Text or Die

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:19 am

Text or Die


Text or Die is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Text or Die is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th April 2021 with the latest update 2nd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Trivia, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


151,398 people have rated 4.6.0

You can download the game Text or Die from APP STORE.


The longest answer wins! Answer each question with the longest answer you can think of to build your tower and escape the rising waters!

As long as you can outlast the opponents, you wont get eaten!


Updated on 2nd May 2022

  • Bug fixes

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Text or Die Review

This is a great game we love our avatar and theres barley any adds this game is so fun and enjoying and us and our friends so things battle each other and Im always the victory queen its so sad seeing our friends getting eaten by sharks though we recommend this game GOOD LUCK Zane dont get eaten by a hungry shark.

This is a very great game also challenging and fun to use when not connected to the internet.

We really like this game and play it all the time.

This game is a good game its just the questions. The questions are kinda hard and it seems like its rigged so you cant win. Also we think you should make the questions a little more kid friendly so kids can actually answer the questions. For example the question we got was what was a family member of the British family how is a kid sopposed to know that? Thats the only thing that we would be very happy to be fixed but other than that this is a 5 star game :)

The best game ever. If you dont want it you are crazy. So BUY IT!

We love this game an honestly it is the best app ever because its free and theres so much more fun to it then that we have so many more great things to say about this game its just the best game we’ve ever played.

Hi at first our parents didnt like the game but they asked us last night what the game was called because we asked them things we didnt know and they said lillianmath why dont you download it on your phone and that why Im writing this review.

We love this game. And guess what we win every single time . No one has ever ever beat us we mean we dont know if its the game or if Im just really Good. But we know we love the game.

Hi thanks for making the game we love it !!!!!

Its a good game but when it said Name an animal that begins with a R we said RABBIT and it said it was wrong then said you mean robin? Like bruh fix the spelling.

We like it but we get a lot of wrong answers when theyre clearly correct. Latest one- name an animal that begins with R we answered rabbit it said not a correct answer offered us robin if we watched an ad. Id give it a five star rating if it knew all the answer options.

We like the game but too many ads we try to restart and it wont let us watch a ad but they pop up randomly when there are no rewards..

Hear us out, way to many ads. After every round there is an ad, during rounds, and surprisingly it offers ads But overall it is a very well-run game and it is super fun!!

Good app we love this game but it keeps showing us ads.

Good, but they all whase let you wen.

This game is really fun considering the different subjects and fun questions. Also so getting to the point we just think there is a lot of ads. We consider you getting this game if you havent yet but that is what we think of this game.

This game teaches you different things. And there is a few small things but those are ok. And Im 10 and we are loving it oh and we just got this. We literally just played our first game. And we do recommend it got 7 +

Its a pretty cool game, but there are a lot of words it doesnt accept. It didnt take Theoden for LOTR character, it didnt take The Philippines for country in Asia, it didnt mellophone for musical instrument, etc..

A good game 5/10 , too much ads , the competitors are bots , too much ads (twice) , needs a better graphics and things to buy in the game , and we hope there is a way we can react to others answers like laughing or getting angry .

This game would be awesome if it were real people the bots ruined it for us we even paid the extra to get rid of the ads but it loses interest when your just competing against random answers we come first every game boring after a while.

Its fine but way to many ads. Theres also a bunch of downloads but we just have to play with bots. After anyone falls you get an ad,to revive you have to do an ad,to correct your answer youd have to do an ad,the reroll the scale you have to do an ad,to do most things you have to do an ad. Its fun and while playing we noticed that after you have to pick the topic in the scale the game doesnt work anymore.

This game is really fun. We love word games in general but this one is really cute and definitely gets us very competitive! The one issue we have is that we will give the winning answer but its not counted!! For example the prompt was something you find at a wedding so we answered WEDDINGCAKE no brainer right? Wrong. Imagine our surprise as our answer turns red! Like whaaaat??? This is just one of many example we have. Im gonna keep playing, we just hope the vocabulary base grows!

We like the idea but there are way too many ads. We understand some ads. We know the developers need to make money. We played one game and saw 10 ads. We will delete.

Cool game, too many ads. Its annoying:/

So many ads unless you pay for add free. And then? Still some ads. Overheats our phone and even made it crash. Its a good idea for a game but the app is so bad.

Paid for no ads. Still getting ads.

We wish we could give zero stars. We dont understand how the creators of this game got away with calling it that- you play for 10 seconds and get interrupted by 1 to 2 ads that take at least 20 seconds each. Every time you finish a round, your first option to proceed is an ad, and you have to wait a bit for the no thanks option shows up for those who have the AUDACITY to not want to watch yet another ad. Finish a whole game? Guess what, another chance for an ad if you want it! Had a great idea that couldve been really fun, probably wouldve gotten really popular with friends and family if you allowed players to compete against each other. But you wasted it for cheap ads.

We downloaded the game today and really enjoyed our first couple questions. The ads pop up between every question and sometimes after two questions to the point you spend more time looking at unskippable ads than actually playing. All in all, the game is absolutely wonderful, but the frequency of ads made us uninstall after a total of 20 seconds of gameplay; we had the app for a total of around 6 minutes. You do the math between gameplay vs ads.

We wrote another review and it got sent but since it hasnt been published yet (and we dont know if Ill be able to edit it if it does get published), Ill continue it in this review. We mentioned previously the infinite numbers of ads, but if you are a parent, know that some of the ads are rated R in case you care about preventing trauma in your children. This game may reject valid responses but it does still provide a learning experience of sorts, so if you want to let your kids learn on this app, you should free some time to monitor the cartoon pornographic ads that pop up. Children innocently enjoy animated people, they dont need to be encouraged to go down on her, be taught to take advantage of drunk people, nor be forced to adopt a specific sexual orientation because they portray them in cartoons. Let the kids be kids.

Honestly the game could be fun but you are literally forced to watch a ad no matter what you do. You loose you watch a ad, you win you watch a ad, in the middle of the round you watch a ad, mess up a word watch a ad, and if you want to help your odds of winning guess what? You watch a add. We spent more time watching ads then we did playing the game! Move on to the next one unless you like ads then this game is for you.

We got the correct answer but it said we got it WRONG >:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Its a lot of fun but everytime we answer we get an ad and its really annoying so Id rather just now play.

We downloaded the game to try. Played one round and few ads. Then it asks us to purchase without ads and every time it asks a question we have to sit through ads! Its unusable.

First of all there is only ONE girl skin! And we are only ten years old and have see countless REALLY dirty ads. We think you can do better.

This game is so fun and if kids dont like to learn they can play this app to help and spell and it has less ads so the kids can get right to the game when they join.

Idk how people dont like this game.

It us fun but we dont like the adds to much and it is not that fun but it helps your brain.

Ads are the worse but the game is fun.

We recommend this game to anyone the only dislike is that some of the questions are hard and there are commercials every couple questions and we dont really like that but other than that this game is pretty good and we are going to tell our friends to get this game.

Guys in India can write perfect English. And kids with parents that are okay with violence cant answer half of the questions you have. Also, it doesnt take lady liberty as a New York landmark. Plus, your keyboard is glitchy. Also not up to date. It told us that ghost isnt a Justin Bieber song.

Can it not be text or die that is kinda inappropriate. But we guess the rest is good just we thought it was very different then the others. Maybe add a little bit more. Thank you for reading the text.