Talking Tom Time Rush

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Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush

Talking Tom Time Rush is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Outfit7 Limited, Talking Tom Time Rush is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 29th November 2022 with the latest update 29th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Talking Tom Time Rush ?

5,265 people have rated 1.0.42

What is the price of the Talking Tom Time Rush ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Talking Tom Time Rush released ?

Talking Tom Time Rush was released on 29th November 2022.

When was the Talking Tom Time Rush updated ?

The latest updated date of Talking Tom Time Rush on 29th November 2022.

Where can Talking Tom Time Rush be downloaded ?

You can download the game Talking Tom Time Rush from Apple Official App Store.



Run fast through the Magic Gate! Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger and Becca dash into an awesome adventure together!

Talking Tom Time Rush is the all-new runner game! Tom and friends have found a Magic Gate but the Rakoonz crash the fun. They steal the Crystals and escape into a fantastic world!

Players join Tom and friends as they jump into wonderful worlds, explore unique side paths and discover special surprises together. It’s an epic chase after those rascal Rakoonz to recover the Crystals!

  • All of the friends are unlocked from the beginning
  • Run through extraordinary worlds
  • Find cross-roads, side paths and surprises
  • Try out special vehicles
  • Boost your run with supersonic power-ups
  • Collect cool new outfits

Players who enjoy Talking Tom runner games such as Hero Dash and Gold Run will love Time Rush.

By Outfit7, creators of My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela 2 and My Talking Tom Friends.

This app contains:

  • Promotion of Outfit7’s products and advertising;
  • Links that direct customers to Outfit7’s websites and other apps;
  • Personalization of content to encourage users to play the app again;
  • YouTube integration to allow users to watch videos of Outfit7’s animated characters;
  • The option to make in-app purchases;
  • Items to purchase (available in different prices) using virtual currency, depending on the player’s progress; and
  • Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money.

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Updated on 29th November 2022

Players explore epic worlds with Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger and Becca! The Rakoonz have escaped through the Magic Gate with the Crystals, the chase is on for the friends to reclaim the Crystals and restore the fun!

Talking Tom Time Rush Review

Okay so we are a huge fan of talking tom & friends. We love the show and the games. We were so happy when they announced they were making a new game. Now that it finally came out, we are so happy to say that it exceeded our expectations!

We love how their more characters and more map to play better then original.


Its so cool we just cant stop playing it.

This game is amazing because we love that you amazing team made a 1,000 level video and the video game is amazing 10/10! Keep up the good work!

This is so good we love that you dont have to unlock all the characters at the start. But lets talk about animation. Usually you wouldnt expect to much in mobile game animation but this proves you wrong. We were thinking we havent got a new game for a while before this so this was supposed to be the gangs big comeback? Either way they did a great job with this and Im exited to see what the next update brings.

Yea Love you so much our name isRegan.

Gahgsjjjdhhfgehjdkkhdhccdvbna ABB v dnjaj. Dbbsbsbhnsndnncbbbdhhdb shjdjjjdhhdhhdh dbbdb ndndnndbbdbbbcbh dbjndbnbhehdb dbbdb dbbdb hdnndbndbbdbf. Cb dbbdb r CNC nrnxnennfxnd dnbbgbmkdkkjc.

Us encanto la tematica los niveles y los personajes.

So awesome the developers have enhanced their running series that keeps you intrigued and wanting to play more ! Thank you!

So we were playing it and we loved it and we actually wanted this game to have more portals so the first portal is season 1 portal then season 2,season3season4,and a season 5 portal.

Fun game but please get rid of the annoying ads. Please make it available where we can buy a few coins and get rid of the ads. Because its very annoying to sit through ad that in dont care about after a run.

Hey. NO MORE ADS! Us tired of da ads bye.

This was the best outfit 7 game we’ve seen in our whole entire 100x life.

Yesterday when we were looking in the App Store, they finally released this game officially, so we downloaded the game, but however it doesnt want to connect to Game Center, we’ve tried looking for an option in the game settings, this option is found in the game settings of every talking Tom game that allows you to connect to Game Center, but this game doesnt have that option for Game Center, we know that you guys just released this game a day ago where it might need more features soon in the future, but still needs Game Center support, where you can beat against people in leaderboards and collect achievements, it even says in the App Store that it supports Game Center, but it does not.

We love it SO much that we cant stop playing it and it is really good for the first time playing it!!!

It is fun to play you should download it.

We thought the global release was canceled did u restart it.

Love this game, its like Tom hero dash and gold run all in one! This game is very long and to progress you Have to get gold unlike the other games you cant just pay to beat the game! We recommend to get this game.

Awesome game, Talking Tom Gold Rush was our childhood so it was so cool to see a sequel. The worlds are so immersive, it’s stunning how much detail they put into all the houses and places. Only problem is there’s only three worlds so far, but we’re sure those take a long time to model. Anyways can’t wait to see more worlds, this game has potential!

The game is good but we have on question why can we not get some costumes when we get a package of cards can we get feedback.

Can you fix this bug that spinning wheel keeps getting the same spot over and over again. Pls fix.

So we thought this going to be like hero run but no and also that other review was right it is glitchy.

Im enjoying it. Its almost as fun as the original.

It a better version of TTGR This is TTTR and way better just that some of the pro strategies from the original Game but the strats like upwards scoops are still in the game just the left and right drop, stop and roll strategy is not in the game because the movement is so stiff and sensitive of if those were added this might be a 5/5 stars because if you look at our YouTube: YouTube. Com/@DxzhyYouTube or Just go to Game Center Im around 2% So this is a really good Game 92/100 Unlike TTGR it Has a better Ranking System Too + if this had all the strategies it might had gotten an 98/100 Of this is really Decent Game if we had to do the rating myself we would say, High A, 97.918/10.000.

Ok are you KIDDING us? This is literally talking Tom gold run. The whole thing. We mean its OK but come you can try harder!

We absolutely adored exploring prehistoric time, the pirate age, and Ancient Pompeii. The worlds are full of lots of wonderful surprises, but theres one glaring detail that our eyes cant ignoreonly those three worlds of time travel are available currently. We hope that things will change with the next update, including more immersive locations to sprint through.

So,(to me) this is just Tom gold rush with a coat of paint. Just boring. We’ve only been keeping up cuz da memez(mainly talking Ben). On our yt channel (A unknown person), Im planning to make a vid discussing our problems.

This game has a few of bugs that needs to be fixed such as moving difficulty it affects the game play which is fine because this game is new if you wanna play something like this we recommend the original talking tom gold run but please fix this.

It is kind of fun but it seems like a copy of Tom Gold Run. Although this game and Tom Gold Run are still different but it just seems generic. We wouldnt recommend it but we just downloaded it so maybe if you experience it a bit more it might be more fun than expected but its just okay..

The app on the App Store shows this game is rated for children as young as 4 years old, but we keep hearing an ad with Kid Larois song Stay where he clearly says Ill be F***ed up if we cant be right here. Are you kidding us?! If the developers have control over the ads that show on your game, shame on them. If they dont but have any sense of decency, they need to contact Apple or whoever needed to find the ad and get it removed from their 4+ rated game.

So we downloaded the game, and on the second try we were at about 10,000 and we went up a ramp. Well, actually, we tried to go up. We clipped through it and crashed. This happened a couple other times in ramps at different scores. Theres like a 50/50 chance youll clip through a ramp. Please fix.

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