The Tiny Bang Story

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The Tiny Bang Story


The Tiny Bang Story is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ellada Games LLC, The Tiny Bang Story is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2012 with the latest update 13th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Family, Education, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


850 people have rated 3.5

You can download the game The Tiny Bang Story from APP STORE.


Life on Tiny Planet was calm and carefree until a great disaster occurred – Tiny Planet was hit by a meteor! The world fell apart and now its future depends only on you! Use your imagination and creativity: in order to restore Tiny Planet and help its inhabitants you will have to fix a variety of machines and mechanisms as well as solve puzzles in each of the five chapters of this game. Navigation is simple and intuitive. It doesn’t distract you from the witty brain teasers, and you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the game.

*There is no text in this game. It is fun for all ages and suitable for the whole family!
*Five vastly different chapters and over 30 exciting brain teasers (minigames)
*A bright, gorgeous world drawn entirely by hand
*Absorbing game play and simple navigation
*10 enchanting musical themes

  • #1 Top Paid Apps for iOS in UK, Japan, German, Russia
  • Top 10 Best Games and Top 5 Best Adventure Games of 2011 by Gamezebo
  • Best Games of 2011 by GameHouse
  • Top 100 Best Indie Games of 2011 by Indie DB.
  • Top 10 on Mac App Store in more countries, TOP 1 – in Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China.

Updated on 13th February 2023

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The Tiny Bang Story Reviews

We play this game like once a year and it takes all our self control to not play it more than that because we dont want to memorize the solutions to the harder puzzles! We love it soo much! We want another game just like this or more levels or something! We’ve never found anything since thats brought us comparable joy! We first found the game like 8 or 9 years ago in middle school and just adores it then, Im now graduating college and love it just as much! Truly timeless and the art is spectacular!! Gahhh! We just love this game so much!!

When this game works, its fun. But between levels, you need to solve a puzzle by putting puzzle pieces together. However, sometimes there are pieces missing and you have to start over, sometimes the pieces dont move to your touch. Sometimes the pieces get stuck behind the home bar and you start over again (this happens on some other tasks in the game too). Overall, very frustrating. Apart from that, its quite engrossing and full of whimsical games and puzzles.

The android version is better as we can zoom in on areas. The ios version does not allow this. We bought the game way back when it was desktop only inly and love it. Hope u update it so we can zoom in and play it again.

Gorgeous graphics! Fun puzzles, challenging, but not too hard. We wish there were more games of this caliber.

Great graphics, superb music and highly entertaining. Our father suffered a severe brain injury. This game helps with his concentration, coordination and memory. Its very relaxing for us after a busy day and we need to unwind to its mellow sounds.

We found this game to be one of the most interesting, clever and different games we’ve ever played. We hope to see more like this from these developers.

One of the few games to hold our interest all the way through.

Great artwork and music challenging but not impossible puzzles.

This has always been our ultimate favorite game. We have been playing it for years. We purchased it for our laptop years ago and just got it for our ipad. The puzzles are very interesting and the story behind it. Graphic adventures are very creative in our opinion, very whimsical. Just a gem of a game. We are always sad when its over. We wish the developer would make a tiny bang story 2 please.

Loved the puzzles and the art, our child and we were fighting over who got to find all the items.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make another game like this.

Absolutely one of our favorite games. The artwork is fantastic and the music very enjoyable. We didnt want it to end. We really hope they do another one soon!

If there was 6 stars, we would have rated it even 6! The music is lovely. And the mosquito help is brilliant. Dont miss this Fun.

Great artwork. Very creative. Puzzles can be challenging too. We would give this 5 stars but it is REALLY tiny and can be hard to see details and select things. Good thing the little insects are there to help.

It is a great game with a great graphic But graphic is not all! Touching is a big hassle It’s very difficult to select objects and drag them. They are so tiny even we can not see them under our finger. It’s an uncooked app with no testing. Developers just ported from another platform to iOS without any modifications.

This game is absolutely wonderful. Almost everything about it is perfect. But whenever we try to tap on the hint button, it doesnt work. We are very bad at puzzles so we cant really get much done without the hints. Because of that problem, we have to deduct 2 stars, but other than that, we adore absolutely everything about this game!

We love this game but am having difficulty playing it from our iphone, we can barely pick up objects or even see what we’re dragging because the games screen size is so small. Was this not intended for a phone? It feels like it needs to be played with a mouse… We’re super disappointed because of the $ spent and it’s not enjoyable..

Really fun game. The depiction on the screen is a bit small and there seems to be finger to object tracking issues on the new iOS on an iPhone 13 Pro.

The frustration outweighed the enjoyment in the end. Some puzzles were impossible to do on an iPhone without a home button because items were on the edge of the screen stuck beneath the grey swipe bar – we had to enable Guided Access to disable the bar and play the game. The items are so tiny that even with very small hands we had a lot of trouble placing them – you have to place items EXACTLY in place or tap them perfectly, but theyre the size of a fruit fly sometimes on an iPhone 12 mini. We know our phone is unusually small (specifically because we have such small hands!), but we’ve never played one of these games with such rigid requirements for grabbing and placing and other games play just fine on our phone. As a tip, aim exactly – for example, the boat puzzle you have to drag exactly from the pushpin to the other pushpin or it wont connect correctly. The game isnt always responsive to touch even in the right place, like being unable to easily pick up jigsaw pieces. We love digital jigsaw puzzles but wow this wasnt fun, having to try several times to lock a piece in when its a few millimeters off. The computer games are also monotonous and painful to play, sitting for several minutes watching the plane tick one single square at a time across a screen. If you hit pause, it doesnt pause, it takes you back to the home screen and you have to start over and watch the same plane tick, tick, tick. That happens with basically all minigames, so we had to restart the one building the train multiple times because we had to leave the game to look up how to disable the grey scroll bar to even reach some items, and it undid all our progress. Its a cute game but we deleted it before finishing the final world. We’ve played a lot of not impressive games without leaving a bad review but this one was just too annoying and could easily be fixed by slightly increasing the active radius around items. We think Id be more irritated than 3 stars if we had paid for it. We cant even imagine trying to play this game with arthritis or any kind of hand motor control or steadiness challenges. Not disability friendly at all.

The Train is where we stuck, we’ve done everything right so far but it wont work, when we watch YT videos, we noticed the difference, the fuel isnt enough but there seem to be nothing we can do about it.

The graphics are nice and the limited navigation works well. Putting a puzzle together between chapters was a relaxing interlude. However there are some basic game functions missing that eventually made us happy to delete the game before Id finished. We paid for the game so why do we have to waste time collecting flies before we can get a hint? There are no hints for puzzles and there is no Skip function for those waste-of-time trial and error puzzles (or the spinning things we really have no patience for). Some pieces were so tiny as to be impossible to find on our iPad. Once, we got a hint and the fly showed us where an item was but we still couldnt see it. We just clicked around until it showed up in inventory. Really not worth the work.

You really need a mouse for this. We tried to struggle through but got too frustrated trying to click things.

If we could give this game zero stars, we would. We struggled for nearly an hour with the first part of the game before finally breaking down and looking at a walkthrough. We did everything the walkthrough said to do and still sat with one of those little pipes left to find. Tried the frustrating hunt system and got no response. Tapped all over every inch of every screen and still nothing. First, this game is marketed poorly. Its 98% found objects nonsense and 2% weak and uninteresting puzzles. This game has the aesthetics of better games like Samarost 3 but lacks the quality and real art of those games. Clunk controls, items that are impossible to see (on an iPhone 12 Pro Max), and an obnoxious hint system make this game a waste of money, even if it was free. Skip it and go for some of the better games. We blame myself for not reading the critical reviews.

Cute looking game, but too difficult to play on an iPhone when you can’t zoom in to see what you’re working with. No fun, just frustrating.

Developer needs to put a lot more work into this game. Also the description of the game is very inaccurate. Touching the objects doesnt seem to work most of the time which makes you think objects are not part of the search but they are. Game freezes or does not open. And we only got as far as assembling the train and can go no further as theres nothing else to find or do But the train is still not complete for us to proceed. Anyways dont waste your money or the time to get it back.

Im enjoying the game on our iPad, but the controls are difficult on our iPhone. Takes the fun out of it in a hurry.

The game seems like it would be fun but the touch response is so off that it makes many many many parts of the game beyond frustrating. You can see the item you need and you click on it and it does nothing. Sometimes it takes clicking or dragging on an item 10-20 times before it responds. Makes it nearly impossible to play enjoyably.

Its really hard to get it to react when we touch things, or to drag things, and we gave up in the second chapter due to this annoyance. We would try something, get. We feedbacks be give up, only to find out we were doing the right thing and it wasnt reacting. The sound only worked with headphones plugged in too. At first we thought there was no sound. Unfortunate because we love the style and other games like this. And its a new phone so its not a phone issue. Probably a lot better in an iPad. Its super hard to see on our phone too.

Shocked by the high reviews. The game is unplayable on the iPad Pro. Controls are seriously unresponsive. You dont know whether you clicked on something clickable or not. Even things that are obvious controls like the Help question mark do no respond when clicked.

Should have read more reviews. We hate hidden objects. Theres nothing more boring. Puzzles were meh.

This game should not be sold for iPhones. Half the buttons are unplayable. We want our money back. The concept and art is great but levels of frustration doesnt make it worth it. What a shame!

We loved the concept and the graphics, but like many others, we couldnt get past the first 10 minutes of play. We couldnt move the items to the point where we thought we had exhausted our options. We downloaded the game because our partner raved about it,( He has an android) and he confirmed that we were on the right track but it wasnt responding correctly. Then, when we finally made it to the next level, it glitches, didnt save our info and we had to start from the beginning. We were very frustrated and pretty disappointed. We love this style of game, so we really hope they can fix this problem so we can give it another chance!

Puzzels arent overly hard and fun to solve. Cool little game for passing time.

Puzzle adventure games are our favorite. For context, in undergrad we were hooked on American Magee’s Alice… Since getting an iPad we’ve discovered Machinarium – and now we found this fun little game. We truly didn’t want it to end. It had plenty of game play for the price and had a good blend of searching for items/ objects and puzzle solving. The difficulty level of most of the puzzles was just right for us, but we will say we struggled with the lures. Overall, very satisfied and if you like the gameplay of those titles mentioned above, you should check out a Tiny Bang Story.

Create more. Very imaginative and makes you think.

The best all around game ever!

Played this game when it first came out and loved it then. Just found it again when we got an iPad. There area few little bugs but nothing that makes game play bad. Glad we bought it again we played it. Great little relaxing game with great puzzles.

Just finished this game and it left us wanting more, in a good way. Totally immersive gameplay some mini puzzles can be a bit difficult, but don’t give up on them. They may seem like there’s no rhyme or reason behind the solution , but you must think outside the box. We want a part 2 of this game! Well done, devs, well done.

What a fantastic little game. It was a little short for the price (4.99) but worth supporting the developers in hope that they create something similar. Iv played lots of puzzle games and we appreciate how different this one was . The music was lovely, the graphics were adorable. Please keep making more, youve found a fan!

Tiny Bang Story is a really great game. Our mom and we had a really fun time playing it together. We would encourage buying it.

A lot of fun to play, please make a Tiny Bang 2. Great puzzles, very entertaining,

We LOOOOVE this game – on a computer. Everything is much too small on our phone, and you cant zoom. We want to finish the game, but cant, because we cant connect the ships in the puzzle in chapter four without a mouse, evidently. Bummer!

We enjoyed the idea of the game but got frustrated with how the game responds to taps. Sometime multiple taps were needed to select items. The other big issue we had with the game is trying to place items. Our finger covered up items to place and it seems most things need a precise placement making us try multiple times. Also it appears the puzzle pieces collected throughout the game dont have much of a point. Two levels we did not collect them all and we were able to complete the game. Once completed we figured it would give us a count on the levels and we could go back to find the missing pieces. Nope. Nothing. So in the end. Was the game fun? Yes. Was it worth the 5 bucks? Nope. To short and more of an we spy game than a puzzle game.

This game is very cute…. And challenging! But there are some glitches. Some of the issues we ran into were: -No instructions -puzzle pieces would disappear when putting them together, requiring a restart -requires way too much precision for an iPhone. Each move could take as many as 5 taps to get a response -levels would end before we had all the puzzle pieces -if we leave the screen for even a millisecond, like to view a text message, the puzzle would reset.

… Take the coin from the till in the apple room. We can see it sitting there, but no amount of tapping will let us get it.

We are playing Tiny Bang Story on our iphone and like some other reviewers have had a lot of trouble. It was just an annoyance (the difficulty clicking small objects/objects near the bottom of the screen, puzzles restarting when we get a text) but now we have reached the ship puzzle. We can drag a line from ship to ship but it disappears as soon as we let go. We tried to find a solution online but all we could find was that you have to hold the left clicker down which obviously is impossible on a phone. Is this just a design flaw? After putting in time, its very frustrating to reach an impasse.

We cant get out of chapter 2 because it thinks Im missing 1 ball. This happened in chapter 1 with a pipe. We had to restart the game from the beginning. We’ve been enjoying the game, but restarting a second time has put us off.

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