JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races

JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races

JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races

JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dot Trans Lp, JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd August 2019 with the latest update 30th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Racing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races ?

865 people have rated 1.5.7

What is the price of the JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races released ?

JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races was released on 3rd August 2019.

When was the JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races updated ?

The latest updated date of JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races on 30th January 2023.

Where can JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races be downloaded ?

You can download the game JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races from Apple Official App Store.



Arcade racing simulator on iconic Japanese cars. Online and offline competitions with bots and live humans. Already more than a 3.000.000 million installations worldwide. Read player reviews, it’s the best recommendation!

We have put together a collection of legendary Japanese cars from the 80’s to the present day. We created beautiful tracks and tons of tuning parts. Combined it all in Offline Campaigns, Daily Events and Online Multiplayer Competitions for up to 7 people. If you love Gran Turismo style racing games and Initial D cartoons, then our game is a must have!


  • Custom Multiplayer. Choose any car, choose a track and the number of players 2-6. Players from all over the world will be able to join this race. You will be able to show your tuned car and racer skills. Play with friends or randoms.

  • Random multiplayer.
    Instant 1 on 1 race with a random opponent. You can quickly earn credits for upgrades. Time to pick up an opponent 15 seconds.


  • Enjoy realistic physics and luxurious 3D graphics
  • Drive legendary Japanese cars from the 80s era
  • A variety of beautiful tracks specially designed for racing
  • Drag racing, time attack, sprint, checkpoints, survival and other challenges
  • Career mode where you can gain experience and unlock secret cars
  • Each car is unique, feel the weight and power, find your balance
  • Make your cars unique by using paint, tuning and rims
  • Real engine sounds for every car
  • Turbine, gearbox and tire sounds
  • Choose the controls you like – buttons, steering wheel, accelerometer

A new online racing game from the creators of Drift Legends!

  • For a comfortable game recommended iphone 6S and above.

Updated on 30th January 2023

  • Multiplayer fixes
  • library update
  • minor bug fixes

JDM Racing: Drag & Drift Races Review

This game is so much fun. We love racing/drifting in it. We wish more people tried to race drifting rather than bounce of the rails though Would it be possible to allow different classes to race The Bridge under multiplayer? That track is so much fun.

Love the game but Im running into an issue where we cant collect parts for cars that arent featured in the story line.

We do greatly enjoy this game. Theres really nothing else like it in the App Store, but it has some issues that need to be dealt with. Its a little lengthy but bear with us. Im only doing this cause we wish to see this game improve and we have a lot of faith in you guys: First and foremost, the game has WAY too many microtransactions. Way too many good cars in the game are locked behind a paywall, including all of the Skylines which annoys us cause Im a Skyline enthusiast. The car selection itself could be better too. As a former Drift Legends veteran, this game left much to be desired. We know what you guys are capable of, and we feel like this doesnt quite deliver. If a car is locked behind a paywall, it should be for a really good reason, like its based off of a car in some form of famous licensed media or its a car that is noticeably different in some way from all the other cars in the roster. Next is an issue with progression. We’ve noticed that you get just about as much money from winning events as you do from losing them. Maybe you get a little more from winning (as well as a part for a car you most likely dont even have which annoys me). The money you get from losing doesnt need to change, but you should get a considerably larger amount of money from winning an event instead of getting just about the same amount. Also, just a little quality of life improvement. After winning an event there should be a button to automatically proceed to the next event. Theres already a perfect spot you can put it in, so it should be easy Third and finally is an issue that we should address so you guys dont get in legal trouble. We noticed that you used the sound from mario kart in the starting countdown. We appreciate the reference, but thats a very iconic sound effect and we wanna warn you that nintendo is very strict about that kind of thing, and theyre not kind about it either. We suggest you change this as quickly as possible before nintendo tries to use this as an excuse to sue you for millions of dollars. We dont want that to happen, and Im sure yall dont either. So we strongly advise you get rid of the mario kart countdown sound effect before someone from nintendo catches you and you get in legal trouble. Thank you for taking the time to read our review and we hope youll take our suggestions into consideration. We will keep this game installed and will continue to enjoy it. Best wishes to you all.

Once you get to the first drag race, you cant upgrade your first car enough to qualify for it. Random ads too. You should have ads to reduce wait times and for rewards, like the best mobile games do. Not at random times. Thats amateur.

This game is great we love the physics we were so excited to play it.

Good game, but can you add manual transmission!!! :)

We’ve put a few hours in so far and it is definitely a hidden gem. Its a fun arcade racer and has a good career mode where you can progress and buy and modify new cars. The car list is solid and has a lot of jdm icons. Another thing we like about this game is that it doesnt shove adds or purchases down your throat every second. We’ve gone through a good portion of the game just fine without having to spend money which is rare for online games. The handling can be a little hard to get used to at first but once you play for a bit and get used to it its really fun. Graphics are better than most low budget mobile games. Overall a very enjoyable game.

Definitely worth playing, we appreciate all the little and big details this game focuses on. From the customizations, to the physics of the drifts, it just feels clean. Im sure the game is not 100% yet as there is room for improvements and changes, but from what is available, the game is flawless. We dont usually write reviews but this game had to be reviewed. A MAJOR kudos to the devs for allowing essentially infinite grind. You can replay any levels as many times as youd like, we love that about this game. Its a GAME so theyre made to play? Even as little or as much as any gamer would like. Definitely stomps the other competitors that require enough gas or energy to play a race. This. Game. Is. Amazing! Looking forward to whats to come in the future! Maybe more color type options(matte, satin, pearlescent), body kits, and camber options? One minor flaw: sometimes it can be difficult to adjust the color options as the little bar to move is so tiny, we dont have huge hands/fingers so we can only imagine how much more difficult it can be if we did.

Great game just gets a little boring after a while.

We were looking for car drifting and racing games and this one stood out, we have been looking for a perfect one for an hour! We went through the reviews and they were good. We tried out the game and it is so fun and there are many different levels. The game is just perfect for anyone who wants to find car drifting games!

Great game just stop charging us real money for the good cars sheesh.

We have completed every career mission available on the switch version its incomplete. Its missing half of the fun. We had no idea there were so many cars cause the switch version doesnt have them. Game is great just wish it would get updated more often. Im a little upset that we paid for the switch software and its incomplete and the mobile version was free.

If you decide to buy a pack or a car with actual money, you cant get any parts to customize or upgrade the car so the car is basically pretty useless and im pretty sure the developers are gonna add something for the cars to be upgradable but other than that this games pretty fire no bs keep it up cuddy.

We recently bought a bunch of credits in game and it took the money but never gave us the credits. And there is no customer support to help you out. Otherwise, this is a great game.

Game took our money but never gave us our coins?

Dont buy any in game purchases idk about the cars but if you buy wad of money you will just lose $2.99 and get nothing.

We love this game. AI could use a little bit of work, and maybe some actual loss of speed from hitting walls, but aside from that its one of the best drift racing games out there. We like that the grind isnt horribly tedious and the game progression is well paced. We love the physics and how all the bumps and things affect your car. Probably the only car Id want to see added is the AW11 MR2. Id love to see more tracks and customization options like wraps and vinyls along with a way to customize how shiny the paint is and how shiny the wheels are. We also saw a comment about adding some things from the 70s. That would be really cool. Keep up the great work, the game is amazing!

Its a good game but we bought the 5$ pack 2 times and it never gave us anything.

First time hopping into the game we found it easy to drive and it had very fun physics. Just wish that it was updated more often so you can get further in the career.

First lets give the developers props for including under appreciated cars like the Nissan S12 200sx. All the cars we grew up with are here and more! Physics are just good enough to make the game fun and not too involved. Keep it up guys!

Stuck on a purchase barrier. Cant beat level 140 without real $$. Sad to have to give up now.

Drift. Toyota AE86. Touge. All thats missing is Takumi and some sick euro beat! After watching the Initial D series, we desperately looked for drifting games to download. We want a simple yet realistic drifting game (not many customizations, just pure drifting). After testing out many other drifting games, we conclude that this is the best drifting game for an Initial D fan. Not only does it have the classic AE86, it also have sick mountain routes mimicking that from Initial D. Some suggestions to further improve the game: 1. Add interior view/back view mirror. 2. Add a new front where the headlight pops up 3. Add day/night option 4. Add De jaVu as the song! Overall, this game is fantastic, and we highly recommend it.

This game is actually really fun! Im a huge fan of JDM cars especially from the 80s and 90s and Im glad there is a bunch from that time period. It would be cool if maybe you guys could add some bosozoku style stuff like crazy splitters or tall exhausts and maybe even some cool paint jobs! We’ve been playing for a while and the only issue we see is that the wheel fitment always seems off. Its either super tucked or too wide. We wish there could be a happy medium. With the newer cars, the wheels are too big for the cars and tend to clip a lot, but the gameplay is never affected. Also, when we change the 90s supra paint, it changes everything but the front fenders. What if you guys went earlier in time and dabbled in the 70s? Maybe something like the hakosuka gtr, the Kenmeri gtr, the Datsun 240z, and maybe a Mazda rx-3? We know Im asking for a lot, but we absolutely love this game. Thank you developers!


Level #140 is impossible without spending real money on the game to buy a car that can beat the level. Sad because we really enjoyed the game up to this point.

We really love this game a ton and its the best driving/drifting game out there on iOS. We spent hours on this game and love every aspect of it but we have one question and its when are the next few levels for career coming out? We cant get enough of this game and request more levels please!!! Will continue to spend more hours on this game and thanks for the fantastic and joyful fun from your app!!

The gameplay is filled with gorgeous graphics and is very beautifully designed to give players the feel and adrenaline for testing their cars limits on the roads. There is still so much potential for this game in addition to the already-exciting features. As part of the JDM fan community we hope for more customization options on cars in the future as well as more thrilling chapters ahead! And we hope if its not too much to ask, but can the exact same paint job of the first vehicle from Drift Legends be available for the A03 vehicle as well? Every detail put into this game is absolutely appreciated and we hope for more surprises in future updates!! Also, can the vehicle restriction pleassseeeee be unrestricted later on in future update?? For example, we want to challenge myself like racing the A03 car against other cars even outside of Class A, its just too easy to win right now especially after all upgrades are put into place!! Thank you!!!!!

And we cant even figure out how to trial/practice race? Jesus. Anyway, as far as this platform is concerned, we think FR Legends is pretty much the best we got. Stick with that…20min in and still cant race without buying something. Maybe it deserved 2 stars well never know…

It works but whenever we try do anything it quits just gives up right then and there.

We love this game, though we just beat all the campaign levels and cant wait to finish the ones coming soon pls hurry im bored .-.

We really looked forward to the game, but everytime we try to play the first race, the game crashes. We tried EVERYTHING to get it to run, but no luck. We know youve mention the game doesnt support Iphone 6s and below, but do you think you could optimize the game to those standards? We would heavily appreciate it and Im sure other people with the same problem would agree.

Im a car enthusiast and we see that this is a new game, we really want to check out but unfortunately it keeps crashing everything we enter the first lesson in a career mode or open a training map. Therefore we cant even experience the gameplay of the game. We really want to see the potential of this game..

The cars need more turn And we dont care about the fact that you wanted realistic handling that got us lost in lesson 2.

The race should have between 6 & 8 racers. Itll make the game more competitive and challenging. Thx.

We have had a great time playing your game! Our only question is how do we unlock the levels after the third leg? We have completed them all but one says coming soon and all other levels have a lock on them?

Great developers from drift legend to this one. The handling in both games are very op.

The game is pretty fun and the handling is pretty but can you add a 1993 Mazda rx7 fd it would be amazing but can a bn sports or like rocket bunny but anyways it is a great and fun game.

We love the game because we get to drive the Nissan 200sx which we have in real life and only a few games feature this car . As far as the game is , it could use some work with the A. We but the customization is really good .

You should add a drifting game mode where you tendem drift with an AI but improve the drifting physics before you add that.

Its been a while, and the game is finnalt almost done installing. We think that if it is is possible, can you try to make the games installation time shorter? Now, we havent played the game yet, but from the previews, the game looks pretty nice. Ill have to try it myself, and Ill make another review. Thanks!

This review is from a kid that wishes to grow up and own a r32 we think that it will be good to add the r32 because you have the ae36 it would be cool if you can add the r32 and have it be like initial d.

We thought it will be a racing version of drift legends with the same graphics, cars, and mechanics, please change the car flames for those realistic flames in drift legends :)

We love JDM Racing! Its a good game! The only thing is, we bought the no Ads and the special edition 80s car, and we keep getting ads! We try and press Restore Purchases to see if that fixes it but being on an iPhone X the swipe up bar cover the button that says Restore Purchases. So we feel like we threw money away.

The cars seem like they are going to slow makes it hard to drift and the tracks seem to wide we love the actual look and theme the game is going towards but we would like to see a lot of improvements like a manual gearbox it seems that when you fully tune out your car it dosnt make it that much faster can be in 3rd at max rpms and only going 50 mph and the tuning with the parts dosnt fully work… Devs of this game if you could fix all the issues and make these improvements you would have yourself a great game.

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