The Battle of Polytopia

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The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Midjiwan AB, The Battle of Polytopia is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th February 2016 with the latest update 10th October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Battle of Polytopia ?

11,644 people have rated 2.2.9

What is the price of the The Battle of Polytopia ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Battle of Polytopia released ?

The Battle of Polytopia was released on 9th February 2016.

When was the The Battle of Polytopia updated ?

The latest updated date of The Battle of Polytopia on 10th October 2022.

Where can The Battle of Polytopia be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Battle of Polytopia from Apple Official App Store.



“Pocket Gamer – Mobile game of the year”
The Battle of Polytopia is an award winning and unique turn based strategy game about controlling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies.

You take on the role as the ruler of a tribe and attempt to build a civilization in a turn based competition with the other tribes. It can be played offline line. Perfect for traveling.


"IMGA award for excellence in gameplay"

“Gold Winner – Lovie Awards”


"If you ever wanted the feeling of a classic Civilization game on your iPhone, The Battle of Polytopia is a worthy contender" –

“This brightly-colored turn based strategy game is difficult to put down” – Mac World

With millions of players, this game has quickly become one of the most popular civilization style games for mobile and has been acclaimed for its sleek user interface and great depth in game play.


  • Free turn based civilization strategy game.
  • Single & multiplayer strategy.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players all over the world)
  • Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players all over the world)
  • 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)
  • Exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare and technology research.
  • Three game modes – Perfection, Domination and Creative
  • Diplomacy – Make Peace treaties & Build Embassys
  • Invsible Cloaks and Daggers for Stealth attacks.
  • Mirror Matches (Meet opponents with the same tribe)
  • Configurable map types – Dryland, Lake, Continents, Archipelago and Water World
  • Wide range of different tribes with unique nature, culture and game experience.
  • Auto generated maps make each game a new experience.
  • Allow offline game play.
  • Gameplay in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Strategy multiplayer & Pass & Play.
  • Leader board with top scores for the best civilization builders.
  • Really Cute low poly graphics.

Updated on 10th October 2022

Adjusted Cloaks:
All units can now detect Cloaks
Cloaks get "Scout" and "Creep" ability

Adjusted Infiltration:
Improved design for detect and infiltration
Cities can only be infiltrated once per turn
Infiltration now causes damage to the defending unit
Daggers can spawn in the city if undefended
City’s star production is stolen by the infiltrating player
Special Pirate ship for Daggers!

Adjusted Balance:
Explosion damage is reduced by 50%
No damage from Fungi
Ice Bank cap increased to 30
Reduced the amount of income when meeting tribe (1 less star per level)
AI is now better at trying to reveal Cloaks
You heal 4hp in ally territory (instead of 2hp)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed boats on ice being able to move on land
  • Allow destroying buildings with invisible enemies on them
  • Fixes to Elo
  • Fixed games with bunnies and ice getting stuck
  • Fixed algae – port interactions
  • Fixed issue with adding players to pass and play
  • Various small UI fixes

The Battle of Polytopia Review

Amazing. Addicting. And requires patience. Thins is our to-go strategy after Civ 6.

We used to play chess frequently as a child. However we quickly found it to be simple and boring, as games are confined to an 8×8 grid, there is no fog of war whatsoever, it lacks a technology tree, there is only one set spawn, limited to 2 players, and all the pieces are the same. Thank god for polytopia, it addresses these limitations.

Really enjoyable, low entry barrier, extensive playability game. A nice replacement of sorts for the venerable New World Colony.

This is one of the best strategy games every, it does have a lot of payments you can make but they are all very cheap and you dont need them. And if you join the discord the owner of the game listens to your suggestions if you make any. Overall great community and gameplay. Worth trying out.

We personally love this game, but we feel like the tech trees too small and the massive maps to small as well. We feel like units should cost resources like wood, metal, food, and more. Perhaps add in armored units and a 1800 square map for a truly large civilization. Add in walls that blocks routes, gate houses for letting roads and allied units through. Plus you could make all this optional. Perhaps add in a lore mode for a cannon story. This game has so much potential! Perhaps make the tech tree much longer and add in more units for diversity of many strategies. Maybe add in a tribe that starts off the game with the tech called war defenses, which contains quarries to make the walls and gate houses. Though this is all our opinion, so its up to the devs to choose weather or not they should do this. Fare well, and we hope you have a WONDERFUL YEAR!

We love the multiplayer feature and options for matches.

We understand Diplomacy needed a nerf but please change the graphics on the pirate ship. It looks like a fishing boat from worldbox, maybe make it look more look a frigate and make it upgradable once.

We want to give an honest review, and we really cant find anything bad about this game, our only suggestion is that it would be cool if there was a battle animation, or something like that, keep up the good work!

Glitches are lacking, updates frequent, and balancing amazing! You have to purchase many of the tribes, but the pricing is amazing and it is 100% worth it! Bringing loads of fresh content for you to enjoy. You can have a fun time with out buying anything too, we played for months without buying anything, and enjoyed it so much a bought a few tribes. The updates so far have been brilliant , and you never have to wait long! We have yet to experience any bugs, which is amazing for a free game and best of all NO ADDS!!!!! Your not bombarded by adds every time you try to do anything, they make all the money they need from tribe purchases. The graphics are also very good and cute, and the gameplay amazing, and the ai scaled well through the difficultys. Best free game we ever downloaded 100% RECOMMEND!!!

So addicting & relaxing! Our family takes a trip to the beach every summer & one year, we spent the entire ride playing Polytopia! Our sister ended up winning so our grandmother bought a fake trophy from Dollar General & rewarded it to our sister! She still has it sitting on her dusty dresser. We can play this for hours if possible. Only one problem: we absolutely love the tribe Aquariun ( or something like that) but it costs money so we havent been able to play as them yet. Other than that, we love everything about this game! Recommended by Doves Wing.

This game is amazing!! The concept is unique and fun and the gameplay is really intense!!! The only problem we see about this game is the knights and the sword man With people who use swords could there be a way to upgrade the swords at the forge to diamond or iron? Because even like the ours they are just there theres nothing u can do with them at all. Also the cloaks. Please allow them to switch the sides of some units when the infiltrate because infiltration is supposed to be when they get citizens to betray them?!? Other than that this game is amazing!!!

This Empire Needs More Stars And so What In Here we Have luxidor for money. And in our Tesla Luxidor is Free change. This And Also Give Luxidor A Starting Tech like Maybe A New unique Wealth ,Tech which Gives More Stars? Change This Tesla And Other Useable Devices. Also Add New tribes Like these Tribes Special Tribe Antcondi More Food Also The Get Unique Sneaky Tech They Destroy Entire Cities In Just 12 seconds and thats It ,Regular Conbo They Are Quick Sailors They Get The Sailing tech .o The History Antcondi A Ancient Ant Merged To them And They grew Anttene Im bad Sometimes Sorry :( And it The Conbo They love water And use it. Also Antcondi Nests Holes Which They Turned Into Mounds When They Grow More Fungi . Conbo is regular.

Didnt realize we were so late to this game lol, very addictive in a good way we cant stop playing this game, trying new strategies, and the tribes, we really do enjoy the relaxed kind of feeling we’ve been stuck for hours lol, One thing though we wish some players were unlock able setting there to be goals and missions rather than you just beat the game with a tribe and thats it, but other than that amazing game.

This game is phenomenal. We dont write reviews, especially not for mobile games, but this deserves some praise. Im astonished by the effort and work put into the game by the developers and the consistent updates on the project. The game is simple straight forward and easy to grasp yet so complex in its strategic gameplay itll keep you playing. Its a classic build your own empire without all the nonsense and ads built in. Its straight to the point and we love it and we think you will too. This game can only grow with the support of its players, and we see bright things for this mobile game if only it can get a grasp on its multiplayer matching making and the traction from the people it deserves!

Dear Polytopia creators, Hello, we personally feel as though we need more tech options, like heavy calvary, swordsmen with shields and armor, the ability to make quarries, ability to build walls and towers for defense. You could also make it where each resource option gives 1 of that resource, like ore from a ours, metal from a forge, wood from a lumber mill, food from fishing and farming, and stone from quarries, and potentially make troops cost these resources like swordsmen cost ore, stars, and food! This would encourage players to start going for all of these resources, and to trade with one another for stars and resources. Thank you for reading our recommendations. Plus we cant choose our name for this so we will be another name. Sincerely, Why27 III.

We played this game back in 2018 and missed the game play and redownloaded it and now there knew people and tech its awesome keep it up!

We thoroughly enjoy this game. We’ve had it for a long time, its the only game we actually made in-game purchases in, although not required in the SLIGHTEST to have fun playing it. Its a simple game, great graphics with a minimalistic design, and we will always turn to this game. We can set it up to last over an hour, to a quick 5-10 minute game. We will recommend this game 10/10 times.

If you were a fan of Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, then youll enjoy this On Gameplay: Its very quick, light, and highly user friendly. Works well on iPhones, you can navigate and play various map sizes depending on your time availability or just how quickly you want to encounter opponents On Strategy: Has the basic technology map progressionjust enough to make it interesting, but not so detailed that you need instructions or a manual. Fun and light, its something in between FarmVille and Risk (the old board game where you get to make alliances or take over continents) . Its called a civilization strategy game, but you dont really manage your population, doesnt have those kind of settingsso its closer to a board game because of its simplicity On Board pieces similar to traditional pieces chess youd expectthe knight, the pawn/foot soldier, the bishop/healer, the battleship, the super soldier. Some pieces can upgrade to veteran status and power up after 3kills. They also recently introduced spies, embassies & peace treaties which add a fun twist and layer of complexity. Do you ignore your allies spies near your major cities, or do you break the peace treaty and attack . Timing and positioning. On Characters: wide range to choose from, and you can buy extra (for quite reasonable prices). You quickly end up settling on a favorite though, but because they all have very different strengths and weaknesses, the game becomes infinitely playable. Definitely addictive and worth downloading if youre looking to enjoy a more lighthearted game.

This is an excellent game so we are giving it the five stars it deserves – however, after we recently got a new phone we have uncovered some formatting issues that make the game hard to play. On the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the menu and game play is so zoomed out we can hardly see what we are doing or selecting. Would be helpful to get the scale of things back as they were on our old phone.

Our Antcondi Tribe Should Be added. They Get Their Sneaky Tech By Digging Long Tunnels To Go To Their Cities And Visit Them. The Wore Ancient Robes And Cloaks In Giant Mythical Fungus Forest Which Is Still There. Other Tribes Love there fungus in the Area So they Get Dark Red Posion To Kill There Enemies And Grow More Massively And Tougher. They Grow fungus. They Began There Evolution After A Winged Ant Shone across The Tribe Giving This Power They Turned Into Ants Full with A Dark Back. There Food Meat Giant Ants Food Leave Fungi.

Honestly this game has really helped us with our anxiety and to also just help pass time. We catch myself in social settings and becoming uncomfortable and all we have to do is pull this game up and it instantly helps as soon as we begin to start a new match. We love trying different tribes and we love that you have so many options to choose from!! We dont mind paying a little money for extra tribes because we would love to see this game grow! Its so worth the install and would definitely recommend to anyone who has anxiety and who just loves a good game!! ALSO its really fun with friends and significant others!! Our boyfriend and we play this game ALL the time and we love it so so much!!

We think you should add space or alien tribe to the game, the a giant could be a flying saucer kinda like the dragon but have more health and not have AOE damage, and the archers could be laser blasters that do high damage but have low health, and the nights could be like the Cymanti tribe nights but also a mix with the archers that we mentioned from earlier. We know it isnt the best idea but its something we think would be cool, maybe it could be a skin instead. But keep up the great work.

We found this game as we were looking for Civ2 clones to play. This game did the job. The creators of this game have done a great job getting that civilization feel while also balancing the fact that this is a mobile game – not a PC game. The feature set is greatly simplified, but that is a good thing. It works really well for this game. The controls and UI are also easy-to-use and just make sense. Give this game a try. Its fun. It doesnt try to too much (it avoids feature creep), and focuses well on the essentials for fun mobile gameplay. Our only suggestion: we understand why you cant stack units on a single square. But we think a limited exception should be made in one circumstance: we think cities should be allowed to have 2 units in them – one unit as a fortified defensive unit, and the other unit as whatever the user just decided to make during that turn. We find it annoying that we must move our defender out of the city if we want the city to produce a new unit for us.

This is literally the best game we have ever played and we hope you guys continue to expand it cause we really hope to come work for you after we graduate college, also we think this game improved our IQ as well and thank you guys for that, we are currently in middle school and we are starting to learn how to 3d animate, so this game has kind of helped us learn the basics.

Great, well balanced 4x timewaster. But we havent been able to try multiplayer, due to game thinking we are not logged into Game Centerand its getting boring beating up bots.

First off, great game, very fun to play. The only problems we have ran into with this game is the Cloak troop. In longer, larger mapped games it gets to a point where tribes will endlessly spam cloak infiltrations. This commonly is seen in the endgame stages where tribes accumulate all tech and a large amount of stars. In this endgame, it seems like the gameplay shifts to: 1. Prepare for cloak invasion 2. Try to find cloaks 3. Kill daggers that spawn 4. Advance on enemy 5. Rinse and repeat This series of events get very repetitive and annoying after you have 3-4 cloak invasions every turn, and is largely the gameplay at the games final stages, which is just not as fun as the early, mid, late game stages. For this, we suggest a few things: 1. An option to disable the cloak troop if desired 2. An option to limit the amount of cloak invasions that can happen per turn 3. An option to limit the amount of trainable cloak troops to a static or dynamic number. (Tribe gets X amount of cloak troops per game) or (Tribe gets X amount of cloak troops until Y, then Tribe get X more cloak troops) 4. Add a counter troop/ability to cloak troops.

Daggers need to be nerfed. Them being able to attack without risk of a counterattack plus their hit points plus their damage output is crazy. Other than that great game been playing for years.

So the one major flaw we see isnt even within the game mechanics (Im a strategy addict and now we got something other than chess to play), the problem(s) arise with paying extra for other human civilizations. We get this since you pay $14.99 on computer and you have full access (accept for the four dlc) and the mobile app is free. Our other idea (not so much an issue) would be to link steam and mobile app so you can finish your computer games on your phone. We would up the cost of the game a bit on mobile so you can give all of the human tribes for free such as on pc, going along with linking progress from steam to mobile. Just suggestions and we still play all the time on pc and we love the game, just ideas to optimize the mobile app. Thanks for such a great strategy game!!!

Cloaks and daggers have broken the game. Late mid game the game simple stalls into WW1 trench warfare, and almost grinds to a halt.

We really like your game but after a while it gets a little repetitive. It is still fun with friends but it could be a bit more. So we have a suggestion as an option in setup can there be a more advancements option? It would especially be good for the massive world setup, we think. But if not its still at fantastic game thanks for the hard work for our enjoyment.

We love this game and have been having so much fun with it. We would love to give 5 stars, but the cloaks are too much. Once youre far enough along in the game all the AI does is spam the cloaks and the game lost a lot of its appeal at that point, when loads of daggers appear over and over and again. Developers, please balance this unit.

Please fix the display scale on iPhone14 pro series. Now the menu is too small to read.

Please nerf cloaks. To do this we might suggest making it so when cloaks are attacked by enemy units they dont do any damage on defense. This would mirror how defending units dont do damage when attacked by cloaks. Other wise an excellent game, probably on of the best on the App Store.

We want to go online and create a server but before hand we just connect to the server every time we hit fix it it just says connecting to the server and after waiting for it to connect it never does we’ve closed that app tried, we’ve restarted our phonenothing seems to be working it will not connect now we have bought a tribe and legit think this game is pretty sweet but not being able to play it with our friends is really sucking please help thanks.

We’ve been trying for a while now doing everything we can do but a tribe. Everytime it tells us to ask for permission from one of our parents, it doesnt go through to their phone.

We love this game and we play it everyday. We are only rating it one star so this gets attention. The cloak spamming is quite an annoyance late game when a leading player can spam these without problem. It comes to a point where strategy cannot overturn a game and we wish there were more ways to play from behind. We bet you guys are running iterations on all these but we thought we would bring it to your attention. Otherwise, THANK YOU for such an amazing game. You guys have a really special project in your hands and we hope to see more updates and cool features being added in the game :)

This new update killed a game we’ve been playing since 2016. The cloaks are horrible, riots are pointless, and knights are now useless and overpriced. If we didnt have hope the update will be reverse we would delete the game, but this new update really killed it. Getting the hang of this update really will not make the game more fun. Its been a while and cloaks are still a terrible update. They make the game unfun.

Forces you to pay real $ to play multiplayer on iOS. Garbage.

Cant play creative makes u have to buy characters now.

Been playing this game for years but pretty much ready to delete it and move on. As many others have commented, the endgame becomes really tedious as cloaks and dinghys spawn 3-4 times every turn. The AI is obviously a sore loser and cheats to win. Since the Devs programmed the AI, this devious tactic tells us a lot about them! Id much rather play a game that is fair rather than one where the Devs have run out of innovative ideas and are resorting to cheating.

Amazing game honestly but they need to fix the bug where we cant kick someone on multiplayer when they are inactive. Especially for days which then ruins the match. Literally kills the game for us when all our games turn into bugged game that never finish.

We love this game and we play it everyday. We are only rating it one star so this gets attention. The cloak spamming is quite an annoyance late game when a leading player can spam these without problem. It comes to a point where strategy cannot overturn a game and we wish there were more ways to play from behind. We bet you guys are running iterations on all these but we thought we would bring it to your attention. Otherwise, THANK YOU for such an amazing game. You guys have a really special project in your hands and we hope to see more updates and cool features being added in the game :)

This game used to be great, however, the cloak feature makes the game super unbalanced and unfun. The ai spams the crap out of cloaks and makes the game unplayable. Cloaks need to be taken out.

In Game Chat? Boats that you can embark disembark without losing ship 4th tier ?

Im a pro game designer of 18 years. This is one of the best games we’ve ever played. Absolutely hooked. Bravo to the devs on all fronts. No complaints. The infiltration of spies feels a little OP. Everything else feels well balanced. Phenom game. Was a fan of Advance Wars but have gotten way more hooked on this. Final note: itd be cool if you renamed speed to efficiency since its not speed its economy of decisions. Then add another that is speed which tracks your session time while its youre turn kind of like speed chess. We often challenge myself to play fast, but with no regard for number of turns, ala speed running platformers or speed chess. Thanks for the great play.

Awhile ago we purchased 2 clans and now when we log in we cannot play as them. They have a price tag again and we will not pay for them a second time. Could you help us figure this out ? We do have picture proof that we’ve bought them before.

Its a great game but we came here to ask if you could add the ability to send a reminder notification after someone has run out of time to make a move. We dont like texting people so we would prefer Polytopia to bug our older brothers instead of us, so it would be appreciated.

This is the single handedly best game in the AppStore. And the cloak spam has been fixed though we dont think there have been any official updates. Bot cloak spam is way down thank you! Next we make the crazy bots smarter regarding economy!

Just a little investment into the Multiplayer experience would go a long way. We think this game has the potential to go to #1 in Gaming if they smooth Multiplayer, fix various bugs, make things more easily navigable. Add Game history, etc.

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