Thickety Creek

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 01:00 pm

Thickety Creek


Thickety Creek is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fire Maple Games, LLC, Thickety Creek is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 15th December 2018 with the latest update 12th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


173 people have rated 1.0.7

You can download the game Thickety Creek from APP STORE.


What secret lies hidden behind the locked gates of Thickety Creek?

Locals talk of bank robbers and a lost fortune hidden in this forbidden forest.

A new friendship will be your key to an extraordinary journey in the latest adventure from Fire Maple Games!


  • Beautiful hand-painted graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
  • Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
  • Original sound effects!
  • A dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location.
  • A complete hint system built right into the game.
  • Thickety Creek has been translated into many languages.
  • Available for all iOS devices!

Updated on 12th June 2022

Bug fixes!

Thickety Creek Reviews

Every once in awhile you want a good puzzle game for not a bad price this does the job wonderfully.

We wish fire maple had more games we’ve played them all now and we love them every time!

We love this dev! Please make more games. Graphics are beautiful and the challenge is just right.

Great game with intuitive controls, puzzles that arent too hard yet keep the game very interesting & a SUPER sweet story to boot! Prob our fav from FMG so far-Tks!

We have played FM games for years, and from the first Grisly Manor to today, the improvement in art style and animation never cease to astoundtruly worthy to support the creators on that front! For TC, our jaw dropped at the hyper-realism in the hands, human faces, animals, and animation of the water. The engagement with nature draws us back to Lost City, which we have played numerous times and always enjoy. FMG, to us, offers such a unique and downright GORGEOUS gaming experience that must be tried. On that front, TC made a great addition to our ongoing FMG collection. We didn’t hesitate to download this one to try. As we’ve stated, the art quality alone is well worth the price. The storyline is also intriguing with hints of sweet romance, nostalgia, and enduring friendship. It’s a very positive game. As always with these games, one might be bound to get stuck. We used more hints than we normally like, but then again one could attribute that to our own laziness and the complexity of the map. (Which offers a convenient "teleportation" option midway through, which is very useful and improves gameplay). So really the only negative thing we would ever say about TC is that we were disappointed it had to end! In all seriousness, we would like to encourage the developers to continue on with animal interactions and deeper themes. This story was subtlety brilliant with its comedy, intrigue, sweet romance, and even subtle terror (I was actually scared of potentially running into the Apple Pie Gang!). If possible, or perhaps not too far from the usual formula, we think FMG could benefit highly from creating multiple storylines in one game (specifically multiple endings depending on player choice). For example, if the player has one key that could work on one of two doors, whichever door they choose based on hints in the story will determine whether they get a "good" ending or "bad" ending. This idea in no way detracts from TC, though, but stillI would love to see FMG grow even further. But no matter what, we will always jump to download these games!

Once again you created a great game. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you!

We’ve played and enjoyed all the games by Fire Maple Games and the thing we love the most about this one is that it was a Happy Ending Love Story with the stars being Black!

We’ve been playing this game since they began and honestly we love them so much this one was so fun and maple creek games are amazing. Keep up the amazing work!

Oh please please please make more of these! Theyre so amazing and beautiful and really get you thinking. And each storyline has been so intriguing!

This game was a hit! We absolutely loved the graphics. It was really relaxing and made us think too. Only wished it was longer.

Another great game from Fire Maple. Their games have always been favorites among our siblings and I. The price is definitely worth the large world of puzzles. And the art is so beautiful.

Another great game from Fire Maple Games! Everyone of their games are fantastic.

Fire Maple games! Cool graphics, intriguing stories, challenging puzzles, whats not to like? We feel like Im going on an adventure every time we play.

Fire Maple Games never disappoints! This one is tied for our new favorite with The Lost City! Looking forward to the next one :)

This game and the last installment game have awesome soundtracks. The game itself is already fun but the soundtrack really enhances the experience of the game even further. Please keep using the same music composer for your next game. This game particularly reminds us of the places we hiked in Connecticut. The story behind this game is also pretty neat. We like how you make it mysterious but yet not scary at all and they are kids friendly. Keep up the good work with the same style games. Looking forward to your next game.

We love all the fire maple puzzle games! We basically grew up on them and have memorized where things go haha. We would love if there were more games!

We absolutely loved this game! We really enjoyed all the puzzles and the story line. We tried not to use any clues unless we were truly stumped. Kept our mind active fr sure!

Our whole family loves this developer. All the kids relish these adventures, right down to our five-year old. Were grateful to Joe and Fire Maple for keeping this genre going with some great content!

It was fun but not as challenging as their other games. It was too short.

This is a decent point and click game with fairly solid graphics and not too challenging puzzles. The worst flaw of the game is the back feature- theres no arrow to go back so youre forced to randomly click somewhere on the screen with a delayed response. Its incredibly irritating but if you can get past that its a fairly good play for kids and adults.

We’ve hit a glitch in the game. Following music notes for the tool chest correctly but its still not opening. Help please.

The game is beautiful, but it suffers from a few flaws. The puzzles are too simple compared to many others of the genre. The majority of the game is spent clicking around to get to the right location to use the obvious item. The other gripe is that if you are playing this on a mobile device and you switch to answer a text the game needs to reboot. The user interface is clunky and the cut scenes are tedious. We give the game 3 stars for the art work and the cute story, but as paid for puzzle game we were rather disappointed with the lack of challenge.

These puzzle games from Fire Maple have gotten better and better over the years, so this one was slightly disappointing. The puzzles were easy and we finished the game in less than an hour.

Im a fan of Fire Maple Games but this one was too short to be a paid game. We recommend skipping this one.

Found this game incredibly boring. And the graphics and interface had us feeling like we were playing a game made 15 years ago. The five star reviews must have been given by people who havent played games like Samarost or our Brother Rabbit. We finished it only because we paid for the game, but if it had been free, we would have stopped early on and deleted.

We love your games this one is probably your best but again you must make more they are amazing!

We LOVE Fire Maple games have them on two devices. Always enjoy. Just challenging enough, after all Im playing for entertainment not knowledge. Lol. Hope to see more soon. Great job!

We absolutely love fire maple games, but this one just felt like it was lacking something, we just didnt feel completely sucked in like we do with the other ones.

This is their best game to date in our opinion. Amazing graphics and a neat little story line. We always buy fire maple games as soon as they come out!

We love Fire Maple games. Our 10-year old daughter loves these and this was no exception. We thought it was was too short (and almost downgraded to a 4 because of that), but we enjoyed every minute. Grisly Manor 2 is still our favorite, but this was still great. Wish they made more games!

We’ve followed Fire Maple since the Nook. Great Storyline, Graphics, And playabilty. Best played with family as everyone has a different set of eyes. Love these games!

As good as the others but w/ better graphics. Seems youve upped your game. We really enjoy playing these games.

We have really enjoyed all of these Fire Maple games over the years, and this one is no exception. We saw one review that said it was short but this seemed just as long and complex if not more so than their previous games. In short, if you enjoyed their previous games you will like this one!

Wandering around in the woods, finding old bottle caps and feeding hummingbirds … We love these games. If there was a new one every month we would buy it.

We were so excited when Appunwrapped announced that Fire Maple Games had a new game available on the App Store. We love their games and this one was fun and pretty. They can be a little corny sometimes but thats part of the charm. We only needed one hint. They game is short, but we would rather do short that long and boring. We say play it. Play them all. Lost City, is still our fave.

Although this one wasnt our favorite of Fire Maple Games amazing collection, it still beats every other adventure game out there. They put their heart and soul into their games, and they never disappoint. We agree with everyone that this game was shorter. It also had less puzzles and complexity. But Ill take it any day. Hearing about a new game by these guys is like Christmas Day all over again. Keep up the amazing work!

We always like Fire Maple Games. This one is shorter than usual, at least it feels shorter, but is still worth its price. One of the other reviewers has it right: corny, but charming.

We really like the game, but why make us wait so long for a hint? Theres just no reason to have a 10 min wait between hints. At the very least you could offer a purchase option for unlimited hints.

We hate having to see the same ad every time we open any of the games, especially an ad for a game we went ahead and bought, hoping that would remove it. Please program the games to know that we have the other games and not keep showing up.

Loved every bit of it. The journey was amazing but short. Excellent graphics and navigation. Sad part is how long you have to wait till the next game from Fire Maple. Thank you for giving us a wonderful afternoon.

Love everything made by Fire Maple Games! Graphics are incredible, puzzles are fun, story is compelling. Highly recommend.

We love this style of game, the sort of Myst style explore, learn, collect, experiment, and use gameplay. We have played every Fire Maple title, and every one is unique, beautifully crafted, and enjoyable. This game is no exception, with an especially poignant story thread that runs throughout. We follow few developers, but Fire Maple Games titles are an instant take our money please whenever they come out. Looking forward to the next one, and we hope the wait is not so long :-)

Update: we gave it one more try and was able to finish the game without using any hints, so we came back and gave it five stars!! Super fun game!! Previous Review: we got well past the Tool Box without needing any hints, but now we are really stumped and the only hint we get is for the tool box. Even after restarts and updates it never changes. We’ve gotten every FireMaple game made and have loved them all. This was the first time we’ve gotten one when it was brand new. Next time Ill wait until the glitches have all been addressed. For now Im shelving this one.

Old fans will love it, new players will join the club. Download now for a fun adventure.

Graphics fabulous and fun to play. Only let down by how small the game is, finished playing in an afternoon. Bigger game next time please.

Really fun game, but theres a minor glitch where it will get stuck on a certain hint (I.e examine photo with magnifying glass) even if that item is no longer in your satchel. Then the hints refuse to reload. But beyond that its a very good game, as is the usual from FMG.

Great graphics.. Great story.. Great fun!!!!! Thanks Fire Maple.

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