is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tall Team Limited, is a Racing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th May 2021 with the latest update 12th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ?

6,270 people have rated 2.0.7

What is the price of the ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the released ? was released on 13th May 2021.

When was the updated ?

The latest updated date of on 12th April 2023.

Where can be downloaded ?

You can download the game from Apple Official App Store.



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Play the Prize Machine minigame to collect dozens of unique and interesting characters, from: Dogs, cats, mice, unicorns, pirates, ninjas, aliens, even a toaster???

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Updated on 12th April 2023

Brand new arena: LavaPit CTF
What’s more challenging than smashing in an active, angry volcano? How about two volcanos!? 
Mind your fingers, cos we’re dishing up another serving of red hot Smash Karts karnage! Introducing Lava Pit Capture the Flag! Review

The game is great if u diagree you are a Jamal.

You like this game a lot and its mobile and pc/ console its just a good game In general.

First it started funny two its our favorite game now third we love who made it.

We play this a lot on our school chromebook.

The game is so fun we play it everyday so please play.

The game is lots of fun and easy for anyone to just pick up and play our only issue is for whatever reason when we try to join our friends room we cant as the screen gets stuck in an endless loading screen which is a bit of a bummer we know this isnt part of the design but that is y it is only 4 stars and not a perfect 5!

It doesnt even start so bad we have tried it a million times and its not even working.

This game is so fun we will play it all day long.

This the best game ever in the world.

This game is the best game ever and we always play it.

This is the best game we can smashed with our cannon BALLS and our big giant ROCKET.


This game is the best one ever even our 5 year old. Loves this game and thats why we love this game.

We love this game its so fun and we like to destroy things so its fun.

Months ago, this game was quite fun. But as the popularity has grown, the hacks & exploits have grown with it. The game is basically unplayable on weekends because the majority of players are clearly (based on their usernames) 12 years old or younger (which means the team or strategy based maps are impossible) & are leveraging exploits for example when a player has the spikey-go-round they suddenly go twice as fast as everyone else (making the power up far more effective). But. The bigger issue is server lag. You will frequently find youre dead because some kind of weapon you think you dodged (or which missed) allegedly actually hit you. Given the whole premise of the game is a lot of pinpoint driving and shooting, this is a huge frustration.

We wish we had more hands to give this game extra thumbs down.

It was terrible the screen was black the entire time we never got to play.

We just love the game play and how fun it is to play with all of your friends and family.

Pls pls pls add controller support. We really think it would be a better game with controller support Thank you.

We’ve been doing playing this game for a couple of weeks and have had a blast not many ads and good gameplay overall great game for a good timr.

This game is so much fun we been playing since day 1 but can you please put on chat so we can chat with each other we will be way much funner.

This game is awesome, and very fun!

Deck the halls with nukes and lob gs this good game falalalala.

! We got to level 120, won a tournament , and got every single item while eating an apple! BRUH!!! Seany sean the YTber rules. Yo!!! Our name is 120yeha112233bruh.

We play this all the time in our phone and it is all ways so fun.

Perfect tolilet games for those who like competition and cars.

This game is so fun we have literally spent so much time on it.

Can you let mobile players play on controller.

This game is so fun. You can be so creative with your character and kart. We would really recommend it if your into gun and car games.

It is not fair because when you get the invisible and the other person gets the spike-go-round and you try to kill the person with the invisible you die and that is not fair.

This game is so fun and we love it but there are to many ads but other than that it is amazing.

We played this in school a lot. Now, we dont know if its the app or our device is just acting up but, every time we try to join a server, our screen ends up turning black?? We keep joining a new server but it the screen always turns up black, even if we make our own server! We love this game, but this glitch just makes the game bad. Please fix this!

Our friends introduced us to the website version of it, and we would play during math class. Then the school blocked it, and we were all sad, but now we play it with each other at home, without worrying about getting in trouble!

This is a incredible game we dont know why all of yall guys were saying.

We play this game at school this is awesome.

Our friend showed us this game now Im hooked!

Hi! Our real name is Harper and we are a girl and we loooovve this game sooooooo much! Except we used our money to buy smash kart money and it did not work! So we wasted our money and got nothing! It didnt give us our money back too! Pls fix that. Love,Harper p.s. We love you guys!

You could do something with the fps. When you make sharp turns, the fps is vey low. Other than that, the game is fine.

Okay so the first time we started playing, this game it was perfect and was working fine us and our little sister would always play together having fun and stuff. But then after today, we tried playing it and our phone kept glitching and we thought it was broken and everytime the game would start, our character would glitch and stay there all at the same time. And so we would get out the game all the way, and turn our phone off, AND STILL HEAR THE GAME!! Then when we log back onto our phone we try to put in our password in it trys to log in and then it cant. SO we TRIED AGAIN- and it did the same thing after 2 minutes of the round going on. We usually thought this game would be perfect for us since we used to play it in fourth grade. So when the glitch happened again it sounded like a train was going through our phone. And we tried to delete the app and it kept trying to delete others but not itself. Otherwise before people download it think abt the review we have now just written. Save yourself and keep the virus out of your phone. Luckily we didnt earn a virus. But anyways, when we tried to delete the app, it didnt work. So then after the glitch ended, we deleted the app. We will replace this app with something else. Ty very much but this wont be another mistake made.

Its so unfair how players are respawned for 5 seconds and that is too long and a waste of time, the developers should be ashamed.

Restart your account and half the time it doesnt even count your kills.

Whenever im waiting for something we always hop on the game!

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