Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

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Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors

Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Bui Van Son, Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th August 2021 with the latest update 29th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors ?

36,780 people have rated 1.7

What is the price of the Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors released ?

Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors was released on 25th August 2021.

When was the Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors updated ?

The latest updated date of Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors on 29th October 2021.

Where can Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors be downloaded ?

You can download the game Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors from Apple Official App Store.



Discover stickman brawl legends, martial arts, ultimate skills and nonstop one-on-one combats, through several places of Stickman brawl! Becoming stronger, faster, deadlier and compete against dangerous villains! Join the battle with your favorite manga characters and fighting in Stickman Battles across the anime.

Stick brawl introduces several fighting stages, in which you and your warriors will be taking part in different levels, from bottom to the top. Starting from the Green Jungle, this condition appears to be nicely suitable for fresh brawl, but it could become more serious when you go deeper. You may not only find it struggling in The Forgotten Sand Valley, but unstoppable combats will make you and the shinobi unrested in The Mountains! Better prepare yourself because a moment of carelessness could result death!
Don’t forget that you need to face a true boss at the end of each map. Bosses could be villains, elite ninjas or warriors with much experience in long-live wars, who could make you struggle for hours!

Stick brawl contains a large variety of powerful ninjas and warriors, so feel free to choose a favorite character and discover this new world. Those masters of martial arts have unique styles of fighting, assassination and ultimate ninja skills, so if you could manage to combine the right fighters to the right combo, your phone would get multiple flashy effects which attracts people nearby! That’s how we want to play, too! More Shinobi, more friends, more fun!
Also, it is recommended that you put volume up to get the most experience of this game. The sound effects for each ninja are different, so you can feel the intense of the combat!


  • Starting Character Pack, including some main warriors reliving your youth days.
  • 10 maps, 300 levels from easy to difficult levels, 30 bosses. Oh yeah, the bosses are more dangerous later, too!
  • More strength enhancement included, with rewards!
  • Intense fights among deadly ninjas, using assassination skills.
  • The higher result, the better rewards after each level.
    Enter this whole new world of elite ninja, fight for your live and glory! This would become one of the best stickman experiences that you can get!
    Download Stick brawl today, enjoy the stick game with your friends, relive those youth days from your favorite ninja!

Updated on 29th October 2021

  • Fixed: button select hero
  • Optimize game performance

Stickman Brawl :Super Warriors Review

Very entertaining download this!!!

Finally find a game that is nice for naruto fighting.

Probably the best naruto copy game but kakashis name is kakasha and then in the pack it said kakashi pack so the developers should fix that but the game is addicting so we suggest you human earthlings to play it.

We love the game so much tysm for making.

We wish there was create your own character.

Three guys just kiss us on our mouth!

The game is really fun to play especially because we like the Naruto anime.

Its because of the cool people.

This game is so fun we bet this game can get over a 5star rating we just encourage other people to try new things and then they like it so pls post this response.

Why do our opponent take less damage from us? But we to take much more damge,and the opponent only takes less damage.

Sorry for the one star didnt mean to click its infirm for.

If your bored and you want to play a game you should play this one its awsome but if the devs look at this could you make the ads a bit less it kind of gets in the game play.

This is a amazing app so fun for you and other anime lovers so whoever sees this start downloading.

This is better then stick warios.

It is so cool but the name are not as good.

Almost all the Naruto characters are on their.

This game is pay to win but its still really fun and its is amazing.

We like how the attack and effects are its so cool.

We love it, a lot of the same ads. But the benefits are so good! Definitely try this ap.

We love this game so so so much tysm for Makeing this game :)

Good game but we love it so much.

What you devs could do is add the otsusuki in the game. Trust us then more people would not complain.

So we love naruto and ever since we played this game we love it,also maybe add boruto.

This game so cool because its like naruto but Stickman this is the best game it is cool.

Its a good game but makes us want to throw our py.

And we just wanted to review it.

It is so good every time we play it is never a problem or a disappointment.

This game is great. Minor flaws but to make it better we have a suggestion. It could help make it more original and spark creativity by adding a character creator where you have custom stats and powers. We give it 5 stars anyways because we like the game as it is but this could make it better. Hope you find this useful in anyway.

The best game ever we love 100000000000/10 so goood.

We have 47 for paim and it still wont let us Alock him.

Why is it so hard to get one character.

This game is awesome we love the exclusive characters.

It is a great game but it can get hard.

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