Total Battle: War Strategy

Total Battle: War Strategy

Total Battle: War Strategy

Total Battle: War Strategy is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SCOREWARRIOR LIMITED, Total Battle: War Strategy is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 20th October 2018 with the latest update 24th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Total Battle: War Strategy ?

2,540 people have rated 314.3

What is the price of the Total Battle: War Strategy ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Total Battle: War Strategy released ?

Total Battle: War Strategy was released on 20th October 2018.

When was the Total Battle: War Strategy updated ?

The latest updated date of Total Battle: War Strategy on 24th April 2023.

Where can Total Battle: War Strategy be downloaded ?

You can download the game Total Battle: War Strategy from Apple Official App Store.



Raid ancient tombs and crypts in search of epic loot and items to craft majestic equipment for your hero. Different equipment sets provide your hero with unique abilities—the armor of a legendary warrior, a fantasy beastslayer, an honored governor, or Indiana adventurer. If that’s not RPG-like enough for you, then choose from nine completely different heroes, each with their own perks and abilities.

Your very own military base lies right at the heart of your castle: train and assemble the best army possible using different types of units, ranging from infantry and catapults to titans and dragons.

Get out on the world map and lead your army into some hardcore mobile PvE action—attack titans, dragons, elves, fire worms, vampires, and black knights, to name just a few of the fantasy creatures lurking out there. Select your soldiers and attack strategy carefully; you wouldn’t want a dragon to conquer the kingdom you care about so much.

Do battle and conquer the castles of the most skilled war game MMO players in this PvP RTS, including real-life army veterans, strategists, and generals.

Military strategy and tactics at their best: join or create a clan, launch clan marches against free-roaming monster squads, besiege their forts, or declare war on other clans and burn them all to the ground—slowly, strategically, little by little, capture their territory and make them bow down to your banner! And finally, unite your kingdom and march out to vanquish other kingdoms.

After fighting your way into the senate, use your political skills to elect a King who will lead your kingdom into either prosperity or poverty, or maybe you’re good enough to be King yourself? The King will assign honorific titles, decide how to spend the treasury’s money, issue rules for the Kingdom, and ultimately unite his people in battle against other kingdoms. That’s if you’ve made a wise choice with your fellow senators… Otherwise, you might get a clown with a bag of grenades ;)

Game events happen every day, with grand tournaments once a week. Things can get so intense, you just might forget your kids at school.

Updated on 24th April 2023

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Total Battle: War Strategy Review

A bit addictive but that is expected of a great game.

If your a gamer we know the talent it takes to make games like this. We look around the money and spend a little when we can. Love the game well made enjoy it on our free time In life. Thank you.

We downloaded this game because we saw an ad for it on Facebook where you had a huge army of soldiers going across different bridges to multiply or reduce your army. We had to check 3x we were playing the game in the trailer because its been a week of playing and ours doesnt look like that at all. Theres a lot of other stuff going on in the game, but the wait times are sometimes a day or 2 to build something, unless you pay real money to speed it up. Very disappointing.

One word ADDICTIVE. This game should come with a prescription. Be careful when you decide to start playing it. Youll need time away from the world. We meeeeaan.

This game has been fun to play.

Its pretty fun and entertaining (and we typically dont play a lot of phone games other than solitaire or word games). Obviously if youre not willing to spend money, your not going to advance super quick. Its going to take time. But you can still advance and build up a pretty decent kingdom. In this fast pace, we want it NOW world we live in, this is a nice humbling game for people like us who refuse to spend money on phone games. It reminds you that good things take time and hard work and the fun is in the journey. All-in-all, we enjoy it. Im a little confused about some aspects of it, but thats just because Im slightly technology illiterate.

Really enjoy the game! Meeting friends from across the globe is especially fun & rewarding!! So, it could use a little pumping up! Maybe make rare monsters give conquest points & common, valor points. Just so theres a difference in whats given, like the difference between the arenas! This is a fun game!! And being in a clan & meeting people from different countries is amazing!!

Es demasiado lento, pesado, haciendo tareas absurdas para poder jugar, ya mismo lo desinstalo, solo permite avanzar pagando.

Its confusing trying to find enemies that are your level. Need other ways to make money faster and shorten the times.

If you have plenty of free time, add disposable income. This is the game for you. Read some of the developers responses to negative reviews. Our favorite with a well thought out strategy and tactics. You can level up as fast as all other players . This is true. As fast as all other players that dont spend money! We played this game. If you dont spend money, the odds are against you. The negative ratings are true for the most part. The developers responses have a little truth in them. We hope this helps you make a decision about playing this game. Another funny developer response. We were in a clan (team). We contacted their support team with no help, before we wrote this review. If you play this game be prepare to be disappointed.

Good game with tons of potential. What everybody says about having to spend money is much correct. If youre not willing to spend 20 bucks a month, you cant play this game. Someone will always spend more money than you in this game. It certainly gives advantage to those who are willing to pay more. It seems like the creators of the game are money driven and not interested in helping people play for free or for little.

After spending a ton of gold and potions on an event. The developers reset everyones winnings because the miscalculated the points being earned. Im out almost all our gold now for little gain. All tar and dragon coins have been stolen by them as well. Numerous glitches have existed for years that government unaddressed, utter incompetence.

We’ve enjoyed playing this game for the last few months. We like the different tournaments and battling other clans. Wish the construction and research didnt take as long and cost so much as you get bigger. We wish there was a way to click on a players captain or hero that are marching. Overall this is a great game.

Awesome game and time -asset. Play for free and progress without need to pay.

This game is lot of fun to play, however at times gets frustrating because of crashes due to server connection errors. If they can fix these crashes this game has potential to be great.

As the game offers monstrous purchase options, it brings out the worst in many players. Instead of using strategy, good building balance and long term planning, players spend money and buy ridiculous upgrades. Then using the unearned upgrades, pick on players who have not chosen to purchase their power. Not too mention the constant off-color remarks, racist remarks and sexual comments. The game chat is horribly off putting. It seriously needs moderation. We would rather pay to play an even game than put up with this mess! Played for a week hoping it would get better, it just got worse. Stay away unless you enjoy spending a load of cash to defend yourself and like racist and overtly sexual chat!

Great game but can become very addictive so you need to control your playing time.

This game is NOTHING like the advertisement. NOTHING. We cant stand apps that advertise one game play then the actual game play is completely different. Then when starting the game we received several messages to download 128mb, 150mb, 90mb, etc. Wouldnt be an issue if the game was actually the game that was advertised. Scam! False advertising!

Used to be fun game. Allowed for different strategies to fit the player. After a couple of years, game has changed where free to play players have no real chance. All the good parts sucked out to force players to purchase packages. No new clan based upgrades to the games in over 2 years. Every time they try and add a new way to spend on the game, they mess some other parts up requiring multiple patches. In 5 yrs, its obvious they dont utilize a sandbox server to test out changes. They have been blocking a lot of accounts claiming there is violation of rules. After 5+ days, get your account back. They admit its a screw up. They do NOT compensate for the packages you purchased (mercenaries, time limited things for 2 day events, etc). You bought something and its just gone. Complain about it to your credit card company and they will permanently ban your account. Our clan has had 7 people banned in the past week. 2 got a email saying you can log back in. We made a mistake followed by 5 more people. All top members of our clan when there is once a quarter event on going. Find a different game. Developers and support no longer care about the players. Game has been bought/sold several times in past few years. After the reply from the developers, they should look at the many players in BBX that they have blocked and then days later unlocked their accountsWITHOUT compensation! Lost their packages they paid for (time limited to use). Players get accused of asking for a refund when they havent. Its a problem on the developers end.

As we have only started playing this game about 3 days ago, we have noticed it is more directed torward paying to advance quicker. There could be some smaller packs to utilize more instead of jumping from 4.99 to 19.99. As for now, it keeps us entertained while we are at work.

The game is fun and in general the players in game are great, however in most games you are able to block players that are racist or sexist out of chat. Fouls language and comments are not tolerated. In this game support does not answer disappointing for such a good game.

We only downloaded this game because it looked like one of those add 10 X20 etc type games turns out its NOTHING like advertised. Stop wasting our time will ya?

Either delete the comments feature or prevent idiots from posting disgusting, racist pornographic comments. Will never download another game from this developer.

We really enjoy the easy to understand layout and opportunities for human interaction from across the world!! Thanks to their in game translation system, you can easily communicate with those from around the world!! Great game! Thanks!!

This game has a lot to learn in order to advance quickly. Join a clan and ask questions. Theres a lot of helpful tips to making it more enjoyable.

Great time killer for boredom.

We would rather play the game that is showed in the Facebook ads for this game. This is not what is shown in the Facebook ads.

Total Battle is an easy game to access and play. Game play is wonderfully varied with all kinds of missions and challenges. Total Battle also provides a platform for engaging with other players as allies and enemies. It allows for different playing styles. We are constantly finding new and varied challenges to overcome.

Cant click spot coz the chat bar covers mini map.

Expected different gameplay from advertising. Ended up downloading another similar boring game. Not worth time or data.

Total garbage. Wasnt even close to the trailer. Trailer we saw you drew streets this game it is all preset. Totally pay to win. Shops dont give enough resources to build with. You are assigned quests that you cant do. So you lose entire armies just trying to do what the game asks you to. Then it is impossible to farm enough iron to replace what you lost. They tried to put everything they ever saw on a strategy game in one format. The net result is so much garbage going on you cant remember what you were trying to do. Seriously there are a ton of better games out there dont waste your time.

Great game stop itching you bunch of tree truckers.

Another game thats nothing at all like the ads. We deleted it in five minutes.

Though it says its a free game its not. The reason we say this cause if u want to advance u got to buy the packs to do so. Your always advancing then once your defense bubble breaks or is up after 7 days anyone can attack u. We do mean anyone this is where we think its wrong within this game and where u gots to spend $$$ on packs. Or u can live in a bubble only breaking it then re applying it after u attacked those U can attack. If u going to spend money on them packs we would suggest u buy the most expensive first unless u know u not going to put that type of money into this game. We know we wish we did but oh well too late now.

We used to play this game, we played every day. We wanted to buy on this game we saw all of the good things we could buy they were all 50 bucks and over. This game is a huge money grab and it is highly addictive. You should not even try it unless you want to spend thousands of dollars or be addicted for a very long time. We will never go back.

Trying to log in but it keeps telling us to try later. We can log in every 30 minutes or so but have to try 10+ times to get in.

The game is pleasant to play, but the drawback involves the prodding to spend money to move forward faster in the game.

Take it from someone who gave this game a true shot. YOU WILL NOT HAVE FUN OR GROW UNLESS YOU SPEND (quite a bit of) MONEY. If the support team replies here: with a proper strategy blah blah blah Please share it because no one in TB knows it. Or share with us 1 large player that hasnt spent a single cent. All in all the customer support team is an absolute joke, game is breaking due to updates, they allow cheaters and dont ban them.

We sent a request to join a clan and it seems to have glitched out. The clan tab says our request is pending but the clan says its not there. We tried logging in and out, deleting the app and all its data, joining an open clan and dropping out again, but nothing works. We cant send a new request to the clan and they have no way of accepting us.

Most of the quest items on the map were just outside of the visible viewport making them un-clickable. We gave up.

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