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The Kreator

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, The Kreator! Developed by the innovative team at StarRhyme Co., Ltd., this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 18th July 2019, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 21st August 2022.

Are you a fan of Casual, Music, games? Then The Kreator is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of The Kreator

Over 1,845 players have rated The Kreator. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does The Kreator Cost?

Good news! You can download The Kreator on your iOS device absolutely free!

The Kreator Release Date

Eager to know when The Kreator first graced the App Store? It was launched on 18th July 2019.

When Was The Kreator Last Updated?

The latest version of The Kreator was updated on 21st August 2022, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download The Kreator?

To get started with The Kreator, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into The Kreator

You see blossoms and leaves flourish in the expansive world, you see cotton-like cloud and glaring stars high up in the sky, and you see yourself on the road, advancing for the never-ending paths ahead, alone — or perhaps, for some time alone, since this travel is destined to bring you companions, despite their temporary stay.

As the Kreator, you will have:

· Relaxing vibe with a simple one-button control system

· Thousand frames of Motion Graphic

· Delicate original animation

· 12 Original Sound Track that are in total 40 min long

· Travelling close to the soil to nurture plants

· Challenging Dark Elements which impede your journey

· Lovely little companions may offer help

· Difficulty progresses with the changing of seasons

· Switch to “Zen Mode” to get rid of all the obstacles and breezily enjoy the stunning scenery and the exquisite music

The Kreator is free to download with in-app purchase content and with no ads.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of The Kreator updated on 21st August 2022:

Fix bugs

User Reviews on The Kreator

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of The Kreator below:

Hi we love the game although there are two levels do you think you can add more? The game is super calming also.

We enjoy the metal, hand/eye coordination challenge. It relaxes us at first then gets really hectic. Figuring out the patterns of the flowing flock of figures and holding off, restraining myself from attacking too soon is difficult. To succeed, Im forced to not force anything, we must be subordinate to the pattern and when to press. Like when Luke Skywalker turned off his radar targeted and relied on the Force to fire the kill shot to destroy the DeathStar. Kinda like wu wei or Bukowski: dont try.

This game creates our 2 first times. The first time to write a game review without any pop up window begging us and the first time to pay for a game not to remove ads. There are no adds in the game and no pop up windows (for one day of playing) but we still purchase because its cheap and the game worth it. There is no ads even without purchase, but we just want to support the creator and we also want to leave this comment because we want the creator to know this game is great!

We looked up relaxing games on Apple store and this was recommended to us. The concept is great and the animation is lovely but being chased by evil spots is less relaxing than Id like it to be.

The patterns kept purposely getting more confusing and longer so youd have to be more careful while jumping. Why can our circle be bigger if we kept collecting the stars? What even is the point of collecting them if theres nothing we can do to level up?

We havent even played for ten minuets before we new we needed to right a review 1. Beautiful scenery 2. Pretty music 3. This game is for everyone like you try an escape these monsters but it isnt scary or stressful or you just grow trees and relax it is awesome.

Simple but good. Maybe add a new texture if you get the time.

This always calms us down when im anxious. The colors are nice, the music is beautiful, and the gameplay is simple but enjoyable.

Absolutely beautiful, we love the sound track and the small details.

We think its a wonderful little game it doesHave a calming affect we just hate starting over again but we love it.

At first we had no idea of what to do. Played a few times and got it right. This is a relaxing creation, music games dont have one thing that this game has. Love and Calmness. The music and graphics are great. No bugs or glitches. Great Game recommended for ALL ages. Thank you Happy Reviewer.

This game is stunning. The graphics are adorable. Also, no ads pop up, which is great, and its free to play. You can buy a different map for $0.99, which is an incredibly good price. The game gradually gets harder, but not hard enough to make u rage quit. Its super adorable and addicting. We totally recommend this game. We would give feedback, but honestly, we dont have any. This game is great, and free to play. If you need a chill game, this is the one.

Amazing! We have hardly had this game for ten minutes and Im already calm. We really like it, just wish that we could buy things on our device, we would buy the zen mode. Overall great. Pleasing. We could want nothing more.

Hi we really like this game but we have some ideas to make it better. O.K. So what if the light blobs were currency and you can use them to customize your light blob, right? An what if there were more worlds that you DONT have to pay? We do not want to spend any money. And what if there was a multiplayer option so you can team up to get more blobs? That is all. Thanks.

Love the app. We just wish you had the option to save your progress. Instead of starting over every time you lose your life.

This game is awesome, its very chill, and the music is THE BEST! So far NO ADS!! We HATE ads (I think everyone does too though.)

Its a pretty great game, first of all. Would highly recommend! Its very pleasant and relaxing, the music and the art is beautiful, and its definitely addictive to play. Unfortunately, thats where our only complaint lies. We love this game, but we think that you should be able to quit the game with your score saved, instead of having to have your light burn out. Id been playing for a while. Our first score in the game was 77 days, and we thought, we can do way better than that! So we played until we had 1076 days logged. Then we waited, and quit to the main menu so that our score could be 1077. It would have been so satisfying; but our score is still 77! Its not a huge problem, its really just an annoyance, especially to more competitive people. (Thats why Im still rating it 5 stars.) It would still be nice to be able to quit and get your high score, though. Other than this? Amazing game, top notch. Its one of the only games we actually spent money on, and that was partly because it was so cheap, which we greatly appreciate because not many people have a lot of money to spend on game upgrades. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Great job on this app, we will be keeping it installed and looking forward to updates.

Its actually fun instead of just irritating like most mobile games. One part in particular that we enjoy is that it doesnt try to leech every cent off of you, the only in game purchase is to unlock zen mode and the regular game mode with different animations for only 0.99¢ which is unnecessary because the original game is great itself. Another note: the animation is so nice and smooth. We love everything about it.

If you have anxiety, like we do, this game was made to help calm your mind. Easy on the eye graphics and simple gameplay. Music is lovely, sound effects are soothing. Youll get lost in this game. Collect the light so you can avoid the darkness. Also, you can grow some lovely plants when you run along the earth. Spend the .99 for zen mode and star land. Worth it!

Its challenging enough for us. And, indeed, theres something zen-like, comforting and wonderful about this game.

The first thing we noticed, and Im sure most people will notice about this game, is the music. It is really beautiful and relaxing. There are several songs throughout the game while playing, which keeps it from being too repetitive. The scenery changes with the song too! This game helps us sleep at night when Im struggling with anxiety. The art and animations in the game are as equally beautiful and provide a very smooth experience. We havent experienced any lag or anything while playing (and we play for an hour sometimes heh). To unlock Zen mode and the other story, it costs 99 cents. While this isnt necessary to enjoy the game, it is a very low price for a game that is so beautiful. Admittedly, we were surprised at how cheap it was. We can tell you zen mode is very fun. We used it to really take in all the tiny animations and details of the game. We didnt notice that the stars are triangles before. Very cute! We enjoyed the second stage of the game even more than the first. The art style really is so amazing. We wish we could give constructive feedback for the game, but we got nothing . We can tell time and care went into this game which, as an artist, we really love and appreciate about it. The little trees and flowers are so cute and its satisfying to watch them grow. This is one of our favorite games we’ve played on iOS. We were happy to unlock zen mode and watch the world bloom. (Sorry for the wordy review)

Love this game! Its beautiful and relaxing. We wish there was a way to unlock levels without paying for it.

We love the art, the music, the sound, the controls… This game is beautiful! But after a certain point, difficulty kinda stops scaling up and you can almost go on infinitely with the same strategy. Like a previous review said, this wouldnt be a problem if there were an option to pause and come back to the game, or if your score were saved even if you didnt die when your light got snuffed out. However, neither of those things happen so if you want to go do something else, you have to either kamikaze or lose your score. Tldr; stops increasing in difficulty after a certain point, no way to save score other than die.

We think their should be more options for the music because having 3 different tunes isnt really enough to keep yourself on the game for very long.

Pretty please. We would rather not pay for easy mode either.

It has a flap-like motion. Press to go up, and let go to fall. Very difficult to control motion. And very hard to get any precision. This makes the game frustrating, not relaxing. Why do it this way? Please make direction control easier so we can just glide through. Thank you.

This is a beautiful game with nice style and music. The only problem is that your mistakes literally haunt you. It starts great with pleasant music as you collect light and begin to sprout some nice trees and flowers. But then it gets more difficult to catch the lights. You can try your best, but eventually you start to miss and then the world speeds up and your mistakes combine into an unstoppable demon that inevitably consumes you.

Watch a screen scroll, touch it FlappyBird style to collect yellow dots, and hear chill anime-type music. Its the interaction that ruins the game. Itd be more entertaining if we were just watching a screen and hearing the music. Theres nothing to do, theres no bonus, no reward, no incentive to keep going, no thrills, nothing profound, and nothing to benefit the world or yourself when playing this game for any duration.

We never leave reviews or play any games but this game has beautiful graphics and soundtrack that we find myself really enjoying it.

Relaxing and concentration at the same time, Beautiful !!

This game is excellent. Its been putting us in a really good head space all night. Thank you for making this!

We love this game so much. The music, the visuals- the overall message. Its beautiful. Please make more apps like this.

Really a lively game! Just paid the buck after playing the free version for a year. Neat to hear different music and see the art. This fame is a public service! Thank you!

This is by far our favorite game. It is so relaxing and we play it before bed to help us fall asleep. We have insomnia and this game really does help us relax.

We have chronic pain and anxiety and sometimes use iPhone games to calm down and weather pain flares. This is by far the most calming, simple, beautiful game we’ve ever played. The controls are easy to use, the music and visuals are gorgeous and transporting, and it has the perfect kind of low stakes gameplay that is engaging without being stressful. It is easily our favorite iPhone game. Highly, highly recommended.

Do you guys have a place where we can listen to the soundtrack? Otherwise, the gameplay is very relaxing and not very frustrating since the music just makes us want to play it again and again. Not to mention the graphics, its simplistic but rather fitting to all of the components of the game. Hopefully you guys keep making it better and well done.

This game is delightful! We love everything in it, the music, the little yellow glowey-bois, everything!

We think anybody who is reading this (probably only you) should get the game (if you dont have it I, happen to just scroll through reviews AFTER we get the game but enough about me). The music is amazing, theres not an an ad every ten seconds, and its beautiful (I also like how it tells ya how many days we traveled for after the darkness reaches you, we wonder if anybody has gotten a year yet). Yes it is a little hard for us (but thats just our skill level though), and yes the controls are only a teed bit hard (again, probably just me) but it has to be the third best game we’ve gotten (if your wondering Minecraft is first and ROBLOX is second). clap clap good job developers, good job.

We are not one to rate games. But this game is just pure beauty. From the music to the game play. The music captivates you as you float along. You just lose track of time. The simplistic art compliments the music and brings every jump and glide to life. The zen mode is amazing. As for non zen its challenging and yet soothing as well. Its so hard to be upset whilst playing. We couldnt be happier with a game. Even our daughter can play it. The lights and colors are just so so captivating. Everything about it deserves 5 stars.

When we got this game, we got it because we wanted an endless runner. It was good, but not quite Temple Run. Then, a week later, we tripped and fell on concrete going to our school bus home. We tore up our face, had to get stitches, and it was a lot of pain for a few days. Then, we started playing this game and we suddenly had an urge that everything was going to be just fine. Thank you, Kreator.

This is a simple, tranquil game. It is soothing and relaxing to play. The music and graphics are beautiful. A nice game to just mellow out on and enjoy.

This game relaxing us in so many ways and really love the music on this game.

We like this game its peaceful.

We love this game from the start. We only started playing it for about a week and we are in love with it. The animation, the music, no ads, no Buy this for only this amount or anything like that. We bought the little premium pack and its just even better. We also love it how you go through the seasons as you travel the Earth. Good job Devs.

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