Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Lion Studios LLC, Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th October 2020 with the latest update 2nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle ?

84,768 people have rated 2.2.87

What is the price of the Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle released ?

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle was released on 14th October 2020.

When was the Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle updated ?

The latest updated date of Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle on 2nd May 2023.

Where can Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle from Apple Official App Store.



Are you a fan of match-three & matching games? Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle will fulfil your need for matching fun with new puzzle challenges every day! Simply match three tiles to reveal more tiles underneath and continue matching until you clear everything, but beware, If you select too many tiles without at least matching three you will have to begin your journey over again.

Each level brings an addictive new matching challenge. Go on a fun and relaxing getaway as you enter beautiful new landscapes to test your brain. Unlock different power-ups that will give you an advantage in your quest to become a tile master and craft your own Tile Garden kingdom!

Game Features

  1. Unique Tile Puzzles:
    With 50+ styles of tiles, there’s no limit to the number of matches you can make. Match Flowers, Leaves, Animals

  2. Beautiful Scenery
    Take in the scene as you match in beautiful and relaxing landscapes. From Gardens to Mountains and more.

  3. Relaxing in your Tile Garden
    Is life getting a little crazy? Why not take a load off and relax with these unique matching puzzles?

  4. Flex Your Brain Muscles
    Test and improve your memory, and your pattern recognition skills with this fun and relaxing puzzle game!

Visit https://lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Lion Studios


Updated on 2nd May 2023

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Tile Garden: Match 3 Puzzle Review

Sorry, but the new update is bad. We tried to save our progress, yet it reset the level we were on an took our coins? We don’t like it.

However, we do not like that it shows you which tile to pick. It doesnt make it challenging and its distracting. Please remove that feature, we rather find the tiles on our own without the help.

This game errors all the time. When we go and tap on tile that gives you an empty space the screen turns black and you gave to start game again and lose all the moves you had. You have to start level again and dont get to empty that file. They waste all you put into that level.

We like this game its really fun and we dont see many ads!

It keeps ones mind engaged and dementia away!

Not sure if you will get the same ad, but our ad was a very different version of the game we got. Funny thing is. . . If the ad is getting people to play your game, then quit after learning its not what you signed up for . . . Then why not make the game like the Ad!?!?!?!

We cant believe a neuroscientist took time to learn how to create an a game app, then publish and support it!! Neuroscientist bc of the rating on what type of brain/thinker you are!! Without someone adept at understanding the brain should/could understand this and rate a game players penchant for thinking that way!! If the app developer isnt a neuroscientistthen we commend them for having had one exlain and assess game players classification!! Of course Im being facetiousbut if youre looking at these appsthat try to judge your IQ, braib age, or some other type of measurement about the brainyou should be aware of this! We know this bc as a stroke survivor we’ve seen plenty of neurologists, neuroscientists and neurosurgeons in recent years!! Then all agree with these sentiments! Im not quoting them.z. Simply passing along info!!

We are so frustrated at the ads in the game not loading so we can level up and such so we bought the 9.99 ad free thinking that would help this issue. We still have ads and they still wont load so we can proceed in the game!!!

This used to be a great game. Great graphics, colorful. We could play and pass levels, get power ups with ads. Now we can hardly play because there are no ads. We cant collect bonuses, cant get really so much except play the game with no help. It just says ads loadingand they never load. Its been like this for months.

We enjoy playing match 3 tile games. Tile Garden is the best! Easy to play, challenging but not impossible and helps are always available! Best of all it is a free game. We dislike the matching games that are impossible to solve and require purchases to advance. Tile Garden is not like that. Our only suggestion is to have something fun to use your coins for. It would be nice if you could decorate a garden with flowers, statues, walking paths.

Get your brain working g for a quick shape up?

We really like this game except for one thing. We think there should be a choice whether or not you want hints to appear when you dont make a move quickly enough. We dont like hints and we feel pressured to play quickly before the hints come on.

Its blocking us from being to play the game because it wont let you ever close it.

Fun game but has glitches and freezes often. Unable to collect rewards or extras, ads wont play and get jipped out of rewards. Worked great up until a few months ago now it broken and only works for a few minutes until it freezes.

The game that is advertised is not the same as the game you play. A lot of games do it and Im always disappointed in the game thats available because the one advertised actually looks fun.

Way too many ads !! Ads are way too long to watch!

Could have been a cool game but the ads are way too much!

You cant even play the game. The game doesnt give you a chance to look at the board before its throwing out a hint. If the game wants to play itself then we dont need to download the app.

Very good game. Really liked Amelias Event. We are on Level 4903. Still cant stop playing.

Like the game but too many ads and to many glitches in loading adds to gain advantages. Will not be playing again!

Sometimes we select the option to get a free shuffle after watching an ad. But you dont get the shuffle after watching a full ad.

Went from 25 coins average to 5!!! What the heck!

Cant be opened the shop to buy new tiles.

You cant do anything without an ad popping up. Not just 1 ad but several in a row and unstoppable.

We used to like playing until we cant get bonuses because it says its loading and never loads.

This is our second review. The first asking you why you took away the daily game and to please bring it back, which wasnt addressed. So Im just deleting the game. Why you took away the daily we guess Ill never know. We hate the flower festival that replaced it. Maybe some enjoy it so it should be an option for them. For those of us that enjoyed the daily it should also be an option to continue to play that. There are so many game options to waste our down time on so Good bye Tile Garden.

Pro: Tile Garden IS. A very fun game, its well done, and enjoyable. Con: as other reviewers have noted, the number of ads is RIDICULOUS. And yes, theres an ad-free upgrade, except its not even close to ad free. The developer claims that the ads youre stuck with are optional, because theyre for power ups. Thats not entirely true, and even if it were, theyre still not truly optional. Imagine playing Call of Duty or something similar, and you pay $9.99 to stop all the annoying 30-second pop-up ads between sections. Now imagine that to actually get ammunition, you have to watch an ad. Sure, you can play ad-free without ammo, but its gonna be more than a little frustrating, and progress slows to a glacial crawl. Is that ad-free? Not at all. Also, they justify the remaining ads by saying it makes it fair to those who didnt pay the $9.99 vs those who did, because EVERYONE has to watch them. But thats obviously a lie because its not a competition between players!! Im asking Apple for a refund for this deceptive game. Which is a shame, because its otherwise fun. Also, the game is BUGGY. It regularly says Im out of slots when we DID have a 3-tile match with the last one we touched. Also, the ads regularly crash the game, too, and you have to restart the round. Maddening!

Good game, but way too many ads. The amount of ads they force you to watch doesnt make the game worth it. Its unfortunate.

Misrepresenting game, not like the sample game Frauds!

Its actually a pretty fun game we would say you should try it out its fun when your bored.

We really love this game, we play it every night. After every single level, there is always an advertisement and it gets old. We also think that the remove ads in-app purchase should not be $10, otherwise we may have bought it.

Very different from what the ads say this game is and theres so many ads.

The game is great, but like everyone here says, there are way too many ads. Whats worse, they are horrible long ads some of which are scams. The ad showing Oprah endorsing weight-loss gummies is totally a scam. Oprah has warned everybody. (That ad plays repeatedly.) So the developers dont care about the ethics, just money. We are deleting the game. The scam ads plus the laughable quality of the gambling ads have just put us off.

The ads have sound even if you mute the game. There are also many distracting animations. Otherwise fun.

Never receive bonus when you sign on.

Hate the explosion when we get all the tiles. Seizure triggers, we turn our head so we dont see them. Too many commercials for other games, which we totally hate. And the adds last forever. Its faster to click off our phone and start over. Eventually Ill delete it due to frustration of the constant commercials and explosions.

We have had tile garden since 6/23 have been a fan ever since it had its glitches every once in awhile but ever since they have done 2 bug fixes we cant get it to load ads add extra anything and losing out on all the spins etc. We have contacted support 3 times and not a thing can be determined; our advice wait because it isnt like it used to be ( fun ). Ridiculous especially since support cant help to figure out whats wrong. Thank god we dont pay extra for anything.

This game is suppose to be free we have never played a game where there was so many ads all this game wants is u to spend money!!! REMEMBER this is a FREE GAME.

This game is actually just like the ads.

Love the game, but we’ve found it to be very glitchy after the last update. Ads are not loading. Surely others have seen the same thing, so why hasnt it been fixed. Too frustrating to continue playing it. Gonna delete it soon!

We wish it would open the first try – we have to close and reopen 3-5 times to get it to load but its fun!

This game is really fun and highly addicting. The aesthetic and optional background sounds are very soothing. Our only complaint is related to the ads: we paid $9.99 for the ad-free version and am still subjected to 30 second ads before playing daily challenges. Often times the game doesnt even have an ad ready to play, so you have to sit and wait for your ad to be ready.

The game is a lot of fun!! Its fun and keeps our attention BUT the ads are out of control!

The ads will not load to receive free rewards!

It has been a week now and we have not been able to choose any ads to make more progress. We are fine with the ads, they help us but now we cant get extra help by using them. Not sure why or if it has something to do with getting to higher levels. Please fix it we might be forced to delete. Thank you.

This game was fun when we first loaded it but after a while, when we go to open the program, it fails to load and it just stars on its opening page. We’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling it and that doesnt seem to work. Its very frustrating.

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