Trainz Simulator 3

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Trainz Simulator 3


Trainz Simulator 3 is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by N3V Games Pty Ltd, Trainz Simulator 3 is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th August 2021 with the latest update 23rd September 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Lifestyle, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


893 people have rated 1.0.77

You can download the game Trainz Simulator 3 from APP STORE.


Trainz Simulator 3 delivers next-generation graphics and the most realistic train driving ​experience wherever you are.

Take charge of steam electric or diesel locomotives and travel the world from the comfort of your home or while on the road.

Climb the Rocky Mountains, venture all over the UK, journey through the USA or explore Outback Australia.

Included Features:

  • Explore 4 highly detailed locations
  • Experience 12 gameplay sessions
  • Master 9 in-depth tutorial sessions
  • Control 14 highly detailed locomotives
  • Haul over 54 types of rolling stock
  • Drive in simple or realistic modes
  • Issue Driver Commands to dozens of other trains
  • Operate an entire railroad

Expand your experience with new routes, sessions and hundreds of locomotives available for additional purchase.

NOTE: TS3 does not currently offer world building tools or allow importing 3rd party content.

Initial install size: 4GB

Updated on 23rd September 2021

V1.0.77 includes several bug fixes and content updates

Trainz Simulator 3 Reviews

We love this game a lot and we saw that you have the B&P coal cars in game but can yall please do the BPRR engines in like a DLC Please thanks!!!

First off, we love the game, its everything we thought it would be, but there needs to be some changes. 1. World building: we love the maps and everything but we need to make our own so we can have more fun. 2. Derailments: train crashes arent good without derailment. 3. More trains and maps: we want more custom maps and more trains and we want some trains from shows like back to the future, Thomas and friends, ect, so we wanna see that. Other than that, the game is good.

This came out of nowhere for us! We were surprised to see this on iOS/iPadOS and its graphically very good!! Its at or near desktop class train gaming. We had one issue so far with the frame rate going choppy. Im not sure if its a memory leak or just needs some optimization, but it was all good after saving our game and closing/reopening the game. We havent wrote a review in ages, but this called for one. Well done developers!

Hello, this is our second review on Trainz 3. We just looked at the version history and the last time it was reviewed was 11 months ago, so we dont think theyll be adding modding in derailments anytime soon. But seriously, we really do think the developers should add more realistic derailments except a giant floating X above the locomotive, and the modding, you cant mod. We already tried.

Please add 4014 844 1943 and the modern auxiliary tenders.

We honestly love the game, we play it 24/7 and its always a blast for us, we love the livery of CSX and all the diesel locomotives, but we think there should be more iconic routes like the Conway Scenic Railroad based in New Hampshire. Maybe some Amtrak routes and the ACS-64 Electric loco would be cool to see added as well with realistic features and close to real life sounds as possible, just an opinion, it doesnt have to happen though. Also we would like to see the center beam freight car as well.

This is the most realistic Train sim out there. It is not one of those that show a cool train pic, and then scam you with potato graphics. We love it, but it glitches sometimes and crashes. Besides that, we think with a little more trains it will be top dog!

Trainz 3 is such a great game plus we want to see Union Pacific 4014 & 844 because mostly we want those trains plus please add make your own map. The game is awesome. Thanks N3V games and to the creators of trainz 1, 2, & 3!! Thanks for making the game. Plus can you please make a more realistic trainz game like trainz 4 just it is in colorado.

It is so cool we git to drive trains in real life.

Theres a few problems of us being kicked out of the app but its good.

Can U Add 844 UP And All The A4s And For Tornado 60163 Add The Real Whistle And Chime.

We love this game! It has realistic graphics with a bunch of trains to choose from but we do have some suggestions. First: add realistic derailments, it will add a bit more realism into the game. Second: add a livery button, so what does livery button could do is let you choose a livery who an engine or keep the same livery and you can type in the number of an engine to get that livery like BNSF 4725. Now we know this one could be a bit hard but with all the realism in the game we think its at least somewhat do-able. Now thats all we have for now but we may come back and edit this.

This is a wonderful app that we have spent many hours on, but there are a few things we would like to suggest. One of our suggestions would be some sort of Properties button/feature, so players can edit the rolling stock with their loads and quantity of those loads. Another suggestion would be more UK freight rolling stock; such as vans, wagons, flatbeds, and break vans. There are also some locomotive models that we would like to suggest. A model that we would like to see is a USATC S100 (USA Tank). There could be two available versions (like the USATC S160); one with American knuckle couplers, and the USATC logo on the side tanks; and the other with buffers, hook-and-chain couplers, and the BR logo on the side tanks. Another model would be a Heisler locomotive, as they are unique steam locomotives. Im sure the dev team are working on future content for the app, and we just wanted to make a few suggestions.

They need to add more CSX locomotives, and Norfolk southern Locomotives, and more American rolling stock.

The game is overall great to play. There are some additions we would like to see. For example a real in game Menu UI for settings and such. Another thing we would like to see is more NS (Norfolk Southern) Locomotives. The games physics also need improvement because we speed up way to fast!

You know what would be awesome? If you added all the QJ 2-10-2s locomotives this game is our favorite.

We love but can you that when you do the build update can you make it for computer and iOS like for android and iPhones???

Dear NV3 games, when and will you add the world creator from Trainz 2?

The creator may not see this but if you do could you please add the big boy #4017 because we have a O gauge big boy #4017 and there was a couple of problems with it like the smoke did not come out right and the moving noise didnt work so if you could add this train it would be nice if your able to.

But we have one suggestion we could there be included the Amtrak Acela train as well because we live in Philadelphia and we would really like to see how it would actual be to sit inside that train or to see inside because we really love that train as well thank you for a excellent simulator and keep up the good work and we hope that we can see that train added as well soon.

Can we get the northeast corridor.

Hey N3V Games, we would like to say Trainz Simulator 3 is an awesome game and we would recommend to anybody but we personally feel like Trainz 3 needs just 1 thing The ability to import 3rd party content. Because yall wont have to make more locomotives and the people can just import them into here instead of yall having to develop locomotives and routes / sessions one by one and you can focus on the surveyor and so these morons can shut up about add this and adding that really annoying. From Eli T. Proud owner of – T:ANE , TS2009 , TS3 Love the effort and hard work you put to this game worth $7.99 and our time.

Everythings great but we would love to see some more locomotive verity of the following: SD70 standard cab: Conrail paint NS paint Illinois central SD60M triclops cab: Union Pacific lettering paint scheme SD40-2: Norfolk southern Union Pacific SD70M: Union Pacific Norfolk southern GP38-2 highhood: Norfolk southern SD80MAC: Conrail Norfolk southern CSX SD70ACC: Norfolk southern SD70ACe: All class 1 railroads including ferromex SD60i: Conrail Norfolk southern CSX SD45: Erie Lackawanna, N&W.

We think it would be cool if you could make a way to tone the whistles on the steam locomotives.

Can you please add Road building to the game we really want route building so we can make our own routes just like in the original game so can you pleaseMake it.

We love this game but it could use more locomotives can yall add the following locomotives? Penn Central sd35, BC Rail c44-9wl, Amtrak sdp40f ph1-ph3 with Amtrak equipment CN c44-9w(l), Norfolk Southern sd40-2, Norfolk Southern sd45-2, Norfolk Southern sd60 and sd60e, Norfolk Southern sd70acu, CSX sd50-2 yn2 and yn3, Great Northern and Burlington Northern sdp40 and sdp45 and Union Pacific and Seaboard Air Line sdp35.

Hi N3V, we’ve been a Trainz 2 player for years now, and we just wanted to say that Trainz 3 is a major improvement. Also we want to thank you for such an awesome game, and Im writing this message just after Summer Lake Pass and other content was released. We really like the addition of that route and we also appreciate that youre adding new content (like new locos and free drive) to the game regularly, but we were wondering if you were planning to add any more routes within the foreseeable future. We would like to suggest the following to be added to the game if possible: 1. CN Holly Sub 2. Toronto Rail Lands 3. Rosworth Vale 4. C&O Hinton Division (since Im a huge C&O/CSX fan) Or any North American themed route really Also question, hows progress on the world editor feature? (Im not trying to rush you in any way, Im just curious though). Also, Im playing this on a 6th Gen iPad, do you know if that device supports shadows or not? We dont get shadows when we play the game.

This game has it all, good graphics, nice sounds, and amazing train models. Worth everything. NV3 games if you see this are you able to add the Big Boy locomotive and make the headlight not be attached to the main section of the locomotive.

There should be a sp p10 class. Pacific Numbers 2472&2479 & there should be sp Pullman light wait cars baggage& passenger combo and there should be a passenger car and & a diner car in daylight Colors.

We just wish we could customize our own trains!!

We like the game, It has so good features! But what we want Is the SDP40F And the old CN F-unit from the earlier days of trainz.

We love this game so much, but we have one problem; it doesnt have modern American freight locomotives. Also we believe that other railroads like Union Pacific or Canadian Pacific should added to the game. If you could add modern locomotives with other road names, and their respective paint schemes, this game would be the perfect train sim.

This game is hands down, the best game that we’ve ever played. The graphics are absolutely exquisite and it just is so fun to play such a good game. The only thing that bothers us is that there is no map creator and you cant edit your train like you did in Trainz 2, But if you want the game that is very fun, has one of the best graphics, and is user friendly, Trainz 3 is definitely the game for you if youre a big train fan.

We love this game! The driver controls make it much easier to control the train than in Trainz 2. Our only complaint is the lack of variety. Most routes are based on North American railroads and use standard contemporary Diesel locomotives. To improve this, please include: – More routes and sessions run by steam locomotives, both in the past and the present. – More routes and sessions that use high speed rail. – More routes from around the world, especially those based on railroads in European countries like France, Germany, or Switzerland and East Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. African, Latin American or South Asian would also be nice fo throw into the mix.

The game is overall amazing, but could use more variations of American rolling stock and passenger equipment. Graphics work stunning on devices, little to no lag in game. Cant wait for route builder PS, add Norfolk Southern.

This is an outstanding version of Trainz. We just upgraded from TD2 and the difference is astounding! We own TRS19 for Windows, and this mobile version is nearly identical. The graphics look great even on our 5th-gen iPad, and many of the DLC items that were used on TANE and TRS19 are available to buy. We especially like how they added a freeware version of City & Country USA to the Content Store (being a TD2 user). Cant wait for Surveyor!

Even though we try to play this game but wont let us because it just gives us a white screen who gets this if their trainz sim 3 is broken.

Also, a question for the devs. What are the deciding factors for whats added as DLC? Signed, Hughes28no5.

This is a good upgrade from Trainz 2, better graphics better everything really. But some times we get kicked out of the game and if Im doing a race, and it kicks us, we lose all the progress and we know it is hard to make a high end mobile game and it wont be as easy as making something like that you know most pcs can handle like Trainz A New Era. Sorry if Im a little rude in a way because Im not very educated on things like how hard it is to be a developer but we would like to have some more American maps and trains. Such as the n&w J class and the big boy 4014 and maybe the Allegheny.

This is probably the best train simulator ever on mobile. But we would like to see more variety such as geared locomotives like the climax, shay, or Heisler.

The trains look realistic but the graphics of some assets not so much.

Please add the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 to the game.

Hi can you please add a Kansas City southern es44ac and a Canadian Pacific es44ac please. We really think adding these engines will boost downloads.

This is the best app ever! We play on a iPad 8th Generation but recently when this app was out for iPad/iPhone! Our recent iPad that we used is a iPad 6th Generation and the reason we got a new iPad which is a 8th generation that we used today is because our old iPad was having critical condition handling the game and it keeps crashing a lot on our old iPad and theres too much lag. When we were playing Trainz 3 on our old iPad and few months back well not today because we have a new one but let us tell you what happened back then with our old iPad. A few months back when we were playing Trainz 3, the game freeze and it turned off our iPad and it turns on again and turns off and it keeps turning off. We were so scared that we barely destroyed our old iPad. After that it reseted and back to the password screen. We decide to delete the app and not play it again because of what happened and few months back. A month later we decide to get it again but this time we did not use it. We waited unit our birthday to get a new iPad and once we got it our parents help us transferred our data to our new iPad. After that was done we tested Trainz 3 on our new iPad and we were shocked that it did not crash or freeze. It actually handled it VERY VERY GOOD so we played it everyday and it still not crashed. We were very proud of myself that we got a new iPad and next time we asked our parents for money so we buy some cool content. Ok that was all we just wanted to say a few issues, freezes, crashes and many more and we guess we wound use our trashy old iPad anymore. We actually handed it off to our mom and she says she might use our old iPad for important things. Ok that was all Bye.

This train game looks very cool and for the next update we wish they could have some RVSC’s.

How About Trainz 3 New Route of Northeast Corridor Route for Amtrak ACS-64 and new AMTRAKS How about the Northeast Corridor Route trainz 3.

This is definitely a giant leap in the graphics realm and the lighting is so nice when settings are on high. Very well made and smooth simulator. The only thing we could ask for now is a build mode!

Why is there no build your own world.

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