The Lost City

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The Lost City


The Lost City is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Joe Kauffman, The Lost City is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st January 2012 with the latest update 9th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


170 people have rated 1.14

You can download the game The Lost City from APP STORE.


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Grandma was right.

Nobody really believed her. Not even you, her favorite grandchild.

But she was right. And more so than you could ever imagine.

The city before you, deep in the mist shrouded forest, can’t be found on any map. It shouldn’t even exist. Though it’s been asleep for a long time, you feel a mysterious power begin to awaken from the ruins around you.

Legend has it the civilization that built this place could somehow control the seasons. But nobody listens to legends.

Nobody except Grandma.

And she was right.

You look again at the artifact she gave you. Close to this lost city, it almost seems alive in your hand.

The city does exist. It’s real.

Could the secret magic, powerful enough to change the seasons, be real too?


  • Inspired by classic point and click adventure games!
  • Beautiful graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
  • Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects!
  • A journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter.
  • A dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location.
  • A complete hint guide and walkthrough built right into the game.
  • The Lost City has been translated into several languages.
  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!

Updated on 9th June 2022

Bug Fixes

The Lost City Reviews

We have played this game since it first came out, and after about 50 playthroughs we have never gotten tired of it. Best game ever!

We love this game we love this game we love this game we love this game we love this game we love this game we love this game we love this game, we dont know where to start.

We thought it it was one of those free full of ad games that you play for ten seconds then get bombarded with ads then immediately delete. NOT THIS ONE. No ads and it kept our attention. Just short of three hours in 4 days of spare time to complete. We had a hard time putting it down. 5 stars to Fire Maple Games! Thanks!!

This is what we think of when we search for adventure or anything like that. This game is absolutely amazing and deserves 5 stars. We play it once a year and recommend it to everyone else because it is worth it. We hope the game developers continue to make more games like this because we will buy them ALL.

We got this game when it was pretty new… We were probably 8. Im 14 now and playing again was really fun because it brought back great nostalgia and it seemed almost d j vu like. Really fun game, makes you think, gameplay is about 45 min.-1hr. And it gets really exciting. Obviously its not new animation but it was made in 2012 so… Also hand-painted graphics. Very cool.

This is so nostalgic for us. We played these as a little girl and we just remembered them. We bought them immediately, as we have so many good memories playing these.

We LOVE this game, we grew up playing it and redone loading it every year or so is still such a fun and fresh experience. We thoroughly enjoy this game and Id suggest it to anyone who is questioning buying.

We love all the fire maple games, but this one will always be our favorite!

This was a high quality game. It took about 3-4 hours to play and it was fun. The puzzles werent hard but the tricky part was figuring out where to go n what season you needed to be in since you cant use the map to jump. There is a hint button that takes 10 minutes to refill. We only needed it once because we didnt realize you could switch seasons! Overall a really well made game. That being said, we got this game for free due to their new game being out. We wouldnt pay full price for this as its a bit outdated but thats to be expected as it came out in 2012. We may buy their latest game though because this is a great game and the developer has probably fine tuned his craft over the past 7 years. Kudos devs!

We love this game. We’ve played and replayed it so many times.

Anyone who loves adventure games will love it!!! Yes,the graphics are not that good but the game is so fun. We highly recommend it P.S. Anyone who is having trouble getting around try using the map,to access it,tap the bag,and then tap the map on the lower left.

We are a fan of the Fire Maple games. Lost City benefits from the forethought that went into making the puzzles fit in with the story and the environments. Solving puzzles by changing seasons is clever, and so are many of the puzzles themselves, which are at a medium level of difficulty (just hard enough to make you think, but far from exasperating). This game, like all of Fire Maples games, is a welcome relief from the gloomy, creepy settings and atmosphere in most of the games in this genre. The music is pleasant and the visuals are colorful, which makes for a stress-free puzzle-solving experience. The journal and the map are useful features, as well. Overall, this is a nice, calm way to spend a few hours, and scratch that puzzling itch.

Nice long game – we really enjoyed playing.

We’ve played it so many times, we know where everything is.

We played the game for a few hours, usually waiting for the hints but although they took ten minutes to get they were always helpful so the waiting was worth it.

We need help please. We cannot find the floating box as the hint says for’scene 22. We can’t go further in the game until we find this. Please anybody. The clue says to use the rusty key to open a floating box in screen 22 in the spring. There is no floating box in screen 22 that we can find. We have changed it to Spring & have examined other nearby screens and no floating box. There is only the open empty box in the lower half of the picture. We love the game and have completed other series of the Maple Tree adventure game series and am more than half way through another one. But in this one we are stuck. Please developers we could use some help here or if anyone who has completed this puzzle would sure appreciate your expertise. We mistakenly presses only 4 stars. The game deserves 5 stars. There is no problem with the game but user error. We the user am apparently having eye problems or trouble seeing boxes. Or this box is floating too fast, high, low or too much as we are missing it entirely Thank you anyone Candy.

The Lost City is an incredible experience from beginning to end. The game has incredible hand drawn visuals, gripping puzzles, an ever growing and changing environment for you to explore and to this day the experience isnt outdated! For the price you pay, The Lost City is an absolute steal and an incredible game!

This is just the type of game we enjoy: puzzle solving. We just discovered this and Im happy to say it still works perfectly fine on our ipad. Our only complaints are 1. If you leave the game to go to another app and come back, it goes to the initial splash screen instead of where you left off. For this game you really need to take notes on where things are, so having a delay every time you went back from consulting a note was a little annoying. 2. We wish the hint icon was set off by itself. We kept hitting it by accident when we meant to hit the bag. 3. We wish the hints were more subtle. Instead they tell you exactly what to do. But other than those minor things the game was great. Beautiful scenery, a creative storyline, and puzzles that were challenging, some more than others. The hardest part was remembering where things were even with the map. Thanks to the creator for numbering all the map cells.

This is a nice little game. One weird glitch. The first time we played it a journal entry from another game showed up. Its the painted Easter egg on first page and torn number on the facing page. We thought it looked familiar but we could never find it in the game. Later we realized its from another Maple Fire game, Grisley Manor we think. We replayed the game and did not have those pages in our journal second time. Not a big deal but it did confuse us for a while.

This game is a few years old but still runs great in (almost) 2019. Its well done and offers a lot of value for the money. You can finish a lot of these types of games pretty quickly, but this one goes on well past where you expect it to (thats a compliment). Highly recommended.

We LOVED this game; highly entertaining.

This game is beautiful and magical. Even though we know every bit of it, we still will play it again sometimes just because it makes us feel peaceful and happy.

We bought this game when it first came out, maybe 5-6 years ago. We played right through the whole thing and loved it so much and then after a couple years of changing iPhones and downloading more games, it had been deleted and forgotten until just recently. Im so glad to see its still on the App Store and is still being kept up-to-date with the newest iOS updates. Thank you, developers! Reinstalled this game on our phone and Im excited to play through it again!

Enjoyable puzzler. Would be nice to go back and wander the island after the games ends. In-game hints better than any walkthrough. The walkthroughs we found were basically random collections of lists or chaotic instructions. Because there is more than one way to finish this game, its nearly impossible to make a coherent walkthrough.

But for this game we had to write one !! This was hands down THEE best game like this we played thus far. And we are a legit gamer. We been playing these type of adventure seek and try to figure out games for years. And this was the best one we ever played yet. It want too hard where u needed a walk through and it wasnt too easy where u just ran threw it . Good game. Thanks developers! LOVED IT!!!!

Great graphics, clever puzzles, cool story. Please make more!

We LOVED this game!! We hope they come out with a sequel.

This is the closest game we have found to our favorite puzzle game, Myst! It’s point and click, super challenging, but solvable! You have to write down clues, because the game changes seasons and you have to go back and forth to solve. Amazing game!

Pure adventure puzzling fun? Yup. This game is really well done.

This is the best point and click adventure hands down.

The game has a story and enough complications to keep us very involved . Enjoyed it completely… Frustrations and all !

This is a fantastic, immersive puzzle adventure game that had us hooked immediately. We loved the atmosphere and unique nature of the puzzles… Once you figure it out it’s really a very cool concept! We recommend it to any puzzle game addicts. Please make more!

We really like this game and the graphics are great! One comment would be to allow the hints to refresh at any time, not just when playing the game.

Nice graphics, puzzles were easy enough once you understood the premise. Our only real criticism was there was no danger or thrill in the story line. Great for kids.

We enjoyed this puzzle/adventure game: not too hard and not too easy, and a good length. Note that it’s not a hidden object game. The graphics are the only weak spot, as they’re low-res (not retina) but it’s the gameplay that matters.

Honestly whos idea was it to put the home button on top of the inventory arrow button?

We finally got all the way to the last puzzle, no matter what solution we followed, with video walkthrough assistance, in the season of summer, as instructed, nothing worked. I,had to abandon that game without finishing it. It was part of a paid bundle. We hope the other two games will allow us to finish. We regret the purchase.

Game locked up and couldn’t finish.

Family favorite. Medium duration – a few days. Might need hint on 1 puzzle near the end. Delightful settings.

We purchased this after enjoying Grisly Manor. This was a winner as well. Quality without a hefty price tag. Again – appropriate enough to recommend to children in our life, yet entertaining for we big kids as well. Thanks! :-D.

Not only is the game fun but the graphics are beautiful!

New update seems to work well. Graphics are much sharper. Really. This is our favorite game we’ve ever played. So beautiful! Fun. Relaxing. Challenging but not enough to require much use of the hint guide. This is a perfect game. Worth more than $.99. A must buy!

This game is well done in its screens, complexity and depth into solving numerous puzzles of various kinds. Not your typical five or six screen game or hidden objects game. Definitely makes you think.

Not terribly long and not terribly complicated other than remembering your way around but the map helped. Completed in an evening but we did feel like we got our money’s worth. Appropriate for older children if they like puzzle games. We enjoy games that you can take your time with and not worry about the clock running out or dying if you make a wrong turn.

I’d say this is the best game fire maple has made. It’s just so, so, we don’t even know, but it is AMAZING. The plot, the scenery, the magic, it’s just awesome! It is harder than the others though. And longer. We had to look at an online walk through, but still! Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS. RIGHT NOW.

Highly recommend. Fun and not so hard that you’re searching the net for a walk through.

Very well done. Beautifully designed and scripted. Gr8 job.

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