The Most Amazing Sheep Game

Last updated on January 15th, 2023 at 03:20 pm

The Most Amazing Sheep Game


The Most Amazing Sheep Game is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by JG Southey, The Most Amazing Sheep Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th August 2012 with the latest update 23rd April 2020

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Music, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


428 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game The Most Amazing Sheep Game from APP STORE.


Run, jump and roll to the beat in the easy-to-learn, tricky-to-master most addicting sheep game.

Simple side-scrollers with catchy music and cutesy graphics are awesome. And rhythm games rock. In fact, we like them both so much we decided to make them into one. The result? The Most Amazing Sheep Game. It’s an engagingly simple rhythm platformer where jumps and rolls must be perfectly timed to the music to complete the increasingly complex levels with maximum score. Oh, and it has a cute sheep.

We loved making TMASG. We love playing TMASG. And we’d love to know if you do too!

Updated on 23rd April 2020

  • minor bug fixes
  • rebranding

Thanks for playing! :-)

The Most Amazing Sheep Game Reviews

Love it its amazing if you are planning to get this app and read this and you decided not to download it we will hunt you down and kill you jk anyways bye.

We love this game so much! It really changed our perspective on the world when we realized just how much joy we could find playing this game!

Started on Xbox 360 in 2000 something and found it on mobile. Absolute gem. Im a completionist and even after winning you just cant stop. Beat this game like 50 times with our eyes closed. Used to be called most addicting sheep game cuz it is. 5 stars.

Im a piano teacher and have all our students get this amazing app!

Im a kid who takes piano lessons and its kinda hard but lots of fun!

We are a piano teacher and bought this to work with our students. They are at different levels and we cant keep starting over to unlock levels to get to where they need to be.

This app was recommended to us as a piano teacher. Students/players are not keeping a beat, theyre tapping a screen at certain strategic times in order to jump an obstacle. It reminds us of Mario – the sheep need to jump so as not to fall, but its not every beat. Users are definitely not learning to keep a beat if thats what youre looking for. Theres no option to vary or individualize the tempo for different students or different levels. This game can be played without music though. In fact, we (the teacher and pianist of 50 years) can beat the levels with the music completely off since the taps often dont actually correlate with the music. The music is slightly off and, therefore, distracting. The challenge of this game is when to use one finger or two or a swipe, not if the player actually got the beat correct. Its more of a game with background music (requiring various types of taps/swipes) than an actual music game. Each section has the exact same music for each level – no variation, just different times to tap or swipe and no tempo variation. A user has to complete all previous levels in order to progress, so if a teacher wants to use it with an advanced student, he or she has to spend time beating each section in order to have it ready for an advanced player. Speaking of music, while all our other apps have sound, this apps sound doesnt always work despite all device settings being correct. As a teacher, Id rather have students be challenged to keep a beat than remember if they need one finger, two fingers, or a swipe. Our students have never made a beat error, only a one finger or two finger tap error. They REALLY dislike this game compared to the others we use. As a teacher, Id really like different tempos, a wider variety of music, and less of a memory game than a music game. There are much better and reliable music beat and rhythm games available, that are also customizable, if thats what a player is looking for. Im glad it was only 99 cents because we wont be using it again.

Our piano students and we LOVE this game! Its great for rhythm work, and seriously fun.

We don’t know if it’s the new iOS, or what, but this doesn’t work at all. It stays on the cloud screen for about one second, then kicks out of the app. It does not work at all, and has never worked. Save your money and time, unless they update this!! **Update: This has been completely redone, and it works again! It’s so cute, and a lot of fun!

This game is incredible!!! So fun and so addictive. Its perfect! We could play this game ALL day and not get bored. Its great for piano and rhythm. We have one suggestion that might be really cool; what if you could pick the songs to play to, like popular songs you know, and you have to have the sheep jump to that rhythm. That way people can choose what song they want, instead of the theme ones set for each level.

This game is seriously AWESOME!! We teach piano, and we use this app to reinforce "feeling the beat" which is very difficult for some students. This game requires that you tap precisely on the beat in order to survive! Another great thing about it is that the students don’t even think of it as learning. It’s just a game to them, never a chore. We often pull up this game halfway through lessons to give them a "break" (when secretly it’s not a break because they’re still learning… Shhh!!) Even if you’re not a musician and not trying to be, you still need this app. It’s easy to learn, tricky to master, just like the description says. Anybody and everybody should have this app. You won’t regret it!!

Thank you for bringing this back. Our piano students love this game.

We love this game we played on Ms. Jans iPad ITS SO CUTE AND DERPY.

We LOOOOVE this game! And with the new and improved interface and cross-platform capabilities it’s better than ever. Great teaching tool or just hours of fun. Thanks for the amazing update! Wheeeeeeeeee.

Our students loved this game, but now it wont work. Super sad about this. :(

We purchased this app and installed it on an iPad Pro and an iPad Air. Until the recent update, all we ever managed to see was friendly clouds for half a second, then the app crashed. What a scam–I was thinking. Then, in March, there was an update. We downloaded it to the iPadPro and it WORKED! After trying the game for a while–it really is very good,–I updated it on the iPad Air, too. Well, it now loads and plays but WITHOUT SOUND! It is not very useful that way! A music app without sound? We have uninstalled and reinstalled it but the result is still the same: no sound at all. By the way, other apps play sound just fine on the same iPad Air, so our sound is not turned off on the iPad and there does not seem to be any sort of setting within the app when we could have done that specific to the app.

Just installed and reinstalled this app and still do not have sound.

Bought this app on a recommendation to help teach tempo/rhythm… What a waste of .99!! There is no sound and when you click on the developer sight for feedback page doesnt load.

Glitching and we have newest iPad and it is only on that game also it is shooting dumm.

It would probably be good, if it actually worked.

With super cute music and graphics, this is a gem of a game. Worth more than the dollar asking price.

Simple, responsive gameplay oozing with whimsical charm. A nice sheep themed iOS alternative to the PS1’s Vib Ribbon. Worth it’s low asking price… And not infested with parasitic IAP. You won’t go wrong spending a measly dollar on this.

Our students love this and what a fun way to help teach maintaining steady beats. We like the fact that musical form is introduced as well, with different patterns for different sections. Would love to see a couple tunes in 3/4 and a way for each of our students to track their individual progress through the levels.

We love this game!!! The sheep is adorable, and we love his little stick legs. Please add the option of buying more sheep to play with (that each look different and have different names) and earning the money to buy them by completing certain levels. Also, please please PLEASE let us be able to jump our sheep to iTunes without the app turning off the song. Thanks!

Very catchy music, and graphics. But when we played Practice Mode, when we did the actions, the screen quakes and then we get game over. But this game is exactly like the Xbox version! We love it!

This is the best game in the hole entire world! Ya!!!!! Love it so.

We love this game but it needs to have an update so it can fit iPhone 5’s and iPod 5th gen. We keep tapping in the black space and so we keep failing :/

We love the game, but with the most recent Apple update it will no longer open… Even after deleting and reinstalling. We had failed attempts of trying to reach out to the developers on the website. We just bought the game this month and are super disappointed because it is so much fun.

We love this game but evidently it is not compatible with Apples latest update. We’ve tried tech support with no response. Please fix!

Since updating our phone with the new software update, the app will no longer open. It appears with the cloud background for about two seconds before shutting down. Not even restarting our phone will help it. However, it is quite addicting and fun and we wish to be be able to play it again.

We bought this game just before the most recent Apple update and we were really excited to share it with our music students. We were so disappointed to find that the game will open for about 2 seconds with a cloud screen and then shut down. This has happened even though we reloaded the game multiple times and even restarted our iPad. It looks like a fun game and we’re excited to see it fixed.

Game no longer works. It was a favorite of our piano students, now it opens for 2 seconds and then closes. We tried to email the company, but the email comes back as undeliverable.

We are piano teacher and this was our students’ favorite game. Please update this to be compatible with iOS 9! We would pay to buy it.

We purchased this app to find out that it is crashing. Please fix!

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