State of Survival: Developer Feedback, December 13, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 13 12 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about questions and answers from players’ feedback as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

Question 1

We are looking for solving problems and bugs and not bringing new stuff that’s buggy again. For the fact that events are not worth the rewards you get from them since some rewards are just not needed for anyone anymore. Nice to have a story line and a red path through all that. But please focus on Bugs and rewards that have been reported more than once to dev team and haven’t been solved yet. Use the money and time you spend writing background story so detailed to bring stuff like merges/migrations forward.

  • The Merge we promised for 60-100 states (or more) won’t be affected by this: we are releasing the W4 after the merge for those states. Migration was still on hold due to the concerns we previously mentioned… We will have to collect more data & make more preparations for that.

Question 2

MIGO/YITH makes us compete with many other states in terms of results/rewards. That kind of dynamic is actually somewhat of a merger, but where only the company profits, rather than the players. That is not the merge we want and need. Can we discuss putting each state on their own in terms of MIGO/YITH events?

  • Sorry Xul, Migo/Yith’s initial purpose is to make people have cross state gameplay experience… But they should be of more player’s profits that I agree. We will consider shifting its focus in the future.

Question 3

Will rr, azurtane and mine be in the same week?

  • RR and Azuretine won’t conflict

Question 4

Will the Instant gathering skill be available when M.I.G.O Strikes Back finishes? It’s a very useful thing. Will the next World event bring us such another useful skill? Something related to healing or stamina, etc?

  • Instant gathering will stay there in future WE’s. I’m considering lowering its Cool Down & adding more similar features in the future

Question 5

To point 4; could you please clarify on the elo system that is used to match to other alliances?

  • It is not set in stone, but I can state some my current ideas (To be adjusted & eager to hear from players)
  1. Each alliance gets an initial score based on BP
  2. Ranking 1-3 in the mine war increases your elo, where Ranking 4-6 lowers it
  3. Alliances will be matched with the others with similar score I’m not smart enough to come up with better solutions & I know raid score has some issues to fix. Please share your ideas if you like to!

Question 6

Can something be adjusted regarding stamina consumption? I’ve calculated it out and done the math for my stamina usage during the last 24 hours and my usage far exceeds the normal amount we get on a daily basis. With the inclusion the 4 extra intel from MIGO center upgrades and the 5 daily MIGO story intels, our stam usage has gone way up, then to add on top all extra stamina needed for special events like the current Christmas event and the Martha frag event, there’s just not enough for f2p players to do everything even when using Travis for the 20% stam discount. Each round of intel every 8 hours was 132 stam on average, MIGO story intel is 50-60 daily, fiend rallies for daily rewards costs 75, the 12 infected for Christmas today was 120, in total I used 651 stamina today and that’s not including Martha frag rallies and PZ’s. We get 80 stam every 8 hours from final hope drops, and 288 stam generated naturally over the course of 24 hours, for a total of 528 stam earned per day. So to do the minimum today I had to use 13 stamina packs from my backpack. I remember a time when a small squad stamina was used for everything explorer trail/hero squad related, and that made it feasible to do everything without buying extra stamina . Can we go back to that or adjust how much stam is needed or earned per day?

  • Stamina review is in progress. Once it’s done we will add more free stamina I believe!

Question 7

Will events affect state merges? Also SvS on Christmas Day? If you care for your players you will look into this

  • No, merge happens before the world event.

Question 8

LANS can we not have answers on the brilliant idea of having SvS on Christmas Day. Something I’m sure a lot of players are really unhappy about. Just a thought

  • I am so so so so sorry for the Christmas issue. However… to be frank, if we cancel it for Christmas, more inquiries will rise: Players from every different culture have very different holiday schedules, and the events will be shut down for 1/3 of the year if we do that for every major holiday.

Question 9

We want more PvP and events like RR that give a chance to PvP, will the new event give that, or is it even more boring material gathering and PvE?

  • The new event is basically daily PvP contents + a little PvE elements

Question 10

Will there be a prep stage for this new event? The entire game is super boring as everyday we have to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. repeatedly for 320 days

  • The event will not have an upgrade stage. There is a prep stage but it doesn’t require you to upgrade anything (It requires you to do some gathering and similar activities!) This event is purely for battle

Question 11

I have made 2 tickets about mine and our members Raid score. I’m not talking about the alliance Raids but the individual players Raid score. They did not see any abnormal logs so they closed my ticket. Yet, if I compared with players in another alliance, same state, who are most of the time mvp and much stronger than me, they seem to have a much lower Raid score. They have double troops and are nearly fully maxed. Yet my Raid score is 1200 higher than those players. We are not winning all the time, so don’t say winning rate is also in calculation for the Raid score. This is not understandable. I’m not getting any logical explanation. I will hop alliances during prep RR to prove my point. How is Raid score build up? Also the new magnus boxing gloves are a joke… What is the drop rate…. And how is this helping people get frags? It only burns the stamina from the f2p people. Bunker rewards, who said older states don’t need relocators? During KE you should have an extra enlistment building for the defender. Small players lose too many troops at this event. You said you care about all players, but yet you do so little for some types of players. What states are on the plans of being merged? Will they be merged before S4? The price for healing T11 is already a long time too high, you make us pay for the solution. Research that is way too costly in Plasma…. You guys agree. But don’t give a correct solution. Christmas event where you need to pay to get resource reduction. It’s almost Christmas… shouldn’t we get something for free????? Change fragments rewards for PZ. We already have more than 550 days for the same reward….

  • This will take a while to process with your inquiries. I will try to make it short
  1. RR matchup and Raid scores are to be improved. Now it is based on the Alliance BP & its top player’s BP with some formulas. This is always to be improved… We have never stopped trying.
  2. KE is on our improving schedule
  3. States to be merged are mainly the older & least active states, we have picked ~200 to see if we can find good matchups for them
  4. Merge happens before S4
  5. The healing cost is reduced in SvS, and will also be greatly reduced in the upcoming Mine war.
  6. I believe we have relocators in the bunker reward.

Question 12

Who needs state merges if you can get storyline and PvE events.

  • We want to give you both, trust me..

Question 13

The story is indeed long and tedious. I do not relate to it so far because it was merely a background to always the same events in the prior MIGO/YITH. In Migo2 I just totally skip the uninteresting story which is uninteresting.

  • Sorry for the bad story experience. We will try to improve both the story itself & the way we provide it

Question 14

This is an interesting point. I would like to ask a question. Please give me an answer to this question! This is very important!!! So many questions about migration and so few answers…. Look, if you do a merger, roughly speaking, 2 more active states and 2 less active states into 1. Then, on one hand, it will be competitive and players will have fun…… But one important point, there are carnivals here every month with Skin HQ. Right now, only 10 players get the award, the rest go to the woods. It turns out that before, roughly speaking, I spent $400 to get a HQ skin. After the merger, I have to spend $1000? I think a lot of people won’t like it. Or you will increase the number of those rewards. Everything I wrote above is just flowers compared to that. If you re-launch MIGO 4. And there won’t be 7 states fighting in MIGO anymore, but 21. Now imagine how hard it would be to get any worthwhile reward/skin HQ/skin Frame/ let alone a regular store… Roughly speaking, only 5 people can get first place out of 21 states. That’s just ridiculous! The same thing could happen with many events

  • Migo 2 HQ skin is much much easier to obtain than you realized.

Question 15

Can you please do a lot of major changes to the sections of the game that have never been changed for 2years? Like the alliance showdown, the plague zones, the alliance section, the backpack section, the heroes section, a lot of them have never been touched since I started playing

  • We are working on those events. As we mentioned, traps/horde/showdown and some other events are our targets

Question 16

Can we optimize using settlement war buffs for war events for F2P? One of the problems in Arena of Doom which players’ have been facing was shortage of settlement war buffs, for example not every F2P gets Lethality buff and other buffs consume lots of biocaps for 12%, with that situation most F2P fought without buffs. And Lunch a poll for players please

  • I think that’s a good idea, I will check it

Question 17

I didn’t find any information about the Dark Wolf Force within the game, was this organization born because of World Event 4?

  • No, the organization itself exists. We want to slowly present the SS world we designed to everyone by way of world events. In fact, the heroes we already have at the moment, like Becca’s adoptive mother Julie, are members of the Dark Wolves.

Question 18

This feedback thing is a joke we wait upwards of 20 mins for Lans to finish typing his doctorate thesis and cant post any reactions unless they have 1st been posted by a mod such a waste of our time and you don’t get the correct feedback you need from the players unless they actually agree with the party line the mods are providing. Why can’t these ‘stories’ be posted up to an hour prior to this starting? 48 mins have gone by we’ve had less than 5 mins to respond and the rest we have been watching Lans is typing. Can we have absolute confirmation whether or not the Christmas event buffs are going to be permanent or not? As we are getting conflicting answers when we ask. You have spent so much time putting together a storyline but as I read it here now I really don’t need to see it in the game. Are you gonna add in the option to skip all these storylines and cut scenes as I don’t need to see them on all 7 of my accounts when I’ve been through it once already.

  • Well I did type most of the story intro at the beginning… reading and answering questions used most of the time, and that was kind of necessary

Question 19

Why can’t we react in this channel but only mods can?

  • It was limited when I was answering questions, sorry. Please feel free drop questions to mods or CM

Question 20

I want the Joker bombs to be recovered again. One of the coolest things

  • Definitely! Let me check how to distribute more.

Question 21

Regarding ELO system: Some alliances keep inactive players to be in top position because some features are available only to alliances in top X places. It will require few rounds to have alliances of same real power facing each other. We are in the top 10, and based on real power position 2 places better in our state … I do not think many alliances will kick dead players just for a better ranking in Mine War and get worse position in other events (risk to be not qualified). I assume only members of alliance at time of match making can participate (otherwise some could simple leave alliance for a moment). Based on description it seems there will be specific time of battle, so not all members (typically) will be able to participate (some can take vacations and not playing actively) … if entire alliance is counted this player can impact score …I have not seen mentioned if there will be players registered to participate or not. And, even if registered, not all can join every battle. We are not having any player above 1B in alliance …but I think there is not a big difference between 1.2B and 1.4B player (it will be more related to gear and other bonuses player have, so 1.2B can be stronger in battle than 1.4B). Also, 1 player with maxed red gear can wipe with 1 march easily multiple players at 5 star and yellow gear. Using BP and score per alliance is simple to implement…but I would suggest to add personal ELO and use that for counting Personal ELO could be combination of

  • Scoring in RR/RL
  • Gear score
  • Heroe score
  • Chief score (bonuses)
  • BP (1 point per X Millions power)
  • Mine War modification (winning/losing/not participating although registered …this will increase or decrease personal ELO)
  • We are trying to better distinguish the inactive players for that purpose :/ Hopefully that could be done soon

Question 22

Why aren’t Christmas events presented individually on the schedule? The event schedule needs an overhaul. It’s almost like some events are hidden from the players to reserve rewards for those who find them. Events need to be more accessible and obvious, descriptions need to pertain more to the content of the event and not some story associated with it. Story should be in the event page hidden for those who want to read it. A good way to do it would be separating daily and recurring events, or giving more details in the calendar like which particular day of SotF it is. Side note: Why are questions about the Magnus event being ignored? By calculations it’s somewhere between 64 and 86 times less stamina efficient than the Travis event, when legendary general hero frags vs epic general hero frags is only 5k biocaps compared to 2k.

  • A great suggestion, we will definitely try to increase there!

Question 23

Please merge the states! Players are quitting as they feel trapped in dying states with less active players and alliances

  • I hope the incoming wave 2 helps. Moreover, I wish that wave 3 of merge will cover most truly inactive states. Please spare us time.

Question 24

When will all the states have training arena

  • It is on our schedule balancing older states & newer states

Question 25

Just wanted to report that one of my buildings became invisible as well as when I was helping out a team member..some of their buildings are also invisible…hope this can be rectified.. thank you

  • Ouch, please report it to CS or mods, we will check it soon!

Question 26

I don’t even know if it’s on topic, you are already distributing Magnus Fragments for F2P players. Now would it be possible to place the 7th generation in the recycling event ??? I have over 1100 generation 7 fragments in the pocket waiting for it. My heroes are already full. Let players who have a lot of fragments make this change. We want legendary fragments. Please, I have been asking for this for over a month and have been ignored.

  • Ouch that was not anywhere close to the cases I imagined… Please contact our mod or CM for future help. That sounds like an extremely rare case

Question 27

Can you please include bread (explorer stam), excess chief exp tags and VIPs in the recycling center?

  • These items are ermm.. hard to process. We will see what we can do there.

Question 28

Why not launch a poll with your players to see if they want to keep the SvS on Christmas Day (like you did for merge on the game), instead of deciding by yourself ? Maybe you would see if it’s only « a few » as you seem to think.

  • It’s not a poll that could be decided by the majority rule… The players from different cultures have the right to make their statements…

Question 29

None of this matters until mergers happen, especially for states below 100! We need more details if January 3rd is still the target date. You have people waiting to see if they will merge before they quit.

  • Many of those old states will be merged in round 2. Most of the truly inactive ones.

Question 30

RR Raid score is based on alliance BP and top players BP… then I’m more positive that this is wrong. Our alliance BP is 14M lower than the first and 10 lower than the second. Our top player is 1.3m behind and not maxed. But scores higher in BP. So it makes even less sense to me

  • I will check, It has some complex formulas there

Question 31

Give us a detailed merger schedule. Everything else is irrelevant right now if we are down to half a properly active alliance in some states.

  • It will be there. I already have all potential lists in the document & we are checking each group of potentially merged states. Please give us some extra time.

Question 32

We don’t need legendary hero badges or skills books anymore, please update rewards and shop. Can you please check what’s wrong with game connectivity and lag? We constantly have connection issues – just with SOS, so not an issue with internet connection… Also: please consider materials ratio for events, rewards and bundles. We get tons of legendary badges and almost the same amount of badge tags, but we use way more badge tags than mercenary influence.. so makes no sense we get similar amount in events/bundles

  • The reward fixes are in progress :/

Question 33

Do you think that future events will be better for strategy?

  • The current plan is definitely yes!
  • Mine war, Horde rework, single-player Gol-goroth are all focusing on that

Question 34

The game keeps lagging and crashing during massive battles in RR, CC and even trap….not to mention the Azurtane heist……will this be fixed in the new event? Better servers?

  • We are having massive tests there. Before the Azurtane heist is back up, we hope it is totally fixed.

Question 35

Really hoping this doesn’t go ignored as I’ve missed 3 of these sessions already & I’m now apparently off topic lol. Hey LANS & other developers, I’ve noticed that you guys have a tendency to dodge questions regarding state merges and transfers. Address them… please. All you’re doing is adding fuel to the fire that’s been burning for the past year. Anyway, my question is: I’ve been told by other developers that state transfers are currently being tested and its risks are being calculated/analyzed. Any chance we can get an update on this or an ETA on how long it’ll take before it reaches live servers (if it does at all)?

  • Ah I believe I never dodged these questions :/ The migration’s risk is mainly due to the dying original states. And we are still checking the performance of those returning & migrated players in their new state. Personally, I think that the merger has been effective & covering most inactive states (I hope it’s round 3!!!), migrations will become more reliable.

Question 36

We need to fix bugs and increase rewards, not this crap

  • Bug fixes are happening every week… We have been trying to increase the existing events… Ah I wish we could have them done faster.
  • Finding bugs and fixing them is our goal! Devs are checking them everyday. If you find any bugs please report to the CS or Mod team, also you can join the Bug Bash Day event in discord every month! New Bug Bash Day event will start in discord soon! Don’t forget to follow #announcements channel! Thank you!

Question 37

Please start taking the feedback on PTR discord more serious, you just keep ignoring us there

  • Yeah, we will improve that. Thanks for your feedback.