Teacher Simulator

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:08 pm

Teacher Simulator


Teacher Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Teacher Simulator is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th July 2020 with the latest update 11th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


205,118 people have rated 1.5.6

You can download the game Teacher Simulator from APP STORE.


Do you have what it takes to be the best teacher in the world? Now is the time to find out in Teacher Simulator!

In the game you will get to explore what school is like for the teachers. Get your pencils at the ready and make sure you’re all prepared to answer their questions and catch out the cheaters in your classroom.

Is that the bell? Guess it’s time for class. Hurry up and download the game today before your students’ do!

Teacher Simulator features:

  • Send cheaters to the principle
  • Answer your students questions
  • Sharpen your pencils
  • Become the best teacher


Subscribe to Teacher Simulator for all of the following benefits:

  • New ‘Arts & Crafts’’ Mini Game
  • VIP Outfit
  • No Ads
  • x2 Earnings


Teacher Simulator VIP Membership access offers two membership options:

  1. A weekly subscription costing $5.49 per week after a 3 day FREE trial period.

  2. A monthly subscription costing $14.49 per month.

After buying this subscription, you will unlock an exclusive ‘Arts & Crafts’ Mini Game to play, a VIP outfit to wear, remove non-optional ads, and x2 earning from your clients. This is an auto-renewable subscription. The payment is charged to your account after confirmation. The subscription is renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the period ends. Your account will also be charged for renewal
The prices notes are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may change and actual charges may be converted to local currency.
End of trial and subscription renewal:

  • The payment is charged to your iTunes account after a confirmation of purchase
  • The subscription is renewed unless you unsubscribe 24 hours before the end of the current period
  • The account will be charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period at the standard cost of the weekly subscription
  • The user may manage the subscription and auto-renewal by accessing the user’s account settings after purchase in the store
  • No cancellation of the current subscription is permitted during the active subscription period
  • Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when the subscription is purchased
    Cancelling a trial or subscription:
  • In order to cancel a subscription during the free trial period you need to cancel it through your account in the Store. This must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period to avoid being charged.


Updated on 11th April 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep you teaching!

Teacher Simulator Review

Hey our name is Stacey and we love this game sooo much.

Great job on making the game its amazing.

This game is making us smarter now Im the smartest in our school even though we already was the smartest.

Your always the best game ever bye.

This game is so some we are going to share it to them do they can see great this game is.

It show hard sometimes can you do it???

This game is so fun to play and it is awesome to play.

This is the best game it is prepares us for being a teacher.

We LOVE this game! It is so entertaining! We think that everyone should play it.

Ike this game so far this game is awesome and addicting game and fun.

This game is a school game and the school is our favorite place to go, we love math, recess, writing.

We love it and we think you should get it.

It is so fun to play when you are bored but when you finish a bell theres always a add but overall pretty good game 10/10 recommend.

Hi it can give you teaching vibes we wish we could correct them like they got it wrong we could do tell them the right answer.

We love it because you can fail kids.

This game is almost perfect except it sometimes when we put a check it reads it as an x and when some answers are wrong it says it was correct like Tom Brady is not a baseball player so we put an x and it said bad marking.

We personally think its a great game but we think that it needs a one minor fix like a lot of ads. So basically when you complete a task and it shows the money picture and then you hit collect it shows an ad we think after 10 times you see that button you should show an ad.

Is great game just lots of adds.

Ok so we love the game we became addicted in just a few minutes but we have to say the ADS ARE SO ANNOYING!!! We get one every minute, probably less. So your probably wondering what the 2nd thing is, well its just that we get so much money, but what can we buy? Like we have to watch an ad for extra money but why? We get all this money for nothing, maybe have a choice to buy more classes? Sorry for the complaining but we just wanted to know, creator please try and read this through and think about it, thank you!

Ads part Ads are at every end of the level it makes us mad! Stop The Bully we dont understand how you need to watch a ad to stun or to spray! All you would want to do is not to watch ads so you would let go. Then you get minus points from that! We dont understand. Please fix it. Anyways we like it! If you dont care about those things this is perfect!

We love it how you get to be the best teacher .

We like this game. Idk why but failing students is fun its just some random adds just pop up but this game is great.

We really like the game but there is just one problem. Ads. After you complete a level some random ad pops up and its annoying us but hey at least Im downloading some fun games! Note: we dont know all the answers lol.

We love this game because you get the chance to feel like a real teacher and get to test how smart you are but when you play each round you keep doing the same thing over and over again for example when you find cheaters we did that 2 times in one round also we think when you are stoping the bully you shouldnt have to watch a add to stun them or spay cause we got so tired of watching adds we just let the bullies go please fix these tiny problems thanks for reading our review!

So many adds every time we do a score on the game we always go to an add. We dont think you should have to pay to not have adds. We would rather go play a game without adds than play a game with adds. We love the game and the idea. Just needs a little less adds.:)

This game is really fun, and cool, because it shows you how teachers work and being in there hands for a while. But the amount of ads there are is unbelievable! Almost every time you complete a level or sharpen the pencils and stuff, theres an ad. We would recommend downloading it but unless you want tons of ads.

The gane is good but the reason we kinda dont line this game is that when ever we press continue it presses triple or double for the ad and thats the only this we hate.

This game is good but it has a lot of ads and when you get one question not right it constantly says bad marking.

There is way to much ads and this problem is super annoying.

It is a good game but it has a lot of adds that are not for 12 and older.

Ok so the game is good we mean you get to do some fun stuff and some things on it are kind of cool like some of the close that you can get, but in one class which is about 3 minutes a class there were about 5 adds and its not worth it, so if you like adds then this is the game for you but we think that it should change.

Adds!!!! They annoy us so much! But game by it self is good.

We love playing this game but there are too many ads. Every time we proceed to the next part of the game it gives us an ad. When you try to go offline you cant play cause it wants wi-fi to work and if you want to play without ads you have to buy the no ads in game purchase. We wouldt recommend this to people with anger issues. Or anyone who hates ads.

So whenever we dont want triple and to watch and ad instead it puts an add and im still getting the same amount. Im a little impatient and it just makes us frustrated when we never picked triple but we still get an ad!

Ok so the gameplay is alright, some questions are thrown at you that even you dont know but thats ok. The part that gets on our nerves is the ungodly amount of ADS. What gets us even MORE riled is how whenever you beat a day, instead of collecting even if your finger is spot on pressing the collect button and is nowhere near pressing the triple button, it makes you press the triple button to watch another ad.

So this game is fun but there are many reasons we dont like this gams first the game you do the same thing over & over& over and every time you are done you have to watch a add and the adds are not like good adds there boring they have old people games to watch we are 9 we dont want to old people scramble or jigsaw so dont play this game!

It kind of got boring the longer we played it we think it needs more updates.

The game is ok in general but we think that personally theres way to many ads. At first we thought that at the end of the mini game we accidentally press triple but we were actually just pressing the regular amount or money and still had way to many ads,another thing is that you need ads for EVERYTHING! Its so annoying and thats why we deleted it.