Titan Quest HD

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Titan Quest HD


Titan Quest HD is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by www.handy-games.com GmbH, Titan Quest HD is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 7th November 2018 with the latest update 6th July 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


874 people have rated 2.10.4

You can download the game Titan Quest HD from APP STORE.


One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits in your pocket!

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is an action RPG set against a mythological backdrop. The Titans have escaped from prison and are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. The Gods alone can’t stop them — a hero is needed to lead this epic struggle. Victory or defeat will determine humanity’s fate and that of the Olympians.

You are that hero! Create your character, explore ancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China, and fight against hordes of legendary creatures! Master the arts of archery, swordsmanship or magic and upgrade your character to unlock awesome powers! Discover special items to help you complete your quest: legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts, enchanted bows, and much more!

Specially adapted for mobile devices, this new version offers numerous new features:

● A new touch-friendly interface
● Completely redesigned touch-friendly gameplay
● High-quality graphics
● A huge, open world to explore
● Full day/night cycle
● 80 different mythological creatures: Minotaurs, Cyclopses, Gorgons, and many more
● 1200+ items to discover
● 30 different character classes
● 150 different character skills
● Colossal playtime of more than 60 hours
● Scalable difficulty modes: weapons and enemies match your skill level
● Dozens of unlockable achievements to discover
● No ads, no microtransactions.

Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Quest is a classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with a fast, intense rhythm. Overcome thrilling challenges and vanquish the greatest enemies ever to invade the mobile world!

DLCs available as in-app purchase:
● IMMORTAL THRONE – Encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology, brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx to conquer this dark new adventure.
● RAGNARÖK – In the uncharted lands of northern Europe, you’ll brave the realms of the Celts, the Northmen, and the Asgardian gods!
● ATLANTIS – Set out on a journey across the western Mediterranean, in search of the mythical kingdom of Atlantis. Including the Tartarus Arena for epic battles!

Updated on 6th July 2021

  • Reverted a fix that prevented you from using items that should have needed the Ragnarok DLC. You will be able to use such items without the DLC again, now.
  • Fixed some items falling through the floor
  • Certain (charge) skills can’t be canceled anymore when priority is set to "skill over movement" now
  • Added saving of map scale and xp bar number setting
  • Various other small fixes and tweaks

Titan Quest HD Reviews

Despite issues with the controls, we still consider this the best action RPG experience on Mobile, especially if you are tired of the cash-grabbing free-to-play never-ending grind of other mobile titles. We purchased this for both Apple and Android. The problem with the controls: everything is auto-target, and it doesn’t do it well. Target priorities are lacking, and you are frequently destroyed by glass-cannon ranged attackers because you are unable to target them. Also, there is no "Stand-in-place" option for moments when you prefer the targets to come to you ie standing in a corner so you don’t get fully surrounded, or standing in a doorway to funnel the enemies. Despite all of this, we still recommend it and just hope it gets an update to address the control issues. We’re also not going to "hold the developer hostage" with a negative review in good faith that they will see the importance of making this the absolute best mobile RPG and continue to support it.

This is the 3rd iteration of this game we’ve purchased on the AppStore, and hopefully the last. We were worried for awhile that this too was going to be neglected because of the lack of any major updates, but once they dropped the DLC, the updates just keep coming. Not only did they release all the DLC at once (and a total steal if buying the bundle is your first purchase of this game on iOS), but theyve since made several UI, performance and stability fixes. This is by far the best Diablo(2)-like game on iOS, and the best version of it by far. It doesnt crash nearly as much as it did in the past, the controls are considerably better (not perfected yet though), and having all the classes and shared storage makes multiple play throughs with a variety of builds infinitely more fun. Hopefully they tighten up the controls, especially for ranged and spells. It still seems a little sluggish and/or unresponsive at times. But once everything it tightened up, thisll indisputably be a 5 star game and the best of its class on the AppStore.

We played this game on the iPad and the controls were amazing. However, when we switched to our phone the controls are really small can u make it bigger its designed for tiny hands we play on a iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Not to sell items. Not on the ground.

Awesome game still!! Great update love all the new DLC well worth the money. We would rather pay 20$ 25$ even 30$ for a great game to support hard work and great updates. Thank you guys for the great content!!!!

We love this game. Its been our favorite for a long time but as of this last update we found a bad, game stoping bug. When you go to Egypt and get the hand of balance, then put it in the vault. Then pick up the eye of chaos. Go back to the vault NPC and retrieve the hand of balance and go to the NPC youre supposed to turn them into and he wont recognize one of the artifacts and that prevents you from continuing the game. Can we get this fixed? Very highly recommend this game.

Since the legendary edition has been released, can these who have regular mobile TQ pay for the DLC? Thanks.

Im pretty annoyed that we spent a good chunk of money on this game and they didn’t update it for over a year, despite the fact that it had a lot of issues that needed to be addressed. They then released the full version as a separate purchase so if you bought this basic version like us you were taken for a sucker.

Bad enough this game is highly uncomfortable to play unless you have tiny hands. The HUGE issue we have is how your items of rarity randomly disappear. A well known bug it seems, we just lost our strongest weapon we owned because we were sticking it in storage, the game crashed and it was nowhere to be found. Its ridiculous and has us regretful of making this purchase.

Really glad the devs took the time to optimize the mobile version and add the DLCs. We had played this when it was released on PC years ago and it holds up really well today.

Great game but its older so it feels slow. The speed up is good. We hope its just that youre reworking it.

Id give it 5 stars but after the dlc update the controls have gotten a bit sticky. We play an archer so the hit and run tactic has gone downhill. After the update we’ve noticed that we have to let go of the move control if we attack because if we dont then our character will immediately try to bumrush himself into a crowd of mobs and get us killed. If you guys could fix that and go back to the old move controls thatd be great.

We love playing this game but now that we’ve downloaded the DLC that just became available, the game crashes almost every time we use a portal or talk to an NPC. We know that this is new to mobile and there are going to be some bugs. But if this doesnt get fixed then the game will be literally unplayable. Please update ASAP. Thank you.

This was limited for a while, but now is pretty much equal to the PC version. Thanks for the upgrade.

If there’s a better value game of this type available we can’t imagine what it is. Spend a reasonable amount, never be bothered to spend again–or need to–and be entertained hundreds of hours. Gaming as it should be. I’d give Titan Quest a hundred stars if we could.

So purchased all 3 dlc in game but it wont download them. We only use cellular data btw we have no wifi. But anyways It just stays at 0mb/800mb or whatever the full file size is. Help. Please . . ?

After update the drop rate of epics on Typhon and Telkine has really dropped. Have not seen any on multiple runs of epic and legendary in comparison to the steam version. Whats up with that? Also, our bonecharmer has looted 3 Ras Touches, and 3 Neiths Will in one day. Out of hundreds of available items. Loot is broken.

This Game Keeps On Crashing, After Prolonged Use, Please Fix, And Update, So This Bug/Problem, And Glitch, Can Be Solved. Us Gamers Would Like To Also To Play Longer Than 60-90 Hours Worth, Thanks!

Crashes with controller connected. PS4.

Titan Quest is great on PC, but this mobile version is horrible. Impossible to select different mobs to attack when fighting many things. Makes fighting a boss like Megalesios nearly impossible, hoping only that he never summons life stealing limos. Spend 5-10 min getting his life half way down only to have it refilled by his adds. If one could easily switch target to the adds, it would be a manageable fight… Developer forgot to test controls. Laughable.

Was excited to see an HD version of the game having paid DotEmu a couple years ago for the original iOS version. Paid the $2.99 in hopes this new HD version would resolve the constant crashes, especially since HandyGames said in their version notes they fixed the crashing. Started playing the HD version on iPad mini 5 (2019 model). The game runs very well. It does crash on startup sometimes. It appears the crash is related to GameCenter because it stops crashing the moment GameCenter loads (fixed by 1.0.17). Rarely has it crashed during gameplay. We have 235 hours invested in the game and have beaten legendary with a Conqueror, Oracle, and Brigand. Now building a Summoner. Each class has been very fun to play. Im running graphics on high res HD without any problems. The game is beautiful, hero animations are awesome, and after the 1.0.09 update the controls are better. Love the rag doll effects and gibs. There is day/night cycle and the game sounds perfectly transition. The loot drops are very Diablo II like. Very happy we bought the HD version. Handy Games has been making frequent updates, which is very encouraging. Their customer service is also very responsive. Would love to have the ability to transfer loot between heroes. Also would pay for the expansions if added. This game is already one of the best for its genre. If it had coop multiplayer for mobile, it would be THE best. This has been by far our fav mobile ARPG. UPDATE: Handy Games immediately solved the missing Typhon quest problem. VERY impressed with Handy Games management of TQ. Like the new color coded inventory and shop. Keep the cool updates coming! Looking forward to some DLC. UPDATE 2: we’ve been thrilled with HandyGames diligent work on this game! Thank you for all the updates and fixes! These folks appear to be working hard to make this a great mobile port of a fantastic ARPG! Kudos! UPDATE 3: They fixed the GameCenter crash! Game runs smooth. Zooming is better. FPS is great on the iPad mini 5. Highly recommend this game. Nothing else quite like it on the App Store. UPDATE (1 year later): They did it! All the expansions are now available! Caravan! Balanced masteries! Pets are back! New maps, new content, new items, new QOL features to make the game even more enjoyable! Thank you Handy Games!

You guys messed up the attack button with the update. Please fix.

This games been out for a while. Why make us pay for each dlc? If anything make all the dlc be included with the game or have us pay ONLY $3.99 for ALL the dlc. Like come on….

Worth every penny. Played this a lot on PC back in the day. Great port.

Its a must have. Best Diablo like experience. Including all the dlcs. It works like charm. No issues with cloud save too which Im super happy abt,I change our devices pretty often. Thanks THQ Nordic and handy games, much love to u guys.

We recently bought the game and its amazing. We’ve played for almost 200hrs and the ONLY issue we have is the Screen Rotation. For example we play on and iPhone and we usually have our screen rotation locked so when we open the game the default screen rotation positions our phones rear camera directly on our right hand which we find VERY annoying. So when playing this game we turn off the Screen Rotation however if it possible to change the default rotation through the games setting would be amazing. We would kindly ask the developer that if it is possible to implement this small feature in the game it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

We’ve already played 5 Chars in Titan Quest HD, if we purchase all the DLCs, is the game gonna be exactly the same as Titan Question Legendary edition? Will the skills of our current characters be reset or lost, due to the change from 32 to 40 class levels? Will the gears and the inventory get lost?

This is such a great game. It just is so inventive and interesting. It takes months to learn the ins and outs. Im still learning. Great graphics, fast story, interesting and different gameplay.

This game is amazing, and in some ways a little better than the pc version. Being able to increase the game speed minimizes the sluggishness present it the early game on pc. Also the convenience of having it on your phone is awesome. The best part is the customer support though. We were having issues downloading a dlc and sent an email to the customer support for handy games and they responded almost immediately. They continued to respond right away throughout our conversation and were extremely nice and helpful. The issue was eventually resolved but we were so thoroughly impressed with the quality of their customer support we just had to leave a review. 10/10 great game and great support.

You guys were doing so great with the updates and everything we were really excited and really really hoping yall added multiplayer content. Great game. 100x more fun with others. Then yall stopped giving updates 3 months ago. We were really really hoping yall were working on a massive update to add multi player content. We know thats a big undertaking, But Im beginning to lose hope. Very good port we love the game, have been a fan for years. But no multi player is like playing with out the immortal throne expansion. For a veteran of the game, Yall long time players will know what we mean.

TL/DR: This game is absolutely worth it; even with our ability to Remote Play our console, we still choose to play Titan Quest. Buy the Legendary edition if you havent purchased the base game/DLC yet Combining a ton of quality of life improvements with some of the smoothest touch controls we’ve ever seen, Titan Quest finally brings a legitimate isometric RPG to Apple. We love this game, from the sometimes surprising difficulty to the need to build multiple characters to see all potential combinations (Defender + Fire = Superman; Tempest + Hunter is our other current main), the constant loot drops, the easy portal back to sell all that loot, it gets the gameplay loop right. When you start out for the first few hours, it is hack, slash, repeat, but as you get deeper in the skill trees and get better loot that all changes dramatically.

While Titan Quest is definitely on its own a 4 star game, we gave this version 5 stars because it is far better than the releases for both the XBox and PlayStation. From easier shopping, a working stash, its stability, and much more the quality of life improvements make this version as good as the one on the PC.

First of all, Im here for the game, this is our childhood right here, we love Titan quest, and we own it on multiple consoles. Long story short, we purchased the game, and later on the DLCs through the in game menu, and for reasons unknown, they wouldnt download, would just sit at 0% downloaded, and would not let us play the game unless we cancelled the downloads. The first time we emailed support didnt go so well, and we had to email them a second time, but once we did they were incredibly understanding of our frustration, and they took the steps necessary to make sure we had a functional game, and got what we had paid for. Super thankful for the help, and honestly just thankful that the devs keeping the game running, are as dedicated to, it as the player base. Thanks for keeping this game alive.

We didnt expect this game to be this good.

Except when it says the cloud file is more updated than the local save file, so you load cloud file and lose your progress and unique set items you found. Big turn off on that one.

We just started the game and we are having a lot of fun, however we bought the Ragnarok and Immortal Throne DLC, and the Ragnarok one will not download. It gets an unidentified error when it reached around 833MB.

We played this game in Apple TV, its very nice. But how can we open the items, skills window? We use nimbus mfi controller, it seems theres no key mapped to this function. Moreover, its advertised as HD version, but the resolution is not so good in 4K Apple TV even if we changed resolution level to high.

[21 Oct. 2022] TQ seems to be unbalanced in several ways. First, for magic players magic armour needs a mix of intel and dext. But for melee players melee armour needs only strength. But melee armour should need a mix of strength and dext. Second, magic weapons need intel only, where melee weapons need a mix of strength and dext. But melee weapons should need strength only. Third, adding points to intel increases mana regeneration, but adding points to strength does not increase health regeneration. Yet the new dlc has added melee armour which gives negative health regeneration. Fourth, if we pull our player away from a squad of enemies, the game will freqently pull our player right back to where we did not want to be, Briefly, TQ developers dont get what it means to keep the programmer out of the program. The player is always right. If TQ developers actually fixed all or some of those issues, they would change the game for the better, and would probably get rave reviews for doing so. [end 21 Oct. 2022]

We only have HD product and we see there are DLC download available but whats the legendary difference why are there two apps in the store for the same company? Am we missing something? Also cloud saves arent working – installed on phone And none of our cloud saves are showing.

TQ has made a mistake, and it shows up in equipment requirements. Bows should require more strength than dext to use, and strength needed for bows should be more than strength needed for melee armor. Thats how it works for magic users; armor needs dext and intel, but intel needed for weapons is always more than intel needed for armor. Hence a magic user has a much easier time finding usable armor than a bow user does. Just a thought.

Add-ons are not installed, it just hangs when trying to install.

We bought ragnarok and we have Wi-Fi but it wont download and the progress says 0 of 889.

We’ve loved this game, and replayed . This new version has some really nice interface improvements that make it easier to track whats happening and plan. On the other hand, it’s a bit less stable, having a habit of crashing randomly. You dont lose your stuff, but you might just have to fight that boss monster again! Worse, the balancing’s gotten out of hand. There’s an early monster that folks say to come back to later? And in the Asia area, the leader of the clay soldiers is only the first unmeetable barrier, then the whole section south of the city is too long to survive on casual play. In short the improvement are offset by the game tuning, taking a fun game to a grind. Quitting it before the end, if that’s an indication.

Good game, but our level 70 character in Epic level reached the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall saysStand back and nothing happens. Gate wont open. Game is apparently over. IOS iPad version.

You can’t buy DLC, so you have to get a refund.

Dont waste your time. Graphics are fine. Annoying and clunky in-game interactions regarding inventory etc. Look for Neverwinter Nights.

The game seemed okay at first despite the poor graphics but within 5 minutes you have an inventory problem. Loot is everywhere but you are limited to only a small amount that you can carry. If you find weapons that you cant use until you meet the level requirements, you have to leave it on the ground. There is no stash / storage unless you pay extra. Doing research we learned that there was a quality of life update in the form of paid DLC that allows you to store items. Quality of life features are improvements that are made because of bad ideas and poor designs, DLCs are for adding adventure and playtime to a game, not to sell you abilities like running, crafting, storage, etc.

The game seems to have a problem with saves between devices. It has twice now erased hours of progress from our main character. Even when we carefully choose between cloud saves and local saves. This last time we lost an entire level, several epic items, and got reset all the way back to the Lower War Camp after already beating the Gorgon Queens and reaching Athens. Im furious. Its gonna take a while before Im over it enough keep playing.

We pay money for dlc ,but, we cant download dlc.

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