Evoland 2

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Evoland 2


Evoland 2 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Playdigious, Evoland 2 is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th February 2018 with the latest update 17th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,532 people have rated 2.1.1

You can download the game Evoland 2 from APP STORE.


What were your childhood games like?

Onboard on an epic adventure of more than 20 hours through video games history filled with a ton of funny classical games references.

From 2D RPG, through 3D vs fight to a shooter, a trading card game and more you’ll get your fill of jumping from a game genre to another, never bored.

“Evoland 2: A slight case of spacetime continuum disorder” is not only one game but many, backboned with a story that will make you travel through time, discovering different art styles and video gaming technology.

Released first on PC with 500.000 copies shipped, we’re proud to share with you this experience carefully adapted for mobile devices.

« It’s a mashup on a grand scale — and a successful one — bringing together many of the elements that make us love all those games individually. » – 9/10 GamesBeat

“Evoland 2 manages to seamlessly blend an incredible number of genres into a single, wonderful experience.”
4/5 – Hardcoregamer

Compatible with MFI controllers.

If you experience any problem with Evoland 2, please contact our customer support at [email protected] and give us as much as possible information on your problem.

Updated on 17th March 2022

Improve overall stability.
Fix various bugs.

Evoland 2 Reviews

Evoland 2 is an amazing and wonderful love letter to video game history. If youre a fan of gaming in general, and like action RPGs like the Zelda series, you cant go wrong playing this game. Highly recommended.

This was a great game to play. It was funny, smart in its implementation of classic game styles, and intriguing in its story. We played with a controlled connected to our phone, which is probably the better way to play this game. However, there were many times we were forced to restart due to bugs and error messages popping up (never seen that happen in a game before where an error message appears in the iOS dialogue box style!). This was usually not a big deal; I’d just restart the game and continue on. However, the most notable instance was during the final boss’ third phase. We had to exit out and go through all phases again which was…. Not great. Still, overall, I’d definitely recommend this game.

We were so in love with this game, until the stupid jumping mushrooms plus instant death. Just sunk an hour on this tiny part with zero progress or improvement due to squirrely controls. Im sad. We wanted to play more but this is not worth it.

Dont plan on resuming play between devices. Currently broken.

This game keeps crashing on us and we can barely get through it. We have an iPhone 11 Pro so it shouldnt be a phone issue. Update your game to actually work properly.

We love this game but there’s something wrong The cloud save data isn’t working we downloaded it again on our apple tv but we had to start a new game.

The devs failed to do a decent job of making this game touchscreen friendly; the PC roots of Evoland are apparent. For some portions this is less of an issue, but for the action oriented platforming sections it is an exercise in frustration. Im glad we got this on sale and will strongly reconsider any ports from these developers before purchasing.

We love this game but the changing allies is hard to figure out.

This game is unbelievable. The first one was good, but this game is unbelievable. This is the closest we’ve ever felt to playing a full console game on a phone, and the campaign is as long or longer than some adventure games. We cant speak highly enough of it. Its a love letter to older RPGs and its just as nostalgic as it is fun to play.

One issue, some missions are too long its annoying like the flying mission is too long with three boring bosses.

Im so excited for this 2.0 update. We could not do a couple mini games because of the clunky d pad (not analog stick). They added controller support yesterday and we blew through these challenges. The game, the story, the joke and nostalgia make this game great.

We’ve had to reopen this game more than 100 times just playing through normally. It crashes when fighting, crashes while flying, crashes during turn based fights, crashes before during and after cutscenes. Crashes when teleporting. Its not so bad that its completely unplayable but it is maddening. The only thing that allows you to keep playing without saving every minute is the auto save. We managed to beat it, but havent completed it yet.

But, the game needs a way to save without needing the auto save.

We finished to the end, and all we see is a beach with 80%, we can control Kuro but he just clips through the beach. We can also slow down time, but thats it. We cant leave or open our bag.

We really want to love this game but its full of difficult platforming portions that are just too frustrating with the iOS controls. We will push the button for the sword swipe, nothing happens. We cant move our character in any kind of agile way. We cant take a half step. The controls are just rubbish.

We love the look, feel and nostalgia of this game series however, we would highly recommend that you buy this game on either PC or console. The touch screen controls are very hard to use. Once we got to the arcade section in the laboratory level it became impossible, and we gave up. We beat it only after buying it for PS4.

We love this but in the Turing test #2 in the lab, the controls dont work and you cant go further til its solved. So bummed!! We came so far!

Just like other games, the touchscreen joystick controls are terrible and frustrating. Even early game the enemies dance around you as you struggle to turn, approach, and strike. Also the movement speed is SLOW which frustrates this even more.

Enjoyed the game but controls dont work at all in lab mini game. We therefore cant continue. Disappointed as we would have liked to finish the game.

Dialogue and cut scenes take forever and you cant skip those. We ended up deleting the game 10 minutes in after we’ve spent 9 of those just watching a bunch of very slow paced cutscenes. Do yourself a solid and get a game that actually cares about its players time.

This game was such a creative idea!! Not just the different graphic styles but also the different gaming styles. We love walking around and noticing the details that serve as tributes to various games (Zelda, chrono trigger, FF7, Professor Layton, Tomb Raider, Super Mario, Space Invader, Street Fighter, and many more). We love the puzzle part that was a tribute to Professor Layton! We downloaded this game on Apple TV and played with a controller. We had no problems with the controls. The game also allows you to choose a level of difficulty and we chose medium (Good Old Arcade). And the game is just challenging enough to be fun. Its never too difficult for us to become frustrated. Totally worth the money!! EDIT: Im still playing the game, and we noticed a bug. There was a ours cart missing in the second room after the Plum boss fight in mines in the present time period. We exited the mines and re-entered and the ours cart appeared. But this should not be happening… Im crossing our fingers that this wont happen when Im deep in the mines…

We are replaying this during quarantine – and am liking it so much we had to write a review. Its really a love story to the games we grew up with- mini games in a variety of styles are woven throughout the main game. It feels like 100 games in one, with hours of layered gameplay, a great story with entertaining dialogue, and tons of Easter eggs. There are also many side tasks and quests, adding hours of gameplay. Yes, some of the controls are a little iffy during the mini game portions, especially the d-pad, but it just adds to the challenge. And again, is reminiscent of the games during that time. We’ve had a few issues with crashing, but there are enough save points that it has never been an issue. Highly recommended this for anyone who is a lover of nostalgic games, or is looking for a game to spend a lot of time with. We hope there are more! We played, and loved, the first evoland and this is an amazing addition to the series. A++++

If youve read any other reviews, youll know that it is almost unanimously agreed that the controls are terrible. We saw these reviews and decided to try the game anyways. The controls weren’t terrible, but they werent good either. They were just a bit clunky, but not unbearable. HOWEVER, 16 hours in (oh yeah, this game is VERY long) we found out you can customize the controls. Not just the standard button placement, but you have control over everything about the controls. You can even customize them for each of the many game modes. If you dont like the controls, it’s your own fault because their customizability makes it nearly impossible to not find something you like. So how does the actual game look? Well, the story starts out pretty simple, and somewhat unpolished. It’s the fairly standard you and a buddy accidentally got sent back in time, now you need to return home type plot. The developers are French and this shows in the dialogue. There are often excessively literal translations, overuse of some words, and the dialogue just feels stiff and contrived. (think Star Wars prequels) This is where another HOWEVER is in order. The plot has quite a few (and we mean QUITE a few) twists up its sleeve. The story keeps folding in on itself and getting more and more complex as you play through, and it feels like the writers got more and more confident as the story progresses. You start by trying to return home and end up trying to prevent a post-apocalyptic future, as well as several other things we won’t say for spoiler’s sake. Just know that if you think youre getting close to the end of the game, you’re probably wrong. The time travel mechanics are handled very well. In fact, we would say that this game has the best use of time travel of any that we have played. Ever. For the first chunk of the game, time travel is pretty scripted and linear, mostly being used to change up the setting and feel of the game. About halfway through, it opens up and you can change eras whenever allowing you to explore the world fully and completely. All in all, this is an absolute masterpiece with some of the most creative level and environment design (if you don’t get the game, look up the anomaly area gameplay) and one of our favorite videogame stories. The bosses are quite a bit harder than the rest of the game, so we suggest that you turn down the difficulty before you start one.

Most beautiful game ever Its worth it.

Just make the joystick dynamic and the game would be perfect. Also it would be nice to have an option to use the joystick on the arcade games because those are incredibly frustrating to control with the dpad. We imagine it all works great on computer so Id say this is an alright of an amazing game.

We’ve really enjoyed this game… But this game needs some serious bug fixing. We’ve never had an Apple TV app have so many uncaught exception crashes. Luckily there are frequent save points. Please fix these bugs for a top notch experience.

I’d give it 5 stars if the game was half as long. Seems like it drags in so many places.

We played the first one and loved it though it was a bit short. This ones pretty good so far, but the controls are a bit clunky. Especially on the side scrolling stages where you have to jump the different platforms. Otherwise, very fun so far.

This game is great and well worth the price; but theres been frequent crashes for us on iPhone X. We keep getting a Buffer Error which results in a hard crash. Please fix!

We will change the review once the problem is fixed but this game consistently crashes at the place where you move the boulder and try to cross the bridge. At first we thought it was a joke but it seems to be a playing error. Can we fix this?

Game is great and a lot of fun. But, it gets waaay to hard if you arent a video game expert. Windy valley mountain has a few wide jumps with mushrooms you have to land on. If you miss or dont time just right, you hit the crystal spikes, which AUTOMATICALLY kills you. We’ve played a lot of games of this type and never have we played something this hard. Several attempts later and Im still on the same part of the level, and may give up at this point. Too bad..

We got to a room where Im supposed to hit a rusty switch to drain water that prevents progress. But hitting the lever does nothing. The game is pretty good otherwise, though as others have noted the controls can be wonky. But we literally cant finish the game.

Its clear that lots of love and thought has gone into creating this game. Im about 16 hours in and getting hit with uncaught exception fails every 20-30 minutes in various places a stages. Okay for a free app. Not okay for a paid.

Description says Mfi controller compatible so we got it for that reason. Not a single thing happens in game when we plug in our controller. Highly disappointed.

We were having a great time until our ours cart disappeared after bombing Plum.

We were having a good time with this game but we cant find myself the will to finish it. The biggest issue are the controls. They are really bad. This lead to many unnecessary deaths and many frustrating moments. They are unresponsive and very slow to react. The next biggest issue is the crashes. Im playing on an iPhone XS and Im crashing multiples in an hour game session. We just crashes twice on the same battle in Demoria and the wizards and we just shut it off and have no intention to finish the fight or the game itself. The gameplay isnt bad though. Its actually a fun little game. They already got our dollar but dont let them get yours. The game isnt great.

Im stuck on Lost Island and cant get off. Every time we try to leave, it just makes us go back to the island. No flying machine abilities and no dock when it zooms out to map like view. We heard there was a patch….. It didnt resolve our up to date iPad version. Please fix!

Three quarters of the wAy TV rough the game it stopped working wont load. Have closed all apps, restarted Apple TV and just brings us to the opening screen then closes the app. Please fix and we will adjust our review. Extremely frustrating!

We just bought this game, November 1st 2020. As usual, we’re using an 8BitDo SN30 Pro controller, compatible with every game we’ve tried, except this one. Evoland 2 is saying they have controller support but they do not. If they only support a single specific controller, they should say which controller they support. The one we have is a very popular controller and works with all games we’ve played that say they support controllers. Now we’re deleting the game because touch screen controls are garbage for every game, and that’s the downfall of mobile gaming. Let us know when your advertising is true to your game.

Our MFi Supported Razer Kishi doesnt work with your app. This is very disappointing for us. Please update your app to work with this product.

Even though the game is money its controls are terrible and the play style is awful. You can hardly stand in the right direction most the time. Awful game would never had bought it. For ripping off all games before it it doesnt even do that very well :(:,(

This game would be fantastic if the controls werent junk. What is so hard about including a keypad option? The joystick isnt ideal for all platforms, and if the the gimmick is that you change platforms then there should be an option to change controls to match the platform style.

Although frustrating at times, this is a really engaging game. A must for old-school gamers.

We love the game. We think the developers did a wonderful job. We only advise prospective buyers to beware the frustration that can come from the more difficult parts. Overall a great game.

This is by far one of the best games we have every played on our phone and with 13 hours play time and it was the time of our life 13 hours of rushing though btw The game is a true masterpiece we cant wait for a third and truth be told we would have paid easily dubble and still been happy absolutely wonderfull from memorys to game we will happily recommend this to everyone we know and any one who is playing this. When number 3 comes out idc how exensive number 3 will be imma get it.

Ill go straight to the point. So far the game is quite dynamic, and makes you learn to adapt to different gameplays. However, the controls need some improvement – Too small for our fingers. Maybe it should allow us to adjust the size of the controls?

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