The Battle of Polytopia

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The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Midjiwan AB, The Battle of Polytopia is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th February 2016 with the latest update 11th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Battle of Polytopia ?

12,382 people have rated 2.6.0

What is the price of the The Battle of Polytopia ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Battle of Polytopia released ?

The Battle of Polytopia was released on 9th February 2016.

When was the The Battle of Polytopia updated ?

The latest updated date of The Battle of Polytopia on 11th May 2023.

Where can The Battle of Polytopia be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Battle of Polytopia from Apple Official App Store.



“Pocket Gamer – Mobile game of the year”
The Battle of Polytopia is an award winning and unique turn based strategy game about controlling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies.

You take on the role as the ruler of a tribe and attempt to build a civilization in a turn based competition with the other tribes. It can be played offline line. Perfect for traveling.


"IMGA award for excellence in gameplay"

“Gold Winner – Lovie Awards”


"If you ever wanted the feeling of a classic Civilization game on your iPhone, The Battle of Polytopia is a worthy contender" –

“This brightly-colored turn based strategy game is difficult to put down” – Mac World

With millions of players, this game has quickly become one of the most popular civilization style games for mobile and has been acclaimed for its sleek user interface and great depth in game play.


  • Free turn based civilization strategy game.
  • Single & multiplayer strategy.
  • Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players all over the world)
  • Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players all over the world)
  • 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)
  • Exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfare and technology research.
  • Three game modes – Perfection, Domination and Creative
  • Diplomacy – Make Peace treaties & Build Embassys
  • Invsible Cloaks and Daggers for Stealth attacks.
  • Mirror Matches (Meet opponents with the same tribe)
  • Configurable map types – Dryland, Lake, Continents, Archipelago and Water World
  • Wide range of different tribes with unique nature, culture and game experience.
  • Auto generated maps make each game a new experience.
  • Allow offline game play.
  • Gameplay in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Strategy multiplayer & Pass & Play.
  • Leader board with top scores for the best civilization builders.
  • Really Cute low poly graphics.

Updated on 11th May 2023

Introducing instant tournaments: join a tournament queue to be matched with other players that want to play a tournament right now. As soon as enough players have signed up, your tournament will start immediately.

Bug fixes:
Skinned tribe heads in lobbies
Adjusted how scrollbars are handled in popups
Tribe music now plays where appropriate
Main menu ambience is now controlled by the ambience audio setting
Exiting a game should now bring you to the correct screen
Improved notification when a tournament game is cancelled
Fixed incorrect unit outlines
Show username instead of ID in Remind popup
Updated music for Lirepacci skin
Fixed issue where cloak had incorrect alpha values when revealed

The Battle of Polytopia Review

We love this game for its strategy and battles as well as trying to get a balanced economy. We do have one suggestion, Having to pay for more tribes isnt very much of a good idea but we get that thats how you keep the game free and have it not need ads. If you could make the different skins for the default tribes free then itll be a lot better than just the same tribes.

Love this game, but there are some mildly infuriating moments. Im right now waiting for Elyrion to unlock, but we have to wait and we cannot leave the Elyrion tribe page or else it will force us to verify our Apple ID again. Another question, why can Elyrion fish? They were supposed to see nature is holy. The second one isnt that bad, but a bit annoying.

Great game that allows you to implement strategy on your phone and really enjoy what you love on the go. We picked it up after a friend recommended it and loved it since.

We think so. Love this game so much.

Love it play it all the time but we really miss the start music the ambiance at the beginning isnt as cool as the og Polytopia start music we actually sit and dance to:( Also can we see a new skin for the Elyrion soon??

Lets be clear: we’ve bought all playable tribes and play this game an embarrassing about, esp for someone who isnt much of a gamer in general. But we wish undisturbed forests were worth points at the end of the game; that would make it a more accurate model. They cut down on pollution, studies have shown that they improve morale of citizens – which likely reduces civil unrest – and they support food sources (hunting) as well as numerous other relevant benefits besides just timber. Just throwing that out there! This game gets better all the time & the devs work on it a lot.

Stuck on title screen. Completely frozen.

We love this game, but it crashes too often. We would try to do an action, like create a unit or end our turn, and the game would crash. Crashes more on large maps. We cant even play a pass and play with a massive map, since it crashes on the loading world page every time. Hope this can get fixed.

This game has so many great attributes to it, but once you play multiplayer enough, you start to see several imbalances with the tribes and game itself. The hexapods with cymanti need to have the creep ability taken away. Theyre powerfull enough boosted, the inability to block them with troops makes them too overpowered, especially when the game has bad spawns, unless youre also playing cymanti. The dragons with Elyrion need to take one less turn to hatch into a baby. Its already hard enough building their economy to get a few dragons out. The nerf to Luxidor makes them practically useless on anything but a Tiny map where you can get riders out quickly. The last thing as there shouldnt be bad spawns in this game. The algorithm could definitely use an adjustment so that 2 players dont spawn right up on each other on a 400+ tile map for example, and you shouldve have an inconsistent access to resources game to game. Or one player (both playing same tribe) has several villages and lots of respurces and the other has the opposite and a lake map for example. To summarize: Elyrion should get a small dragon hatch buff Cymanti hexopods absolutely need to have creep taken away. Map spawns need a consistency update. Thanks for making a great game!

This game is amazing. We love games like this, turn based strategy board-type games. This is the best one we’ve ever found. The dev team is small (maybe just one guy?), which is, we think, why theres not much new content to the game. Though we think this game is fantastic as is, it definitely gets repetitive after a short while. Even just a tiny bit more randomization to the seed generators would improve the game drastically. We think theres a ton of other things the devs could add to make this game one of the best turn based strategy games out there for years to come, but at the moment its a bit disappointing to see it dead in its tracks. We hope this changes!

When we break peace with a tribe, a lot of our troops instantly disappear. Also, you should find an alternate way to monetize the game besides having to pay to unlock additional tribes. Otherwise its a pretty fun game.

Late game is a nightmare because of ai spamming cloaks. Make daggers weaker or make cloak easier to counter. Having to get lucky and hope you step on the tile with a cloak is frustrating. Not to mention how easy it is for a cloak to evade units when they have 2 movement. Pls nerf daggers or cloak.

While updating our game we lost ALL of our tribes that we have purchased, but it shows that we have replays with the tribe we purchased before the update, please fix!

The cloak is one of the worst editions to this game, a hidden troop that can summon multiple troops all with the stupidest ability known to man (surprise). These troops so annoying to deal with since all you can really do is spam troops and move them across your land praying they find one of these cloaks before they unleash 10 daggers staring down your capital, even when you find one most troops cant even kill them in one shot so you still get destroyed anyways. This game used to be a game where every strategy can work, you could rush chivalry and bum rush opponents, make the biggest navy army known to man, convert your enemy teams strongest units to your side. But now its resorted to spamming Cloaks and Daggers, we dont think the dev team has ever played a game with bots all on crazy and it shows. Edit: no having a walled city with defenders wont stop anything as the whole point using of defenders are their insane counter attack and daggers have surprise so defenders do nothing, you cant even attack with the defenders because they literally do 2 damage to daggers. All you do is delay the inevitable, while one of your cities is overrun with daggers and you start getting a knight army to deal with them the other two tribes already started riots on all your cities. This game used to be fun, what happened?

Does anyone know how to get our high scores back? Our throne room data disappeared and it isnt saving new game scores either.

RUINED this game with the stupidessstttt update adding cloaks to the game. This game is so annoying now to play now.

Of the riot option and diplomacy that ruined a once upon a time decent time waster. Until they permit an option to disable this game is not worth anything.

This game is great. We’ve been playing for years The new update makes it so every time you head back to the menu to start a new save theres like a 2 or 3 second delay as the menu fades in and its extremely bothersome when you keep restarting to 100% characters, so restarting often for a good save happens often Please go back to the way things were when you could restart and as soon as menu hit you could just select new game Please do this. This is actually a critical problem Thanks.

This game is not for everyone but we like it. You do have to buy a tribe to play online but they have good reasons they also have a website for this game not to mention the merchandise. But no matter what you should give it a try.

We’ve become hooked on this game and we love it so much that this review is gonna be kinda long. Great game This game has the best animation, greatest graphics, coolest music, and so on. We really dont have any complaints (the next paragraph may have some). So anyway, we think that the game is very smart. Id love to see future updates, new tribes, new skins, and Id love new technologies. Just one issue we love having lots of tribes on the map, and at the same time, the map is so small that the tribes are alway killing each other! We never get to even discover them. We want a bigger map so that we can get villages and grow our city without have all the tribes turning into the dinosaurs and going extinct! Our ideas we came up with a great tribe idea! We came up with birch trees, wolves as animals for the riding unit and knight unit, the units wearing wolf hats, great torsos, daggers having wolf masks, and not sure about the mountains, but Im sure youll come up with something! Well thats it!

We really love this game! Its very fun to create and rule an empire of cute cube-shaped warriors. Our only concern is wether the Switch version will update as we bought the app on our phone and switch. We love all the effort put into this game hope they keep updating and maybe add some new technology.

We recommend it to all da ladies that have no big gonads.

This game is good, but there is some things for improvements. First of all, you could make options for the single player modes, like longer turn limits, and more stars per wave. Second is probably how you cant host a multiplayer game without paying money. We would say those two things are the only reason we dont fully enjoy the game.

We used to love this app, but once they added all these new things(not that we dont love them) the game just kicks us out after we’ve been in it for a minute. To the creators of the game, Please make the next update to fix this error. And once youve done that, please add a chat box.

We’ve been playing this game for years and love the endgame war with so many troops but we yearn for bigger maps with the option to add more tribes, theres already an option for 15 tribes on a map but we want more!!! And 900 tiles is huge but we want MASSIVE like a 1500tile map or something, regardless if they ever gets added im currently playing this rn and just thought of it.

The ai in this game id absolutely to see be more dynamic in their difficulty! Its so fun and challenging to play against them but Id love a small update where they can be even better! Otherwise we have no complaints about this game!

It’s basically a simplified version of civnot to say that it isn’t good. It’s really fun to find out how to win with each civ; the main barriers for each are their different ways of getting through the early-mid game. Once you’re able to consolidate to like five cities with a bunch of ports + customs houses for income, the game is pretty solved from there. With the addition of cloaks and alliances, victory comes a bit slower and it can get pretty annoying to have enemies start riots in your cities like every other turn, but it’s more a hindrance than a legitimate threat. The more recently released civs have a lot more variation in playstyles and are pretty cool, which is understandable. The dev needed to get his foot off the ground first, so of course the starter civs are gonna be more straightforward. Really, our main complaint with this game is that, as we mentioned, once you survive the early game there’s really nothing stopping you from completely taking over. Beyond figuring out how to get to that point with every civ, this game’s relayability comes down to getting three stars in domination, and shooting for the leaderboards in perfection (which is fairly rng-dependent). Otherwise, any enjoyer of the Civ series will really enjoy this game. We’ve sunk quite a lot of hours into this, and though we play it a lot less nowadays, it’s one of the best mobile strategy games out there. :)

We’ve been playing this game consistently for years, it was fun then and is fun now. We dont play games on our phone other than this. Its the perfect balance of complex enough to be interesting but not too complex where it would be overwhelming. Keep the updates coming! Much love.

This game is very fun. But the person that named this game deserves to die because they named it polytopia.

We understand Diplomacy needed a nerf but please change the graphics on the pirate ship. It looks like a fishing boat which is quite silly since its supposed to be a rebel not a common worker.

This is honestly such a fun game! Its a little annoying that you have to buy at least one tribe to play online, but since the cheapest tribe is 99 cents its not too bad. Us and our friend got this game together about a year ago and have been playing since, honestly such a good game.

Roads. Hexonia trash polytopia better.

This is a fun game if you are bored. We like how it’s a quick strategy game and does not take days to complete.

We have been playing this game for at least 7/8 years and it still is really exciting. We only request one thing and thats the developer tweaks the bots so they dont spam the cloaks. On crazy mode, the bots just begin spamming the cloaks. Just to be clear, the cloaks arent really the problem, its the daggers. The daggers are super OP and a too many appear from one cloak. We hope the developer reads this.

We love playing Polytopia and the game is great as a whole but we found one bug, when combining tribes for game modes domination or perfection you can merge elyrion with the vegnar cultist skin to get elyrgir and the cultist skin carrys over. When you merge vice verca (elyrion to vegnar) you get vengion but sadly the cultist skin doesnt carry over and instead it uses the standard vegnar skin. Can we please get a cultist themed vengion! Id love to see a skeleton dragon!

Dragons take way too long to hatch with Elyrion, and thats really our only complaint.

Cant say a negative thing about it. Working up to get higher scores across game modes and difficulty is so much fun. Many hours of challenging fun, FOR FREE.

Had this game for years we love it. Only issue is that the cloak/daggers are way to over powered. Honestly needs a nerf 100%.

Look Im not that good at speaking (in English that is) but we heavily recommend trying this game its pretty fun.

This is our favorite phone game and we have an idea to add to this game. What if you make a bigger map size and maybe a boat in diplomacy path where you can have multiple troops on it and allies can ride it with you and you can upgrade it to have more troops. Also, you could add tents that can be placed a certain amount of times. They would act like a mini city that doesnt make money and can spawn a few troops. And they dont control any area around them but you can make a port of not controlled by a enemy. If a tent is in a villages area whoever controls that village controls the tent. And you can only place a tent on a square that has a troop of yours on it. You could put tents In Allies areas and they will still be yours. What if you could combine nations with allies so you can upgrade each others territories while still having different troops. They could change to a different color so you can tell they are on the same team. We dont know if you need to put all of this but if you need a idea take one of these (if you want) either way still our favorite game. -Honest Officer of Navy Lake.

The game is awesome, complexity is driven by its simple appearance and gameplay. But there are some things that need improvement, even though theyre all quality of life changes. Later in the game, load times will be sluggish, were talking >30 seconds, after we hit start, and then we go into the next turn. In the beginning of the game, it isnt too bad, because the computer doesnt need to process as much. But then turn count slows to a crawl as it goes on. Maybe implementing a system where it processes as you go, like YouTube or Spotifys system, where, while you watch or listen, the rest is downloaded during it, would be helpful. Another problem we have with the late game slowness is that we have to watch every animation other players or AI take. A setting where you can keep all of the animations on, off, or only the relevant ones, like when you or an ally gets attacked, would go a long way in making the players time more active. After all, it always frustrates us to watch people fight far off wars unrelated to us. Next problem we have is that once again toward the end of the game, a lot of structures are put down and the map becomes frustrating to read. Individual buttons under a special tab called Map Visibility or something, would be very helpful. A switch under this tab that could say, Water Temple Visibility, for example, that you could turn off to not be able to see water temples, to help reduce clutter and make the map easier to understand. Final Problem is that borders are difficult to read no matter what. Another menu option that you can turn on to see everyones territory in their color, but a solid color, would also be great, and then you can just switch back once youve gotten a better idea of where everyone is and what they control. You know, take after globes, where all countries are not the actual color, but a solid color, and vibrant, able to stand out from each other. Not just thin lines with terrain colors already present and left unchanged. We hope all of our criticism hasnt made anyone not want to play this game. Im not great at reviews, so read others. All Im saying that if we took the time to offer solutions to our complaints, and not just hate on it, then you should understand we like the game a lot, and want to see it even better, so please dont let our review be one that turns you off of playing this. That isnt our objective at all. Its to make sure we dont waste our life away on a not quite perfect game, which we will waste our life on if the devs take our feedback into any future update or not. Thanks for reading though.

It was a very fun game, and we recently decided to get two special tribes. Soon though it said we we didnt have those characters we tried restoring purchases but we didnt work. Please help.

Plz it would be nice. We do agree with skins costing money. Ex. Vengir could be unlocked by killing 100 or 200 people with swordsman. Plz at least change some of the characters because we dont want to spend 1 to 3 dollars on a single skin. You could make a bundle that has all the regular units that costs like 5 bucks. Anyway plzzzzzz change this!!!!!

Please at least make an option to make it optional to remove the cloak from the game. Its the most annoying character and no matter what in a large game they find a way to cause riots in every city. This is so unbelievably annoying and makes us want to not even play this game anymore. We’ve spend money to buy a lot of the different tribes and we have to say Im very disappointed with how the cloak has effected the game. PLEASE MAKE IT OPTIONAL TO REMOVE.

We love this game and we love the way everything works in it, but we do have one problem with it. The game only creates random map layouts. We get this is to randomize as much as possible and make the game fair in a sense, but we wish there was a way to create a more balanced start. It would be nice to be able to create custom map layouts that would allow even starts for each player. This way games between friends would be won on strategy rather than a good start. It would also be nice to have a way to limit troop amounts for each troop type. As in being limited to 4 riders, 3 defenders, 2 swordsmen, etc. This would make for more strategic attacks between players and reduce spamming a certain troop. Thanks for reading!

Sure, some of the tribes are over/under powered. But the biggest issue is the cloaks. They are far too overpowered, even if all tribes have access to them. One invisible cloak steals money, and creates a ring of enemies around the besieged city that require two hits to kill. And you can spam cloaks on the same city turn after turn after turn. The game would be improved if the spawned enemies were easier to kill, and a city could not be hit with a cloak more than once every three turns. And we say this as someone who has used the cloak strategy extensively. You either have to spam cloaks against your enemy, or be prepared to deal with a nonstop onslaught of them against you.

Ok so first is that this game is NOT pay to win but we feel like each tribe should have an ultimate elite troop we know you can get giants and stuff but still.

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