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Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D

Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D! Developed by the innovative team at Sonat Joint Stock Company, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 5th October 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 10th March 2024.

Are you a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games? Then Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D

Over 160 players have rated Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D Cost?

Good news! You can download Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D on your iOS device absolutely free!

Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D Release Date

Eager to know when Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D first graced the App Store? It was launched on 5th October 2023.

When Was Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D Last Updated?

The latest version of Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D was updated on 10th March 2024, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D?

To get started with Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D

A brand-new puzzle game that will challenge your skill to solve problems is called Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D. This 3D game will have you hooked in no time because of its easy but difficult gameplay.

It’s time to take care of your brain by playing puzzle games to enhance your IQ. Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D is a brainteaser puzzle game that will challenge you and keep you interested as you try to solve puzzles with ropes and lines. Even though this game seems easy, it’s quite challenging!

Don’t know what to do in your free time to relax and train your brain? Then Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D is perfect for you.

How to play Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D:

  • Chose the rope carefully to not make more knots
  • Tap the rope to move and place it in the right places to unlock all knots
  • Sort the ropes in the right order
  • Think fast and strategize as you move the ropes to unravel the knots
  • Unknots all the ropes and win

Feature in Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D:

  • Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and colorful design
  • Challenge yourself with over 100 levels with all the different types of maps and difficulty
  • A lot of different rope skins will blow your mind
  • Become the master in problem-solving skills while unknots all the rope
  • Have fun with the cute and colorful art styles of all types of ropes, pins, and detailed backgrounds

Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D features great 3D graphics and a vibrant design that will help you relax. The controls of the game are responsive and flexible, which makes for a fun gaming experience.

Are you now prepared to deal with the multiple knots that lie ahead? See how far you can get by downloading now!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D updated on 10th March 2024:

Fix bugs…

User Reviews on Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Tangle Rope: Twisted 3D below:

Purchased to avoid adds. It gets to the level that it times out and you have to either watch adds or purchase more time. Or you never advance. We would not purchase this or recommend purchasing.

Started off great. But we want a mindless game where we can enjoy it at our pace and not have it get increasingly harder, either via time constraints or number of move constraints. For example, there are solitaire and sudoku games that are the same type of game EVERY timeno timing constraints, and no limit on the number of moves. As you get into the levels above 300 or 400, things change. Now Im at 619 and we run out of time on difficult puzzles. Not what we want. Yes, we paid for the full version. Unhappy.

We recently bought this application after playing it for a few days. We enjoyed the challenge of moving the ropes around to untangle them. We appreciated doing the challenge without having a timer counting down, and instead being based on the number of moves. We played round after round and enjoyed this diversion. We found it relaxing. Then a few days ago, the app changed. It is now using a timer and we find that stressful and anxiety inducing. We do not like this change. We have tried sending a message to the developers asking for the option of being a move based round or timed. Our message only generated an automated reply, but nothing in response. Before the change in style, we loved this app. Now we are becoming agitated when we play it and am giving a far more harsh review than we would have a few days ago.

Happily played this game for several weeks. Lots of ads, but we paid the small fee to eliminate them. We deleted a similar game because it had timed levels. Then at Level 435, the puzzles became much more complex, AND ADDED A TIMER!!! This was what made this game relaxing no timer. We dont care how complex the levels are AS LONG AS we CAN TAKE MY TIME TO FIGURE THEM OUT. So disappointing. Without the timer, this would be a 5 star review.

Game was great because it had no timer but now theres a timer so theres no point in playing this one over the others.

We love this type of puzzle but the timer countdown makes it too frustrating for players with limited vision and/or fine motor disabilities. Better to count how long it takes to solve, or count how many moves are taken to solve the puzzle. We will check for updates periodically and when the measurement type is changed we will be happy to make purchases. Thank you.

We liked this game strictly because there werent any time limits like the other one. You had limited moves, which was fine. Still made the higher levels somewhat challenging. We even bit the bullet and purchased the ad free version. Now with the recent update, TIME LIMITS!! And to buy boosters or an extra 45 seconds, you have to watch an ad. The coins earned after each level are virtually useless. Deleting.

We downloaded this game specifically because we wanted a tangle puzzle game that goes by number of moves instead of a timer. We paid for the add free version and played up through a hundred levels or so. The puzzles are too easy for much too long (they are not as good as other timed tangle puzzles, but we dont want a timed game), but they have gradually gotten a little more difficult. This would all be fine (although we would like more complex and difficult puzzles with a wider variety of tangles), except suddenly yesterday all puzzles have switched from number of moves to a timer. We now feel completed cheated because we bought this game ONLY because it was the only one we could find that was based on number of moves and not a timer. We play this game to relax and a timer is the opposite of what we are looking for. Further, if you are really interested in maximizing your mental reasoning, aiming for using the minimal number of moves is better than trying to move ropes quickly. Having to race to move ropes quickly just leads to sloppy unnecessary moves, is bad for relaxation, is frustrating because there are times when ropes dont move correctly right away, and it makes the game inaccessible to anyone with slower motor skills and particular disabilities or health conditions. In particular, if we had wanted a timed tangle game, there are better ones out there with a wider variety of tangle types! If we are forced to play with a timer, then we will switch back to those other apps. It is false advertising to advertise a game based on a set number of moves, and then to switch it to a timed game with no option to go backlet the player choose whether they want a timer or a number of moves based game! In particular, this move to a timed version of the game is particularly worrying to us because it happed after the one time we played a different tangle game with a timer. While theoretically this could be coincidence, it doesnt feel like it (I have played a hundred levels or so of this game without playing any other tangle games. Yesterday we wanted a more complex tangle and so briefly played another timed tangle game. Then we came back to this game and suddenly it was a timed game. This seems a little too coincidental, and makes us suspect that they are tracking our use of other apps, which we are not comfortable with and did not consent to). Overall, very disappointed with this app. Would revise our score up to a 4 if they would restore the number of moves based game and stop tracking our use of other apps. It would be a 5 if they fixed those issues and increased the variety of the types of tangles and their complexity.

We loved this relaxing game. It WAS the only one without a timer. Well now theres a timer. We were glad to pay the fee to avoid the ads, but now the game is no longer relaxing, but stressful. So sad.

We loved this game until the update yesterday. Instead of having to do the untangling in a certain number of moves, it is now timed. We can still do it in the time allotted but they may reduce the time as people get more used to it. They added some features that werent on the previous versionwhich you will have to pay foror sometimes watch advertisements. The few puzzles we’ve seen were more difficult and increase the chance that you will be burdened with ads or have to pay. We were only able to do a couple of levels (although we did the second one 3 times) because the game kept crashing. We used to find the game relaxing so we played it in the doctors waiting room or when we were winding down to go to sleep at night. Now we just get frustrated. If they fix the bugs so it will run, we will try it again. But if the ads and token payments get to high we will have to delete it.

We liked this game a lot and found it a great way to unwind until 2 days ago. Hard to find the game relaxing when you are up against the timer now.

We opened the game today and found a timer at the top of our screen instead of the number of moves available. We chose this version of the game specifically because it didnt have a timer. We want the previous version back! This version is useless to us.

Dont need the stress of a timer, prefer the moves left. Deleted app.

Love the game concept but an ad after every single game? And now they have added a timer? Glad we didnt buy the ad free version. Ditching the app because its not worth the hassle.

Gets you suckered in by allowing many games that are challenging, yet possible to win. Then you hit the wall. You cant complete a level without purchasing one of the tools. Im out.

You had to untangle in a certain amount of moves. This was a relaxing and fun game. Now it is unrecognizable and definitely not fun. Another one bites the dust.

Go back to the previous version where it gave you a number of moves versus a timed game.

All of a sudden there is a timer instead of countdown moves. Bring back countdown moves.

So this went from a fun and relaxing game to a timed game that buzzes alarms out you and flashes red lights when you hit only 30 seconds left. We deleted the game. Terrible update. Literally changed something fun and relaxing to something that induces anxiety and took all the fun away. Also? The new levels? Money incentivized because the levels are so much harder. Stay away.

We enjoyed the game until they added a timer. It was repetitive but still fun. We refuse to play it now that there is a timer.

We loved this game because it wasnt timed, you were limited by the number of moves allowed. We opened it today to play, and suddenly its timed. What a disappointment!

A new update ruined the game. They installed a timer, but it starts while you are just looking so by the time you think about it and make a move, the time is gone. They installed tickets which cost $4.99 that give you options to do things like cut ropes and open spots. We were offered 3 tickets within 15 minutes. $15 to play a few moves!!!!!!! That had suddenly made the game Uber expensive. Originally we loved the game but thought they should make it harder. We did not think they would make it horribly stressful. What a waste. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Ill go back to Magic Pizzles for relaxation.

There is another version of this game that we tried. We hated it because each level was timed. We fell in love with this one because we had the time to think each move through and knew how many moves were allowed. This made it challenging, reflective, and satisfying. Now, after the latest update, each level is timed just like the other version. Its just high pressure and we hate it.

This is our new favorite game. No timer, which is great because it is much more relaxing (there are limited moves, but you can restart if you need to). You can pay a small fee to get rid of ads, and other ads are purely optional. It is easy at first and gets more difficult as you play more levels. There is a section for special challenge games that are more difficult (you earn the option to play those). It is relaxing and you arent constantly having to feed it money. Thank you!

Have to restart after each play Provides number of moves instead of time limit. That makes this game more desirable than others.

Twisted Tangle because you arent paying an arm and a leg for everything. Well, sort of. After every single game, it gives you the option of collecting a few coins or double that with an ad. Either way, you get an ad. Yes, after every single round. The excessive ads make it difficult to play for long periods without going stir crazy. The positive to that is that you arent being charged at every turn. We wish the developers would understand that we all have our limits to what is reasonable and acceptable and what is way over the top.

Far too many long advertisements between each 1 1/2 minute level. More fun to count down moves than to have a timer.

This game is just ok. Here are our thoughts: – we sort of liked that initially, the games did not increase in difficulty level. Many reviews said they did not like this about the game but we were specifically looking for a game that we could mindlessly play & not have to concentrate too hard on it & this appeared to be it. Im just looking for a time filler & we dont want to get so heavily involved in any game that it gets that deep. Im around level 1900 & as of late, there are games that seem like they need so many moves & they only give you like 10 or something. Then there are games where they give you 28 moves & you solve it in 8. – You dont have the option to go back to previous levels, which we wouldnt mind doing, but you cant. – The coins are useless & are used to buy different colors or backgrounds- all stuff that people probably dont care about. -I like that its not a timed game. Timed games drive us crazy & take the fun out of it (for me) but it would be a cool option to have for those that like it. – we paid for the removal of the ads & for the most part, this takes them all away unless you are skipping the level or using the special features like cutting a rope. – There is nowhere that shows you how to play the game. Only by accident did we discover things like picking up a rope & moving it around only to place it back where it was can change its position on the board or sometimes free it. We also had a few games to where two ropes were anchored in the same spot. This isnt something we saw a lot of & it could be a fluke because you cant always do this.

The coins are useless and the levels dont increase in difficulty. Also SOOOO MANY ADDS!! We found a way around the ads wo paying the 5 dollars and Im glad we did. Deleting the game after only a few weeks.

Nice game – we are looking for something to occupy our mind and we enjoy the game BUT. You have to pay WAY to much money to play this game. It would be nice if they had a way to turn off the timer and you could play a relaxing game. NOPE – not for us.

Ads play between each game. Only way to get rid of them is to pay. The game is fun, but not worth the hassle.

Game might be fun, but ADS awful. Deleting!

Ads, ads, ads, and then ads. What a crock. We actually got an ad while we were looking at the settings 3.4 rating has to be a lie.

Advertising makes your head and eyes hurt, although you advertise games for the elderly so that they don’t get tired.?

This is better than other twist games, only because no time limit BUT after first few rounds the ads start. Every. Single. Round. Not worth it.

You have to watch an ad after every single game. Deleting.

Over 100 levels and still none that are difficult.

We wasted over $35 on this game. They did not refund the money that was paid and then not credited to our game. This happens with way too many games. Maybe they dont care cuz they are trying to scam people but they will not keep long term users with this scam. Do not purchase anything from this game unless you want to lose it.

This game is awesome and the creators did an amazing job with it. However, the fact that there is an ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL is actually crazy. Thats way too many ads and literally made us delete the game because of them. We understand they are trying to make money but the amount of ads is simply too much. Bad decision on their part on such a great game.

There doesn’t need to be an ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME, especially since the games in the beginning having only 4-5 moves and last a matter of seconds. NEXT!

These developers have successfully created a platform for playing ads and getting paid for that, with no consideration for their game. It takes 6 to 8 seconds to clear a level and then you gotta watch a minute and a half to two minute ad. Dont waste your time downloading this piece of garbage!!

A useless game have to wait 30 seconds to 1. Minute between each game. A useless waste of time deleting app.

Just skip from ad to ad in endless download prompts. How do we delete faster???

We get it that people write apps to make money. But when you spend more time watching ads than you do playing, not interested!

We tried a different tangled game, even paid for no ads, but it runs out of lives too fast! Not this one! We can start over multiple times!

Nicer game, relaxing, no time limits- only moves, a bit easier but good to relax. AND no need to purchase anything other than AdFree. Still, you dont HAVE to purchase in order to play AND progress. We deleted the other rope game. What people forget ( was reading complaints about this) is we used to pay a small fee for the apps before they started the in app purchases, HIGHLY RECOMMEND:)

Fun game! It has just the right amount of easy and relaxing levels to more challenging levels. Its a great game for keeping the mind alert. We play this game for several hours every single day! There are ads yes, but we paid the small amount for no ads and have been extremely happy playing ever since.

The coins have no use whatsoever to the playing of the game. Theres no way to skip levels or use scissors without watching ads (which we refuse to do). Hopefully the developers will consider using coins to purchase skip levels and scissors in the future.

We just got this app and it is so satisfying it get challenging after a little bit but it is a lot of fun we dont like the adds we get they are trying to get money bet we feel like it would be a lot more easier if there was none but other then that we love it!

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