzzle levels.

We loved playing this game but we dont know how to get it back to English.

Seems impossible to score above 250.

We like the game, but if you open it, you have to restart your phone to close the game. Swiping up does nothing. Very frustrating.

We wrote this review three years ago when the game WAS awesome : ———- This game is simply AWESOME! We love it! More new levels pleeeeeeeeease ———- Change the game back to what it was before and we give it 5 stars again.

We’ve played this game for a few years, and really enjoy it. It is our go to game at the end of the day. Dont change a thing-I love it!

This is one of the prettiest little puzzle games that we’ve come across :-) So far we like everything about it and we do have one wish. If it were possible to opt for a "mirror image" so that right-handed people wouldn’t have their own hand in the way when trying to place a puzzle piece. It would be so much more convenient to be swiping a puzzle piece from left into the puzzle at the right. Jus sayin’

Original review: Surprisingly addictive with an appealing presentation. Subsequent updates have made the presentation much less appealing and erased lots of progress from players of the original version. Bit of an unwelcome update, honestly. Its better than it was when they first updated it, but its still a step back.

We loved the game until the update. The way the tiles switch now is frustrating, slow, and drags, putting the tile in the wrong place.

If we could give this update no stars we would, this used to be a beautiful game we played over and over again, and this update completely ruined it. We hope all this feedback is taken into account. ETA: The update is a big improvement, but we still wish the developers would bring the old style back.

This has so many possibilities!! Why can’t it be fixed?? We agree with all the others!! Graphics are crap when you’re trying to figure out this type of puzzle. And when we RETURN to the game and we’ve solved 85 puzzles, why does the screen display puzzles 1-10?? Don’t you think we want to go to the next puzzle to solve it?? Is that logical?? FIX IT OR DELETE IT ENTIRELY!!!!

It’s obvious by now that the creators are not going to listen to all the fans & put the game back to the way it was before, so can’t you at least remove it so when we update our phones it will be the version we had before? PLEASE.

We liked the old one MUCH better. This new upgrade is not as bright. Is really hard to see. Really hate it. Bring other back.

Multiplayer mode with GC friends option has been broken forever. With this update, you can connect if you really work at it but after a single round there is no option to start another!!!! You can back all the way out and start again but you end up playing the same type of puzzle over and over. Still waiting…

This was one of our favorite games that we have played multiple times, and we were very excited about the update. BUT … The colors are awful and much more difficult to see (where did our sparkles go?!?), and the game mechanics are really annoying. Swapping tiles now is very difficult. Why did you break a game that was so fun and easy to navigate?

Really good game just wish there were more shapes layouts and badges to win You only connect the same # (number) 4 to get points it took us a while to get it Add more colors and maybe music to encourage us players? Maybe.

Pleased to get this game for free! Seems well made so far and we like "tech" view the best! Haven’t tried multiplayer yet.

We are running iOS 9.2.1 on an iPad Pro and we are having no problems with this game. We are new to the game, so we are unable to compare it to the board game or the previous app. The visuals are clear and colorful. Player can choose designs: Flat, Classic, or Tech. We like the metallic feeling of the Tech. The brief written tutorial was all we needed to get started. The Modes require unlocking which is fine for us, but maybe not appreciated by knowledgeable players.

This game is addicting in a very good way! The different modes are challenging and the design is quite nice.

We really liked this game ; However, the update has made it a bit more difficult to move the tiles in puzzle mode (another few users remarked on this as well). Also, while in puzzle mode the pattern shaped goal no longer highlights when you have correctly placed the tiles. Otherwise, this is an awesome app and a great brain teaser. Hopefully fixed soon.

We used to love this game until it stopped working on our phone. We were so happy to see it come back and immediately downloaded it. We’ve been trying to play it again but we’re just not a fan of the new design and controls. So far our main problem is that it’s harder to maneuver the tiles in the Puzzle setting. We’ve noticed other users are unhappy too and we hope that the developers see this and make some improvements. We really love this game, thanks for bringing it back!

This update will erase your progress. We had completed puzzle mode and had high scores and unlocked different backgrounds… All gone! Sliding the tiles in puzzle mode is difficult, and feels ‘clunky’. You should warn people there progress will be lost if they update! Especially on a paid app!

It’s back to a point it needed to get to, but there’s still room for improvement. Board size is a bit small, still would honestly prefer the original style prior to when all the changes began. Considering all the people telling you this, maybe it’s time to try it?

Rediscovered this app buried in our folders and got excited. Opened it up to a visual train wreck. What was wrong with the old look? Everything is hard to see now and the game looks like it backpedaled to a beta version of itself. We wish we were exaggerating but the new look is literally painful to look at. It gives us a headache. The game itself is still fun but we don’t think we will be playing much until the visuals are either sorted out or returned to what they used to be.

The controls are terrible when swapping tiles. It was so easy to play before, and we loved it. But now it’s so frustrating. We liked all the themes that got unlocked along the way. Now they are gone. And the app size seems bloated now for not much improvements graphic-wise. One star for the premise One star for the graphics, not considering what they used to be.

This used to be our favorite game, it was great. Then they released the worst update to any game in the history of App Store games. Then they pulled the game forever. Now they come back with a "fresh design", which is not even close to the original quality of graphics or gameplay (laggy dragging of tiles). That said, it’s way better than the last attempt. TLDR – version 1 = A+ – version 2 = F – version 3 (this one) = C-

This used to be our favorite app. The new version makes it childish and difficult to use as the colors are now dull. Please bring the old version back!!!

We guess we’re the same as Mtnmarti, the app just won’t download, and by reading the reviews we guess we’re not missing much. It’s really too bad because our son and we love to play this whenever we go out to eat. Really fun game. Wrecked. Sign.

We used to play this game every day. Loved it. The graphics have been updated… And it is a mess! Smaller images, silly bubbly graphics and completely disappointing. They need to switch it back to the original version or something similar to it. It went from a contemporary, stimulating look – to childish. Absolute downgrade.

… But after reading the reviews, it’s clear that we missed out on what used to be a very good puzzle game, that has since been ruined by its developer. Count our vote to bring back the original. Your best bet is ALWAYS to listen to your fans.

We can’t even open the game, it’s acts like it’s still downloading. This used to be our favorite game. Now we can’t even open it.

We have played 97 levels in Puzzle mode and today all progress in the game has been lost. What’s going on. Ravensburger better fix this… We want our progress back. A great game just became a piece of garbage.

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