The Escapists: Prison Escape

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The Escapists: Prison Escape


The Escapists: Prison Escape is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Team17 Digital Limited, The Escapists: Prison Escape is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd March 2017 with the latest update 13th March 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,208 people have rated 1.12

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The Escapists, you’ve done the crime but can you survive and do the time? The Escapists is a unique prison escape sandbox game where you get to experience a life behind bars and barbed wire fences. You’ve had a life of crime but now you’re caught. With thrilling and immersive gameplay, you need to create an escape route in a world of other prisoners and ruled by routine.

From roll call to lights out, you’re banged up. There’s no get out of jail free card in this game, you need to break out. Are you up for the challenge or are just going to sit there in your cell? You need all your wits and skill to bust out. No walls are going to hold you, you need to escape!

While under the careful watch of the guards, you’ll need to get used to prison life while you use strategy and daring to swipe useful objects from under their noses. Make innocent looking items into useful tools like shovels for cunning escape plans or handy weapons to survive in a fight.

Escaping requires cunning, strategy, the right equipment and staying at least two steps ahead of the guards. Bribe and fight your way through the prison ranks. If your fellow prisoners like you enough, recruit them and create your own gang. You might even take over a prison! The guards are out to stop any escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen contraband.


● Addictive prison simulator game, steal spoons and forks, use them to dig a tunnel out of your cell.
● Over 6 themed prisons, try to escape from minimum security jails or fearsome big houses like Alcatraz
● Find, steal and trade items to create dozens of crafting combinations to aid your escape
● Use the exercise yard to increase your strength, handy for scaling walls
● Find other prisoners to trade swag with, you’ll need duct tape, a screwdriver or nail files
● Dodge contraband detectors. if you pass through one with contraband in your pocket, the heat meter rises to 99 percent
● Adapt to life behind the steel doors with prison routines and jobs and master the game’s six penitentiaries, there are three extra prisons waiting to be challenged.
● Push yourself to survive and increase your strength, speed, and intellect. There are multiple ways to break out and escape, you just need to find them.

The Escapists is a thrilling sandbox strategy prison simulator that challenges you to bust out in a number of different ways. You want to break free but you’re banged up and you need to escape! How you survive and do that is up to you, but when you’re out of your cell, a rigid daily schedule is designed to keep you in line. You’re expected to work at one of several jobs during the day, exercise and showers are mandatory.

The Escapists is tough game, just like jail.
Can you dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors? Addictive and tense, it’s a real challenge to escape your first prison. Commit a few inside crimes, there are dozens of items to find, steal and smuggle. Some are contraband you can sell or trade for more useful gear. Create clever makeshift weapons and tools, a bar of soap in a sock is useful in a fistfight.

Materials purchased or "borrowed" from your fellow inmates are used to craft tools and other items like wires, a bottle of bleach, a piece of timber, a bar of chocolate, a plastic comb, and much more. If you’re smart enough, you’ll figure out ways to make your escape. There are dozens of items to find and use to get out of your cell, including a pickaxe, wire cutters, zip lines and more.

The Escapists is an addictive strategy prison simulator game that challenges you to break out of jail. Don’t be a prisoner, be an Escapist!

Download The Escapists today, it would be a crime not to. You can’t check out and you can never leave, unless you have an escape plan…

Updated on 13th March 2020

Fixed an issue where the game would crash during loading and completing a level
Minor bug fixes and optimizations

The Escapists: Prison Escape Reviews

God, this game Is amazing! Worth double or even triple what they are selling it for! We love it. Im on the second prison and we found something and we dont know if its a bug or a planned feature but Im trying to dig a hole out of prison and we cover it with our desk but we found an issue where whenever Im near the desk it says Im at risk of discovery and to cover up our hole even though the desk is covering it, worst part? The guards do see it if Im next to the desk and we get sent to solitary and have to reload our save, we just want to know if this is a bug or a feature, other then that we think this game is awesome and it is worth every digital penny. 11/10.

We love this game sooo much, its very entertaining and its (in a way) realistic. You can craft a ton of cool items and you have to use your brain to get out. It doesnt tell you how, what makes it fun is that you have to actually think of an escape plan. 150% worth the money. DOWNLOAD NOW.

We love the concept and game it is really hard and we like that we just beat the game today now we are going to play The Escapists 2.

We have played this game none stop and would recommend to anyone into fun prison escape games. Its one of a kind!!

Absolutely love this game. But theres just one problem. For whatever reason most of the extra stages have a problem with the free time music and they all play Santas sweatshop. We really like this games soundtrack, please fix it. Other than that its amazing, we recommend this to anyone who doesnt typically like mobile games.

We love this game but Im just suggesting to fix a glitch we found in iron gate level if u go in the vents we can go through the wall of a section of a vent and then Im basically just floating midair and whenever we go to the escape part outside the gate our game crashes plz fix it other than that amazing game buy it.

Let us start by saying this game is great! We were hesitant to buy this game at 4 dollars but its perfect being only 1 now. Its filled with lots of prisons with tons of action. The only thing that bothers us is when your standing in role call. And the guards tell you to get moving even though Im standing in line. This is our only complaint, otherwise this game is amazing!

This game is great but the area where the guards get suspicious of you is not to the edge of the rooms. Can you please fix this?

So this the best game that we have played to escape jail.

We love the game and played it for at least two years, one day offloaded it, downloaded it back and this is what happened: we opened it and sat there for so many minutes and then it exited us out. It was still open, then we clicked on the open tab and waited for what seemed like years, but it did not work. We tried offloading it and re downloading it and it still did not work. And we tried restarting our iphone and it still did not work. Im on mobile Does that do anything with it? If you can fix it please do. We hate wasting money.

We’ve played this game for like three years now and this is a really nice game. And we think anybody who likes prison games orPeople who like to start riots or something or will like this game our cousin has heard about this game for years like us but he also likes this game weve been playing in real life to ever since we moved to a different house and his game is really nice. And we just really love this gameI love how you need to sneak stuff past metal detectors in some of thees maps. We also love how you have to eat or go in the showers doing gain energy to do stuff and we love this game so much!

This is a great game, but we have one complaint. The guards (for us at least) sometimes tell us to hurry to where Im supposed to be when Im already there, unnecessarily bringing up our heat. Its a small inconvenience, but still annoying. Otherwise amazing and challenging!

We love it like the title says! Im pretty bad at the game, but we still think its fun! We also cant wait for survivalists to come out! (I saw a youtuber play it)

This is a very fun game except we have one problem the problem is whenever somebody attacks you you automatically punch back that would be fine except then the guards start chasing you just because somebody attacked you which can be very annoying.

On the third map at the tip Machine Ther one tip you can not buy one of the coins we try to reset and it did none thing it said 80 coins but we had 175.

This is the funnest game ever but we want a police mode.

We beat the game HMP Irangate was easier than jungle compound San pancho was hardest but the DLC prisons make you weaker and its annoying.

Ok so we love the game and we have beaten all of the regular prisons, but there is one strange glitch that we encountered whilst playing Santas Sweatshop. We had switched to touch control, later left the game, and when we came back and tried to switch back, the game crashed. We tried switching prisons but it didnt work. Is there a way that this can be fixed? Otherwise a really great game.

Men arent the only ones getting sent to prison.

Its a great game fun and addictive but please add creative mode.

So we came back to a game that we got frustrated with, and quit. The reason was that we were a noob, and unless you look stuff up on the internet, it gets frustrating, but the complexity of the items needed to escape (once you look at videos or understand tips and tricks) is really creative. The pay phone tip thing does not really help, because people new to a map or tactic (like me) get confused by how to escape, and end up looking it up. Now, while we could go on and on about better hinting on ways to escape, our main problem lies within the lag time that causes major problems. First, sometimes we are not in the right spot, but then when roll call comes, for example, if we arrive just a little late, the guards are really unforgiving. Now, we know thats the point, but if you mess up, and there is 1 guard, then the guard heat or whatever goes up by a little, but if you do the same thing with 4 or 5 guards, then you got yourself up to 99 guard heat REAL quick. So, if the guard is in the same area as another, shouldnt the guard heat go up by the same amount? Also, digging is our favorite way to escape, but sometimes it gets frustrating when once you move a desk where the hole lies, can you move it back in place after you are already underground, and this makes us dig with ease, rather than returning to the surface every 30 seconds just to check if there is a guard near. Now here is where we rant. So the lag time makes it so when we reload a save, we just instantly have the same guard heat as when we died. We also wish that while there are saves, we wish you could go to the history, so that maybe you could retry the day, rather than the one time you were in an awkward spot, which solves the problem of being sent to solitaire no matter what, which is really frustrating, but then you have to reload the save, or restart the whole map, if you get yourself into a sticky situation. We wish there were more places to hide stuff, without just leaving your contraband underground. And while getting searched once in a while is necessary to keep the player on their toes, in certain places there are not enough cell mates, so you get picked for a search every day, which makes us worry about getting searched rather than the goal to escape. Also, if a game developer reads this, the reason why people are so critical of this game, is because it has INCREDIBLE potential. Like incredible. And the game is one of the best on the App Store, and just keep working at it, as this game is a diamond in the ruff. Other games try to mass produce cheap and easy games, and the complexity and thinking required makes this community so big, and which is why we keep coming back to find a different way to escape, and litterly stopped using console games to play this. Thank you so much for reading, and really take care of this app and the escapists 2. We love it.

We really like this game it is super fun and the jails are all fun with interesting things you can do! Its a great game!

Bro this game is awesome but we have an idea. So you know how some prisoners say Im lookin out for you well what if cops get more health and if they are looking out for you they will help in fights against cops and maybe other prisoners if that arent friends. We know that they probably wont read this but it would be cool if they did!

Your app is cool we like playing it.

We love this game but it would be fun if you add a multiplayer.

There is a glitch in hmp irongate where when you raise you intelligence and when you get tired you keep pressing A outside of the library until you get to the showers you keep pressing A on the right side of the shower block. After you raise 1 intel it stops working we hope you can raise you intellect when ever you want.

We really like the game, but one time we had a hole under our desk at the foot of our bed, and when we got out of bed we teleported under the hole and couldnt get out because the desk was on top of it.

The game is not saving when we escape the 2nd prison pls fix this game thx.

This is a amazing game but we want a official map editor on this app.

This is a good game and Im not saying that it isnt but we got this for our son and we had to delete it for him because he pointed out to us that when your in the shower sometimes the prisoners will say things like: unless we get a little crazy or these arent the escape tools your looking for But other than that its a good game.

We bought this game on our second account to play because of nostalgia but it crashes a lot. When we switch controls, it crashes. When we enter the game, it crashes.

We love the game but we have a IPad and it says that you guys fixed the bug where you would get booted off when the game is loading, And then when we try to play it on our IPad when its loading we get booted off when its loading. It might just be our IPad because our IPad is really old so its probably that but just overall. GREAT GAME.

This game is amazing its a very good prison game. But there is a terrible bug in it so say Im in center perks. When Im in the gym a cop would get stuck in the door and give us forty suspicion points which is very bad since when you get to many the guards attack you. Over all other than the bug the game is amazing keep up the good work.

We cannot log into the game no more it just lags when Im trying to get in.

Ill give it a five star but you cant do two player.

When you read in a library and you read till you are fatigued you cant just sleep.

Dont get us wrong this really is the Award winning prison escape game we see nothing wrong with it but can you add a multiplayer where you and your friends can escape together we would really like this feature. Also when you complete a prison you get coins depending on how good you did and you can spend coins to buy stuff that is actually useful and like you could organize the stuff you purchased to be in the desk at the beginning of the game before you actually start. Again this really is the award winning prison game but could you add these features it would be so cool thx 4 reading this hope you can add these new features.

Good except occasionally if you load a save youll get ganged up on by a bunch of guards and die before the cutscene ends, making your previous save useless. Also, the game sometimes crashes randomly.

We love this game but for a while we’ve been unable to play it it opens loads then crashes we’re on a iPod touch so probably just getting outdated.

We would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes prison escape games, we think its the best on the market. However, a couple glitches really ruin the experience. If a hole is under your desk and you are next to the desk, it will display that the hole is not covered and you can get sent to solitary for this. So all digging runs are basically impossible. Another is during santas sweatshop, after about 5-7 days of progress (real life days), we got sent into an infinite save reload cycle that we cant get out of. About 10 game minutes after we load the day in, a fence cut gets found and we get sent to solitary, or have to load a save. There is no way around this. We had to abandon the entire save and frustratingly move on to the next prison. Some of the glitches are awesome though, like the one where you can pickpocket guards without knocking them out and keep the keys forever. But rarely these glitches cause a massive strain on the player as they ruin hours of hard work. But an overall beautifully created game, we absolutely love the simplistic artstyle and unique mechanics.

It is a very good game but there is not as much prisons as we thought there is only a couple of them the second game has lots more prisons. The game is about 5 years old now so we get why they wouldnt update it but when they made it first it was more fun we wish there where more prisons. Its because we beat the prisons and it is not as fun beating them over and over again so we wish that one day we got a new prison.

Its a great game and we have fun playing it but there are common crashes when we open desks search a body or touch the screen sometimes we play with a controller so after a little if we touch the screen it crashes and we dont know about others prisons yet but when its exercise time and Im exercising on a bench in center parks they say move along and shift it even if Im in the room it only happens when Im exercising but overall a good game.

We love the game its fun, challenging, and just a good game in general. The prisons are different and cool. So many ways to escape we love the gameplay.

There are many glitches with the game. When we first load the game it has us already targeted on one of the prisoners. The only way to make it stop is if we punch the prisoner. Another problem is that that when Im trying to give a prisoner money, the add money symbol isnt there. While this isnt such a big deal, its still annoying. We have even tried uninstalling the app. Other than these problems, the game has run smoothly.

We’ve escaped from every prison on the game multiple times and we really want more prisons that are harder than the others.