That’s Pretty Clever

Last updated on May 19th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

That’s Pretty Clever


That’s Pretty Clever is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brettspielwelt GmbH, That’s Pretty Clever is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd August 2018 with the latest update 20th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


139 people have rated 2.6

You can download the game That’s Pretty Clever from APP STORE.


"Ganz schön clever" is a fast but smart dice game for clever players of all ages.

The dice want to be chosen quite clever here. Cause good choices can lead to tricky chain reactions to fill more than one field at a time. Each selected dice entered in the color-matched area which will provide victory points at the end of the game. But beware: who is too greedy and chooses the highest dice early, loses valuable moves.

Collect achievements for special performances!
Place in the highscore list!
Hunt the highscore and compete against the worldwide community!

The new hit from the "klein & fein" series.
Nominated for Connoisseur’s Game of the Year

Updated on 20th October 2022

Improvements in login / logout process
Clearer explanation on how to restore an account
Fixed bug when opening links

That’s Pretty Clever Reviews

Rules for Yellow are in German.

We have played the real version of this game and love it. However we cant get the app to work. We can choose what dice we want to keep and score with and dont know how to find any tutorials for how the app works. Wasted our money.

The achievements arent all unlocking even when we reach the stated criteria.

The game is fun and clever, but the app is VERY basic and utilitarian. No undo, no access to rules while playing, no real tutorial, no multiplayer, no pass and play, no AI, no local high score list. Audio in-game is pretty minimal and often flakes out and stops working altogether mid-game. Luckily it doesnt add much to gameplay anyway. The user interface on iPhone leaves much to be desired with no visible clues as to which dice or options are playable at different times. The built-in English rules were obviously translated from another language or written by a non-native English speaker. They are very poorly written and nearly impossible to understand. Thankfully, the game is pretty straightforward and if you struggle through a few games youll probably figure it out. You shouldnt have to struggle though. A very, very basic app, for a very clever dice game.

There isnt an undo, there isnt a way to check the rules. There isnt even a back button. Once you start a game you either finish or have to hard close the app. The board game is great, but these guys clearly just made a crappy app and forgot about it. Would not recommend.

No discernible menu when in game. No options to choose how many players. Rolls not working correctly (picking fist type auto selects rear!?). Its full of bugs. Likely due to lack of updates? IOS 15.4.1 here.

Im unable to restore our purchases with the latest update which is unfortunate. Is this going to get fixed? The button just doesnt do anything.

The new Apple update makes you enter a new name each time you play and the sounds are gone. It also isnt keeping track of stats anymore.

This is a game we played first on the tabletop version. Much more fun than this game, but this version is decent. We lost sound about a month in and cannot get it back. Not sure whats up.

While we love the games you have digitally ported, your login system is still, even in this game with a supposed fix in the latest patch is very broken. The game simultaneously doesn’t recognize old usernames and emails while also forbidding us to reuse either as they’re already being used in the system.

The more you play the more you can tell these are not honest dice rolls. Garbage.

App could use an update for pass and play options, as well as basic stats, and an UNDO function (PLEASE!). Really fun game, the physical game is a must have.

We link our email to the account but then theres no link to enter the code that was sent and we dont see a way to enter it in the app. No statistics or achievements are captured.

We love this board game and the app is great! Our only complaint is that theres a bug with the Challenge 2 sheet where once youve selected a die, you cannot select a different die. This results in you choosing dice that you did not intend to use. Please fix this!

Decent recreation of a good game, but the developers didnt implement multiple player support and made a lot of bad interface choices. Lack of multiplayer is bad. Also, occasionally there are very intrusive ads for other apps which you cant dismiss without activating. There is no way to edit settings while a game is in progress. There is no way to quit/back out of game in progress. Installation of the expansion requires a reboot of the iPad to fix interface bugs with dice and button placement. Poor use of space on larger iPad screen. Again, a fun game but baffling UI design.

This app has all the marks of a company that doesnt care about the product they are putting in the market. The user registration is completely broken. You try to link your account to your email and you are supposed to paste the code from the email back into the app, but there is no way to do so. Also the game has no instructions, no links to instructions, no tutorial. Its a complete mess.

Nice implementation of the solo game if thats your bag, but we could already play that if we wanted to. The lack of any AI options make this an insta-delete for us.

The game is fun, but theres no way to track your scores from play to play, and no way to do pass and play with someone else, which really ruins the app. And it doesnt even use the iOS game account system. So no online play either. Sad. Also, an undo button would be very helpful for when you accidentally make a mistake. Nor should the game not allow you to end with a die still unplayed but it does.

This solo game used to connect easily to the designer’s web site for friendly competition, achievements, etc. Now it is permanently off-line even though it knows our email address. PLEASE FIX THIS! BTW, re-installing the app does not fix the problem. And our network functions just fine.

The second challenge version is the best of all the games in the Clever series.

Is there any key to start over the game? Or, is a player forced to play a game to the end whatsoever?

Really needs a multiplayer option That would make this game five stars! As a solo game its great but it really needs a multiplayer option…

This is an ok game, but is one of those games that some will "solve" and have an optimal strategy and hen it isn’t fun anymore.

First off, love the game. Fun, interesting decisions, quick to play, perfect for a mobile game. Easily a four-star game. But… This app has an almost fatal flaw. It acts as a media player. You cannot play your own music, it takes over any bluetooth speakers (like car audio), and drains the battery even when done playing. There is no good reason for this except poor implementation. Multiplayer would be nice, pass and play especially. But it is a really fun solo game that takes just a few minutes to play.

We love the game and find it truly addictive and quick, but once we got the new iPhone XR we noticed that the artwork is not optimized for it, also the fact that it takes over audio when we switch to it means we cant listen to anything while playing it.

The app has a weird white border around the edge. It should be black to match the rest of the app. Also, the audio implementation does something where it uses the iPhone’s lock screen audio player. In other words, when we’re on the iPhone lock screen, we see the audio player for this game. No other game does that. It’s pretty annoying.

This is our first review in all our years of using the app store. Tried to play the game and it asked us to register. We have no idea how to register as there is no link or prompt to do so other than register new account. We figure, ok maybe we need to go to the website and do this. We go to the website only to realize that a fully playable version of the app is available on their website. On top of that, still no option to register. As an extra bit of salt in the wound, the rules basically say to score points with dice using skill… Dont waste your money. If you want to play mobile, just go to their website.

This is an excellent dice game that provides great choices and hard decisions. The developer has been working to address some of the server issue that plagued our app at launch. We are happy to now be able post scores and see the leaderboard. We hope that they update the app to include a pass and play mode in the future. For now, the app is perfect at what it does. We look forward to playing this for a long time into the future.

Desperately needs an undo button!

What would be clever is if the developer of this game could EXPLAIN IT BETTER!!! This instructions in this game are really bad. We’ve played about 10 games and sort of know what Im doing, and sort of not. Very unintuitive game that looks like it could have potential, if we could only figure out how to play it properly. And no local high score, wow LAME.

This is a good game no clue why people are not rating it better.

We’re really enjoying this game when we have a few minutes to kill. The app is well done, but we have to agree on the needed improvements: * Pass-and-play multi player * Local high scores * Settings to remember that sound is turned off * Pinch zoom — on an iPhone, the buttons are too small for our big stubby fingers.

Never played the physical game but we just purchased it thanks to this app. Super great UI, very easy to learn and there’s quite a lot of strategy to it. It’s just missing an undo button, but otherwise this app is near perfect. Thank you for this!

We almost never write app reviews but we really felt one was warranted here. Not only is this game really darned clever, it makes you feel really clever as you play it and learn to chain together combos and reach ever higher scores. However, while the app works great and plays great, it does feel rather utilitarian. Once you start a game, you cant back out it to check the rules, or achievements, or scores, etc. Until you finish that game. This will make the first few plays frustrating as you will be dying to check the rules to remember what the different symbols and round markers mean. Also, we echo the sentiment of other reviewers that mentioned how nice it would be to see a list of our own high scores and not just the top 50 in the world. Also, a pass and play mode would be great!

Could a pass and play local multiplayer be added?

The orange 5 on blue doesnt always trigger.

We like the game, but it is taking a disproportionate amount of energy for being a simple dice game. According to battery settings, it used 10% of our battery over 26 minutes on screen (that might not be unreasonable?), but more importantly it shows as 7.3 hrs background time, for a total of 48% reported. Our phone drained completely overnight. We have an iPhone 8 running iOS 11.4 (15F79), purchased about 9 months ago.

For being a pretty simple game to play, GSC offers interesting decisions and strategies to try. The app only works for solo play, and it still has some bugs (and German text) in the achievements page. Fix those things and it would be 5 stars.

Glad we got to try out this great table top game. Needs various forms of multiplayer badly. Versus AI. Hot seat. On line. Needs high scores. At this point it is just a cool version of solitaire. While some can play one version of solitaire nearly endlessly, that isnt us.

Im not a huge fan of abstract games, but we have the physical game of this and it is quite addictive. The app is a good implementation of the solo game but it lacks a lot, specifically: 1) No stats, not even the basic of displaying your high score. This is a game that cries out for stats such as your average score, average/high score in each color, and many others. 2) Really there needs to be implementation of multiplayer, both local and online. Certainly the fun of chucking dice will not be replaced by the app, but dispensing with the physical sheets by using the app would be convenient. It seems that this was rushed out the door before it was finished to get some cash in. We hope the developer continues to improve the app, which certainly shows promise so far.

This is a fun solo game, but fir Petes sake give us a setting menu where we can do things like turn the sound effects off permanently! That incredibly annoying laugh or whatever it is always crops up at the least opportune time. Make it stop!

There are no settings options which is baffling. We assume we can only play solo because that is all there is. We cant turn the sound off. We cant listen to music while we play which is a game breaking issue for us. We really like the board game but this app is pretty much the worst port of a board game we have ever played. Revision: there have been updates which addressed some of our concerns. It is better but still not perfect.

Ganz Schn Clever is a great game and very addictive. But this app just seems to copy the free web version and add a basic score table. Not worth the money over the free web version. An example of an excellent Roll and Write app is the Noch Mal! App. This app just seems to be a cash grab from the Kenner Spiel publicity.

Some features and options would be nice. Some AI to play against even, or heck, maybe a pass and play MP mode. Playing solo gets old fast and there isnt even an option to return to the main menu that we’ve found. While the game itself is enjoyable, its pretty bare bones at this point.

We guess we should have read the reviews. Disappointing. Wouldnt have purchased if Id realized it was single player only. You can play single player for free with any web browser on Brettspielwelt. Its unconscionable that. The app description doesnt even mention that multiplayer isnt available.

Im enjoying the game so farits an interesting solo challenge and a fun board game we hadnt heard of before the app release. Improvements that would earn a fifth star from me: 1. Local high scores: Seems like a necessity for a solo game. Knowing how we compare to others is niceif we could ever crack the top 50but a list of our personal best scores (say, top 10) would be a great addition. 2. Multiplayer: we get that MP is a huge undertaking, but the original game is designed for 1-4 players. Implementing that mode in the app would be a big improvement.

Learned on boardgamegeek that this was in the App Store! Its a great port of the game, but Im a bit surprised that its missing two basic features for a game like this: – no way to pause a game in progress and go back to the menu – no personal high scores screen Fix these and its a 5!

The game is great, the app not so much. This app is completely bare bones. No options at all. The app will not allow you to play audio from other apps in the background which is incredibly annoying. Id also like and option to switch from a right-handed screen to a left-handed screen. Personal statistics would be nice as well.

No tutorial, locks on iPhone X, dont waste $3.

Could someone help us please? We downloaded GanzSchnClever. Its only in German. And the only thing we can do is play solo. Help please????

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