Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

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Tick Tock: A Tale for Two


Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Other Tales Interactive ApS, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th March 2019 with the latest update 23rd June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


176 people have rated 1.1.8

You can download the game Tick Tock: A Tale for Two from APP STORE.


Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is an eerie cooperative puzzle game for two players. Each player needs a copy of the game on their own mobile device (phone or tablet) to play. You can also play cross-platform with a Nintendo Switch or a computer (PC or Mac).

Average playtime: 2.5h

You and your friend are trapped in a mystical clockwork world. As time ebbs away you must solve increasingly complex puzzles to escape. Cooperation is key as neither of you have the full picture! Play on two devices, local or remotely, all you need is a voice connection.

"perhaps one of the most clever game ideas I’ve ever seen." – TouchArcade

"a spooky multiplayer puzzle game with a brilliant hook – that the game is played simultaneously on two screens, with half of the clues on one and half on the other." – EUROGAMER

"a fantastic, beautiful game that can bring you closer to your friends and loved ones" – Coin-Drop

Awards & Recognition:

  • Winner – Danish Games Awards (Best Debut, Best Emergent Experience) 2020
  • Nominee – BAFTA Games Awards 2020
  • Nominee – Nordic Game Awards 2020
  • Winner- IndieCade (Cooperative Design) 2019
  • Official Selection – AdventureX 2019
  • Official Selection – Indie MEGABOOTH 2019
  • Nominee – International Mobile Gaming Awards 2019
  • Nominee – Ludicious 2019
  • Official Selection – PAX 10 2018
  • Official Selection – Leftfield Collection 2018
  • Nominee – Play17 2017
  • Nominee – Nordic Game 2017
  • Official Selection – IndieCade Europe 2017
  • Nominee – Amaze 2017
  • Official Selection – Stugan 2016

Updated on 23rd June 2021

Arabic and Russian languages

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Reviews

We loved this game! Our girlfriend and we did this because were long distance. It was a great date night!

Our best friend lives in another state and this was the perfect game for us! Would love to see more like it! So we ovaries and unique!

We had a lot of fun playing this with our partner. Its a bit short, but we felt it was worth the money. We communicated what we see and could usually figure out what to do next. Would recommend if you like escape game!

Finish in 152 min am we dumb or not?

Fun game, cool puzzles. Gotta be big brained tho, honestly.

So wonderful to play this with a partner! It took us a while to figure out the game play since players dont see exactly the same things. It was very clever how the solving the puzzles required input and information sharing between players. We were sad to finish since there are no other games like this available. More please!!! Many more!!!

Its a joy to play with another whos company you enjoy, its so pretty and maneuvering the controls is a breeze. We sure hope this team puts more out soon!

This game is so unique in the mobile gaming department. We loved sitting down with our roommate to solve clues and having to cooperate. The game itself is beautiful and easy to navigate, and the ending was nice too. Too bad the game was a bit short for us, we finished it in 90 minutes! Please make more!!

This experience was truly one of a kind. Our best friend and we live very far away from one another and are always looking for ways to spend time. This was by far one of the best games weve found to date! Absolutely 100% recommend! Every second of this game was purely magical.

We think this was an amazing game to play with our S/O. We are just sad it wasnt longer. $3 for 3 chapters and it was too short too enjoy. Other than that it was super fun!

Had to cheat and look up how to finish the game. No hints. It was missing a lot of spunk.

If you are trying to have fun with your partner, stay the f away from this game. The first two chapters are okay and pretty fun, the third chapter is there to destroy your relationship.

Boring. We wish there will be a wonderful story hind behind but there wasnt. Theres only human made boring questions. You also have to stand the author who tries to preach you.

Still wondering about some of the smaller numbers in the jars… If that true then thats some amazing teamwork! Have a notepad ready and lots of patience took us 166 min to complete, a test in communication and a great way to pass an hour or two!

It took our husband and we 150min to finish the game. Really good game. Be careful you guys may fight a little, like we did. But overall we liked it!

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two was so much fun! We cant express how much we enjoyed it. The story was interesting, the graphics were atmospheric and fit the tone of the story, and the puzzles were so well thought out and very challenging. We wish the game developers would come out with more.

This was an excellent game. We liked the story and puzzles in the way we enjoy escape rooms and escape room style games. We definitely had to work together and even take notes in a few places. Please make more games like this! We just cant say enough how fun it was!

Our wife and I, much like the other reviewer, are HUMONGOUS escape room fanatics. We even work for a company making mystery games. Tick Tock is so clever and innovative, we were continuously in a state of enjoyment, even during the moments that had us scrambling for answers. The presentation of this game was flawless, the story was unique, the challenges were hair-pullingly complicated at times (in a very very good way), and we greatly hope this team is able to release more games in this style. Ill definitely be eager to download it! Thanks!

This was a great and fun game! It took us three hours and we were able to play it while on FaceTime in different states during this quarantine. Would love a longer story where we could save our progress and keep this going longer. Great game!

Would highly recommend as a fun critical thinking puzzle solving game for two.

Our wife and we are escape room fanatics. We’ve played, written, and built out countless number of rooms. With COVID-19 tearing through the country, we havent been able to play one in a long long time. We stumble across this game and it was just the type of thing we were looking for to temporarily take the place of our beloved pastime. However, now that weve finished Tick Tock, theres nothing else left. Sure, there are hundreds of escape room games for iOS, but none that we have found that are multiplayer. We really do need more games like this.

Our wife and we played this and were done in 157min. Its well made and a lot of fun. The only reason we give it a 4 instead of 5, is because its so short. Youre done quickly, and considering you have to pay $3+ for each device, we were expecting more.

It was fun for our husband and we to play. Id say .99 would have been a better cost.

Fine until game glitched and couldnt solve puzzle. Had to restart.

Dont waste your time on this trash! There is no any critical logic to support the whole game. It is more about low-cost communication and time-consuming tricks.

Great game with fun puzzles. Mysterious but not too scary. The ending was ok but we wish they had fleshed it out a little more.

We played with our twin sister (which made the story resonate even more!) we had a blast and finished in a little under two hours. The puzzles are all very clever (some big eureka moments were had) and there is a fun story and atmospheric mood. This is perfect for puzzle or escape room lovers who are social distancing due to covid-19! We played on our phone and she played on her Switchtwo states apart on voice chatand everything worked great. Nice work, team!! If you make another of these we will definitely buy it :)

We played this with our partner (were on different continents currently) and we had loads of fun! Took a bit under 2 hours though, we wish it were longer!

This was so much fun to play with our mom, we spent about three hours going through it and solving puzzles together. It has an engaging storyline, unique puzzles for each person, and a gorgeous art style and soundtrack. Its the only game of its kind that we know of, and certainly the best escape room-esque game we’ve ever played. Overall, a wonderful experience!! Ill be sure to suggest it to friends!

We played this with our husband, each of us using our phones (but this is also available on the nintendo switch). It took us about 2 hours & 20 minutes from start to finish, and we enjoyed every minute. The puzzles are not too easy, not too hard; require a nice level of teamwork/communication, but not frustratingly so; and the artwork & sounds really fit a great aesthetic. We only wish it was longer or that there were more games like this one. Please make more!!

We played this with our granddaughter during our quarantine. It was a great way to stay connected. We wish there were more games like this.

Our wife and we played this over the phone with our two high school aged nieces over 3 weekends, we had a great time. For a total of $6.00 it was a good time.

We like the design that the game will count your game time and makes it a part of the story, but the whole story is too short. Our friends and we have a great 2hours experience but we hope it could be longer.

Terrible experience, wanna crash our phone when we played this stupid game talking with our girlfriend through phone. Just spent so much time explaing what’s going on our phone. Stuipd, and come on your stupid game company. Don’t make game anymore for God sake.

Played this with our teenager. Such an ironic little game and we spent just under 2 hours playing together. Not an easy puzzle, but not too hard either. Perfect challenge and fun for interactivity.

Really fun game for two, good story to keep you interested, and the puzzles are not extremely difficult, but are just challenging enough to make it satisfying to win. We highly recommend this game!

Glad our SO found out about this, it was cute and fun! $6 between the two of us, so cheaper than if we went to an escape room or bought one of the board games. We hope they make more of these and we will be recommending it to all our puzzle/mystery loving friends and families.

We want more games like this! Its a great way to still have fun with some of our escape room squad who have moved across the country.

So blown away by how fun this was. Didnt expect it but it was great. Only complaint is that we wish there was more! Not complaining, just had a blast.

Lovely graphics, pleasant soundtrack, engaging storyline, reasonably challenging puzzles (without being so hard you get frustrated) and totally unique experience for two players! We need more games like this to play with our long distance SO.

We played this with our fianc while he was out of the country, we cant put into words how much fun this was for us. It tested us in a way we didnt think a phone game could. Thank you.

Such a clever game and a really cool story line! This was perfect for our boyfriend and we who live in different states! We would love another one!!!

We played this with our best friend over the phone, and it was like someone had made a game just for us. Good puzzles, dark mood, good story. Works great over the phone. But it was so short! We guess we got our $2.99 worth, but it we were shocked that it was only 3 chapters long. This is a great idea, and we were enchanted all the way, but you simply must make them longer for the purchase price. Looking forward to the next installment.

Absolutely loved the innovation of this game. Played it with our wife on the couch; a great game if youre looking to solve puzzles together. Very reminiscent of Myst. Yeah, it felt like the Myst version of A Way Out. Super fun and highly recommend!!!!

Its a good game, the puzzles are not too hard, but this game is way too short compared to the cube escape or other ones. Or maybe theres more levels hidden that we didnt find? Wish there will be more!

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