The Impossible Game

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The Impossible Game


The Impossible Game is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FlukeDude Ltd, The Impossible Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th April 2010 with the latest update 14th May 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


270 people have rated 1.7.0

You can download the game The Impossible Game from APP STORE.


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#2 in the US!
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The best selling Xbox Live Indie Game comes to iPhone – it’s quite possibly the world’s hardest game!

With just one control, tapping the screen to jump, guide your orange square over spikes and jump onto blocks to get to the end of the level. Any mistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning of the level. With an awesome soundtrack synced to the game you’ll quickly become addicted!

Also included is a Practice Mode, allowing you to lay checkpoints along the way. Try and unlock medals throughout the game, including beating the game with no flags. Check out the Stats page, where you can show off to your friends how far you got!

Praise for The Impossible Game on iPhone:

"The most original platform gaming I’ve ever experienced… A ton of fun"

  • Touch Arcade

"Insanely addictive"

  • Destructoid

"Lovely, clean graphics and addictive music"

  • Gizmodo

"Words can’t describe how ‘right’ this feels."

  • DIYgamer

"An incredible ride. High-tempo, life-or-death, and completely seamless. 4/5"

  • 148 Apps

"A great boredom buster. 9/10"

  • NXT Gamer

"A minimalistic yet very stylish design that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more"

  • App Advice

More Info:

Updated on 14th May 2020

Support for wider iPhone X devices.

The Impossible Game Reviews

This is the reason geometry dash was made so thank You very much.

Robtop what are you doing IS THIS YOUR SIXTH GAME!!? GET RID OF IT NOW.

Played the xbox 360 version as a kid and when we got our first Iphone we always had this game installed even to this day. We will leave apple products but this game will forever be in our heart! Kudos to the developers for keeping it alive. So many other childhood games have been lost.

We bought this game back in middle school (2012). This game not only has good mechanics but also music that takes this game to the next level. Every level is well done. The game goes beautifully along with the song. Theres no other game that does this. Youll spend hours mastering your muscle memory and your reflexes. Then, youll play it casually and enjoy the music.

We love this game. It is the original that started it all. However with only the pc version having a game editor and even then you cant share the levels.. Please build the game editor for mobile and a way to share .. Like Geometry Dash. Thanks and we love this game.

This was the best game we have played and it is hard.

For anyone say COpy oF geoMEtry dASh its the thing that literally made geometry dash a thing. If this didnt exist,GD wouldnt exist too.

We first played this game years ago on Xbox, hours of fun with friends getting further and further with each level as we memorized the patterns with the music. Bought again on one of our first iPhones several years ago, and loved it just the same. We’ve recently re-downloaded it on our iPhone 13 Pro Max and these are the things Im experiencing on occasion. 1. Sometimes on the level selection, it pulls up the subsequent level (e.g. When we select Chaos Fantasy it pulls up the Heaven level) rather than the one we selected, so we have to go back out and try again. No biggie. 2. The game will stutter for lack of a better term so that the music isnt in sync with the block anymore. It throws us off a little bit when part of our muscle memory for the jumps is tied to the music. Not every time, but often enough to be noticeable. Overall, love this game, have played it on and off for years and Im amazed at how much our thumbs still remember it. Others have mentioned Geometry Dash which we think we will give a try, but this was definitely the game that inspired it.

Its really fun! And Im saying it honestly its SO HARD but you should buy it!

We have played both this and all versions of geometry dash extensively, and without a doubt geometry dash is they superior game. Free, more levels, more customization, better music tracks, etc. We dont necessarily have a problem with this game, but we just dont understand why they charge you for something of lower quality than their competitors superior FREE game.

We’ve had this app for a while and havent played it in a hot minute and the sound isnt working? Is that normal? There isnt a new update or anything…

Honestly love the game but just bought it and you need to then pay for more levels and yeah its we let ¢.99 but still why?

The game is pretty good as a indie mobile game made years ago. We like its simple style with challenges that rank up to upside down challenges. And we also love the soundtrack its pretty catchy and cool. Although our only problem is that you need to pay 0.99$ for the other three levels,because you have practice mode the first level and the Xbox indie live level and the rest cost money which bothers us because its more like a lite version then a full version because you gotta pay more money for more levels. Other than that the games pretty good.

We cant play lvl 4 it just wont boot us in that game but everything else works.

Just but geometry dash. You can find recreations of these levels on there and its the same price if you count the expansion pack.

The game is lagging on 14 pro max we cant play this like that please fix.

Why is it that the heaven level and Phazd are the exact same song? Why would we pay for a duplicate of the same level?

Cheap geometry dash reskin. Lots of bugs.

Purchased, Downloaded, redownloaded, restarted our phone, no audio settings within the app to turn on or off. Still no sound on this game for us but our phones audio works on every other app.

Please please do not waste your time with such a terrible game. We get the name of it. We get the point of making something difficult. But this isnt fun. Making a square jump is not fun enough to be this frustrated. Terrible design, game, and thought process that went into this. If there were a way to give zero stars we would.

Idk if its just us. We loved this game on Xbox so we downloaded it in our phone just now, and there is no sound. The game is next to impossible on its own, hence the name, but without the music its definitely impossible because there is no beat to follow. Definitely going to try and get a refund.

So we remembered playing this game years ago. When we saw it on the App Store page we knew we had to get it. However, we are highly disappointed. The game will not allow us to exit practice mode when we want to play. And to top it off, the music is nonexistent! Disappointing.

Not sure what the deal is but all sound is gone.

Downloaded expecting the game of old but am linked to the game with no sound and am told to download the soundtracks from a separate site. As such you are completely unable to synchronize gameplay with the sound track which takes the game from impossible but fun to insanely annoying and obnoxious. It was super fun and hard with the sound but is just stupid without it.

We love the challenge The Impossible Game gives us!

We’ve been playing this game for so long and its probably the only game we’ve had on our phone from the beginning, we sometimes go over a year without playing it but every time we want to play it we are able to. Thank you for the quality game.

Yo update the game to be more comfortable while playing on an iPhone XS. We’ve had the app since day one. We suggest maybe making the screen bigger.

Great game enjoyed it through our high school years, still play here and there but we would love maybe a new level update :) !

This game is the father of Geometry Dash. We also think it is 10 times better than Geometry Dash. Just wish they were more levels though.

This game needs to be updated on the newest models of the iPhone at least to fit the screen. We also feel like the audio is a little behind on the iPhone 11 max pro. Please update!

Redownloaded for nostalgia, was not disappointed. Im extremely surprised that there is still support for this game nearly a decade after release. Buy the extra levels, they are worth every penny. Sad to see that the creator stopped creating though; wish he still did.

They just updated the game for 64-bit devices, even after releasing the game 7 years ago.

We played this game when we were a 4. In 2014 when we were 5 years old. We played gd. We forgot about this game a lot. We guess this the the greatest game.

Our game is running super slow. Its like slow motion but the music is running at normal speed? Also why cant we save our progress to the Game Center. We deleted and downloaded the game over to see if it would fix the slow motion but it didnt and now we lost all progress? Great game when running correctly!

This game is so addictive and its extremely challenging. We dont understand how this game doesnt have as much attention as it should. We wish there was a world leader board and stuff.

Dude we’ve been playing this game FOREVER never gets old but we just got a new iPhone 7 and downloaded it and there is no sound hard to play without it hopefully they can fix it.

Its the original but really laggy.

Geometry Dash stole everything about this game, including the logo. This game is the absolute GOAT and GD is for noob casuals gamers rise up.

Simple yet challenging and addictive, with great music. This game is the original btw (2009), geometry dash came after (2013). It has had a bug pop up here and there but theyre normally fixed quickly, so just be patient. While some people are complaining that you get 2 levels for $1, then the 3 extra ones for an additional $1, spending $2 for 5 unique and fun levels really isnt so bad. The reason its like that is cas the game is a 2009 release so it made more sense back then. Overall, its an enjoyable app and if you like geometry dash youll like this, just keep in mind its not as content heavy but thats because its older.

We love this game but ever since we reinstalled it there hasn’t been any sound. It’s not like a game killer or anything but we really liked the music that played during all our failed attempts :)

This is bringing back memories, as we had lost the game, and was unable to find it. THANKS SOOOO MUCH!

Love this game. Music is amazing, and the levels are very complex. We found more enjoyment out of this game than we have Geometry Dash, which is clearly a copy of this game. That being said, this games only drawback is it is old, not really supported, and consequently the levels can get repetitive if you beat the whole game. Otherwise, super fun game.

Like the title says its really fun but it needs a save feature so when you delete the game it wont get rid of your progress but great game.

We love this game but the volume doesn’t work on our phone.

We must say, this game was the spark of our childhood when we first got an iPhone. Just let us clear this up, this game didnt rip off geometry dash. In fact, it came out four years before geometry dash, and it was a huge inspiration for robtop.

And all we ask for is new levels. The expansion pack is well worth the $0.99. We beat the game multiple times, and we still come back to this app to relive our childhood memories of trying to beat levels like Chaoz Fantasy. We loved when Phazd was added and thought it would be the start of regularly added levels. Havent heard anything since from Flukedude :(

The Impossible Game is still one of the most addictive yet fun games in 2020. However, we have one small problem: the lack of iPhone X optimization. The addition of it would makes this 4 stars rating add one more star.

We can’t believe we paid to play one level. Sure it was fun, but for something that costs money it should have more gameplay.

It was working fantastic at first next thing you know we couldnt hear the audio!

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