Obama Run 2

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Obama Run 2

Obama Run 2

Obama Run 2 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Influencer Apps GmbH, Obama Run 2 is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th July 2021 with the latest update 2nd February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Obama Run 2 ?

4,130 people have rated 2.3

What is the price of the Obama Run 2 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Obama Run 2 released ?

Obama Run 2 was released on 15th July 2021.

When was the Obama Run 2 updated ?

The latest updated date of Obama Run 2 on 2nd February 2023.

Where can Obama Run 2 be downloaded ?

You can download the game Obama Run 2 from Apple Official App Store.



This Game is about Obama. We all love Obama.

Updated on 2nd February 2023

Bug fixes and project cleaning

Obama Run 2 Review

This is the game we needed. A bit laggy but its okay because Obama.

Have you ever been down, hopeless, or felt like you had nothing to do in life? Well we created a game to cure you emotions and boredom. Here is the owner Obama. Hi everyone, we are Obama and we are happy to announce the opening of Obama run! We have made a data chart to see how many people we have cured and this is the data. 10 emo kids are normal, most gay people are straight and 20000 gwadamalins are still 20000gwadamalins.

We won the lottery, but then our dad who finally came back with the milk stole our lottery ticket, just to install Obama run 2. We were homeless, jobless, womanless, ligmaless. Until Obama came and gave us a phone. He told us use this phone to download Obama run 2 for free. Our dad came back, we got to live in his car, we had a job we worked at obamabucks. And we had a beautiful wife, he turned out to be a boy. And we finally had Ligma!!!

One day long ago, we were really bored and we were looking for a game. We downloaded League of Legends (Yes we were this bored). While we were playing, Obama joined our Discord and yelled at us for play zesty games. He said if we play them too much we will develop stage 69 ligma. He then stuck his hand through our monitor with a Samsung 420x Galaxy 69. He said download Obama Run 2. We came here and downloaded the game and its so good. Then Obama pulled up to our house and said if we beat our record of 21, he would gift us his new icon skin in Fortnite. We played and we got 21.00000000069. We barely beat it. Anyway, thanks Obama and thanks Obama Run.

Before Obama run, we were a severely depressed human being, we had every mental disorder in the known universe, we were on drugs, and we were an alcoholic. One day, we gave up on like and tried to shoot myself. Just about when we were gonna pull the trigger, our pet hamster started glowing, and it transformed into Sans the Skeleton from Undertale. He told us not to give up on life, but when we explained to him we had no reason to live, a phone magically appeared in his hand. He handed it to us and said, This will be your reason to live. He then vanished, we never saw our pet hamster again. As we went on the phone, we saw there was only two apps on it, one was google which was opened to gettingrichsugardaddies. Com and also a game. It was called Obama Run. We already had a rich sugar daddy, so we went on Obama Run. Since then, our life has changed forever. We now dont only have 1 rich sugar daddy, but we have 69, one being Barrack Obama himself. Obama Run also cured all our mental illnesss and addictions. So IF YOU HAVENT GOTTEN OBAMA RUN, GET IT NOW. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

This game is a true masterpiece we are in LOVE with the music and the characters we HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO PLAY THIS GAME.

One day we were walking home and then a guy came out of nowhere. He had a gun and tried to shoot us! But then a guy came out of nowhere named jiff. Jiff loved peanut butter and OBAMA RUN!!! He gave us the app and Obama came out of the screen and saved us! -thank you Obama run.

Before this lifesaver our husband broke up with us and our boyfriend found out, he said it would be okay because he can talk to him about it at the next family reunion. Time pasts and our 4 male dogs all get pregnant time was tough. Then an add on our onlyfans caught our eye it was obama run. We ran and told our other husband and boyfriend about this game and they were sooo exited about it. Because of that we knew we had to download it. Our dog died in a car accident on the way to the doctors for our aids appointment because we were playing this WONDERFUL and ENTERTAINING game!!!! We posted on our onlyfans about this game and it got almost 1000,0 more downloads! Our ex husband told us he downloaded the game after we posted about it and he was so exited that he came over to our house to surprise us! We didn’t even know why he was in our bed with our other husband but he said he was playing this game! He said he wanted to get back with us and told us he loved us after we sent him a picture of his dad he has never seen before. Our life has gotten so good and our onlyfans love it. Our ex-husband, husband, boyfriend and 4 male dogs love this game!!!! Thank you obama run for saving our life! <3.

This story begins when we were a child our mother had passed 2 years before we were born. And our dad died on the way to get the milk. And we were raised by trump supporters, this is when we met our (at the time) best friend, John pork. We lived a normal childhood, but we always wanted to watch Obama even though our parents disliked him. Then Im middle school us and John pork were talking and then he said he never liked us and liked to eat pork ( he told us he was vegan) Later in life we went to a speech where Obama was speaking (he was our hero) we heard something strange in his speech almost like a clue. He said the name you are looking for lies within our enemy. 20 years later we were searching on our expedition to find Obamas last name we found out what the clue was, we were in Washington dc headed to the trump tower. When we almost arrived we saw trump supporters. They know. We ran to the tower. We paused, we saw a coin with obamas face on it (flashback) we remember a game we played when we were a kid called Obama run. We remembered the coins they give you speed while you run over spikes it was our favorite game. (Back) we collected the coins till we have enough speed to run to the top we thought we were safe till we heard trump coming we hid in the closet phew Im safe we said. We were wrong. We heard a familiar ringtone from our pocket! We were sabotaged we checked the phone to see a familiar face. The face of John pork! That traitor! They found us and we were dodged a few bullets like we were in the matrix but we were hit. We woke up in a basement we saw trump he was going to kill us by rubbing his elbows together until we die we thought it was over we closed our eyes. It was the end. We heard screaming we were confused and we saw trump dead. And we heard a voice a beautiful voice say do not fear for Obama is here! We turned around and it was him! He saved us and said he would take us to the location of his last name but first he must tell us his backstory. At a very young age he was born unable to speak or walk for his beginning years. He was abused by his non existent father and his mother who was always playing Fortnite and his brother ( the only other person to know his last name) who always would feed him poisoned nuckles. At birth Obama didnt tell his parents his last name only his brother. He got a job a whole 15 years after birth at the trump tower where he worked up to become a politician and finally president. Now, we must go said Obama we searched all around the tower we asked Obama why dont you just tell us your last name and he said the name you search for our last name is unable to be spoken by our human vocal cords we said well how do you say it then have you ever said it? And he said hes but not in this form we need to be more powerful to say it here this will take a while play this game we made he handed us an Obama phone with two apps, Obama run, and Obama call. We played Obama run for 10 years until we were the world champion and we won billions of dollars due to having the power of Obama, and our final round was between us and John pork he tried to distract us by calling us but the Obama call app prohibits him from calling so we beat him! He wasnt happy his whole family showed up, John pork, Jane pork, josh pork, and James pork. They jumped us and hid us in their basement where we happily stayed for 10 years when we heard him again we heard his voice he came to save us! We heard, do not fear Obama is here! And us him and nuckle and all the Obama supporters fought trump and his supporters and the John pork family it was a long and hard battle Obama was killed but later beat trump when the 10,000 Guatemalans helped him. He finished saying to trump, YOU HAVE FAILED THE CHALLENGE THANK YOU FOR PLAYING. Then he showed us his true form it was to amazing to describe and he told us his last name it was hard to comprehend it was almost 4 dimensional we cant say it in simple words but we can picture it and that is the conclusion Obama run saved our life so thank you Obama run, Thank you.

Before we played Obama run we were playing genshin impact 78 hours a day and we were living in our moms basement. The second we joined this game we became an actual Chad. We had a six pack instantly. This game made us touch grass daily. We were no longer bullied in school. Thank you Obama run for making us a gigachad.

Yes the game is great and all BUT whenever u revive it has no cooldown so we just run into a Obama ball /sign. Another thing is with the revive feature, whenever the ad ends when u hit revive the x appears right? Well when it appears the game starts WHEN UR STILL ON THE AD fix now pls!

We dislike how Obama run 2 is now an online exclusive game. We cannot avoid these stupid ads anymore but putting our phone on offline mode. The sensitivity is also different, by different we mean worse. Bring back Obama run 1.

You have to watch ads and u need internet.

Incredibly epic game, but the fact that we can’t play if we don’t have internet is very stupid. The game has no online features aside from ads.

We were just driving around at 3am in Ohio in a circle and then a massive hole in the ground just came from below us and we fell into it and then the heck god said if you do not install Obama run you will be in heck for the rest of eternity and we installed it and we played on it while we were riding on our coco melon Segway for the rest of eternity end of story.

We were in the forest because we had run away from our mom because she said our dad wasnt coming back with the milk. It couldnt be true. All of a sudden a saw a UFO that dropped 69,420 aliens on top of us. We thought it was the end until our phone buzzed. It was a text from Obama that said we got you bro and all of a sudden the aliens died and we grew 2 feet and our dad came home with the milk. All thanks to this amazing game Thank you Obama run.

We were walking down the street when this guy asked if we wanted candy and we said yes so we went to his house to grab candy but he locked us in the basement and this game is our only contact with the outside world so we changed our name to SOS and they were able to track the location and rescue me.

Had this game for a while, absolute classic. Is there any way for us to play version 1.95, though? We need our fix on Obama Run 1 and 2.

When we did not have this game we were struggling with our orangutan cuz he had diabetes type 69 so we were worried until we found this game started our orangutan started healing and got less fat and he became a gigachad and when a very nice and kind man in a white van asked us for some candy we said yes and he kidnapped us until our orangutan saved me.

We were getting on cod and our phone got a txt so we checked our phone and for some reason we went to the App Store and thats where it all began and now we love it we like the new update but could there be more maps love Ohio by the way you should add a super idol map that plays the music if you dont know what it is look it up on YouTube super idol bye onomatopoeia.

This game saved us from stage 4 terminal cancer and we lost 600 pounds after playing this game.

We were addicted to fortnight and we would spend 15+ hours on it a day and we were 669 pounds, we were rolling down the street in our wagon (wagon because we could not walk dew to our morbid obesity) and everyone looked down upon us. We were on our back home to rage at some 9 year olds on fortnite but then we met himhe told us we would become a chad if we played Obama run, we tried it and lost 69 pounds each day and was making huge gains, we became wealthy as well and got the new iPhone 69, we have 69 girlfriends too! Obama run changed our life for the better. Thank you Obama run, thank you.

The concept is stupid but the game is great.

2 years ago from today we were a fortnite kid doing the griddy everywhere we go and we did it so much we forgot how to walk. But the one day we go to washington dc to see the white house. Next we see myself in someones house and we are lost. We keep looking for help but then when we were about to eat water and cereal because our dad never came back with the milk so we ate that. Suddenly a strange man in a mask came up so us and kicked the guy back to jupiter where he came from and unmasked himself. OMG it was obama and came with the milk and a phone and he said with this phone you can only play obama run and write obama run stuff so then poof he disappeared and next thing we know we were back in our hotel safe and sound and from that day our dad came back with the milk 69 years later and we are a happy family.

Obam run 2 is on but we want to play old Obama run as wel, please bring back old Obama run and make Obama run 2 a separate app. We have a deep connection to old Obama run as it cured our cancer (I had ligma, bofa, Candice, deez, and sugma at the time but Obama fixed it) and without Obama run 1 we feel the cancer returning. Please bring back Obama run 1 or we will be force to rate 1 star. Warned.

This game is the best game we have played ever in our 69 years of life. The graphics are top g (better than Andrew Tate, but not as good as Ja Morant). The gameplay is better than your grandma, there are no virusus. Our only complaint is that it has not figured out Obamas last name.

Obama run is a great infinite runner, the characters have a good design, and there are multiple maps. The things we have to say is that there should be more music to select, and some sort of way to remove those annoying ads. The ads are either weird, or have something sexual in it, such as a random anime girl with breasts that inflate. We also suggest daily rewards such as coins and skins. To us, it can be a little difficult to collect thousands of coins.

He came in the school and pulled out a m9 and we said dont shoot try this. He played Obama run for the rest of his life and lived happily ever after.

We had it rough like diamond in the rough, this game update to 2 and now our life for much better. We alweqdy prawyed a wlot.

We loved this ever since we got it, ever since we took a look at it, we knew it would be better than any console game we’ve played in a lifetime, its brought us love and joy, we will spread this game down into the next generation..

This is the best game ever keep it up we wish we could give you a 100 star review this is legendary.

Obama For Obama is a triangle, yet prism, Obama our father? No, Obama god He dresses like Obama, moves like Obama Not like yo momma, fights through trauma, In the country of Ghana, there lies a legend, Obama.

Obama run 2 has made us go insane.

Before downloading this beautiful game we were a neckbeard discord mod who never showered or touched grass we would never talk to girls because we were too busy with discord but one day while at a video game con we saw someone playing this we asked them what it was and they said Obama run we downloaded it and we made us different the second we played it we wanted to go to the gym and we deleted discord we asked out a girl and now have a girlfriend o will always thank Obama for fixing our life.

And Before obama run we were bangring all over people because we are indian and love the bhangra. But one day in washington dc this man walked up to us and he said we are better than you at fartnite and he had 69 skins (cap) and 420 girlfriends (also cap) and then on our way to the white house because we wanted to bhangra with president obama we saw a white van that said free vbucks and candy and we could never turn that down because we weigh 69420 pounds so we went in and they scammed us! Normally since we are indian we should be scamming people but this was a trick he had a bat then swung it close to us then the rest was a blur. Next thing you know we are in this creepy basement he said noone can here your screams down here and he had a tazer showing it off about to kill us then right before he tazed us this man in a ski mask came in and knocked him out and untied us and when he took off his mask we did not belive it IT WAS OBAMA he untied us we did the Bhangra with the obama run music and handed us this phone and said we can only play abama run and the Bhangra music can save us any time and we can only call obama and play/write review about obama run using this iphone 69420 pro max ultra plus elite obama popo and now we are perfectly living in our dumpster on 69th street.

If you rate less than 5 stars then u a boomer.

The music is back and the graphics are insane.

Before we played Obama Run, we were an 11 year old among us kid who spent 21 hours a day saying peoples moms are fat, and calling red a sussy baca. We were never more hopeless. We were projecting our own insecurities hoping it would be better to deny them but it only made everything worse. We reached the edge. The cliff called to us, and we wanted to jump. One night we went to our moms apartment building, and went to the roof. However, right before we took the final step of our life we heard a noise, a sweet, sacred noise. The noise kept growing and growing and keeping us from the ledge until we felt a warm hand on our shoulder. Before we felt like Atlas, holding the weight of the world on our shoulders, but this hand felt like it took all the burden from us. We turn around, and shock enters our face. It was Obama. He said our fellow Americans, a great injustice has been done today. This boy has lost faith in each and every one of you. We need to do better. Then he handed us a phone and disappeared. We looked at the phone, it said iPhone 24 Salvation Edition and it had one app installed. That app was Obama run. We’ve played this game, every hour, every minute, every waking second, of every day since that fateful moment, and its changed us. All our insecurities, all our anger, it was all gone. All Im left to say is: thank you Obama Run, thank you.

There was once we were getting robbed but we showed the robber Obama run and we became the leader of the the crime sindicato.

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