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Townscaper is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Raw Fury AB, Townscaper is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th October 2021 with the latest update 11th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


544 people have rated 1.03

You can download the game Townscaper from APP STORE.


Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block.

No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That’s it.

Townscaper is an experimental passion project. More of a toy than a game. Pick colors from the palette, plop down colored blocks of house on the irregular grid, and watch Townscaper’s underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.

Updated on 11th March 2022

Fixed a crash that could occur on specific circumstances.

Townscaper Reviews

We cant stop playing this game Even though it costs 5$ we bought it from the start and we are never finishing this and we think you should keep on going with this game And also we are very relaxed and this is our scale from one to ten 10000000/10.

Im really loving this more than we had initially thought we would. Theres something so addictive about experimenting and figuring out what looks good and how we can expand our little town. We would like to echo something another reviewer said in terms of feature requests: An option for a more manual experience. We like how the game flows, but sometmes there’s something specific we want but the construction of the game doesn’t allow it to work out. We think it’d be cool to have a sort of feature paintbrush, where you could put doors or windows on walls, turn brick floors into grasslands, etc.. We think this would be fantastic as we would love to place little parks in certain places without having to wall them in. Our other suggestion would be a way for us to navigate into tight spaces like tunnels so we can manipulate the architecture there. Right now its hard to get into tunnels as you have to line the camera up just right so you can kinda see in. Maybe a good way to allow for this would be to put a controllable marker (maybe looking like a chess piece as it could fit the aesthetic of the game) and allowing us to take control of it and view the world from first person that way. While using it, it would act as a first person controller with all the current controls working as it. Then when we release from it, it gets put away and we get put back into the regular camera controls/angles. Otherwise like we said, this is really really enjoyable and fun. The look is fantastic and its very relaxing. Youve done a fantastic job, keep up the great work! Im excited to see what features we get moving forward!

We watched the video of this game a year ago, but decided we didnt have time to get hooked on then. Then yesterday, with fresh money in our iTunes account, we decided to do exactly what we always say, just build a game, let us pay for it, and dont force us to pay a monthly subscription, dont force us to buy gems or other in-game purchases, just let us play. So, we paid. Yes, worth it. The description is correct more a toy than a game. Kind of like a special Eurotown computerized visual LEGO. We’ve already spent more than 4 hours just playing and had more fun that most games we’ve gotten for free in playing for days and days. The artistry, the design elements, the little details, the story that happens in your mind as you build and design and experience the to see what happensits a powerful and enchanting experience. We love it so far. What would we like to see next? We would love to see these kinds of customizations that would allow for even more creative story-telling while building (A) commercial zones: bistros, cafs, shops a present we are only imagining these, but it would be cool to have zones that would present at commercial vs. Now where everything presents as residential. Outdoor Market?? (B) It could be cool to classify some larger constructions such as Theatre, Museum, Bank, School, University, Hotel, House of Worship, City Hall, etc. Coney Island style amusement park with simple, beautiful elements (Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Fun house, small roller coaster), Marquee landmark style Opera Houses, performing arts complexes, etc. (C) Different terrain mountain?, dessert?/beach?, lake and land? (D) Bridges (love lock from Paris style to classic to modern) of course they should match the setting of the hamlet. We think it would be feasible to charge us another round to obtain some other architectural styles Spanish, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Polynesian, New York City (blend of brownstones vs. Skyscrapers), Future, Moon, for example would all be very interesting and fun. Love it! Its a great design toy lots of fun, very creative, very elegant and beautiful.

The aesthetic of this game is so calming and lovely and we love that you can change the lighting. We enjoy taking our time to savor the small details. It reminds us so much of the city of Venice and neighboring islands!!

OH MY GOSH! This app is so awesome! It is so relaxing we think you deserve money!:-) this is the best game ever we think it was so worth it! We mean 4.99? It is the most Worth it app in the world! Thank you so much for making this app!

This app is well worth the money. We really enjoy creating the townscapes. It is calming and therapeutic. Request: we would love to see little people popping up and moving around our town (like the pigeons). That would be the icing on the cake! Thanks!

This app is very fun , And we also we joyed all the visual effects! But we just wish we had peoples in the game, and it would be better if we could build the inside of the house. But great app !

This app is amazing! We actually bought it for the Switch first and loved it so much we wanted to be able to do it without our Switch so we bought it again which we didnt mind spending the extra money if it meant supporting the creators! We hear what people are saying with wanting to add more features like parks, etc. But we actually like how limited the features are so you have to really be creative and use your imagination. We do wish that there was a way to change the color of existing buildings without having to destroy a building and rebuild it. Our only other suggestion is we think it would be cool to add a timelapse feature (like Procreate has) that records your progress as youre building so that you can go back and watch your progress from the beginning. We think that would be a fun way to bookend the features in this fun, relaxing experience!

We’ve been looking for a game like this since Anno for iOS went away. We were worried about buying it without a trial as we’ve tried a few others and didnt like any of them. This is just what we needed. While this is beautiful in its simplicity and ease of use, we hope there are future expansions.

We just got this game, and its awesome. Its really nice to play when im just hanging out or before we go to sleep, we just think that maybe adding some things like adding statues to the streets, fountains, some things like that would be cool/fun. And we are new to this game so maybe that is a feature that we just havent found yet, so pls let us know if im recommending things that are actually there lol because we dont mean too.

This game is so fun! And beautiful!

We really like the game but we just wishhh the grod was bigger to have more creative freedom.

We really love this game its fun and addicting. While playing the game loved how to start off the house on the water it would start on concrete. But its not all the times we want pavement or concrete on our house so can you pls make pavement optional. So another idea we had is if like they were small boats or like tugboats we could be put in the game Ill be pretty cool.

This game is the best game ever here are our reasons why we recommend this. Now even though you have to pay five dollars its still very much worth it. Why we say this is that you can literally build whatever you want by just tapping once on you screen. Now this game does have some complexity about how you can create different objects or how you can create area or create grass in the game. Now this is just a little tip for people who just started or who are just not knowing what to do take a big group of houses make a circle out of them and grass will spawn. Also why we say this is the best game ever created is that we had nothing to play and we were searching the App Store we came across this game and we thought it was not very good but we decided to give it a try. But than we tried it and we were hooked immediately we were building away different buildings and towns or maybe even a neighborhood once. Then we also love the part where you can also save the code for your buildings or creations youve created into the app Notes if youre on an apple device. Thats pretty much it we had to say but all Im trying to say is if youre trying to find an app that is really good get this now.

Honestly we love the game but it just feels lonely maybe you could add people? It would be cool just to see people walking around the town talking goin back to their homes. (also btw we saw a trash can in-front of a door :/ besides that the game is great.

It would be great if there were more options like actual land or different types of land like sand or grass Would be a favorite game if you could have different building types like medieval or steampunk or modern buildingsmaybe food carts or market shops. Boats would also be a cool feature or maybe castle or wall type structures maybe you can place trees of benches It would be cool to make a pocket build style game with the amazing art style incorporated in Townscaper. It is absolutely great but it gets boring after a while of building.

Maravilloso juego pero deberan agregar a personas pequeitas, hace que los pueblos se sientan solos y abandonados!

This game is so relaxing and helps with our anxiety!

Its a great game. And we know this review will probably be lost in the thousands you probably get, but on that note. The cities feel too empty. Maybe a bit more life of some sort.

We love this game! So far this game has been so amazing, its cute, simple, easy and fun. The building is satisfying and easy, and the aesthetic of the game is just perfect but we would like it if you could add an option to make the world less warped, it look silly and we can add area in certain places because of the world being so warped, but at the same time we like the warping, it adds a challenge to building and it does look great if you can do it well, the settings are easy and everything else if very well polished and perfected. We have nothing else wrong with the game other than the warping, ill keep playing the game with it and its still very fun. Another fun feature you can add is people, like little people that can walk around with each other and enter and exit houses, a feature like this that could be turned in and off would be so cool and fun, but thats just our suggestion. The game is amazing we would recommend, 10/10.

This game is seriously so good for our anxiety. It’s soothing, there’s no stress, and it’s easy to get "lost" in. Super happy. Thank you.

Took a chance and forked over the bucks because of good ratings on this building app and it looked intriguing. Im glad we did. Such a simple, yet creative stress reliever. It will pass time when we just want to destress, wait for appointments, calm down. Glad we got this and thanks to the developers.

Multiplayer and a mode where you can see the perspective of a person living in the town built by the player.

ICloud backup is needed, looking forward to it.

This game is amazing, you have no limits to what you build. This game would be even better if they added people and cars, it would also be nice if they could add modern buildings to this game.

Just needs mobile controller support.

We really wish there were other ways to explore the towns we create. We wish we could just walk around in the towns we’ve made, the camera is effective enough to get around in the sky and build cities from afar, but it doesn’t really let you admire the city you’ve built or get good views. Also there should be a picture mode where all options on the screen disappear so that all you see is your town for a nice picture that doesn’t need any cropping.

We love this app!! Its intuitive, endlessly inventive, and gorgeous! Devs? Can you please work some little people into the app that will wander about in our creations? Thanks!

We’ve been playing this game for a day and it is already our second favorite game the simplicity and touch friendly controls allow you to create whats in your mind with great ease the only things we think could be improved is maybe like DLCs that have different building styles or something and the ability to walk around in your city would be incredible.

This game makes us lose track of time its so relaxing and soothing. We think the next update should be the little people boats and even pets dangers in the water stuff to make it feel like a real little town.

This game is awesome and chill however we do have a really cool suggestion. There is a lot of detail in the towns and it would be cool to experience it in a 1st person manner. Maybe by placing down a person to walk around the town.

We love this game so much its awesome it would be super cool if they added little people to live in the towns.

The game is great and we use it all the time to relive our stress and make cool cities but we have three nitpicks. 1.) The game is very out of your control so if you are looking for a complex city builder, this isnt the game for you (This isnt too much of a problem but can be frustrating at times). 2.) the game doesnt fit the price tag (I recommend $3). 1.) the camera and city building feels limited at times like the build limit and the weird camera setup. An overall 9/10.

This building app is ok. It would be great to have say, street lights Palm trees, bush and grass options. It does become mundane and boring after playing several times.

We love this game we have it on our Switch, iPad and phone. We enjoy figuring out the ways to get stairs in certain areas depending on how we place the buildings. The only negative we would have to say would be we wish we could expand the world and just keep building. The graphics are lovely and calm. We love adjusting the light and seeing how it changes the way the town looks. We especially love when all the windows light up at night.

Overall, great aesthetics and a great atmosphere, but theres just not enough to the game to be worth $5. All you do is tap the screen to create buildings. Im not saying its a bad game but it should cost $0.99 or $1.99, not $4.99. Add more to the game for that price.

Add rain in the settings, It would make Townscaper way better and relaxing. Also add a way to delete a world.

We love it a lot but we wish there where more items we could use instead of just a house like sand and a dock or things like that.

This building app is relaxing and allows your inner architect to come out. It would be great to have say, street light , tree and bush and grass options. Hopefully yall will add more detail stuff in the future.

This game is relaxing and fun but we feel it needs more. It needs townies walking around and little cars driving around town. Make it more fun please and put more options like road colors and decorations. Other than that, this game is great!

The game is pretty good so far however it needs people or something to roam the city. This add on would be dope because it would make the town a bit more lively. On top of that as mentioned in previous reviews, we do need a special tool that lets you delete a specific area quickly.

Was great for a while but nothing new added. Now it just repetitious, pretty, but repetitious. Do something new like adding underwater structures.

This is a dissapointing app/game – it’s execution is so good, but it doesn’t matter because you can only build a few boxes in a limited grid. There is no endless, no achievements here, and we don’t see updates happening… We wish all this was different, because we want to play this game.

For $5 this should be a lot more customizable. At this point all you can choose is house colors. Not location, road material, housing materials, style, weather, etc. Theres potential here for a pretty amusing and relaxing game but so far its just sorta one note.

What learn after a minute in is all youll be doing for the whole game.

The dumbest waste of money and time!

It takes so long to load that if you leave it loading it will turn off thats how long it takes to load please fix this thank you.

Very limited gameplay especially for the price.

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