The Office: Somehow We Manage

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 02:00 pm

The Office: Somehow We Manage

The Office: Somehow We Manage

The Office: Somehow We Manage is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by East Side Games Inc, The Office: Somehow We Manage is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th January 2022 with the latest update 5th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of The Office: Somehow We Manage ?

22,496 people have rated 1.17.1

What is the price of the The Office: Somehow We Manage ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the The Office: Somehow We Manage released ?

The Office: Somehow We Manage was released on 26th January 2022.

When was the The Office: Somehow We Manage updated ?

The latest updated date of The Office: Somehow We Manage on 5th June 2023.

Where can The Office: Somehow We Manage be downloaded ?

You can download the game The Office: Somehow We Manage from Apple Official App Store.



Tap your way to record profits at Dunder Mifflin! Get down to business with Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Kelly Kapoor, Dwight Schrute, Stanley Hudson and your Scranton branch favorites and make some sales!

Play through some of the most memorable moments in this brand-new free idle game inspired by NBC’s critically acclaimed Emmy®-winning U.S. version of the comedy The Office, which is streaming exclusively on Peacock. Save your branch from downsizing by selling paper to unlock and upgrade characters, desks, and memorable episodes. 

Regional manager Michael Scott needs to improve the Scranton branch’s performance to avoid downsizing – easier said than done when Jim won’t stop pranking Dwight, Dwight won’t stop complaining about Jim, and Stanley won’t stop doing crossword puzzles. Look out, though; at the end of each business day Corporate takes their share of the money. Sorry, Michael, it’s back to work at the office tomorrow. But don’t worry, any upgrades you’ve built stay with you as your progress in the game and you’ll be making more in-game rewards before you know it.


Tap, click, and upgrade to collect some of the most memorable characters from The Office including Prison Mike, Farmer Dwight, Pretzel Day Stanley, and of course Three Hole Punch Jim.

Click through memorable episodes from all nine seasons, like "The Dundies" and "Dinner Party"! Take a seat in Michael’s office, get in line for Pretzel Day, or spend the weekend at the Schrute Farms. Oh, and watch out for Kevin’s famous chili!

Manage Dunder Mifflin Scranton with the help of the whole branch! Get new leads, and tap away as the in-game rewards start rolling in. Just make sure Michael doesn’t spend the surplus on a new HD television!

Updated on 5th June 2023

Hey, Boss!
Our latest update is available in the lobby now!

Here are your complimentary release notes for the new version:

  • Bug fixes

The Office: Somehow We Manage Review

Great game but the ads are overwhelming.

Last post was about it not even working at all. After emailing the service department we got to the bottom of things and it works well now! Love the game! Now we can give it a 5-star review.

Great game for down time to relax and have fun!

We love it but what is wrong with the loading we cant enter the game since yesterday.

Give only 5 stars only because we love the office.

We downloaded this game a few months ago but it would never open for us and stay open. It kept crashing. And other people were writing the same thing in their reviews back then. Well Im glad we downloaded this game again. We have no issues whatsoever now (Dec 2022) and am obsessed! The only thing we wish they would enhance is the little items around the office if we could click on them and they would do a little animation (like maybe click Pams desk makes the phone ring or something). Overall, you need to download The Office: Somehow we Manage! Update (June 2023): it just keeps getting better!

This game really captures the charm of the TV series. Great work!!!

We’ve been playing this one a loooong time. Good time waster.

We really enjoy this game. We REALLY enjoy this game. We find myself giggling as we relieve some of our favorite episodes. We love the limited time events, they are a nice addition to the base game, as they allow you to have the best of both worlds. We love that there are only ads if you choose to watch them. You watch them for a bonus, not at the end of a level, or because youve been playing for a certain amount of time, and given the amount of ads there are in games now, its really refreshing. Its a really fun gamewhen it works. At least once a day the game crashes on us. Its rather frustrating and annoying. To be honest, its really the biggest reason we dont play as often as we would like. We took a while deciding if we wanted to write this review, because we imagine (and hope) its only an issue with our device, but we cant give the game 5 stars when 25% of the time we cant get it to load. EDIT 3.5 stars. We also cant give the game 5 stars because a lot more and more frequently recently its too hard to make progress. This limited time event is about one of the best episodes when Michael celebrated his birthday at the ice rink. We’ve spent all the Scott coins we have (300) for the special baskets, and even purchased one of the game packs (I dont usually spend money on games), because the hint for this event said that desks become obsolete, and we were tired of not getting all of the rewards for basically the last 10 or so events we’ve played. But even now, our progress is stalled. What game doesnt allow you to progress when youre paying to win? We’ve unlocked 4 of the 6 available desks, and only the first two are automated. We know our view is jaded, probably because we’ve been playing for a while now, but when on the first day of a three day event, the RNG gives you 115 character cards for the first desk, and only one card each for the desks and characters you need to automate, and the store that allows you to buy random cards keep releasing the same cards you dont need, every two hours It sometimes gets disheartening to play, because everyone wants to win, and when you feel like you cant winwhats the point of playing? But at least the game stopped crashing.

If you like idle games this one is pretty fun and simple, the only suggestion we would think would be for the developers to get the actors likeness.

We like playing this type of game and this game specifically, because of the office content and art style. We had issues with the game but was supported by the game developer. Limited time events can be frustrating if you do not want to spend real money!

Still has bugs . Especially when it comes to claiming event rewards. Other than that, great game.

We enjoy playing The Office, but today we had to report that there is a problem with certain ads that prevented us from collecting consumables. Even though our original complaint stated that the problem was affecting our ability to collect consumables for the limited-time event, tech support responded by crediting our account with consumables for the main game, of which we had NO NEED. And under Known Issues, there are only three issues listed, all from 2022. Its hard to believe there are no other known issues, especially since the issue we reported has to be affecting other players. Update: the time it takes to get tech support for game play issues during limited-time events is way too long.

Its been having glitches we just had our half our gameplay cut in half out of nowhere. And asking us to redo milestones already completed.

We dont know what has happened to this game but its not what it used to be. And it has nothing to do with the levels of difficulty. The game always glitches. Ill be playing the game and buying stuff with the money earned and when we come back to it our progress disappears and we have to start all over but of course the time on the bonus levels doesnt restart so we feel like time wasted! This happened again last night and Im ready to give up. Also the page to submit a complaint could be more user friendly and we still have a glitched bonus level that never disappeared nor will let us collect our money from it. Please fix or we will have to delete permanently!

We dont usually write reviews but we decided to write one for this game. Its a fun game if you like idle games and the themes from The Office make it even better. We personally spent a few hundred $ on this game. But the events are rigged and unless you spend $$$ it is extremely hard to get any rewards. Also this current event is so stupid. Like they dont give any in-game ways to get the cards you need without spending $$$!!! Its a great game lots of fun mostly but the developers are slowly becoming more $$ hungry and ruining it!!!! Also crashes quite often.

We are a huge office fanatic and enjoy playing this game, when it works. Of the many glitches we’ve encountered the worst is that Im often left stuck on the loading screen at 20%, anyone else run into this issue? Others include missing Scott coins, cards and the game being unplayable when finally getting past the loading screen. When it doesnt glitch, we enjoy playing this game.

Also, making someone update a game thats 350 mb is ridiculous. We just downloaded an update a few days ago and now again. Not everyone has wifi. Fix your crashes and lags and empty promises of compensation in emails. Again, another update with over 350 mb of data. Whos paying our bill? Compress or get a new programmer. Other games dont do this!

The game itself is very enjoyable. We love that its vertical! BUT it often wont open for us. Ill spend a lot of time and even money playing an event only to get locked out of it for hours as we fall down the leaderboard. Customer service has gotten back to us (several days later) and given us the missed prizes, but what we care about is playing and earning those prizes. It freezes while loading or tells us we dont have internet when our internet is just fine. And then hours later, it will open and let us play for awhile until it does that again. We have tried restarting our phone. We always keep the app up to date. We have new phone and high-speed internet. And everything else on our phone works fine.

Cant claim rewards after events. Played an event for 15 minutes and then left. When we came back all we did was just gone. Had to restart it.

It was fun for awhile but its so glitchy and wont save our progress. Ill get our coffe or whatever built up and upgraded our characters and desks, but when we click back into the app a few hours later, it has set us back with less coffe and our characters are no longer upgraded, yet the time continues to move ahead. Extremely frustrating when we’ve spent so much time on this game !

Its an ok game that doesnt really fulfill the model of idle money collection. The first couple episodes go quick and than you are quickly forced to either buy the in game currency or watch almost endless ads just to progress. The game crashes a lot, and it doesnt save progress all that well either. We grinded out earning a lot of currency for one of the weekly challenges and we entered the game a short time later to find all that progress gone. Very infuriating until we realized they dont really care about the game. The developers only care about getting you to watch endless ads to gain revenue. Horrible game. We wouldnt download if we were you.

Errors and issues in the events constantly. No resolve or sometimes even response when a problem is reported. Its just not fun anymore. These types of things that are supposed to be fun and take you away from real life for a little bit should be enjoyable, at this point, it just isnt. Do not recommend. Do better.

We’ve played numerous idle games in the same style as The Office, but this one is the worst pay-to-play idle game we’ve spent almost a week on episode 10 and have to manually click all but one desk since we cant get the cards needed to automate the other desks. Apparently, the cards we need arent in the free loot boxes. No matter how many ads we sit through to collect the coffee needed to buy the free boxes, we cant get the cards needed. The events are worse! Within four hours of play on the 24 hour events, you run into the same issue but the entire left side of you screen is filled with $5 and $10 offers to buy what you need. If you do spend some money to rank high in the event, dont plan on first place as an hour or two before the event ends, either people with deeper pockets knock you down to 4th tier or fictitious AI accounts jump way ahead and then go through multiple name changes to confuse you.

We keep seeing the phrase Idle Game when referring to this app. Game should somehow imply there is some type of skill involved – we havent found that there is anything to do in this game except mindlessly click a button to increase an amount. HOW are people complaining that the game is too hard? Theres not even a hint of strategy! Im convinced all of the 3-5 star reviews are fake. The Devs say hang in there to some – hang in there for what?! We’ve clicked the button over 200 times and its the same thing and doesnt advance to a harder game or a point where skill comes into play (oh wait, maybe we should be clicking faster!) This is the biggest joke – we LOVE The Office tv show but this app is a disappointing waste of time.

Now they made the events that much more of a pay to play. Everything about this game is designed to make the user spend money to progress. Do not try this game unless you can hack the game or have hundreds of dollars to blow.

Such a great game! We love it so much, and we play it all the time. Very accurate to the show!

We normally dont play these types of games. Im more of a farming person. But this game has kept us entertained.

Realistic scenarios from the show. We enjoy this game a lot.

We have been playing this game for a while now. All of the sudden a few days ago, we tried to collect our awards and it tells us to reboot or report. We just want to collect our awards without issue. We’ve emailed about it, and no actual reply regarding the issue.

This is actually pretty good game to bypass time and hear or see the funny moments from the office tv series.

We didnt expect so much fun out of this game. If you are a fan of the Office you will probably like this game.

Such a fun game with humor from the show.

The game is just super good and it is funny.

Super cool and accurate about the show for die hard office fans!

Access to a pinball game. Great time sink.

It was a wonderful game but in the beginning theres no way to get coffee again and we got a challenge to do something with the coffee and when we tried it lost connections and used our coffee coins and didnt finish the challenge:

The game is fun. But we do not like that the events are pay to win. Unless you purchase the character cards, youll never receive them just by playing the game. You wont be able to upgrade the character, the characters desk, or speed the time they generate sales. It makes the event aspect of the game unappealing. You should really think about updating the algorithm for how often you receive the important characters cards, or stop making the events pay to win Update #1 upgrading is not the issue. Making the events pay to win in order to get the cards you need to upgrade is the issues that Im speaking about. Im events, if you do not pay for the x1.2 currency x35 character cards and another x35 character cards. You will not gain them rapidly enough to remain in the competition for the event. You have to spend way too much money on this game. Sadly, Im going to have to delete it Update #2 theres way too many fake people that jumpy to the front of the leaderboard out of nowhere and are all of a sudden ahead wide margin. The events are pointless. The regular episodes are useless. If you finish too early you wont get all boxes and you leave so much behind. But if you play the game out it takes forever. Good idea, terrible execution.

You better have good service and an unlimited data plan. Game doesnt load most times.

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