Dungeon Defense : The Gate

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Dungeon Defense : The Gate


Dungeon Defense : The Gate is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GameCoaster, Dungeon Defense : The Gate is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th January 2017 with the latest update 12th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


665 people have rated 1.93.03

You can download the game Dungeon Defense : The Gate from APP STORE.


※ Introduction
Defeat all invaders to defend your dungeon!
Collect more weapons and monsters to make them stronger.
Enjoy various contents such as "dungeon building, collect various weapons, achievements"

※ Story
In order to defend the last remaining dungeon of this world, you became a guardian.
Heroes from all over the world gather to conquer the dungeon.
Never be defeated, be the best dungeon!

※ Characteristics of game
◈ Enjoy "Retro graphics & Sounds".
◈ Easy to play, anyone can enjoy it easily.
◈ Please enjoy the pleasure by sweeping away enemies.
◈ Organize a variety of mercenaries and find synergies.
◈ Rewards are waiting for each achievement.

I am a solo developer.
Your download and feedback is so precious to me.
If you have fun, please recommend it to the people around you.

E-Mail : [email protected]
Tel :+82 70-4177-0213

@ GameCoaster

  • In-app Payment lets you use features or characters immediately. However, you can enjoy all of the content without IAP. :)

Updated on 12th April 2022

Latest OS compatibility update
Game performance optimization

Dungeon Defense : The Gate Reviews

A friend recommended the game to us. It seemed quite complex when he showed us his game and the spreadsheets on his computer (lol), but we started it myself and its actually really fun. Will absolutely recommend to our friends as well.

This is by far 1 of our favorite games on mobile we bought and played it on android before switching to iPhone and we had to buy it immediately we just hope we can get some more content/updates Ill be playing forever please keep up the great work.

Extremely fun to play while watching drew gooden talk about little italy.

We’ve been playing this game for years, and we always come back. We might get bored of it after a while and delete it but we always end up redownloading it. Its simple, fun, has unique sprites, and keeps us entertained. Its one of our classics and we highly recommend!

Deep but approachable. Good difficulty scaling, lots to do.

When you go to the cash shop, the game very clearly informs you that all of the currencies can be earned by playing. All of the features can be unlocked by playing. All of them. To us, that says absolutely all that needs to be said about this game. It doesn’t want your money, it wants to be played as much as you want to play it.

It was free, but idk if that was googles version. A great game regardless just sad we had to pay to enjoy it again. A ad banner would be nice then pay to get it removed.

Its a decent game with a lot to do and the more you play the more you get!

We have this game on Google play store and we have switched to iOS. There is no way to restore our purchases like there are in most games with internal transactions. Can someone from support contact us to resolve this issue?

Its a very fun game and it really doesnt take much time to learn how to play.

Played this game years ago. Got a new phone. Couldnt remember the name. Finally remembered. This is hands down the most fun game we’ve played on mobile. Im glad we found it again.

When we first played this game, we instantly begun having fun. The fighting sound effects are almost like asmr and the difficulty gets progressively harder which gives a challenge. We’ve put many hours into this game and still dont get bored of it, something we cant say for many other games we see today. The level up process is super convenient and you can even prioritize an ability for your teammates to auto-upgrade. Overall, this is our favorite mobile game to play whether Im bored, in need of a time spender, or just for fun.

Yep. Throw in a little RPG army management and troop upgrades and it sounds like it might us too much? Its not. More please.

Very fun, simple and ADDICTIVE!

A pixel style RPG defense game, random loot and a lot of upgrades with skills that you can unlock. Characters to unlock with special currency that you do not need to pay. This game defines the whole you buy the entirety speech that many games now a days use the DLC as a means of evading the entire game, this however you get the entire game whenever you buy it :) our rating: 96/100 Problem: most of your time will be spent on upgrading in this game but its fun regardless.

The concept is great, along with the pixel art style and very diverse difficulty makes this a fun game to sit down and play, or a hardcore tower defense. We think it is 100% worth more than 2$!

Super fun game with great content to always strive for, would be great if devs would update it and add new stuff though.

A lover of TD this is for sure makes our list of favorites TD games.

Amazing game, addictive, fair, great progression system – deep but still accessible. Thank you for making this game!

We really enjoyed this game would recommend it immediately.

We used to play this game on our Android phone, and it was one of the first that came to mind when we were installing things we knew Id want on our iPhone when we switched over recently. The game is based around its nigh-endless replayability, with plenty of challenges to beat. The music is particularly charming, with a distinctly 8-but feel to it. If you find yourself needing to kill time or just want something new to play, you really cant go wrong with this game!

One of the last good iOS games.

Very nice game, we love it, if you see this GET THIS GAME.

Would pay $10 for this app. Action-jammed!!! Epically deep. Thanks for the update! Just one thing… Understandably, it will kill your battery over time. Dungeon Maker is by the same developer, superbly deep as well, but seems much nicer on the battery with somewhat fewer enemies. And yes, we’ve turned down almost all the options on this game. We’ve played months of Dungeon Maker with very little if any impact on the battery. Either way the developer deserves a sale!

This has been a really fun game to play. However, the latest update seems to have broken the app. The title screen appears then the app crashes. Hope it gets fixed soon! IPhone 7+ running 13.3.1.

Glad to see an update; however the game now crashes seconds after clicking the icon. Please fix!

Game is great! But now it’s crashing all the time after the update.

This game is absolutely fantastic! Tons of fun. Bit of a learning curve with all the menus to navigate. Could use a tutorial. But once you get the hang of things theres no getting away from this game.

The only downside to this game is the lack of updates. This game could be #1 in the store with a little TLC.

This is a very well-made game with progression that helps you feel accomplished. We feel the developer has found a perfect balance of casual v. Competitive gamers. The graphics are absolutely wonderful; both playful and artistic. We look forward to any more games made by this creator.

Games good enough to get a review from us. Nuff said.

Having fun and the dev doesnt push you to pay. Just if you want to. Seems like you can unlock all paid stuff with time playing. Really enjoying the game.

This game, despite other reviews, is a great game. IT IS NOT ENTIRELY AUTOMATED. When defending your castle, the character you choose is also a defender. Tapping the screen lets you shoot arrows, or fireballs, or whatever. Most of the time, your character is also the strongest one. However, once you play it for a few minutes and gain some mercenaries, it becomes entirely possible to not tap the screen once and still have a fully health dungeon. Anyways, this game is not for you people who like to buy a game that you spend only five minutes on before deleting. It is meant for further progression. Everything from the dungeon upgrades to the diverse weapon system to the unique skills and special attacks make it a great game. IAPs are also basically non-existent. Overall, this game is a great addition to anyones game library.

Title says it. Never leave reviews but the Dev of this game deserves the props. It itches our "complex" micro managing spot quite well with the mods and skill/party management. Hope to see the game keep developing. Well worth the buy!!

Seriously this game has been completely controlling us in the best way possible. We never want to stop playing because it always gets just hard enough to be a challenge. Props to the devs for such an amazing game.

Hands down thee best game of it’s kind! We can’t put it down!

Honestly have been playing for roughly two weeks now, and it’s a fantastic game. We haven’t hit any bugs yet and we haven’t been pressured into buying a single thing. It’s countless hours of fun or just a quick round. Gonna keep playing.

This an amazing game. It has no ads which is awesome and great music. We think the developer did a great job.

Absolutely worth the small price. No adds, tons of character development, and fun gameplay. Highly recommended!

First review we have made in our entire life. This guy deserves it.

We highly recommend you try this game out!

We had zero expectations for this game, and it blew us away. Keep up the good work.

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