The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:39 am

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores


The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Xigma Games, The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th August 2020 with the latest update 26th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,373 people have rated 1.0.8

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Build, craft, gather resources during the day, and survive monsters and raiders at night in this survival strategy game.

Sequel to the award-winning game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores expands on every aspect of the original and brings greater depth.

Design your city manage resources chains and workers with unique personalities explore procedurally generated world map in ships trade with free cities and discover mysterious dungeons.

Build a powerful city and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.

Updated on 26th September 2020

  • Stockpile resources can now be discarded from storage
  • Reduced Stockpile upgrade resource requirement
  • Added Stockpile Level 4
  • Workers now eat food from the nearest Hunters camp
  • Slightly reduced normal difficulty mid-game.
  • Minor Bug Fixes

The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores Reviews

This game is absolutely AMAZING!!! The only problem we see is that when you pay a traveler with food or something they leave a gift right? Sadly you cant tap on it because its too close to the bonfire. Atleast on an iphone but it gets kind of annoying . Please update! By the way this game is amazing! (I said that twice lol)

Just beat the game very fun but there is more islands we wish you would still update the game so you could go to them.

This is a great game with 1 problem, THE METEOR SHARDS TAKE FOREVER TO GET.

Let us just start by saying, this game is amazing especially for being in relatively early development. It is a blast and you could waste hours upon hours playing it. Although the price is a kind of high one for a mobile game, it is worth it. The game wont stall on its monstrous excitement.

Fun game but shuts down often on our iPad.

We like this game. Something fun to play while relaxing for evening. We’ve had game force close once one us. Also when you give visitors food/wine etc and they leave you something behind it its shows in the notifications and you click you can keep getting a gift they leave behind untimely setting your guards up for life. Is this supposed to be like this??? Besides that keep up the work. Really enjoy it.

We love the game its super addicting and good but are you ever going to finish updating and adding more to the story? It would be even better than it is now.

Update the guards round and formation so we can have better strategies.

Bit of a slow start and could use even basic explanations (how villagers heal, that the bridge unlocks more hits, etc) but a fun little game. Def worth five bucks if thats what youre looking for in reviews. Go for it! If you like this sort of game youll get your moneys worth. Only thing is the bigger the settlement the bigger the impact on your device. Im on day 80+ and the game has begun devouring our battery. It is chewing through our charge faster than even the beefiest, most layer heavy files we run in our art software! Suppose this brings resource management to real life since absolutely cant risk a popping on in the middle of a work day.

This game is really good, they really improved from the first game. We remember playing this first years back man how we wish we can play the first one again to really compare it. But again this is a fantastic game,I recommend this game a whole bunch.

We like the game very much but there are some features that could be a bit better such as the ability to clear the trees and stones that are in the way thats causes use to not freely design our island and we also dont like the fact that you can freely move buildings that are already built you literally have to destroy the built in order to remove it. Also this is a small thing that we wish it had which is the ability to zoom out more than we can but its fine.

Decent game ; just waiting on the update . When will there be one ?

We love this game. Ever since we downloaded it we’ve been playing non-stop. We’ve played the first game and was very skeptical about playing the second. Especially paying $5 to download it… Im a stickler and we dont like paying for something we dont know Ill like. Like buying and playing and then coming to not like it, it would have been a waste of money. But we dont feel that way about this game at all. Not a tiny bit. Although there is one thing Id like to add to the game if thats possible, the option to move your city around after youve built everything. After unlocking the two sides and then having to basically start over a small city on either side. We like everything to be together like the city in the center , the hunting/harvesting on one side, and the factories on the last side. But its hard to do that when we cant move the buildings around. We constantly break the building and start building all over again. Thanks for the great game and cant wait for more to come. If you see this Id really love to add this to the game. Thank you for your time! And hope to see amazing updates soon to come!!

We spent the best hours of quarantine a few weeks ago on this game; its been so long but we still think back to it. Its so so fun. We love all the little hyper managing we get to do.. And the nights get us stressed sometimes!! But we couldnt stop playing til it was all done. We cant wait for more updates!! The guard night system is a little tricky like other reviews have mentioned, but we found ways to keep our guards and archers alive. Best of luck to the devs!!

It offers a lot the building and designing is fun so are the monster attacks the game updates frequently and we wouldve gave it a 4 star rating because of the bugs but the are being fixed every update the only problem we have with the game is that we can see other islands but cant go put to them but we think they will be fixing that soon.

Love the game, best 5 bucks we’ve ever spent. Although there is a minor problem with some mechanics, alot of the movement with the villagers seems jumbled and sometimes even glitches out. The guards will run to the woods right after killing an intruder, leaving the others to either die or get majorly hurt. When we need to assign more guards at night to fight bigger mobs, some will glitch out near the house and never move. Lastly (that we’ve experienced) the ship cant be reloaded on food when docked back home. Thats it! Other than that the game is fabulous, a true masterpiece of base building euphoria!!

This game definitely is one of the best games we’ve played. Its a challenge, but if you know how to play survival games like these, its super fun.

This game is great, its impressive just how good it is and its only been out for a month! To new people this game is a must get, its survival and city building in a fun and intense way. The art is incredible and honestly we’ve had loads of fun, and we the hope the creators keep updating the game to make it even more enjoyable. Also if you dont gotta a better phone like over the iPhone 6 range its probably gonna be hard but anything over Im pretty sure is fine. All the people who are hating saying that theres glitches dont get that the game has only been out for a month. In our opinion this game in great and we havent had an issue with glitches, but if you do there always coming with updates.

This is like an actual video game and not just a dopamine pump. Very good. One of those simplicity equals depth type games. When your level 6 dude you named Fisher to tell him apart from Miner dies to a spider in the night youll be sad about it.

The game wont stop crashing every time we play it every few minutes when we get to a certain amount of progress it crashes. We dont know why we trying to figure it out but it kept crashing every time basically theres a really big Bug for you to fix. The game doesnt crash at first when you first open it but as we build progress it crashes more and more. We have sufficient memory and the correct operating system. Please fix we really enjoy the game. Send.

Game was short and we would love to explore the islands to the north!

Hi, we really like this game and we hope guys that you can add arabic language to the game, because we have a lot of players they want to play this game but there is no arabic language so they dont understand anything. We Wish if you can add arabic language.

Addictive and fun to play very interactive could use a tutorial but its fun.

Oftentimes they run away from intruders, getting our towers killed.

For a pocket survival game this game does a lot of things right! Im a big fan of games that drop you in with an idea on how to get started without trying to hold your hand the whole time. We’ve only played up to day 45 so far; where you start seeing how much more this game has to offer in exploration. The menus used to assign the characters to different structures and roles, are little difficult to navigate. Having a pause function to stop the game definitely helps with this. When you grow your population to about 20+, managing who goes where and who does what is more challenging, when you have to cycle trough multiple filters and menus to see where they would be best suited. Having a single menu to view all of your characters strengths, equipment, status, and current role, without having to apply multiple filters or view each individual structures inhabitants would be much easier.

We must start by saying that we really love this game! We play it whenever we get a chance! We are a huge fan of management games where you gather resources and craft buildings and items so this game is right up our alley. We enjoy unlocking new buildings and upgrading our weaponry to protect our people. Our one gripe is that the guards seem to be setting us up for failure. When intruders Im the boats, our guards literally run in the opposite direction which has caused our homeless villagers to be killed on several occasions. They also patrol in one clump instead of spreading out which has caused us to lose our tower guards because they take forever to come and help. This is beyond frustrating, especially when you start crafting higher quality weapons and armor. Another issue we have is that the night intruder loot disappears when the sun comes up and there is no further opportunity to get the iron and gems left behind. It wouldnt be as frustrating if our guards didnt all go to the same spot to get the same items and spend several precious moments just bending up and down without picking anything up. Please help! We love this game and would really like to love it more!

Game performs well overall. A nice time waster and not very complex. But has had two consistent issues that puzzle us and pull us out of the game a bit. Biggest one is that your guards will run away from incoming raiders sometimes, leaving one or two to fend for themselves. We lost a lot of guards that are experienced or have special items that way. Since we cant control them directly its a pain having almost half your guards wiped out because of that. Second one is when you are awarded special items for helping folks out, theres no clear way to pick them up, so we have three flaming swords just sitting there. For a $5 game it does the job, though.

Good game but crashes on our iPhone very often.

First of this is a fantastic game. Mobile controls are good, the strategy of it is good, and there isnt many games out there like it on mobile. It is super addicting. BUT there are bugs like workers getting stuck in buildings that make the game almost unplayable. If this gets fixed this is easily a 5 star game.

The sequel is greater than the first one as expected. BUTT ! There are two bugs that are quite annoying. The first one being the random crashes. They dont have frequently but theyre still annoying. Then weve got the second bug which does happens frequently which causes the settlers to get stuck in between buildings they just stand there and we have to keep assigning them to guard posts and removing them from it to fix it.

Great game our only issue so far is the guards and not being able to control them, it makes us wanna rip our hair out when they run in the opposite direction of a fight and we end up losing either homeless villagers or our guard tower ppl. Plz fix this.

We’ve enjoyed the game so far but one dumb bug has frustrated us. We overextended our village. To regroup, we moved all our villagers to occupations on the center isle and destroyed our bridges. Theoretically, this should stop monsters from crossing to the main isle from the others (sure, they can pillage our stores on those isles). It would also keep our villagers patrolling and working in the middle while we recoup. BUT that isn’t the case. Villagers and monsters just run across the water where the bridges used to be. So now it’s just a game of attrition. We can’t rebuild or protect our main isle. Eventually the monsters, will kill our village.

Amazing game that is incredibly easy to sink time into. Our only issue is that we have encountered a game-breaking bug in one of our saves where builders are stuck adding to and removing from the stockpiles they never actually break out of this cycle to build any of our in-progress structures. They just take resources and immediately add them back to the stockpile indefinitely. Aside from this (albeit very annoying, game-breaking bug), Id say its a masterpiece.

Just got the game and grinded it out to day 60+ trying to build the rest of the archer towers and animal farms and more. We’ve had them placed to get built for a while. Builders only put the wood in and dont finish it. Cant seem to figure out why they wont transfer iron or food into the buildings to finish it anymore. They just go to the loggers camp and say they are depositing resources all day. We are maxed out on iron and food so resources arent the problem. We cant seem to find anyone else with this problem by reading other reviews or trying to look it up on google. Is there something we are missing? Please reach out or explain what we can do to try to fix the problem. Thank you.

We enjoyed the game, but we did quit pretty deep in before beating it. We assume it can be beaten. The things that eventually wore us out were the guard AI (and subsequently suffering casualties that seemed stupid and unnecessary), and the tedium of scaling to lots of units. For the guard thing, its that the guards patrol randomly around as one monolithic group that can not be controlled. So, monsters show up on the far left while your guards are on their way to the right, the monsters get a long time to ravage whoever they come across before the guards arrive. This is not really fun to watch monsters heading to town guards obliviously headed in another direction. It would be maybe slightly different if there were some fog of war so the players could only see what the guards could see then it might not be quite so infuriating. Really though, there should just be some mechanisms to control guard behavior. We dont think it even really needs to be easier, but when something band happens it should feel like your fault, not the AIs fault. Then, the unit management gets pretty tedious. There is no way to see a characters equipment, abilities, and stats at the same time. We eventually ended up just naming the characters with a code like worker-strong-4, and the like so we could get faster reads on what was going on, but it gets pretty tedious to keep track of hard to select a unit from a group, hard to make sure everybody is equipped optimally, has all their level perks added, etc. And a couple of late game elements added to the tedium make sure somebody is training at archery. Make sure a trade route is active. But, its a pretty good game. The resource management and balancing between growth and safety are fun to tune for the first part of the game. It just seems to hit its complexity ceiling and the fun gradually shifts to work around the time you start to get solar weapons. And, the guard AI makes for some particularly poignant catalysts to rage quit when your best defensive strategy falls apart from sheer bad luck.

Its okay, but there seems to be a LOT missing. Game gets extremely repetitive really fast, and the AI of the guards is EXTRAORDINARILY dumb.

This game has so much potential! Its fun, challenging, and dynamic. Our biggest issue thus far has been crashes. About once every 15-20 minutes we crash. Theres an auto save, so we never lose too much progress, but its definitely frustrating. There are also a number of glitches. Im experiencing the resources glitch and workers freezing glitch as many reviews mentioned. Another glitch is the music. After you build the tower late in the game, new music plays for monsters at nighttime. However, our nighttime monster music never stops, and continues to play when day begins, and overlaps with daytime music. It sounds awful and we know its only a matter of time before we crash. We basically have to restart every morning to avoid this. A couple quick fixes Id love to see: add a confirmation button when destroying buildings. It is way too easy to accidentally click the destroy button and lose your entire stockpile. In addition, a very basic guide on gameplay and what certain buttons/icons means and the functionality of certain buildings would be helpful. Despite the bugs and crashes Im still playing – its a fun game. Im hoping that some patches come through soon!

It is a good game, but we have to keep starting over because for some reason our workers get stuck in the storage area and keep picking up and dropping off the same resource. If this were fixed it would be a five star game.

Fun till it crashes. Which it always does at a critical moment.

Game is reasonable, although it lacks polish. It almost feels as though its a rough draft that was never truly flushed out. Good for a number of hours, although the edges and tedious actions become apparent. This game would also be well-served by a camera lock.

This is a Dwarf-Fortress style resource management and city simulation game. Unfortunately the great graphics and city management is hindered by a poor-AI and unclear progression. Worth it for the price we paid, but will not be revisiting until new content is released. Pros: – Looks great, especially on a big iPad screen – Early game is fun and challenging Cons: – There is no tutorial, tips, or guide, and for 90% of the game that works! We figured it out as we went. But that last 10% of the time is infuriating. We’re thinking specially of "how do we get clay, how does trading mechanic work, why do our villagers keep getting injured while training, how do we get meteorite shards, and how do we trigger the final boss battle" (Side note: To trigger the final battle summon the Titan at the START of the night, not the end). – Meteorite shards can only be obtained through trading which is an infuriatingly slow process. Maybe tweak trade to 5 meteorite shards at a time but they take longer to arrive? – The combat needs work, at a certain point surviving the night is trivial but it gets annoying when a single guard wearing expensive armor runs off on their own and gets killed instead of sticking with the group – Guards on towers seem useless.

This was released unfinished, ex. With a skill with no actual function in game, that was supposedly going to be added in an update. Its been out for over a year and not updated in 11 months, so probably a permanently incomplete game with noticeable gaps.

We will be the first to admit that Im bad at videogames but honestly in this case our issues are not our fault. Really the guard is so frustrating because they are always stuck together and they are either the opposite direction of the enemy or they just run away to begin with. We get myself stuck into a rut when we have not enough people to be workers and guard and we never have enough. Then when we expand the difficulty racks up and we get destroyed and we cant recover from that in one day. :(

We dont know whats wrong but theres no sound and its kinda repetitive.

Its fun but there isnt enough control over defenders, they run around unintelligibly. Also the training system should be a bit more clear about how to avoid crippling people. Ultimately there isnt enough for us to want to play this more than once.

We want to love this game. We adore the mechanics and played the first Bonfire all the way through. We played through day 60 as soon as the game was released but found a few bugs that made us uninstall and wait for bug fixes. Those still havent come. The pathing needs a lot of work. Ill have villagers get stuck on buildings even when we have spaced them out and built paths in between them. Nothing frees them, not even closing and reloading the game. The villagers also dont eat at their closest hunting lodge, but instead pick the most recently built one, which results in lost time and failure to properly defend the town during raids. We look forward to being able to finish the game, but that will have to be after these issues are fixed.