Taxi Car Parking Driving Games

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 02:00 am

Taxi Car Parking Driving Games


Taxi Car Parking Driving Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by UNICALAUTO, SOCIETATEA CU RASPUNDERE LIMITATA, Taxi Car Parking Driving Games is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th December 2020 with the latest update 19th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7,172 people have rated 1.8.2

You can download the game Taxi Car Parking Driving Games from APP STORE.


Are you ready to become the best taxi driver in your city?Let the game begin!!!

Start a new job in Taxi Driver World game simulator.

Get a good driving simulation experience by playing this game!
Become a taxi driver, try now new modern cars in most popular cities.
Your passengers are waiting, don’t make them take the bus or train!
Let’s see how fast can you get to the pick up point!
Earn money by driving your taxi around the city picking and dropping passengers form one destination to another.

Challenge yourself! Download Taxi Driver World now and enjoy the infinite world of driving game!!

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Updated on 19th May 2022

-Bug Fixing

Taxi Car Parking Driving Games Review

This is the only time we have had a game on our phone 30 minutes before we see its complete garbage. Why does the game send an ad in every second of the game it is possibly we think the worst game we’ve ever had on our phone it is awful and it pops up an ad every time you try to and when you hit something it says your car is damaged but it really is not. Its no use downloading this game because youll be deleting it in the next 10 minutes because it is the worst possible game you could ever imagine.

Pls done download itit very useless.

The game is good, interesting, it doesn’t hang, everything is fine.

Good game, the interface is clear, a lot of features, we recommend for downloading best races.

We didnt really like it because they always interrupt you and say your player is hungry or your car is damaged when its not. Another reason is that there are too many adds its so stupid. And when you move your car it moves your camera where your facing which is really annoying! Please fix it!

We were about to play it and it kept logging us out!!!!!!!!!!?.

We hate this game because it was soooo glichy and so annoying and the steering wheel would not turn when we needed it to and it was so annoying fix it.

Way to laggy took forever to download and when we got on the game it was very laggy dont waste ur time and storage.

Way to many ads each time you pay or during you play an ad come up! Dont download.

More ads than a voodoo game. Absolutely insane amount of ads.

When we downloaded the game we thought it was going to be good but you have to play to play 5$ weekly its so sad that people have to ruin iPhone games.

You cant even play it force kicks you when you get in the car and its so annoying and, if it does let you play you have to watch like twenty ads then it force kicks you again. Please remove ads you literally have to pay to actually play the game.

This bad game bad graphic not good all.

The first time we went to play we got kicked so we tried it several times and we were kicked every time:(

We downloaded the app, and when we went to click play, and started driving, it kept glitching, freezing the screen, and pausing. And when we picked up a person we had to watch an add that kept replaying over and over again. This isnt a good app to play.

Terrible game not worth any stars looks nothing like the ads and pictures also lags really bad it froze our phone a wouldnt let us get off for a bit and also got an ad and we hadnt even gotten to play the game yet. Just terrible game.

It really bad it says that you crashed when you did not.u cant stop for crap it doesnt even turn until you reastart it every level. Dont waste your time its crappy.

Its extremely laggy and a waste of time. Graphics are not as advertised.

We know you have to have ads to make money but we just downloaded the game and deleted it within like 5 minutes because there is literally an add every second it feels like. When it loads in, an add. When we get in the green box, an add. And we try to drive away after that, an add. Its not enjoyable to play when theres constantly an add every second and the worst part is that we cant even get past the first second of the first level because after the add it resets us every time. It gets real annoying real quick.

The game is 99% ads we spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game and its kinda annoying the games not horrible but if we were you id look for another game.

We dont usually leave reviews so you know this game is really bad. The ad for this game made it look amazing. So you can imagine our surprise when the game was really laggy. We cant even play it without 28 different ads coming up. Also the graphics are awful.

Dont bother installing the app.

The game is really laggy and not only is it laggy but not that great of graphics. And we have one more thing bunch of adds dont buy this game unless you like watching adds and playing laggy games.

At least take the ad out from the screen top, so you can see the road properly.

We were playing and we get a snap from someone so obviously Im gonna reply to it, but our phone is super laggy and it takes like 2 mins to get to Snapchat AND its at 13%,the game was super laggy too.

We literally just started the game.

The game okay but too many ads and you need to purchase for no ads and even the graphics is not that great. Making money with ads not with game.

Ok so you cant see most of the screen and you cant switch the cameras plus its kinda hard to drive 1\10 so you might like it but we wasted our time on it.