The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage

The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage

The Mask Singer - Tiny Stage

The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Workpoint Entertainment PCL, The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th June 2017 with the latest update 17th May 2018

Whether you are a fan of Music, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage ?

177 people have rated 1.22.0

What is the price of the The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage released ?

The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage was released on 28th June 2017.

When was the The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage updated ?

The latest updated date of The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage on 17th May 2018.

Where can The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage from Apple Official App Store.



From THE MASK SINGER The current best TV show to your device.

Are you ready to have fun with your favorite mask?
Play with their rhythms and songs. Collect an abundant of mask form every seasons. And make a team to show at The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage!!!

Updated on 17th May 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New characters – The Mask Singer (season 4).

The Mask Singer – Tiny Stage Review

Just make it English then we good.

This game is great, but you should update your other game Aplaca world with more activities.

Even though its not English and Korean we still like it but our mom wont let us so yeah thats why Im giving it five stars also because Im a little bit of a super fan Knox Bender.

Ok so all of you are dumb Q not English : A : Its the Thai masked singer Q its not the masked singer : A : it was out before the English version also its the Thai masked singer Ok.

Please please have this app in English thanks.

We dont care if it speaks english or not we speak both languages.

We love this game but please make an English feature pls.

There is a show called mask singer. Its a Korean show. They sing in Korean. Theres nothing to do with it. Its for a show. You vote there when you watch the show. And the show is in Korean. So dont rate 1 people. Again its a Korean app!

We thought this was English… Now we’re not gonna hate on it because it’s probably a Great Game! Just we don’t know what it’s telling us… Please add an alternate languages if you could. We love your alpaca game though it is so fun! We definitely recommend for everyone to go check it out!!

We give this 3 stars because it only comes in that language it needs to come in English please;it is a great app an all but no English please add English.

We would really appreciate it if this were available in many different languages, including English.

Thought you could create a mask then sing yourself. Im not going to say it is a bad app, because it is not in English. We will request that they please let you choose a language.

How can rate this in a language that we dont know or understand.

Dont put the language as English if its not we were disappointed bc it was not in English at least put the right language so that people will understand what language its in.

Probably a good app but we wouldnt know because. Its in a different language.

We can not understand this, we need it in English.

Dont understand a word. Its not in English.

Please fix its not in English.

What type of app is it when you cant pick your language. You cant understand anything because it is in another language that is not English. How the heck are you suppose to vote when you cant understand!

Theres absolutely no reason this app belongs in front of a predominantly English speaking audience. Cute graphics…. We cant even figure out what language it we ? Russian vs Eastern Europe?

Wish we had read the reviews before downloading :-( Not in English cant understand a single thing. Has NOTHING to do with the show. Very disappointed and will be deleting.

We were happy to get this game but once we saw it we were like no English we like English thats why we speak from and we cant understand a word what theyre trying to say we dont think we can get this five its just knowing English Im just gonna give it one because it looks fun but knowing English so we think Im gonna get this one.

We are in the USA downloading this app and the language is set to Thai. We dont know if this is a legit app or a sort of malware. We are uninstalling!

We did not understand not one word it said we deleted it pls make it in English to.

We are trying to delete this off our phone it is not what we thought it was!

We tried this app last night and we are Very disappointed that It Is NOT in English! Could you please put out an English version or a way to choose your language! We deleted this app due to we cant read anything in it!

It is in Japanese and we hate it so we will try it again today.

Not what we expected. Cannot change language. Worthlessnin our book.

This has nothing to do with the American version of the show. Dont bother with it.

We also thought this was an interactive app where we could vote for contestants. We saw this wasnt the case when upon opening the app, the language was no longer English.

This game needs alternative languages. We cant understand what it says.

Its not English even if it was English it still wouldnt make sense.

This was advertised in TV in the USA… Only to find out it is in another language. HORRIBLE!!

Thought this would be interactive with the show so you can guess who the contestants are like the Shazam app. Plus theres no option to change language.

We cant not understand the game. It would be better if it was in English.

Its in some other language and its basically like a app like version of guitar hero or something. Nothing to do with the actual show.

We love the show masked singer but this app was Spanish And we cant understand what it says. Make a better app pls!

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